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Arsenal set to sign PERFECT Premier League striker?

It appears that Arsene Wenger has been told that if Arsenal were to show some transfer interest in this prolific striker then he would have very little hesitation in signing for Arsenal and coming back to the Premier League where he used to play for our big rivals Manchester United.

And if this Arsenal transfer rumour in the Daily Star is on the money then I think the Arsenal boss would be daft not to take Javier Hernandez up on the offer. The Mexico international was amazingly seen as surplus to requirements by Louis van Gaal but I just do not get it and a lot of United fans have been left scratching their heads as well.

The fact that United are having all sorts of trouble in front of goal while Chicharito is banging them in for fun at his new club Bayer Leverkusen suggests that the United boss has made a serious error of judgment. And it appears that the striker is keen to hammer that point home by coming back to the Premier League and helping Arsenal to the title.

His goal to game ratio with United was better than one in three but a lot of his games were as a sub and his goals per minute ratio is one of the best in Premier League history. Hernandez is a finisher first and foremost so you can imagine what damage he could do with Mesut Ozil providing the ammunition. Lock and load Arsene.

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18 thoughts on “Arsenal set to sign PERFECT Premier League striker?

  1. arsenalkid1970

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  2. irish gunner

    I think he would be q great addition. We all no giroud plays better with completion for St position. And he would have to really step up to bench hernandez and his style looks made for arsenal

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  3. John Legend

    It does not sound like a true story. Anyway, I would love him in our colours, just do not see it happening.

    I am hoping for good business in the right positions in the winter window.

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  4. Fatboy Gooney

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    1. GoonerLad

      Once again a fickle fan that always has something negative to say fails to acknowledge the manager’s efforts. You were the very same person that complained of a lack of strikers and you are probably the same person that would be angry if Wenger brought in a cheap player. If the rumors are true then be happy cause Hernandez is easily a +20 goal striker and still young. Although I don’t think he can play the Arsenal way and would prefer either Draxler or Aubameyang in the summer, or maybe both but that’s just a pipe dream..

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      1. Fatboy Gooney

        Your judgement is of the same value of second hand toilet paper 💩💩💩

        There’s nothing worse than a two bob muppet pointing his finger and making false equitations!

        What was so negative with my comment? 😲

        Every fan and his dog (except YOU) wanted another Striker! 😂

        And as for buying cheap players, NO! that doesn’t bother me at all, as most of our legends cost peanuts!

        SO GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT!! Before you randomly accuse fan’s of 💩 you have no idea of!!

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      2. stubill

        He’s not a young player, he’s 27, that in my book is not young for a forward player, he’s in his prime years.

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  5. Wilshegz

    it ll be perfect for arsenal, and with Chicharito it ll be an express way to the title.. he is the most underrated striker ever.
    his game is like that of a typical Inzaghi, Van Nistelrooy.
    fox in the box always ready to knick in that chance, chance Ozil creates lots of, Ozil created 9clear chances last night.
    imagine what does chances would have turned to if we had a sharp poacher with response like Chicharito

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  6. JAmerican

    I like the looks of young Gabriel of Santos in the Brazilian League.

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  7. joeboy

    Iv been saying for years that he would be perfect for us with the amount of chances we create! Very clinical infront of goal…. But as this rumour is coming out of the daily star its bound to not be true unfortunately

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  8. Fatboy Gooney

    BARCELONA are willing to sell youngster Sergi Samper to Arsenal – but only for £4.4million, according to reports.

    We May as well bring Bellerin’s buddy to the Emirates,
    It’s a win win situation,when we sell them back in 2 or 3 years for 35-40 million 😉😜

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    1. ForeverArsenal

      Lukaku’s been a beast this season and even the seaons past really becoming a top striker. Would be difficult this window. Fox in the box style striker would be better, but wonder if Wenger will even spend with Welbeck coming back. Always Higuain available too who isnt cup tied, Napoli need to get their stupid valuation out their head

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      1. irish gunner

        Lusaka is not for sale we all no how stubborn Everton are with there stars and who could blame them

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  9. cheeterspotter

    Ozil will soon get thoroughly P***** off if he continues to keep passing to strikers who continue to miss not exactly hard strikes. Wouldn’t you?
    The player’s pure class but a fair amount of his endeavours are being wasted by MISS Walcott and MISS Giroud.
    Class striker required, please apply to Emirates 1212

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