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Arsenal should hijack Barcelona’s move for young Lyon star

Why Arsenal must stop Umtiti’s move to Barca!

Arsenal may be currently linked with one Lyon player in the form of Alexandre Lacazette, with Arsene Wenger reportedly set to meet with Lyon and the player’s agent later this week. However it is Lacazette’s fellow club and countryman Samuel Umtiti, who Wenger should be speaking to.

Umtiti has had a rather sudden rise to fame in this past season, as he showed promise and quality as a great centre back for the long term future. His impressive form saw Dider Deschamps call him up to the French national squad for this summer’s European Championships, although he is yet to make a competitive appearance.

Umiti’s current ability and potential for the future has meant that Spanish giants FC Barcelona have approached Lyon with an official offer, believed to be in the region of £21 million. It therefore seems as if Umtiti will get his move to a bigger club this summer, but I think Arsenal should still attempt to make a last ditch bid to try and hijack the youngster from Barcelona’s grasps.

As unlikely as a transfer may be, Umtiti could be the answer to Arsenal’s defensive concerns, because although we seem to have attained a stabilised defence over these past few seasons, the more consistent players of Koscielny and Monreal are now coming to the last few years of their prime and will soon need replacing. Mertesacker will also undoubtably be on his way out in the next few years, either through sale or retirement, whilst Gabriel is still yet to convince many that he has a long term future with the Gunners. Although Chambers may not be showing his greatest ability at the moment, I’m sure that he is set to take the reigns as an Arsenal centre back for years to come and he needs a new partner for the many years ahead. I think that player could be Umtiti.

At £21 million it would be a sound investment from Arsene Wenger, for a player that clearly has much potential for years to come. The question is, if Wenger was to approach him, would Umtiti really reject Barca for Arsenal?


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10 thoughts on “Arsenal should hijack Barcelona’s move for young Lyon star

  1. mall-gooner

    Sanchez is MVP. What a player we have with us.
    Alexis Sanchez baby!!!!!!

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      1. Fatboy Gooney

        Hahaha.. so thats why Messi was Crying? 😲 😂

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        1. dragunov762mm

          Messi might regret about how much time he wasted this summer with this “davidnz silly cup tournament”. He should be better spent vacation time with his family. Hahaha…

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      2. themadhurata

        THEY take it serious. They might just think the same about the Euros.

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      3. RSH

        nobody takes it seriously except Messi who is retiring after losing it lmao! Typical Eurocentric attitude. World doesn’t revolve around what Europe does.

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  2. davidnz

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    1. dragunov762mm

      You know david, I think you have copy clip this comment. So, you just paste it anytime at will. I’m afraid that your satire, is eating you right now.

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  3. jamaican_gooner

    There were widespread reports a few weeks ago that dick law was spotted in Dortmund, which also coincided with the cooling of interest in aubamayeng by mancity and only last week bwin slashed the odds of him joining us.(scratching head)

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