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Arsenal send message but must keep it up

One of the first things the TV pundits said after watching Arsenal put in an amazing performance to take Manchester United apart with surgical skill was to ask whether this result would send a big message to our Premier League rivals and I think we are all agreed that this is exactly what we did.

However, it will be a message that is soon forgotten if Arsenal do not keep repeating it. Gunners legend Thierry Henry suggested as much and was reluctant to get too excited even though he was clearly delighted with the way Arsenal played.

Graeme Souness was even blunter and said that it was a concern that Theo Walcott had said after the match that the desire and intent from the team came about as a response to the midweek defeat by Olympiacos and he is right. Arsene Wenger needs to find a way to get his players to produce that amount, or at least close it, of intensity week after week.

I think he can and I think that the penny has finally dropped with the likes of Mesut Ozil and Theo Walcott. If I am right, could that Champions League loss be the pivotal point in our season?

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14 thoughts on “Arsenal send message but must keep it up

  1. Uzi Ozil

    I have a colleague (Manu Fan) in my place of work. Whenever Arsenal loses, first thing he will ask mi on Monday or after champs league game is “Bro, what was the scoreline in your game”? Not that he doesn’t know the scoreline or not that he didnt watch the game but the question is to mock Him….I guess i will be the one asking or mocking him soon..

    The win still feels good… Always good winning before the International break…You will be delighted to see the highlight on tv all over again because we won..

    CONSISTENCY is what we need……We need to play games with zeal and passion as we did today….Welldone Arsenal.

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  2. GoonerTRON

    Sanchez needs to be striker with Walcott on the wing where he shines.

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  3. Twig

    Ironic that Walcott couldn’t score a goal
    in his best performance as an Arsenal striker

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    1. bigperf

      You must be one of those who just watch highlights. He had two assists and pulled that man U defence apart. Give it a rest

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  4. mohawk

    Thoughts on the game……..

    1. That game is an example of why we are all Arsenal fans.

    2. The Arsenal early swarming blitz attack prevented their most dangerous player from getting settled and into the game until it was too for him to do his damage = Anthony Taylor.

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    1. Auditor-007


      That’s the way Arsenal play that we missed for long.

      Remind me of the invincible era with my hero Viera.

      Well done lads.

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  5. Hafiz Rahman

    We need to maintain and stay consistent….

    there is still a long way to go….

    past seasons have proven that we tend to switch off after a series of good runs…..

    We must maintain and improve

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    1. josh37

      Hafiz… You were wholeheartedly telling us fans we were going to lose and be undone by United. Care to admit that you were wrong??

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  6. Okayblack

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  7. HA559

    Wenger really must’ve shoutd at the players after the Olympiakos game. I don’t remember another sliding tackle from Walcott in his career other than this Manu game and the Tottenham game in Fa cup where he got injured.

    If they can keep this fighting spirit up we can definitely win 1 game vs Bayern which would be a big deal in the group for us. But first we have to see if they keep it up after international break vs Watford away, late kick off.

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  8. jperiod

    Good win, great performance by the team. I just want to enjoy this win before thinking about Champions League or anything else. How satisfying was this performance? Kudos to all

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  9. Robertthegooner

    What a GREAT way to start the week
    On the back of a CONVINCING win against our great rivals United.

    I was so miserable after Olympiakos @ home
    And if we had lost to United it would have just destroyed me.

    Now, I actually believe again

    We got a clean sheet without Koscielny and Ozil, Alexis and Walcott are all in form

    Injuries permitting, hopefully we can still have an amazing season

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  10. Okayblack

    How many of U guys after d Olympiacos game sang praise of Wenger & the players? This is why Arsenal remain dis way for years. One win, then we belive we can be Champions. Yet we see without being basis that the team can’t compete AL Tru d season. We can win some games yes, but unless there are additions and Change in tactics we can’t be Champions. You all know d fact, yet thumb me down. I’ll be here when next we lose when U’ll come crying. I want what’s best for our Arsenal, I want Wenger changed, Giroud Out!!!!!!!!

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