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Arsenal should NOT risk Koscielny tonight

Koscielny in the Arsenal Squad for Dortmund, But Should He Start? by AT

Ahead of the impending clash against Borrusia Dortmund in the Champions League, the Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has been given a huge injury boost as Laurent Koscielny has returned to full training after spending two months on the sidelines with an achilles injury. The Frenchman confirmed the good news in regards to the return of his compatriot and even added that he will be available for selection against Borrusia Dortmund on Wednesday.

With the Gunners having been extensively hit by injuries so far this season, it has to be said that the long-term injury to Koscielny was the most bitter blow considering that the squad does not have quality cover in that position. The injury to the French international has resulted in Nacho Monreal having to play in central defence, making the Arsenal backline a very prominent weak link in the side.

But now that the Frenchman is available for selection, should he be directly thrust into the starting eleven when the Bundesliga runners-up come visiting?. As a result of Laurent not having played competitive football in two months, he might very will be a bit rusty and Dortmund’s free-flowing, high-intensity football will demand a lot of work rate from him, which may lead to complications as the game goes on. So in my opinion, I really think he should be on the bench rather than start.

While it will surely be a gamble to field Monreal at centre-back once again, I feel that it will be a bigger gamble to introduce Koscielny directly into the starting eleven in such a big game.

With a very busy Christmas period to look forward to where the fixtures come thick and fast, surely Wenger would not want to risk the fitness of his best defender.

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54 thoughts on “Arsenal should NOT risk Koscielny tonight

  1. henry12

    I’m not so sure. Epl is out of our hands, FA cup isn’t for a while, UCL is all We got! Might as well try and play him.

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    1. muffdiver

      epl is out of our hands? 12 games in ? bloody hell- prefer not to get relegated

      if the ucl is all we got we are f*cked. we are not in the top ten teams in europe- what chance do we have-

      glad people now see kos is one of our only vital players- along with alexis

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      1. Mesut O-grillz

        no, I think we’ve always seen him as one of the reliables. We never talked about him because he was always played consistent and at 100%. We also never showed him that much appreciation because of that.

        Thank god he’s back, but yes this is a risk to play him against crazy Dortmund. But a win will seal a spot in the round of 16. Managerial decision.

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    1. Mesut O-grillz

      That’ll be cool. I just feel like he’s more of a PR for twitter and Insta these days…

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    2. red14

      apparently, he’s not. Sanogo is ahead of him. So wenger thinks Sa No Goal is better than Podolski.. lol

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  2. CraigZWE

    How does Fifa 15 rate Mert 83
    And Kos only 81

    What are they smoking

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  3. CraigZWE

    Must be what Brenda was smoking when he sold Suarez and bought average players.

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  4. CraigZWE

    More chance of us winning the treble than Poldolski starting.

    He’ll if Poldolski starts I will go from anti Wenger to pro, just kidding

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    1. SaveArsenal

      Wenger is spiteful and stubborn, he will never forgive Podolski for speaking out and will probably never play him again.
      Remember Wenger’s ego is way more important than Arsenal to him.

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      1. Mesut O-grillz

        when did Poldi speak out? When he was complaining about his playing time?

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        1. juhislihis

          @Mesut O-grillz,

          Less than week ago. Said that ‘he’s not some clown to sit in the stands’ etc.

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  5. optimisticgooner

    Players are never declared fit if dey don’t feel comfortable, and dats y every player remains out for at least a few weeks, to ensure 100%fitness.
    Going by d heading of dis article u wud mean dat every time a player comes bak from injury he shudnt b thrown straight into action bcos of ”fear” of getting injured again. Dats ridiculous.

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    1. Fatboy Gooney

      Don’t worry,
      We all know that we are going to get hammered,
      At least by 4 goals lol

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        1. Fatboy Gooney

          no no I won’t be watching the game muffin,
          I will be far too busy stuffing my big fat saveloy into a place you once came from 😉

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          1. muffdiver

            u mean north london? gd luck with that.
            hows mummy fatboy? still using chip fat for bath foam?

            tell her im sorry about her b’day- they were all out of battered batter.
            still watch her jeremy kyle cameo when i miss her

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            1. Fatboy Gooney

              Yes, you are part right about north London 😉

              And mummy sends her regards,
              You were always a cheap skate 🙂

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  6. ruelando

    i think he will be playing from the start, it would give the defense more confidence and once the defense is confident the team will be also. We have about 5 weeks leave before the opening of the window and a feel strongly our ridiculous manager will be bringing in 2-3 players, with a strongly feeling two will be on loan.

