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Arsenal scouting £20m-rated Dutch international midfielder

It has been revealed that the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has sent his chief scout Steve Rowley to Holland to watch the PSV midfielder Kevin Strootman in action in yesterday’s big game against Ajax. The £20m-rated Dutch international has been tracked by Manchester United for some time, but with Wenger desperate to improve his team in the centre of the park he is willing to break the club’s transfer record to bring in the 22 year-old.

Strootman has already made 15 appearances for the Netherlands and has improved dramatically since moving to PSV from Utrecht last season. He is set to be at the top of the Dutch game for the next decade if he keeps improving at his present rate. Arsenal desperately need a big strong holding midfielder to organize the defence and Strootman fits the bill perfectly, which is also why Alex Ferguson is also keeping tabs on his situation.

Paul Scholes is definitely in his last season at Old Trafford (again!) and Strootman could easily become the new long term enforcer at Old Trafford if Wenger doesn’t move fast to take him to the Emirates.

Desperate times calls for desperate measures and if Arsenal still have aspirations of finishing in the top Four then Wenger knows he needs to freshen up the squad in January, or face the consquences….

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36 thoughts on “Arsenal scouting £20m-rated Dutch international midfielder

  1. dude

    Yeah right, knowing stingy old geezer wenger he will loan henry and buy a 3 year old kid and say diaby is like a new signing. WTF !!!!

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  2. jordan



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  3. Big Gun

    Don’t care anymore, I just want this old stubborn fool Wenger out our club. I don’t trust him anymore. The sooner we replace him the better. People compare us to the Chelsea situation. Wenger has had the last 7 YEARS to prove his worth. Not one trophy and now we are looking at finishing out top 4. It’s time for him to go.

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  4. Gooner Cape Town

    January had better be best shopping you have ever done Arsene…..
    Serious playmaker
    Any defender who is worth his salt because ours are shite!
    Please Arsene, we cannot carry on like this. Yes players jaded, oh shame look at the other clubs who played 3 games in a week…Spuds wallopped Fulham….. no depth, little class and only hope in our squad. SORT IT OUT NOW or GET OUT!!!

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  5. lhkhnkjnj

    everyone watch this video:

    it clearly defines where arsenal are heading

    kronke made arsenal hell!! he is all about money and with his money board he keeps selling more players and the money will go to him to buy a shitty ranch or something like that

    until the board and wenger are at arsenal we wont win anything else

    it is nearly half an hour long so dont dislike this comment if you dont watch it

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  6. Arsenal till I die

    Who would come when the club is run by bollocks who only wants the wealth of the club and do not care about giving back and clearly no ambition. Every year the target is the same, qualify champions league, buy teenagers, buy a yo yo kind of players, sell the best player and dust the empty cabinet.

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  7. Invincibles nice (1)

    Get well soon Hillwood, the young Dutchman sounds a good fit/player and exactly what were missing

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  8. roth

    we don’t care,buying kevin strootman won’t do a thing TO APPEASE us FANS.why can’t people see that the cancer in this football club is arsene wenger and gazidis and not the players,a midfield of wilshere,carzola and arteta will be the envy of many footballing sides,but with arsene at the helm they are underperforming.WENGER OUT NOW

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  9. roth

    I’m still going to bring along me pizza and rotten tomatoes to the west brom game,watch out arsene

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  10. Dan

    1. United are interested so guess who he’ll choose.

    2. We’ll never spend that much on a player.

    3. The midfield is the least of our worries.

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  11. Thebiggestgooner

    It will take more than a couple of signings to sort this mess we find ourselves in.

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  12. Latest football News

    We definitely need a DM and won’t mind this Kevin Strootman though I must say I have seen very little of him but many that I trust rate him and if United is interested, then he must be good.

    However, I think we should be trying to get Fellaini. He will cost as much as 25M but what he offers us now and the long term should cover that plus we now have the money and can afford 25M players.

    His wages should not be a problem. I am sure he can not be on more than 50k at Everton. We can afford to offer him 70k which is not bad if you ask me.

    Arsene and the clueless board members just need to grow some balls. The team isn’t as bad as current performance suggests, Wenger needs to motivate his players and the board have to help him by releasing funds to buy players ( I don’t believe they have been supportive enough ).

    @admin, sent you couple of messages via email, can you please check it and get back to me?

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  13. Alex

    Sign sneijder, he maybe go for free in the summer! We need someone who can take the ball and get it forward like fabregas did. cazorla is more of a winger if u ask me.

    ———Podolski/Giroud/New S

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  14. haxxxan

    Strootman is a target to arsenal and manutd? Have we ever beaten manutd in a transfer battle except ramsey? Do you guys think strootman will choose us who are lingering at 10th spot after half the season gone even behind stoke wba west ham and swansea? do you think arsenal will spend too much money? even if they spend, its the player who has the final say in which club to choose and he will most prob choose a team that is sitting top of the epl table over a team that is cluelessly hanging around mid table!

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  15. Herman

    All the “Wenger” out calls are well wide of the mark. Consider for a minute who would likely take over. And be realistic (Gaurdiola isn’t coming to Arsenal)… Given what he’s had to work with he’s worked wonders.

