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Arsenal set to splash £70m on 3 players?

Arsene Wenger may be about to do his bit for the German economy, as it has been reported that he will spend the whole of the Arsenal transfer kitty on three players from the Bundesliga. Robert Lewandowski and Mario Gotze of the current champions Borussia Dortmund and Lars Bender of Bayer Leverkusen are the three players linked with a summer move to the Emirates, but is Wenger really ready to break the habit of a lifetime and pay top dollar?

The Polish international striker Lewandowski is a real class act, and I think he would be a fantastic signing for the Gunners. The price tag is likely to be around £20-£25 million, although the 24-year old will be in the last year of his contract. The reason for that is that there will be a number of clubs chasing the striker, including Manchester United apparently. Arsenal may need to smash the current wage structure to get him.

The same could be said of the 20-year old German international Gotze, who plays as a winger or an attacking midfielder and is one of most exciting young talents in world football. His contract at Dortmund apparently includes a release clause of around £30 million but that does not mean that Gotze would agree to the transfer.

23-year old Bender is a more defensively minded player who has played over 100 games for Leverkusen at the top level and won 12 senior caps for Germany. His value of around £15 million would mean the whole of Wenger’s reported war chest was gone, but we would then be left with just three centre backs and no new keeper.

If the story is true, Wenger must be planning to sell a few of the current squad to free up money for wages and at least another defender. It goes without saying that failure to secure Champions League football will make the signing of these three players almost impossible, but even if, or when, we do I doubt that Wenger would spend everything on those three. I am all for Lewandowski, but we have plenty of talent in midfield already. We need a defensive midfielder and a top quality centre back first. Do you agree?

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142 thoughts on “Arsenal set to splash £70m on 3 players?

  1. prawnd

    @biggun && @goonercapetown
    What’s your sources ? Is it really true ?

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  4. O2-Home kit

    I saw this in daily m yesterday. I think it’s all rubbish. Propaganda to get you to renew your season tickets.

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  5. Gooner Cape Town

    Guys come on Jovetic is done, we must ge a serious \dm,. sowed up and an attacking mid…… Striker would be top class.. Lewndowski,,,,,

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  6. samuel inabuaye

    won’t believe until i see it. its same old story. the media links us up with all the gud players in the world. yet we don’t buy them. wenger plays his card close to his chest.although sumtin tells me we re goin to see a big star cum summer

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  7. Tom

    Summer signings

    Gk- Mignolet, Begovic, Stekelenburgh, Vermeer

    Cb- Howedes, Alderweirld, N’kolou

    Cdm- Capoue, Gonalons, Wanyama, Mavuba

    Cam- Eriksen, Isco, Gotze, Turan

    St- Jovetic, Lewandowski, Aubemyang, Schurrle

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  8. John

    April he 1st? If there is any grain of reality to this . . . .it has been orally blown as City, Chelsea and United (who have no scouts of their own) will force the price up just to force us out of any deal.

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  9. arsveinal

    im pretty sure wenger is not going to sign anyone well known… he is probably going to pick up some unknowns

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  10. Kwasi

    I think this won’t happen. I think that we’re gonna keep Giroud and Podoski or get Jovetic, also we don’t really need another player like Gotze but if we were to get one it would be Isco, firstly, because of the connection with his ex-Malaga mates Monreal and Cazorla he’ll be easier to get. Secondly, he’s a cheaper option in terms of wages and transfer budget. In addition, I think if we were to get a DM it would be Wanyama, Capoue, Gustavo, or Gonalons, all of which can double as a defender.

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  11. Trevor dongleberry

    This came from the mirror and I don’t think it will happen. Lewandowski is top class and would be an amazing signing, as would Lars Bender. Gotze won’t go to Arsenal if he can go to teams like Madrid and Barca. I really am optimistic for the summer and I can’t wit to see what talent Wenger will bring in. If any

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  12. Trevor dongleberry

    Lewandowski is good cause Jovetic the goal scorer we need.

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  13. Trevor dongleberry

    Jovetic is not the goalscorer we need. Lewandowski is.

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  14. Bitchplease

    70,000,000? Is this some type of an early April fools day joke!

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  15. O2-Home kit

    It’s April fools day now. Don’t be surprised if later on today you hear a story of Usmanov taking over lol.

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  16. lmyyyks

    Dream on. This will never happen.
    1. Arsenal will not spend that much on 3 players.
    2. Arsenal are not as appealing to top players nowadays. They don’t perform that well, and they do not offer competitive wage packages.
    3. A top-4 finish is not yet secured, non of them would want to give up CL just to play in an Arsenal shirt.
    4. All of them are from Dortmund. Dortmund are already behind Bayern this season, they would look to strengthen the squad to challenge for titles rather than just to make huge numeral profits. Selling 3 established core players in one season is only feasible in FIFA, PES, or other football manager games.

