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Arsenal star reveals Alexis Sanchez is Gunning for Spurs

You might think that his starting for Arsenal in the Capital One Cup clash with Southampton would mean that our new star Alexis Sanchez might be a doubt for the north London derby with Tottenham on Saturday. But Arsene Wenger is going to have a hard job leaving the Chile international on the bench and a lot of explaining to do to Alexis if he does.

Because another strong candidate for one of the wide forward positions, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, has revealed to Arsenal Player that the new man is totally up for the game and even had to be told to calm down in training as he prepared for his first taste of the local rivalry.

The Ox said, “Alexis and Jack played 90 minutes the other day and they’re usually on second-day recovery. But today Alexis really wanted to train and people had to tell him to take it easy.

“That just sums up how much everyone wants to be around the squad and training, and I think he knew we had a massive game coming up this weekend and, as a new boy, it’s good that he does know that.

“Obviously everyone else that’s been here and been involved in a north London derby knows how big it is, so that just proves the intensity goes up in training and everyone just wants to be around and pushing for a start.”

The Gunners do not usually have any problems getting themselves up for the visit of the spuds and we have had a great record against them in recent years, especially at the Emirates stadium. Danny Welbeck has got experience of firece derby rivalries from his time at Man United and I’m sure he will be well up for his first in north London.

Assuming those two new boys start and Mesut Ozil keeps his place in the middle, who else will make the Arsenal starting line-up?

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69 thoughts on “Arsenal star reveals Alexis Sanchez is Gunning for Spurs

  1. Matt

    I actually love Sanchez, he gives 100% every game, top notch attitude, he’s really behind the club too, shows passion, aggression, strength and hes f*cking quality. A future legend perhaps? Bit too early to say maybe…

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  2. liviolsj

    Against spuds, after a loss, hoping to build momentum, at home, I can see our strongest possible 11 out there. Now, the real question is right does our strongest 11 include Ramsey? Or Wilshere? Both? That’s a tough one for me. We know what each can bring to the game when on form, but right now Wilshere is playing better. I personally think Ramsey’s defensive qualities would help us a bit more against spuds because they do have some quality going forward. Sanchez will need to track back a lot as he usually does, but really I think we can handle them even with Arteta at DM. The way Chadli and Lamela have been playing worries me a bit, and Erikson could give us some trouble, but as long as our midfield is solid we can take the three points. There are usually plenty of goals in this fixture so I’m geared up for an exciting match. COYG

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    1. liviolsj

      And I guess my comment was pretty stupid because in nearly every PL game we try to field our strongest 11 huh?

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    2. Ks-Gunner

      Ramsey and Wilsher dont complete each other. One of them needs to be benched. According to what i have seen from the past games, Ramsey should be the one who needs to come from the bench. Next one wilsher and then Ozil with Santi. Rotation is very important as the last lose proved, from our players being all frozen out.

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  3. LoCkAy

    Sanchez is just proving why he is, in fact, a world class player.

    Regarding Saturday, the debate is pointless as there is no room for defeat (this is Spurs we are talking about… We can lose against Brentford or Villeneuve sur Bois, but NOT against Spurs)… Wenger knows it and the players know it.

    That is not just “like any other game” (as Wenger put it once… He must have been high that day, but deep down he knows the “score”), Spurs need to be beaten every season… It is a tradition and one of the normal occurrence in this world.


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    1. WembleyMay71

      Up until now, I’ve always thumbed you up. But your comment is somewhat lacking and utterly disappointing. It’s simply stating the obvious.

      To say that, “there is no room for defeat,” in the context of us playing Spurs is in itself a defeat.
      Beating Spurs is pretty much expected. We’ve done that for eons. They’re Spurs, there is no other realistic result but victory for Arsenal.

      Rather, what you should have eluded to is that “there is no room for defeat against ANY team in the EPL.”

      In today’s football, it’s no longer about winning games, that’s a given to even try to earn to EPL title. The game is, however, about annihilating our worthy opponents, not just defeating them.

      You are aware that we were at the receiving end of 4 utterly humiliating losses last season. And just like the insults we were handed at the Etihad, Anfield, Sanford Bridge, and Goodison Park, we must expect our team(s) to dish out the same menu, not just to Spurs, but to all the other teams in the EPL.

      It’s about time we learned from those bitter lessons of being beaten to a pulp, that we now not just go in for a win any game, but beat our opponents into the ground (Spurs not excluded.)

      I hope I’ve clarified your position, and that of all Arsenal fans.

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  4. Greg

    Would love nothing better than for alexis sanchez to score a double against “the spuds” on saturday! Coyg!

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      1. WembleyMay71

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        1. Sumo

          What have I to say in this sir?
          I can only hope you weren’t being racist while mentioning Asia and the Dark continent.

