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Arsenal should celebrate coming in Top Four every year?

Arsenal FC supporters need to celebrate their team right now

At the start of the millennium, Arsenal were competing with Manchester United for the title although Matthew Glazier of now thinks the fans should be happy to be challenging for a Premier League top four place.

Arsenal aren’t going to win the Premier League this season. They won’t be champions next season or the season after either. These aren’t defeatist statements but simply an honest analysis that the Gunners are no longer equipped to challenge for the title.

It hasn’t always been like this. As recently as the 2003-04 season, Arsenal went 38 games without a single defeat and laughed in the face of a Chelsea squad that had received a £100 million cash injection from Roman Abramovich. Manchester United were struggling post-Beckham and Manchester City were involved in a relegation struggle for most of the campaign.

Wind the clock forward nearly ten years and a lot has changed. Abramovich has barely relented when it has come to the annual strengthening of the Blues, while Manchester United also have major financial clout despite the Glazer regime having potentially catastrophic long-term consequences. Then there are the newly-crowned champions who have waved cash in the noses of Kolo Toure, Samir Nasri, Emmanuel Adebayor and Gael Clichy to lure them from the Emirates Stadium in the past few seasons.

And yet Arsene Wenger has still managed to steer Arsenal to a top-four finish ever since the ‘Unbeatables’ won the title in 2004. The Frenchman was ridiculed when claiming a Champions League qualification place at the end of the season was akin to winning a trophy although supporters will only realise the full extent of this statement when the Gunners finally miss out on a top-four Premier League spot.

Supporters should be celebrating the fact that they have one of the best teams in England who are successfully competing at Europe’s top table right now. It might only take a rich billionaire to invest in a club like Newcastle or Aston Villa and Arsenal might find themselves sinking towards mid-table every year.

Wenger once famously said that “if you eat caviar every day it’s difficult to return to sausages” after hearing Arsenal fans booing their team’s performance. That quote came in 1998 although it’s still relevant fifteen years later with supporters continuing to believe that the north London club has the potential to win the title every season, even though the bookmaker odds suggest they are no better than outsiders.

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33 thoughts on “Arsenal should celebrate coming in Top Four every year?

  1. Dan

    Harsh but fair. A change is needed, I don’t know what sort of change but something has to be done. Scouting players from Burnley doesn’t fill me with confidence.

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  2. Ozzy AFC

    Celebrate it???? I think we as Arsenal fans are certainly pleased that we have made top four each season and its an acheivement that should certainly be recognised BUT should it be our only ambition?? should it be celebrated as if it were an achievment that is satisfactory should it be all we aspire to?? NO it should’t and as far as I can see the powers that be, be that Primarily the Board or be that Wenger and the board are only aspiring to that and nothing else. IT’s not acceptable and to encourage this unambitious attitude is wrong wrong wrong, be pleased but never satisfied when we settle for that and that alone we;ll next be settling for just staying in the premier league and where does it stop after that ??

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  3. mala

    The board listens to Wenger’s advise, they won’t sell Van$ if Wenger said “no”.
    Wenger sold the EPL title to manure in the summer for 24m but he hypnotised himself into believing he can still challange for titles.
    He stubbornly refused to bring in replacement for Song & Van$, Arteta is playing out of position & Giroud needs time & now Arsenal is lacking confidence in defence & lacking direction in attack!
    I definitely blame Wenger if Arsenal finishes out of top 4!

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  4. Mudah

    Hopely wenger and co. will as soon as possible realize we are going in the wrong direction and take the other way. ITS AN EVITABLE PROBLEM, believe me?

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  5. leo

    that’s like wigan athletic celebrating relegation survival every year by finishing 16th wtf have turned into signing kids our wage bill is near to manure yet we have 3/4th squad filled with medicore players wenger is 2nd highest paid manager in pl & 6th in the world gazdis earns as ceo more than ciy’s yet we have wage cap for plyers theo,sagna will leave followed by others it’s only a matter of time till we start celebrating europa league place & emirates cup pathetic

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  6. leo

    buying kids are fine players like zaha/will hughes(similar to rosicky) luke shaw the next bale will be good but we also need quality signings like fellaini/cavani/dzeko

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  7. mbokor

    These dudes should just shot thier mouth for once and act now before its out of hand. Arsenal for now can only dream of doing better than the likes of newcastle, everton, westbrom, and may be liverpool and spous and that wil be considered a trophy. Since arsen wenger has given a new definition to a trophy.

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  8. SymoD

    I just want to know why we don’t have a open top bus parade at the end of the season to celebrate this 4th place trophy.

    After all it’s more important than an FA or League cup we’re told, and we would have the parade for one of those.

    Oh the anticipation of the chance to go and line the streets to celebrate our mediocrity. What joy it is being an Arsenal fan these days.

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  9. imran

    i dont thnk so, top 4??? CHELSEA, UTD, CITY, TOT, EVERTON, LIVERPOOL coming back on its track too!

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  10. Henry

    @ mala…does that mean you will congratulate Wenger if we finish in the top 4? or will you blame him anyway? Surely if you are going to blame him if we do badly you should congratulate him if we do well!?

