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Arsenal simply MUST beat Tottenham!

Our very own Jack Wilshere has proved he is an Arsenal fan through and through many times, and was famously derided for cpomparing our North London rivals to s**t at an FA Cup victory parade, but last season, for the first time since Jack arrived at the club, Spurs actually finished above Arsenal in the League and took our usual Champions League position.

Jack has revealed the pain he felt at that outcome and is adamant that it must not happen again in this campaign. “We want to make North London red this time around,” Wilshere said.

“We know that Tottenham have come along way in the last few years, they finished above us last year which really hurt.

“I know it’s not the be-all and end-all finishing above Tottenham, but we want to do that. We know if we finish above them this year we will be there or thereabouts.”

Tottenham are currently 4 points ahead of the Gunners, and Arsene Wenger hasn’t beaten Mauricio Ponchettino in our last 4 meetings, which makes our fixture at Wembley even more important this time around. We can take some confidence from the fact that we have won our last 9 games played at Wembley Stadium and beating Spurs would give us a perfect 10 and bring us back into contention for the Top Four places.

We are right behind you Jack. We must not let Tottenham open up a gap again. Let’s paint North London red!

Onwards and Upwards!


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18 thoughts on “Arsenal simply MUST beat Tottenham!

    1. Shortboygooner

      We are gonna loose because wenger is a joke. Giroud at CB lacca in the dressing room. Kos in strike and Wenger him self in midfield

  1. Pablo Picasso

    Even our so called senior players focus on the wrong things, I wonder what lessons they are giving the academy players.

    Our focus at the end of the season should not be finishing above Spurs, only of course if Spurs came in 2nd and we are 1st. Lets start by beating them first and try to be consistent from then on.

    Catching City who are currently the leaders should be our goal for now.

  2. Tom selleck

    Meh not holding my breath

    Leon goretzka is coming to UK
    Bierhoff had let slip he’s coming

    The optimist in me is hopeful .
    The pessimist says klopps friends with him and Leon has already talked up pochettino

    1. McLovin

      What?! He will be the bargain of the century.

      – young but experienced
      – tall, physical but quick
      – can score and create BUT can tackle and intercept (2.5 tackles and 2.7 interceptions last season per game)
      – FREE next summer

      He’s not coming to us, Wenger won’t sacrifice Ramseys development for him.

      1. Break-on-through

        Lets hope it’s a Kolasinac point2. The trouble is though, we’re going through an upheaval in the scouting department at the minute and things will prob take a while to get sorted. Esp if Gazidas is going to be more hands on in this department. We need that Barcelona fixer asap because Goretzka is a pure midfielder.

      2. Tiago

        Great comment!! ?? ramsey is a joke!!! The worst arsenal player. If these guy continues to start in arsenal 11, we will have another year as a mid table tem

  3. Sue

    We HAVE to win as simple as that! I hope we do as it doesn’t really bare thinking about if we get beaten by them at home ?

  4. Mitch Connor

    If you ask Wenger why he didn’t get Goretzka or Seri, he would probably say we have enough central midfielders ie Xhaka, Coquelin, Eleny, Wilshere and his boy Ramsey, which technically is true. Quantity is not our problem. QUALITY is

    1. Alkali

      I don’t know what wenger sees in Le coq, Elneny or Xhaka. Sell the lot and get proper midfielders.

    2. Break-on-through

      Wilshere and Ramsey have been the ones mostly holding us back a little. Not because they are useless or anything, more because Wenger will not block their path completely. We went through a few continental CM players but those two are the one constant. It looks like we made a mistake with Xhakla, his time has to be running out because Ive never seen one player being so directly involved with so many goal deficits. Cazorla is all but finished. I don’t think Wenger has a good enough excuse to not add to the midfield centre.

      I would have liked to see Niles getting some minutes in a home game v bottom half clubs for starters. But he and Willock won’t be the answer.

  5. Colin Decoteau

    How things have changed,because it wasn’t that long ago that Tottenham Hotspur season would be based on how well they did home and away against arsenal ,now the table’s have turned,because two things for sure arsenal won’t win the league and that Tottenham has a better chance than arsenal ,so now the biggest game for arsenal is Tottenham home and away ,so win lose or draw it makes no difference ,because the parasite is still in charge.

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