          Also if you must know 50% of the English language was borrowed from Latin, French, Greek and Sanskrit and then put into a pot and stirred well.

          I can say you for fact-
          Mother is Matree in Sanskrit was borrowed and modified.
          Brother is Batree as well.
          Restaurant is a french term.
          And on and on.

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  5. Invincibles49

    The best thing about Sanchez i like is he is so ground to earth. The way he works hard every match giving his 100% it looks like he is fighting for his team place and trying to impress his manager. The fact that he is already such a superstar of the world football has not touched his mind even a little bit. No attitude, no ego. Just football. Way to go Sanchez. We need more players like you. You will rock the PL.

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    1. NY_Gunner

      Now, imagine 11 dudes like him rollin out in RED&WHITE on the night…Unstoppable…

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    2. Ks-Gunner

      He is not spoiled like many players in the world. He knows where he comes from and what he had to go through to be today where he is. Class player. Good men.

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  6. goonerbri

    3 0 boys. bring it on!!! cannot wait till saturday, Ozil is gonna run the show and alexis gonna get 2, wilshire 1.

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  7. JAmerican

    After losing at “HOME” to Southampton, I want us to beat Spurs now more than ever. We’re currently in 4th after 5 games and we should be aiming to only climb the table from now on. A clean sheet would be nice as well along with a few goals to send them back where they came from.

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  8. JAmerican

    Come on Alexis!!! Register your first hattrick in the BPL this weekend. Welbeck, think of City and join in on the fun…

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  9. Greg

    Alexis has given 100% towards the gunners cause so far, he has given total commitment on the field showing passion and wearing his heart on his sleeve for arsenal! I must that im looking forward to another great performance from him against spurs on saturday at the emirates! Coyg!

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  10. Ks-Gunner

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    1. NY_Gunner

      You need to get your head out ya azz dude. That methane overload is f**kn with ya sensibilities….

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        1. Jimbeam

          KS- agree with you that Wenger is a stubborn old fart, who cares more about the finances of the club, then tactics, transfers, motivation etc.. but chill out a little bit and stop calling people names. We all love Arsenal here, obviously we dont always agree but not everyone is always right.

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    2. Sumo

      You are a clown. Hope you know that bro. Your argument is as cheap as your thinking.
      Come let me show you light.-

      Our bid for Highuin was accepted by RM of 24mil. But a few days back Cavani was sold by Napoli. Hence they went to RM with s bid of 32 mil and RM sold them Highuin. How would we have known at the time that Napoli would poke their nose?

      You say Suarez at the time cost 50 mil. According to whom? He was on 11 game suspension for biting at the time. Also with a reputation for diving and racism. In short a lot of baggage. We could have increased the bid. But Henry said in a confrence and assured the Pool fans that he will not sell to rivals no matter the cost.
      And even afterwards when Wenger was asked if he would go back for him in January, he said we have a good relationship with Pool and he didn’t want to spoil it just for a player no matter how fantastic.

      And to be more direct Henry himself admitted 40mil was the release clause in Suarez contract but they breached they contract.. They were lucky it was Arsenal. Other club would have dragged them to court.

      You talk of the Janaury window and Kim Kallstrom like a kid. Haven’t you read the recent Draxler interview about how we bid for but he didnt want to come in January. And how many clubs actually did buy players in January?
      Would you rather have had Shane Long in January to Danny Welbeck this summer?

      You talk of our defense not being strengthened. ManU has worst defence than us with far

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    3. Sumo

      Spending power than us. Yet they bought in only Rojo who is an average player with a good world cup behind him.
      If ManU who has an unlimited budget and fails to bring in a world class defender than how should we with a limited budget?

      We bought in two defenders, Debuchy(12mil) and Chambers(16mil) for a combined fee of 28 mil.

      And incase you must know our club Arsenal has a youth policy. Promoting players which are reap and rearing to go. Like Bellerin and Hayden. I know you would rate Shaw more than Bellerin, but that’s our youth culture. Promoting youngsters. (Tony Adams was club captain at the age of 21).

      And what history are you talking to be proved wrong?
      Free- History Lessons for KS Gunner:
      1. Arsenal broke the history of transfer records in the club by bringing in Mesut for 42.5 mil
      2. In 2014-2015 Arsenal spend the most in their entire history ever.

      Now bro, go figure with a finger up your ar*e.

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  11. Andrew AFC

    I think we should play Alexis and Welbeck up front, they have already shown they have got an understanding. With Ozil or Cazorla just behind them.