    None of us really know what happens behind closed doors at The Arsenal. Is Wenger kept on a short leash and told who to sell and who to buy? Is he the scapegoat? or is he as demoness as many of you believe?

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  11. Sureli

    It’s true in a way. With the revenue from the emirates, and champions league money, we should be competing either the best for trophies, not be in the chasing group!
    Both the fans and Wenger have been duped into expecting little while the team got back into competetiveness.
    Now there’s 150 million in the bank, and you can not incurr a loss of more than 50 mil in three years, this means it it will take us more than 9years to spend it on players.

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  12. ThirdManJW

    I know Wenger has his flaws – he never has a plan B, tactically inept at times, takes forever drop out of form players, but I still feel he’s one the best managers out there.

    But look what he’s been up against for the last 8 or 9 years –

    1. The new stadium has meant less money available.
    2. Our wage structure.
    3. Huge wages that other clubs pay.
    4. We don’t have a sugar daddy.
    5. Lots of clubs now have a sugar daddy.
    6. I know all clubs get injuries, but Asnl have had so many
    long term injuries to key players for the last 5/6 years.
    7. We keep losing key players through transfers.
    8. Wenger never has a settled team, he’s constantly having to rebuild his squad because of points 6 and 7. This make it very hard to challenge for anything when you’re always having to change things.
    9. All the other big clubs having managed to keep their best players, and then rebuild and add to that when necessary. Would Barca and Real be as good if Messi and Ronaldo left their clubs or if they were injured for 8 months or the entire season?.

    Then we have our direct competitors –

    Spurs, if I remember, have only made it into the Champs League once during Wengers time.

    Look at Liverpool these days.

    Chelsea and ManC are only where they are because of the insane amount of money they’ve spent down the years on transfers and wages.

    ManU have always been able to out muscle Asnl financially as well.

    So by all means I’m not saying Wenger is perfect. But getting us into the Champions League every season under these circumstances is an achievement.

    A huge problem we’ve got at the mo is the board. Let’s say we sack Wenger and get someone else in. It’s not as if the board are going to then suddenly abandon this self sufficient model and start spending 30m/40m on transfers, and 200/250K p/w on wages just because the new manager wants cetain players.

    We’ve got a lot of problems at the club right now but I personally still want Wenger in charge and I support him.

    P.S. But please stop playing Ramsey!!.

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  13. troy

    Well said Third man JW been trying to explain that to ppl forever it aint all wengers fault most folk who slag him off aint english afc fans who understand english football

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  14. Digvijay Singh

    You know, my professor in college (who is also the dean) said to us (undergrad students) I personally find it better that you get A’s in half the subject and Cs’ in the other, rather than getting all B’s.
    I have been thinking, every year Mr Wenger tells us how awesome it is to be in the Champions League. But I sometimes think, just f*** it. Ditch the champions league, win the Premier League.

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  15. Arsenal1Again

    What happens is that people start taking for granted a good thing when they get so much of it. When they are unaware of this they often don’t realise how it becomes not good enough any longer and they expect more. If we won the league every season it would not be good enough for some because they would want the CL too, or the domestic cups, or there won’t be enough goals of the week, etc. Coming in the top 4 is not as easy as many people think. Not in a league shared with yeams who ate big spenders. If Wenger had a fair playing field every season by the the fair play rules being strictly enforced … those 4th place finishes would easily be 1st and without breaking a sweat.

    It’s easy to believe we are a poor side but the best thing to do is realise we are actually a better side than you credit us and realise we are being unfairly cheated.

    People compare their girlfriends with models in magazines but those models are photoshopped and had plastic surgery, etc. So is it fair to expect more from your girlfriend.

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  16. arsenator

    are you kidding me??…some of you are saying that a top four finish must be celebrated for,you know as well,everton tottenham and newcastle are looking for this 4th place…..which means our ambition is similar to those of necstl and everton,which means that the undefeatable arsenal club becoame after 8 years an everton !!

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  17. Antonio Jackson Cruise

    Arsenal really and truly need to buy this guy pronto before one of the other big clubs do and then hold our heads in shame as he terrines our very poor defensive back line. If one really looks at our first 11, it is not gelling one bit. We are all over the place. As it stands, Arsenal is currently not playing like a big club team. As it stands, Arsenal should not be rated among the ‘big clubs’. We can’t even string five passes together unless it’s done in slow motion.. As it stands, Arsenal, with the kind of ordinary players they have in the squad like Chamach the Moroccan, Ramsey, Podolski, the extremely slow Metsaka at the center of defense, Santos at left back and the avarage Arteta in the middle, we haven’t a chance in hell of ever reaching the top 4 status ever again, especially this season. None of the players are even as good as the aging and cocked Rosecky and can any one of those mentioned come close to being half as good as the players that Wenger has sold ie RVP, Alex Song, Nasri, Ashley Cole, Toure, Gallas, Fabrigass? One does not have to be a rocket scientist to know that both the Arsenal board and the Manager Wenger have lost the plot. All we need is a very good no nonsense quick mobile central defender who has the great ability to read the play in order to anticipate moves and one very active proven goal score who will terrorize any defense allowing for defenses constantly having to be on their guard. It is said that the best defense is to attack WENGER, ON BEHALF OF ARSENAL SUPPORTERS AROUND THE WORLD, EITHER RESIGN OR WAKE UP, THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE.

