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Arsenal set for £25m transfer swoop this week?

Arsenal fans will be desperately hoping for some action from Arsene Wenger in the transfer market during the January transfer window and for many of us it is a case of the sooner, the better. Our poor old nerves cannot stand up to another final few days of tension and nerve-wracking waiting for the manager to bring in the players that we need to enjoy a strong second half of the season.

Well according to a Metro report we might have one less thing to worry about by the end of the week. The paper claims that Wenger is due to make a £25 million transfer swoop for the Sporting Lisbon and Portugal international star William Carvalho, in an attempt to finally silence the questions about the sort centre at the heart of the Arsenal midfield.

The 22-year old defensive midfielder has apparently already made it clear that he wants to come and play in the Premier League and it was reported that the Gunners were trying to sign Carvalho in the summer until talks broke down.

We have also been heavily linked with Morgan Schneiderlin of Southampton and Moussa Sissoko of Newcastle in recent weeks, who are both all-round central midfielders but if the report is true, then Wenger really has seen the need for a proper combative and defensively minded player in the middle. Would you be happy with this transfer?

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48 thoughts on “Arsenal set for £25m transfer swoop this week?

  1. No Giroud, I'm happy

    I only watch three matches for this guy “Carvalho” and to be honest I didn’t see anything special except the skeleton … very raw, not a good reader neither a good runner … but I ain’t a scout

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    1. Arsenal Fan

      Let’s not forget Man U haven’t replaced Ferdinand, Vidic and Evra. This will dog them for the remainder of the season.
      What we can’t afford is to bring in a player who isn’t part of the greater plan. If we miss out on top four, at least I can say we didn’t rush into another medium talented player purchase…meaning a top defender could be brought.
      If we do get into the top four with a medium talented purchase, than I fear for next year.
      If we get top four and not defender…than Wenger is talented…but he still needs a top defender!

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      1. Brendan

        I agree we need a top defender long term and it’s important to avoid another deadwood case like, I don’t know, Squilaci.
        But at the same time, we only have two center backs and most teams have 4 or 5!
        If it’s a case that we can’t find a top defender (like Wenger keeps saying is very hard to do) then we still need to bring in the best we can find even if that’s someone average. We can always get a top defender then in summer and that way we’ll have 4 center backs like a team of our stature should have!

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    2. Disturbance

      I hardly see Wenger buying him in January. First of all Wenger doesn’t believe in a solid DM, second he doesn’t like January windows, third – it’s news coming from the Metro! ’nuff said!

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  2. Greg

    I would be glad with either schneiderlin or sissoko and a quality centre back like hummels! Coyg!

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    1. muffdiver

      schneiderlin will never join us now.
      NEVER. never . NeVeR.


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      1. Gunner

        yeah we always linked with the best then loose them to rivals
        Hear Schneiderlin has now been linked to Man U
        We were once highly linked to Hazard – then chelshit stole him away
        see the same happening with Schneiderlin
        Will be a pity to loose a proven EPL player not sum Portuguese league player…

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    2. supertuur

      Schneiderlin is Summer Transfer target. Enough ssaid. Which CDM can get we get this Winter Transfer period that is good and not mega overprieced like Carvalho. That is the million dollar question.

      Same with Hummels, he is the captain of Dortmund he is not going to move this winter.

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  3. MDOwn

    Given injuries a CB is priority. Otherwise I would prefer Wanyama, he is just such a contrast to the players we have and is very good on the ball. From what I have seen I don’t know how much better Carvalho is than Coquelin… Mind you I’ve only seen him a few times so…

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    1. Twig

      He looked a bit sluggish and tentative on the ball when I watched him in the world cup. But there’s probably good reason why he’s so highly rated…

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        1. MDOwn

          A must have for every football player… Although you don’t see that in the Fifa 15 highlight reel…

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  4. Twig

    We have the solution right before our eyes, why do we try to make things difficult looking at other targets? He has premier league experience, proven performer for 2-3 seasons now and he’s at the right age. He’s even French! If that matters… :-/

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    1. Midkemma

      We do need 1 more holding CM though, Arteta and Flamini should be thanked at the end of the season and replaced with an upgrade. If we can get a good young one now who can compete/rotate with Coq then wouldn’t that be ideal?

      It could take 6-12 months to settle in a new country with the new social aspects, might not but plan for the worst and we’ll be fine when it doesn’t happen 😛
      Part of that time would be the end of this season when we do not have to rely on him, we have Arteta and Flamini to help ease in the new player knowing that they are both at the end of TOP team football.

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      1. Twig

        Obviously, I wasn’t referring to Coquelin. Is Coquelin a “proven performer for 2-3 seasons”?

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  5. Midkemma

    If anyone has been watching him since we have been rumored to be interested in him then they will know how he times a good tackle, puts in work effort, not scared of a challenge and fairly good passer of the ball.

    He isn’t the most creative but we don’t need another creative CM.

    He still has a lot of room for improvment BUT he is only 22! His reading of the game will improve given time and education.

    £25mil? I think defenatly worth that considering it would most likely turn into a LONG relationship between us ^.^

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    1. jermaineBryan

      Totally agree he has been excellent this season and a much better option than Gundagan and Sissokko .

