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Arsenal set for another useless EPL record against title winners?

While everyone connected with Arsenal was gutted that the Gunners could not take advantage of the failings of all the usual suspects in the Premier League last season, there was the very small consolation that the club that did, Leicester City, were beaten by us both home and away.

Arsenal were the only team to do that double over the Foxes and, incredibly enough, the only other side to beat them even once in the league was Liverpool. While Leicester seem to have been a one season wonder, in the Premier League at least as they are going along quite nicely in the Champions League, the indications are that Arsenal will once again fail to finish on top.

There is a good chance that we could finish as runners up once more and what would be even more odd was if we were to beat the eventual winners at home and away again. Although, if you check any of the free football tips around, you will find everyone backing the Blues, it could still well happen tomorrow. And unless Chelsea lose momentum and start dropping points, a loss to us would not be enough to stop them going on to lift the trophy in May.

So far Liverpool and Tottenham are the only clubs bar Arsenal that have beaten Antonio Conte’s team and only once at that. Klopp’s team had the chance to do the double this week but were a bit lucky to escape defeat after Costa missed a penalty.

Chelsea do still have tough games to get through but do you think that they will lose any or enough of them for us to catch them? Even if Arsenal win on Saturday, will it turn out to be fruitless and just another record against title winners that does us no good?


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10 thoughts on “Arsenal set for another useless EPL record against title winners?

  1. ThirdManJW

    I don’t think Wenger will get that record. I can see Chelsea getting the job done in the first 45 minutes. Arsenal are so weak in the first half of games, and Conte will be drilling this into his players. Whilst in another part of London, Wenger is praising his players for the spirit they showed in the second half against Watford. We were just very unlucky he’ll be telling them.

    Not sure if anyone on here watches Arsenal Fan TV on Youtube, but one delusional fan (TY I think), even blamed the weather for our horrific performance!! It amazes me that some fans STILL support Wenger, and will use any excuse possible to deflect attention away from him. Even now when there’s so much factual evidence against Wenger! No one can deny facts!

    1. Fatboy Gooney

      Lol and yep it’s a fact that Arsenal can’t play in the pouring rain ??
      We have always been a fair weather team.
      If you look back in our history you will find that 90% Of our shock defeats were all played in poor weather conditions.
      Oh… And we are also totally useless in early kick offs too, especially away from home. I’m expecting a hammering at trampford bridge and apparently Wenger has to sit among the Chelsea fans ? that’s going to hurt like ?

  2. RSH

    We’ll lose like we always do at Stamford, same as how we always find ourselves without titles. When are people going to learn?

  3. ras911

    We can win this game as long as Giroud doesn’t start. He’s played great so far for us but he seems to be the reason why we start so damn slow

  4. highbury44

    Its a certainty we will loose tomorrow followed by exit in Champions League,and then next season after AW has signed another 2 year deal,we’ll go through it all again.It is totally pointless.Has this manager no shame .Obvious not if he is happy to keep taking the clubs money

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