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      1. Andrew AFC

        Just watch and see. I have got a really go feeling coming on. Get down the bookies now 🙂

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  12. muda

    One of them (jack n rambo) should start, as starting both will mean Ozil on the wing, and we all know the out come. If diaby is really ready then I rather see him than arteta, he was impressive against Schneiderlin and wanyama. All in all I will go with

    Sanchez. Mesut. OX
    Jack/rambo diaby
    Sir chesny
    Good to go! #COYG #FIOS

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  13. Jogon

    Wilshere should not start, he holds on to ball way too long. We need guys who can pass the ball faster. For everyone who is crying out for a DM, you wont get one as long as Diaby is still at Arsenal. hmm 41 games in 8 years thats very funny

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    1. Darlingbudsofarse

      !@jogon: It’s not only funny, but strange! He is Wenger’s best sugar boy and he Wenger: Big, Bad Sugar Daddy with his Peter Pans! No wonder they all keep getting injured! You watch Gnabry and Zalalem soon, they’ll be wasting away shortly on the treatment tables. Bad Wolf Wenger, you big, bad wolf!!!!

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    2. ram

      Wilshere holds on to the ball too much..?? Well I don’t think so.. He may at times, but he does more than any one can anticipate when he is on ball.. As he dribbles, he normally normally runs past defenders at ease, which sometimes even Özil would refuse to do..
      The way our team has transformed over the years is amazing.. We are now full of attacking players who can succefully go past opposition players at every given chance.. About 2 years back we only had, Wilshere and Germinal to do that.. But now I can think of a lot.. Jack, Welbeck, Ox, Sanchez.. And that spanish guy on RB.. He is scintillating at it as well..

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  14. Darlingbudsofarse

    i dont like players who gloat too much before a big game. The Ox falls into this category a lot and must let his football do the talking on the pitch. I think he just gets carried away a lot of the times. Shut up Ox and play us a good game on Saturday!

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  15. Andrew AFC

    It’s a bit hard to swallow when we have got a new signing showing the rest of our players how to preform.

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  16. Andrew AFC

    PS I would give a few players a swift kick up the arse, and say to them people have paid good money to watch us now start preforming.

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      1. Andrew AFC

        Evening mate we are all well, apart from the wife she has got man flue 🙂 How are your family good I hope.

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        1. mr lean

          We are well thanks the wife and I celebrated 15 years of marriage today ,hope you wife is fit and well soon.

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              1. mr lean

                Taking the mrs to the anderlect home game in November,she loves being in the north bank singing “we’re the north bank” !

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      1. mr lean

        I think we will start fast and get two early goals from Welbeck and Sanchez then add to that with Welbeck again kos and OX .COYG

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  17. mr lean

    Happy gooner today as got my ticket for the hull city home game,first game after the agm so could be interesting before and after the game as hope there is a demo against our greedy yank owner as we have 3 million reasons to be p#ssed off with him !

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  18. mr lean

    Three true loves in my life,wife,family and arsenal and not necessarily in that order lol !

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    1. Andrew AFC

      The clout is coming watch your head 🙂 I am looking at my limited addition print of Highbury and the wife is asleep thank god.

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      1. mr lean

        I’m safe the mrs at work ,I miss highbury and when I’m down I always watch fever pitch as it reminds me so much of when my dad took there for the first time back in 1975,that’s the day I became a gooner for life

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        1. Andrew AFC

          I miss Highbury as well but things have got to move on for better or worse. Does that remind you of something 🙂

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  19. davidnz

    Sanchez is having a start to the
    season similar to Ramsey
    last season. Ramsey’s goals
    then and Sanchez’s goals now
    is making the differnce between
    a poor start and a decent start.
    Hopefully Sanchez will not fade or get
    injured. Needing him to start
    v Sotm was a shade concerning.
    My point being we need Ox we need Rambo
    we need Wellbeck, Santi, Poldi, Sanogo
    to step in some games to also score goals.
    Theo on the horizon Jack and Ozil
    finding form suggests a more broader base
    for the long campaigns ahead.
    A win and a clean sheet of injuries will
    be most welcome v our North London #neighbours.
    The fun does not stop there because
    we have Gala then the Chavs. Wow.
    But after Chelsea through to Dec 28th
    I think the team has a fairly straight forward run
    I predict 2nd or 3rd may be even 1st at the turn 🙂
    #Our neighbours… Can I say neighbours…
    18,325 km away? Internet neighbours in3 seconds. Lol.

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  20. KickAssFan

    Ox talking sh*t. Which people asked Alexis to take iit easy? Take it easy and become a lazy, unconcerned player on the pitch? He is a professional working hard and hard work pays. Every Arsenal player must learn from him.

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  21. butters

    If you think about it, I cant remember the last player that scored this much and important goals for us in his first season. amazing dude

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