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Arsenal scouting Europe’s top-scoring striker!

Arsene Wenger is always on the lookout for a bargain, especially if he is English, and it is being reported today that he has sent the Arsenal scouts to run the rule over the 23 year-old Charlie Austin at Burnley.

It is little surprise that there are many top Premiership sides watching the Englishman, as Austin is currently breaking records with his goalscoring prowess, in fact this season he has already scored 20 goals for Burnley, two more than Messi at Barcelona and one more than Ronaldo has for Real Madrid! Naturally Austin is the top scorer in Europe at the moment.

Just a couple of years ago Austin was playing for Swindon Town before Burnley snapped him up for just £1.5million last year, and his current manager Sean Dyche praised him for keeping his feet on the ground: “The thing that I like is his team mentality. He is staying nice and steady with himself. He keeps going in there.

“That’s what I love about real goalscorers: they don’t give it up, they always think they’re going to nick one, and in tight games they’re the sort of people that you need to win.”

How much would Arsenal fans like a striker in the team that could score 20 goals in just 17 games right now?

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23 thoughts on “Arsenal scouting Europe’s top-scoring striker!

  1. cicero@gunner

    Wenger will scout but will not buy. Hazard, alvarez, Mata and hosts of young talents. but Wenger will send.scouts to waste our money but will never buy. enough of the bullets.

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  2. Elvis

    If we really on players that score 20+ goals in 17 games, in my opinion we might just get it wrong…. coz they will need to adapt at Arsenal… Look at Pod & OG these are/ were (in their former clubs)prolific goal scorers… Huntelaar will be great… he is natural… needs not many chances to make his mark… Or lets get someone in England, in the EPL… LETS DARE…

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  3. Joseph

    If we want to buy quality players we should buy I am afraid that recent seasons Arsenal have been like marketing tool to make quality players to be known by other serious teams/clubs. We ere the first to know Hazard, alvarez, Mata. Where are they now? Even the above mentioned player we might be promoting him to be seen by giants

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  4. Amol

    Charlie Austin is looking good at the moment

    but I wonder if he can keep this form of his all season

    If he does at the end of the season
    teams will come in for him

    even if arsenal don’t sign him

    any good English side will…

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  5. Mudah

    Do u think wenger will invest in january? I don’t think so but I just hope so

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  6. neil moxon

    Theo or Charlie Austin who do you guys want more thumbs up
    Theo thumbs down Charlie.

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  7. imran

    Wenger is nt going to spent peny in jan… He vl say we have OX n GERV n Poldi n gnabry on wings so we let WALCOT go!
    Just like He said We have DIABY we LET SONG go!
    Arsenal Fans will Realize whn thy will b in mid of table, tht Wenger n Board looted Arsenal, by selling its Best players!
    come onnnn, how long U will Sing in AW we trust?? STUPID FANS, WENGER ASS KISSERS!
    Just tell me last year RVP goals saved Us, this year, Wenger has no formation, stubborness n destruction of TEAM…
    WAKE UP! or b a new LIVERPOOL 😛
    oh sorry, thn Won UEFA n nw RODGERS is bringing thm back on Track… POOR GUNNERS N GOONERS…
    3 man AW, GAZDI, KRONKE destroying Arsenal n fans are SINGING, in AW WE TRUST 😀
    keep on trusting n remain trophy less for another 7 years 😀
    JOL FULHAM MANAGER said, who Arsenal can think to compete wid likes of MAN CITY UTD CHELSEA 😀
    In wenger Fools TRUST…
    i liked him too, but nw he is destroying Us, We have a brillaint Squad, I THINK BOULD can lead Us as he is very very Strict!

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  8. newmy

    Buy English for once….Forester(G/K), Luke Shaw(L/B), Zaha(F). We have a nice English group developing at the club, Jenkinson, Gibbs, Wilshere, Frimpong(chose Ghana, but he’s English), Alex.Ox, Walcott. Add the likes of Forester, Shaw and Zaha and it will be good for the future as these boys are all young! 9 top English internationals at the club would be fantastic in my book!

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  9. ButtFlaps

    Maybe he not score the quantities to Premier leage levels? Walshot give the chances Mr Wenger he score 30!

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  10. Chisha

    lol do you guys still think Wenger will buy players honestly this is not even about Salary RVP left because he saw that Wenger has no more ambition to win trophies all he worries is to balance books and thats y RVP signed for ManU to show us the fans that Arsenal is a sinking ship look Nasri Clichy Fabregas have won trophies am sure RVP and Song will also win something but come arsenal it will be top 4 as a trophy.
    By the way do u guys remember ManU game last year when Wenger substituted the Ox then RVP was like “No you dont know what you doing”
    Wenger is old now and he has lost his brain am sorry to pick money over success then that means you are not a good coach
    WENGER OUT OUT OUT is the only way!!!!!!!

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  11. leirbag

    No matter how good or how many strikers any team buys, What is more important is how the players are used in the game. If Podolski is played in the wing, he shall become a wasted player. Arsenal needs a 4-4-2 and not this bogus 4-3-3 which makes the team starve from goals. We don’t play to defend, we play to score. We already have good players but they are not being used well.

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  12. raj

    There we go ago. Don’t buy quality buy from lower league again. I can’t takebthie any more. Arsenal is getting more and more fucked up each day. We all know we ait gonna buy anyone in Jan. Come summer window Wenger will identify who he wants and that Judas we call gazidis will be to slow to do anything. Then Wenger will say we didn’t need him. Arsenal have to sell players before they can buy. They have to balance books. I thought silent Stan was a billionaire WTF cant he just spend for once. If we don’t sign anyone in summer then we need to get rid of gazidis and Stan Get David dein in. gazidis ain’t f it to tie David deins boots. So until we don’t get rid of Stan ny fellow gooners we will be in this state for along time.

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  13. boom boom POW ...wankerz

    they always say they av money n will top quality players, but when the transfer window opens they buy cheap ass player that no 1 knowz…buy a top quality player that would get the fans believing that the club is still ambitious… That’s wishful think tho. Now I hearing sagna is stalling on a new contract…boycott n protest not against wenger but the fucking greedy board….this can’t happen @ Chelsea or united…Neva

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  14. soso

    if he costs 2m, then wenger will buy, and finally,another sqillachy,chamack,Girou,….

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  15. ERG

    Would love to see us buy charlie Austin at 23 hes a real talented forward all round good striker.
    And hes English which means he wont need time to adjust and i like his bullish attitude in games always works hard and with our coaching team could improve to be a top class striker.
    I cant see us buying him tho as hes not foreign has no top flight experience and isnt massivley overated with a zilllion caps for his country!
    Thats the kind of dross wenger has bin buying in europe latley!!

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  16. Ghost Rider

    Wenger Out! We need someone who will force the board to splash the cash. Be it in the market or our star players’ wages

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