    I would also use Monreal in a 2 man Dm with Arteta , especially if Podolski gets a start on the left, i expect Sanogo to start even if Welbeck is able to play, Sanchez in the number 10 role and ox out wide, i think we need sanchez to have that freedom. i for one thinks he and welbeck needs at least two weeks off to recharge and get going again

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  7. Mesut O-grillz

    So then… what’s everyone’s predicted lineup?

    Martinez (ffs)
    Chambo Jr — Merty — Nacho — Gibbs (Aubameyang smiles creepily to himself)
    Arteta ——- Rambo (Arteta to solely protect our kingdom)
    Ox ———- Santi ———– Alexis (the good, the surprisingly bad, and the fatigued)
    #datguywelbz (hopefully dat guy bags them goals)

    Same sh*t different day. but trying to keep some faith. coyg.

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  8. Dennis

    Must play: Rosicky/Poldi/Campbell and bellerin. I know the kid is undersized and the first order of business would be to put some muscle on him but his speed would be useful

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  9. fred cowardly

    If Koscielny doesn’t start please don’t put Monreal as CB.


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    1. fred cowardly

      I would like to see

      Sanchez….Cazorla…Ox or Campbell

      If Welbeck isn’t playing well sub with Podolski
      If Cazorla isn’t playing well sub with Rosicky
      And don’t wait till 78th minute to sub if we are behind.

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      1. fred cowardly

        If Koscielny plays, Id like to see Chambers on as defensive midfielder like


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    1. Fatboy Gooney

      Nice profile picture 😉
      Let’s see if you will jinx them in the same way as you jinx Arsenal 🙂

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  10. HA559

    Ramsey will start, and try world class passes from the first minute which aren’t accurate at all.

    Who knows maybe Wenger might even surprise us with the proven talent of Sanogo according to him.

    Guaranteed is Sanchez is going to make atleast one though ball, and one over the top throughball = creating two clear cut chances.

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  11. AYZAY

    Mancini says he’d love to coach arsenal, yeah i love it………… Aob suckers hope u love it too!!!

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    1. AYZAY

      Admin please take off that comment its stupid, i got so high so i could bear the tension if………… Where i watch matches is always full of chelsea fans and im the only gooner, i go there cos i can’t afford the satellite tv monthly bills

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    The boss has a trademark of starting a player that has not being recond with by the Gooners. Who knows, he might start Sanogo and Welbeck in the firing line while Sanchez start behind the duo. Whoever the boss start with, let them please win the game and go home with all the 3 points. A win for the boss in this game will relieve him by 50% of the fire his been under. I can’t remember when last the boss has been this under-fire in his job that is massively being put on the line by the Gooners. And also openly sort after by a Roberto Mancini. I am eagerly awaiting our starting line-up.

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      1. Mesut O-grillz

        haha i don’t know why you guys thumb down muffdiver, he’s hilarious

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  13. Kay123

    Wengers fault jack is always getting injured,,,,Keeps on playing him in CAM role,,,,,, hes wayyy better as a deep lying playmaker,,as shown in ENgland performances

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  14. HA559

    Like I said above in my last comment, Wenger did surprise us with the goal machine that is Sanogo.

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  15. HA559

    And for the 4th game running after clearly saying in press conference that our defence is ‘naive’ and ‘not cautious enough’ he starts with the again. At least shuffle it up with Monreal at Rb ( if you don’t like Bellerin) and Chambers in CB.

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  16. john0711

    Seen the team sheet
    Thumbs down wenger doesn’t learn

    Thumbs up if you think he has

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  17. Cashleycol

    I watched Machityyyy being outclassed by 10-men Bayern and honestly I prayed ,, I fMonreal is going to play CB n we meet them in Last 16,,,,, the rest I can’t really say…. Wenger,,, don’t you have eyes??? How do you feel when a great team like Arsenal plays like a mid table team…? I wish your wife could leave you for delaying to buy her a present while penny pinching…. This guy must be stingy in real life….

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  18. highbury44

    Another defeat tonight looks on the card.Keep this up Wenger and you be out

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