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  17. King

    Arsenal does not need Gotze. We already have enough AM. What we need are a GK, Sticker, a CB, and a DM.

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  18. leo

    Canal + saying there is strong interest shown by Arsenal in Maxime Gonalons, Lyon’s defensive midfielder & 24 y.o. captain.

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  19. leo

    70,000+ seats didn’t the blog say we will have armani as our kit or something lol

    april fool’s day next it will be the takeover

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  20. John

    It would be fantasy football but never going to happen. We need to be a team aiming for more than just top four if we are going to attract top players again. A few years ago players looked at the pedigree of our club, the way we played and the chance to work for Arsene Wenger and wanted to be an Arsenal player. Now we lose transfer battles with Spurs.
    We wil never be able to compete financially with the Manchesters or Chelsea so I am afraid it will be average/ safe amounts of money spent on surprise packages that we hope Arsene can turn into something special (then sell?). … Would love to be proved wrong . . . Happy April 1st.

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  21. Gunn 'em Down

    an experienced keeper, a clinical striker and a defensive midfielder please

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  22. YK

    The only possible of the three is Bender, I know Wenger loves Gotze, but he won’t come to Arsenal, expect surprise at summer, Arsenal has learn to keep their cards close to their chest, all these are to divert attention of others away from our targets.

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  23. **** SET GUNNER ****

    Summer signing options:

    Gk- Cesar, Steklenberg, Marchheti

    Cb- Howedes, Hummels, Badstuber

    Mid- Capoue, Wanyama, Fellaini, Vidal

    Fwd- Jovetic, Schurrle

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  24. BruceTongaBull

    Bushieit.. Who doesn’t know that BOB is an employee of Gazidis.. sent to create rumours for Fools to buy seasonal tickets. DONT BE FOOLED>>>>>> FIGHT FOR AFC.. no buying any merchandice til proper spending is done.

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  25. BruceTongaBull

    I wud spend the whole 70m on the same players except Bender for Wanyama and Get Valdes for the Money Barcelona owes us. If I wud manage to sell the deadwood, I wud buy Hummels if not I wud gumble cos Wanyama and Sagna can cover us there plus Miguel Ignasi is improving. Im better than AW don’t you agree LOL

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  26. limerick ed

    Did any of you watch Benteke for Villa yesterday? awesome. + Fellani from Everton. Both proven in EPL. COYG

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  27. Big Gun


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  28. Lola

    If arsene sign those players he will sell cazorla wilshere walcott podoloski koscielny to balance his book.i m tired of stupid transfer policy of arsenal.

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  29. Confysmart

    C’mon guys stop dreaming.AW won’t spend 70M on 3 players.i know my coach..wud prefer lewandowski buh if jovetic is a done deal better..i wantt a champions league spot cant afford watching thursday football(europa league)..any player Aw wants 2 buy i pray its class

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  30. ger burke.

    why would top class players want to come to the emirates , a sinking ship with a fool in charge . nobody in their right mind would want to come here ,no money can buy success , and thats what all top class players wants , success is a lot more than money , and at that we dont pay well so double whammy . you give any player at arsenal at the moment an easy escape route and there would be a stampede . lets get real here folks we are not spending this summer , the directors need new houses , so all things in order please , if there is money left over after the housing buyout then they will buy the odd player , and i mean very odd .

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  31. Moses

    I’m skeptical that we would, but going off of the assumption that this story is somehow true (again take with a pinch of salt, I’ll believe it when I see it, etc…), then let’s think about this.

    All 3 of the mentioned guys would be good additions, but could we do better?

    My dream buy this summer would be Hummels, I really think he will soon be the best defender in the world, I’d love to see him do that here at our club. Of course he could and probably would get a better deal elsewhere, but if we’re dreaming, that’s the guy I’d want us to get.

    I love Gotze, I think he is a world class player, and I’d pay 30m to get him. That being said, do we have bigger needs? We have a fair few attacking midfielders already, and while this guy would make our team better, is he giving us something we currently lack, or just an upgrade on what we have?

    I think we could get a good DM better than Bender too, I like Kevin Strootman, or even Capoue, maybe we could get a cheaper one than Bender and spend that money elsewhere.

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  32. Nosike

    i’m in total agreement of the Lewandowski deal, not so sure about the Bender one. I mean we could get several Defensive Midfielders for far less. As for Goetze, I can’t believe i’m saying this but we don’t need a 40m signing to win trophies, history shows it.. I mean, look how much we got Santi. I could manager our current midfield if AW is sure to improve our back line

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