      He looks more comfortable in cm than dm this season though suggesting he is having a schnederlin esce transfermation

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  6. SaveArsenal

    Read as far as ‘Metro’ then stopped, no point reading a rehash of any Metro nonsense.

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      1. fred cowardly

        If you mean skeletor from He-Man cartoon.
        he wasn’t really a skeleton as much as a skull on a body. Other than his Skull his whole body was blue skin over muscle over bones like everyone else.

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  7. Scott Von Gooner

    Libon’s evaluatiion of Carvalho is too high. Assuming that they are really asking £25m. Wanyama or Schnienerlin are both better. That being said I really doubt Wenger buys a mid anyway. CB is a possibility..

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  8. Ronny331

    Not sure carvalho is what we need especially at the price. I suspect wenger is trying to find someone who can play dm and cb he likes his value. Can the kid from warsaw play cb? Is this the cb were hearing about?! Dick law travelling tomorrow. For me I’d love sissoko or wanyamma. If things get desperate and a cb is secured jedinak would be a good cheap option, a true dm player whos tall, tough tackling, good in the air, a leader and cheap of course. Keep your eye on this one sanogo going to palace so who knows.

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    1. jermaineBryan

      jedrinak is very underrated he is the best dm in the prem the stats don’t lie and he is also a very good passer

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      1. jonestown1

        I agree I think he is OK but have to be wary of defensive stats for lower half teams – their DMs are working harder; their teams generally have less possession, under attack more often and have to put in more tackles, interceptions etc. The Matics of this world are often in cruise control and just amble around mopping up in the less pressured games and the stats will say he hasn’t done much.

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  9. muffdiver

    he isnt worth 25 million.

    matic went for 21 million an he was player of the year as a dm in portugal.

    this skinny punk aint getting no plane

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    1. ArseneIsYourDaddy

      First time I agree with you. Way way way overvalued. Why? Lisbon is in financial TROUBLE. They need cash like a broke hooker. Every buying team knows that.

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    2. jonestown1

      Agree with all of that muff – but he ain’t “skinny” by any stretch.

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  10. sohara

    Think schneiderlin or sissoko would be better bets as they have PL experience

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  11. mohawk

    I will be shocked if Wenger gets a DM in Jan. He now has Coq as an excuse to wait.

    My bet is Wenger will get a CB and that is all. Sorry.

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  12. Hafiz Rahman

    we shld follow chelsea footsteps…sign matic and sell him and buy him back at a higher price…

    this is what arsenal shld be doing….

    selling our youth players and resign them when they become world class

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  13. fred cowardly

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    1. rambo

      Your set up doesnt look that good to be honest, pretty sure our current strongest XI would beat that

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  14. GoonAR

    My DM rankings would be…

    1. Schneiderlin
    2. Wanyama
    3. Sissoko (I believe like many he’s not even a DM)
    4. Carvalho

    but like No Giroud previously stated… I ain’t a scout. Decisions Decisions Decisions… or a more realistic cheap buy/loan option.

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  15. rd_gunner

    Old habits die hard. No matter how much we expect and hope for, Wenger is not going to be active till the last couple of days. Since westham want 7m for Reid, he will put in a chheky 3/4 million on 30th and hope. if it doesn’t work out, he knows how to throw bullshit around- that’s not a problem.

    Wanyama, Schneiderlin etc will never be bought. We will be told that that we will spedn big in the summer, till ManU, Chelsea or ManCity come into the fray and blow us out of water. Result: a cheap 19 year old from some god forsaken league- or an extension to flamini and arteta with the usual crocked ones in the fray.

    For me the window means little. Wenger needs to go whatever happens at the end of the season! WENGEROUT!!

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    1. supertuur

      7 mil is a lot for a defender with 6 months left on his contract. Will you fund it?

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  16. buzzey

    we need a proven DM not a purtegese league player …………we need a player like victor wanyama ,morgan Schneiderlin ….TWO BEST DM in the premier league

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    1. supertuur

      Why does everyone keep repeating the same shit. Wanyama and Schneiderlin can not be bought this Winter Trannsfer. Southampton are third and these guys are a major part of it. Forget all that newspaper bullsh!t the just want clicks.

      Who can Arsenal buy this Winter in the CDM position. It is not that easy to answer. Carvalho yes but not for 25 mil. Kondogbia, he is injured and Monaco plays in the CL.

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    1. Goonsquad8

      He’s young and inexperienced. Would rather play Le coq then pay for schneiderlin

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  17. eloaking

    I say sell Arteta, Flamini and Wilshere. Replaced the 3 of them with just Wayama and Schneiderlin. We will compete with the best.

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  18. sanmi.marvellous

    For me, the mistake was made in the last summer, when we failed to buy quality DM and a replacement for Vermaelen.
    DM: Keep faith with protruding young Coquelin in company of Arteta and inconsistent Flamini.
    provided we put in strong bid for Schniederlin in summer!!!
    CB: Reid this January!

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  19. sayn18

    Haven’t seen much of him but he seems slow for the EPL. We should sign Reid now, re-call Jenko to cover for Debuchy and get Schneiderlin ideally now otherwise in the summer.

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