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  18. Gloucester Gooner

    Folks need to remember, the board does not pick the players for each match and then set the team out to play the same way week in week out (year in year out)with out change in formation,tactics or substitutions. Every other team has come to acknowledge this as a fact and will drill their side in how to beat us. Wenger is to blame for this and for playing players out of position, buying too many players of the same style and stature and always it seems overlooking defensive players and the opposition strengths (or weaknesses).
    Most seem to have forgotten the name of the competition that Wenger and the board seem to covet so much – ‘The Champions League’! Arsenal will never be in the Champions League as champions whilst serving up the current dross! Remember it wasn’t that long ago when only the Champions could play in the competition before it was renamed and rebranded! Lastly who can forget the reason for moving from Highbury to the Emirates – to attract the best players from across Europe and compete at the highest level. All I see is Arsenal producing and then selling our best players to our rivals.

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  19. ERG

    @ troy and ThirdManJW
    spot on both off you.
    The protester brigade will be on soon!!

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  20. DanO

    Top four every year ,while the board and our manager seem happy with it ,I think it’s a load of shit,we should be winning trophys on a regular basis,now we look like a club with no ambition,depresses me to say it but it doesn’t look like dats goin to change anytime soon,something needs to be done and fast !!!!

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  21. Bouba

    Celebrate to be top four every year???

    BULLSHIT”””… I would rather win the league every 2 years, or the CL every 2 years ( even if we finish mid table )…






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  22. craig2500

    Top four party everyone round my house, doesn’t have the same ring to it. Maybe Wenger can ride an open top bus through london holding a giant number 4???

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  23. mala

    @Henry, we want titles! not 4th place! Wenger kept boasting he can challenge for title begginning of the season but now obviously Arsenal can only hobbles around mid-table, it looks like 4th is the best Wenger can ever think of now, it’s an achievement to him but it’s not so to us fans, it’s only the bare minimum that he’s supposed to do, why should we congratulate him?? But I’ll hug & kiss him if he can give us the EPL title!!
    And it doesn’t take a genius to know that the board listens to Wenger’s suggestion, Fabregas already said many times, he was sold because Wenger allowed him to go, likewise all other players need Wenger’s stamp before they are sold!

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  24. Johnno

    As long as the same people are in charge I see absolutely no change on the horizon. It’s disgusting. So, so many clubs around the world would just about murder to have the resources, history and fan base we have (like QPR) yet we’re squandering it all away. At our current rate we will be an also-ran or worse. We’re arguably at that stage right now as we’ve got absolutely no hope of winning a PL title any time soon and very little chance of winning the CL. We can’t even beat Schalke, I’ll be politically correct and say that they’re a pretty good side, but they’re nowhere near Real, Barca, United and so on’s level. And neither are we. But we have the resources and fan base to be up with them.

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  25. ozzy AFC

    Mate I understand that we should get behind the team come what may but lets be frank here, Wenger or the board who do you blame ??
    Yes we have a new stadium but that should really be paying for itsself now, wage structure is partially Wengers fault I mean having chamakh on the grand sum of around 2 million a year for not even playing what is all about ?? who’s fault is that if not Wengers?? We could have a sugar daddy or at least a kind of part time one if the board were not so dead set against Usmanov , he could be allowed in and controlled but the board have this snobbish High handed attitude and this old boys network mentality that stems from peter hill Wood.
    Loosing our key players and an unsettled squad ius down to the contract rubbish that again is down to Wenger!!! Now I aint saying that aw should go BUT he should be honest and open about the situation and allow fans to know where to direct thier annoyance…it does’nt help that we have a very large chunk of fans who come out with shite like ” I’ve been a gooner for sixty years and we’ve never been a big side” or I dont care if we play in the Vauhall conference league so long as we keep our traditions” these guys are fuckin idiots and will happily see the club in wrack and ruin which is the very thing they preach about when confronting the pro Usmanov fans.If your not moving forward your going backwards in footbnall and if your doing that your gonna failNoone is suggesting that we sell the entire club to Usmanov but there HAs TO BE AN INTELLIGENT ARGUMENT FOR ALLOWING HIM AND SOME OF HIS MONEY ONTO THE BOARD SO THAT WE CAN RAISE TH BAR WITH THE WAGE STRUCTURE AND HAVE A LITTLE MORE IN THE TRANSFER KITTY. if we dont start dealing with this now we will never recover again there aint too many “Arsene Wengers” out there who will attract brilliant players to the club for minimum wages those days are gone does it not tell you something that our manager has kept his job for eight years without a trophy?? the question I have to ask is if Wenger is Complicit in this great big swindle or is he just trying to do the best with what he has?? I hope its the latter but with every year that passes it looks increasingly like the former

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  26. Eadah

    I believe every gooner knows how important it is to come in the first four but what is annoying seeing the top priority of a club that did the invincibles be 4th/3rd place, the board should know this!

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