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Arsenal should take the money and run!

Arsenal reject bid for Santos!

What were Arsenal thinking when they turned down the chance to offload one of their unwanted players? This has been one of the main problems facing the club for a while, the difficulty in getting rid of the so-called deadwood players. It drives Gooners up the wall when we hear that the club has a strict wage policy that stops us getting or keeping the best players, while we have players earning fortunes and never playing.

The list is a long one at the minute, with names like Arshavin, Djourou, Chamakh, Squillachi and the man in question, Andre Santos. The Brazilian left back was okay last season, but has been nothing short of abysmal this year. He then compounded his lack of interest and passion by cosying up to Robin van Persie at Old Trafford.

The Sun reports that Arsenal have rejected a bid of around £2.5 million for the 29-year old. They want more like £5 million because he cost nearly £7 million. The problem is, if nobody comes up with a better offer, Arsenal will have to pay his massive wages until his contract ends.

Surely it is better to admit that he was a mistake, get rid of him and free his wages for somebody else.

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24 thoughts on “Arsenal should take the money and run!

  1. P~MEX

    He play attacks better than defence,i think he could be a good twist 4rm the back upfront(just a guess though).who knows what wenger is thinking afterall.

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  2. Shah95

    They’re afraid they won’t get a new lb. In case Gibbs get injured than no one will replace him. FACT

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  3. sarsfield

    @Shah if i am not mistaken, jermaine meade is a left back, one of our hottest young prospects. He may however, be a right back, im not sure. i have very high hopes for him. also, coquelin can play LB, RB , or CM so we do have promising replacements they just dont have much experience

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  4. Dhruv

    Santos is BOLL*CKS. 7m for Santos and 11 for Grvinho ?!?!?! they’d pay that but they couldn’t pay 20 for Mata before. LOVELY. #flawedtransferpolicy

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  5. Agor 77

    Jermain Meade needs sometime to develop and while Gibbs has been to me our most consistent defender this season, we still need experienced back up in this position. It would be foolhardy to get rid of Santos without adequate cover.

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  6. goonar

    BANNERS BRIMG US USMANOV!!! I want to clear up something for some guys here. We will never become like city and chelsea for one simple reason, they are teams without history, teams that became good out of no where! WE ARE ARSENAL, we always were at the top! WE NEVER EVER RELEGATED IN OUR HISTORY! A financial boost means nothing more than help and salvation and payback for the pain we feel feeding the top teams right now, for yhe pain paying the most expensive tickets, for them (Stan) making money out of us! BRING US USMANOV!

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  7. hmmm


    didnt hear you complained when we got them and I mean before they play. Transfer business is always a gamble, some are bad some are good. Even the best managers made mistakes. torres and bebe are just to name a few. Regardless, we need to strengthen to fight for the titles

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  8. allan1340

    we do not exactly what is happening behind the door!!
    I can not be more agree with you that player like him cost us money But at the same time i believe we have have to respect the club and let them do their job i do not think they will do something bad for the club and they are clever as well without our help i know some of fans say things because they love the club but some times silens is good thing to help our great Arsenal

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  9. goke

    When a manager compromise quality as much as Wenger does, dis is what you get…I hate seeing Santos in our jersey, he can as well leave 4 notin cos even if Gibbs is injured, I don’t believe in him deputising for Kieran….sickening to see Wenger go 4 him when Baines was available….

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  10. SoftJunk

    Once we buy 1 backup LB then we can sell him on any price, until then we just hope some good bids will come and we sell him.

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  11. T2T

    Why the drama? We’re currently in 5th! 20 years ago, Spurs were about the same size as The Arsenal. 30 years ago, Liverpool were way bigger than Arsenal.
    Get a perspective. Arsenal is now one of three? clubs that have gotten through the CL group stages every year for the last 15 years.
    We are a big club but have had a few rough patches this season. Support the Club, the manager and all the players.

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  12. TEAM AFC


    i was never ‘happy’ with Gervinho m8!

    While Chelshit was poaching Mata in 2011 summer, United were signing stars like Young and de Gea, City were stealing Nasri and Clichy, Tottenham were buying Adebayor and heck even Newcastle did better with Cabaye and Demba Ba

    How can you guys compare these guys to our headless, chicken Gervinho?

    Wenger needs to stop buying 2/3 players for 10 million and just buy one good forward who is worth that 25 million like Cavani/Jovetic/Lewandowski – All guys who are better than Giroud, tbh

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  13. Rasta

    Its like people know the truth and just decide to ignore it because it fits a tired old rhetoric. Mata and Arsenal was never really in play because Chelsea simply offered more money than Arsenal. Plus Mata only wanted to go to chelsea. All this he said in his interview with daily mail over a year ago. When Chelsea heard he was for sale they offered the most for him he only wanted to go there and that was that. But hey, don’t let the truth stop u from spitting nonsense

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  14. Rasta

    i have to ask why is jovetic better than Giroud. What are you basing this on? goals this season? how about we use last season’s goals and compare who was better. Obviously you embody the typical fan. infatuate with other team players. There were fans like you who held Giroud in this same regard when he was scoring for fun in france last season. Now he is taking a while to adjust and now he is rubbish.

    Suppose Arsene does buy jovetic or lewandowski and simply doesn’t score enough goals. What then? Would you man up and say okay we got it wrong, maybe jovetic wasn’t all that. What then happens to the 25 million plus wages that have been spent on one player from a club that spends what it earns.
    Say Jovetic becomes injury prone like diary. What then? Would you ask wenger to sell him the same way you guys ask for Diaby’s head? or would you finally support your teams players and stop being a bitch who moans about football?

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  15. Rasta

    Do you realize that negotiaions are a two way street. “why didn’t arsenal buy baines when he was available”
    1. baines was never available. Everton refuse to sell him no matter what and you see everton don’t have to sell unless they have too.
    2. Baines wasn’t this good and consistent until last season. the season before last everton finished mid table and he was part of the reasons why. He under performed and took that same poor performance that saw him miss out on a world duo squad to Warnock who was and still is absolute nonsense.
    3. Arsenal have Gibbs who is better than Baines was at the same age and isn’t that far off now. If gibbs could score free kicks baines wouldn’t even play for England.’
    4. he was listed as a 20 million player. Which is more than what chelsea paid for cole, Real paid for Marcelo, united paid for Evra and what Barca paid for alba. All better full backs. Realistically he isn’t worth the money.

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  16. Rasta

    So is strootman the new M’vila. the new capoue. the new Bigla. Players you want who aren’t that good but are on form. who wants to bet if strootman goes to Milan, he’ll be gone in under 2 years and returns to holland? You know like Flamini who thought because he had one good season he was hot shit. Till he lost form and started playing Right back just to get game time.

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    I would bomb him out as quick as a Flash,waste of space player and an embarassment to the Club and the Shirt.. the

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  18. Ergs

    Sold cliche for £7 million replaced by santos for £6.5 lol
    Horrendous deal!!!!!
    I say get him off the wage bill I’d rather play mead if Gibbs was injured.

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  19. Wilshere

    Please keep Walcott, buy Zaha, and either put podolski up at forward or buy Robert Lewandoski!

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  20. jermaine

    stop moaning guys on here are cluless jovetic is a creator he isnt known for goals . baines is good but only getting in way ofg gibbs who has more potential .santos is better than bertrand rose and butner only liverpool n city have better back ups

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