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  16. JAHVID

    Who thinks we can beat chelsea to Pep Guardiola!? He’s the only person who can save us right now!!!

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  17. JAHVID

    And Pep will represent a change tht other world class player can be confident of joining the squad!

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  18. Kia

    I’m not too sure what to think with Wenger. I think this January window will help me make up my mind if I support him or not!

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  19. Uche Edochie

    You know what our biggest problem is? It is continuity! Of course carzola, wilshere, podolski and giroud are solid players. But they have only just started playing together! That is why we need to stop selling our best players who have already gelled and understand each other. Yes you can argue that van persie scored all our goals last season but we were more of a team because these guys have been at arsenal for a long time. Rosicky, rvp, alex song and walcot saved our season last time around and dragged us into the third position. Today, half those players are gone and the ones who are still around are either injured (rosicky and wilshere) or unsettled (walcot). And the idiots who run arsenal think they are geniuses. Why are teams like westbrom, spurs and swansea doing this well? Because they are able to keep most of their key players season after season. If totenham sold gareth bale, defoe and modric all at once, they will be struggling too. Continuity means stability and there can be no stability when you cannot keep your best players. I just watched barcelona embarrass a solid bilbao side that humiliated man u home and away at the europa league last season. The scoreline was 5-1 and the barca team responsible for this operation are the usual suspects that have been playing together for centuries. Puyol, pique, busquets, iniesta, pedro, messi, xavi etc. These guys have been together forever whereas arsenal changes every season. Our new players are solid, but while they are busy trying to gel, other teams are collecting points and humiliating us. Thanks wenger for not putting your foot down each time the board want to sell our best players. You know that if there is anybody who has them by the balls, it is you. They cannot fire you because you are the only manager who makes money in world football. So you actually have more power than you pretend to have. That is why we blame you too for our demise. You know you will never get fired and that mourinho and pep can never replace you because they will make the kind of demands that will get the board spending the kind of money they never want to spend. Now that is currency. Why not use some of it you slick yes man!

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  20. Zico

    The same story will continue until the fans boycott games at the Emirates. Then the people concern at Arsenal will see point in what we fans are talking about. Wenger, Gazidis, Korenke, Hillwood and all those that run the club will then realise something needs to be done and fast!

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  21. mistyque

    Firstly he plays for PSV, not Ajax..
    Secondly he is not worthy to join the Arsenal.
    He makes stupid fools and gets frustrated really fast.
    We dont need him!

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  22. Alex J

    Haha, we can’t even hang onto our top players. What makes you think Arsene can attract them?

    Fed up Gooner.

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  23. Sir G

    There is always a Silver lining at the end of the dark tunnel! I remain undaunted. The Gunners shall yet rise again! Dear committed Gooners, no doubt we re all wounded, but we won’t give up! It’s never over until it is over! We should not boycott games as Jordan suggested. This is the time our dear team needs our support most. Don’t let us despair, we shall be back at our rightful position!

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  24. mario

    Top players wont want to join Arsenal which is now a midtable ,penny pinching club full of deadwood.There has been a serious miscalculation by Wenger and the board.They literally sleepwalked their way into midtable.The Arsenal scouts need a boot and Wenger who beleives that Ramsey and co. are the future of Arsenal the midtable position should be their wake up call,because thats what Ramsey and co.can achieve the most-MIDTABLE.And the huge Emirates stadium with half empty seats will become a white elephant.Serious,serious miscalculation.

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  25. davidrusa

    Obviously Arsenal can no longer ignore the warning signs. Midfield is the heart of any team and currently it’s Arsenal’s weakest point. The problem of the midfield is due to Wenger’s irrational optimism concerning Diaby. Wenger has always been hoping that Diaby will eventually come back to shape but this might never be! Wenger should lesarn from the way Ferguson dealt with Owen Hargreaves who had cosat Man U so much money and a lot of persuasion. Games are all about consistency and regular appearance. No matter Diaby’s potential he should now be declared an unfulfilled promise and allowed to leave for another club. Let Wenger get this midfielder if he is good and release Diaby to go even if it is for free ’cause I doubt that any club would pay any money for him!

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  26. phrank

    I wonder most of Ʊ rely on average players which aяε̲ not better than QPR players,the likes of gibbs, jekinson, ramsey,genviho,djourou,giroud,diaby, we need quality players lik d old invincible days rather than average players

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  27. the king

    hate to say it
    but why would top players, who are also wanted by united, city and other top club.

    why would they pick us
    will offer then lower wages and lower ambition
    and fighting for 4th plave each year not for a trophy.

    the time where world class players wanted to join arsenal and play beautiful football under wenger have long gone.

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  28. dude

    Why clubs like swansea ,everton & newcastle can get quality from their bargain buys like michu , mirallas , even demba ba & papiss cisse but arsene can’t ??

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  29. chambala

    the only solution is not go the emirates stadium because the don’t know only Arsenal contribute much. i thunk the ability of thinking wenger is reduced you cant have a player like Ramsay the team like arsenal and u say u want the champions it will never happen for sure! look now there is no team creativity they just passing only. pooor board and management.

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  30. TrueGunner82

    Mouriniho is leaving madrid at the end of the season, wenger could be leaving arsenal, moriniho in charge of arsenal? yes please.

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