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Arsenal secure left-back as first signing of January

With Nacho Monreal getting on in years and becoming more inconsistent as time goes on, plus the fact that Kieran Gibbs is yet to sign a new contract at Arsenal, many fans have been expecting Arsene Wenger to bring in a new left-back into the squad.

Well it was seem that Le Prof has certainly done that, but you may be very surprised when you hear who it is! His name is Cohen Bramall and the young Englishman has apparently been signed for the princely sum of £40,000….

This is how Sky reported the news this morning… Sky sources understand Arsenal are set to complete the signing of highly-rated Hednesford Town full-back Cohen Bramall.

The non-league star impressed during a short trial at London Colney before Christmas and will sign a two-and-a-half-year contract with the Gunners.

Obviously nobody has heard of him outside of non-League circles but he must surely have impressed Wenger in training during his trial period, but it remains to be seen how the 20 year-old copes with moving to one of the biggest clubs in the country. And although he seems to be a very cheap acquisition I am sure that it will be a great boost to the coffers of Hednesford Town who play in the Northern Premier League, which is English football’s seventh tier.

Let us hope that Wenger has managed to uncover yet another gem. It certainly seems to be the case with Rob Holding…


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18 thoughts on “Arsenal secure left-back as first signing of January

    1. josh37

      Why? who cares? it’s 40k with a 2 1/2 year contract…
      All possible upside, no potential downside

  1. Pablo Picaso

    If Gibbs is still out throw him in on Saturday as Monreal needs a breather.

    At 20 we should expect that he is near first team action otherwise why get him in the first place. I hope he is Gibbs replacement come end of season, now get that Wolfsburg guy to come in and compete with Monreal.

    Not that Wenger ever listens to anyone but its time for him to also go all out and get a RB who will compete with Bellarin, he blamed yesterdays bad Bellarin performance that he had knocks, this is more reason for us to bring in someone as Jenks and Debuchy have to be sent packing. Bellarin also needs to rest.

    We have too many players on our books that don’t effectively contribute to our cause, Gibbs, Akpom, Debuchy, Jenks, Jack, Ramsey, Campbell, Sanogo, etc. Time to let them go and find upgrades.

  2. Ace

    Why are we signing players that are not ready to challenge! We have millions sitting in the bank and we buy sum1 for 40k!

    1. josh37

      You know there’s no rule on only buying one player per window yeah??
      Haha this reminds me of the uproar at the Asano signing!!

  3. jonm

    Sky seen fairly definate about it “Arsenal will complete the signing of Hednesford defender Cohen Bramall in the next 48 hours, according to Sky sources”.

    Apparently he had a trial with crystal palace as well.

  4. rkw

    this is how all failing projects end up … at the personal whim of a crazy dictator living on past glories and refusing to leave the stage .. sad state of arsenal FC

    1. josh37

      yes, the 20y.o from a lower league moving to one of the top clubs in the country…
      Someone hide the noose from this poor kid!! He’s surely devastated!!

  5. Juhi McLovin

    Any chance signing Verratti? Probably not.. He would be great deputizing Cazorla while he is injured and might be out in the summer..

  6. reddb10

    We have money when it is to pay the greedy yank £3m for “strategic and advisory services”.
    I dont know what is worse, being run by a bunch of ruthless dictators or the fact that us fans are not doing anything about it ?!

  7. Jansen

    You wonder how a 20 year old in this day and age with the widely available scouting information and efforts can hide for this long. Normally when they are talented they are picked up at a much younger age to be schooled at the youth academies.

    Maybe like Kos he is a late bloomer.

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