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Arsenal star underperformed putting England place in doubt?

Jack Wilshere has come under fire for his lacklustre appearance for England in yesterday’s friendly win over Turkey. The Arsenal midfielder started the match at the Etihad alongside Eric Dier at the base of the midfield, but has come under fire for his lack of input.

Wilshere was substituted half-way through the second-half for Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson, with the score set at 1-1. The 24 year-old will only have one more outing to earn his place in the final 23-man squad for the European Championships, with a fixture against Australia coming up on Friday at the Stadium of Light. Hodgson will be keen to pick his strongest 23 players available for when England kickoff at the Euros against Russia. The Lions are Even money to win the Group and around 8/1 to win the tournament. If you fancy having a bet on Hodgson’s team then why not click here for football coupons, the courtesy of William Hill, for online betting. You will get some interesting prices before the competition actually starts…..

But back to Jack’s performance. The Arsenal youth product was described as ‘horribly over-rated and miles off the pace’ by one England fan, another added that ‘Woy is a moron if he selects Jack over Drinkwater’, and another claimed that he ‘added nothing’ to the team during the match.

Should Wilshere lose out on his place in the final 23, we will have zero players within the England squad, following Theo Walcott’s failure to earn a place in Roy Hodgson’s side, along with Danny Welbeck’s disappointing injury absence.

It remains to be seen whether Roy will choose to start with Jack in Friday’s fixture, with Danny Drinkwater, Jordan Henderson, Ross Barkley, Eric Dier, Dele Alli and Fabian Delph also hoping to play in the role, and with rumours that Wayne Rooney could also be dropped into midfield.

How did you rate Wilshere’s performance? I had believed that Jack was a shoo-in for the squad, could I be proved wrong?

Patrick J

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23 thoughts on “Arsenal star underperformed putting England place in doubt?

  1. JAmerican

    If you’re calling Wilshere’s performance who just got back from injury lackluster in one game, then what do you call Walcott’s performance for an entire season? Now that guy needs his contract terminated at once. Pay him off I don’t care and he will be free to go wherever his underachieving heart desires… Mahrez in!!!

    1. Krish

      Daaaamn guys on this site really do love repetitive comments dont they? ^^
      this article is about wilshere and his performance normally i have no problem with OT-comments but it annoys me a bit when people want to connect an article in a random way to comment they just love and want to keep making… look the hating and stating opinions about walcott is getting annoying, we all get it, walcott played piss-poor in the second half and was lacklustre but enough people have already written about his wage packet and his lacklustre performances at least let an article about wilshere stay one about wilshere and of course everybody should be able to write OT-comments but then it should at least be something new which wasnt already written like 100000 times in one single month :/

      1. Incarnate

        Here’s something new, Walcott will be top three in our player of the season in the season to come…thumb me down but at least screen shot it for posterity 😀

        1. Krish

          Truth be told walcott is and was one of my favourite arsenal players and yes did played really bad in the second half, but as we say humans have short memories, we should alm know that a theo in rw is an extremely productve player assists and stats wise and i think xhaka could help walcott to topform again 😀 so i support your commment ^^

          1. Fatboy Gooney

            Hahaha ?
            whats with the over usage of the word Humans?
            I noticed that you use that alot in your comments,
            Are you from another planet? ? ? ?
            Even though some Humans act like Animals,
            There isn’t much else to compare, unless its a virus! ?

            1. Krish

              Hahaha xD i think its just my wannabe socio critical side of/inside taking over me whenever i talk 😛 Whats with your overusage of smileys? 😛 somehow i noticed that too xD
              by the way do you believe in aliens? i do 😮

              1. Fatboy Gooney

                Hahaha ? ?
                Our world is run by Aliens… I hope that answers your question. ?????

          2. rkw

            Figures … The wandering whippet with his one decent season in ten is one of the principle reasons wenger has failed to go for quality attacking options such as griezman dybala etc… Another season with this guy hanging around will be bad enough but if it crowds out the attack we need to compete with best in Europe the outcome will be sadly predictable

    2. dragunov762mm

      Hodgson expected too much from him. Poor Jack, I can see new Diaby in the making. Poor poor Jack, he’s natural born Arsenal. Poor poor Arsenal, still let him stealing from the club. Paid without working, that’s the best ability he has so far.

  2. RedLondon

    It’s the first time he started a game since his injury so you shouldn’t expect him to be fully fit, that’s just unrealistic smh

    1. Krish

      Ah RedLondon i wanted to reply you on two old things, you keep misunderstanding my comments, i never said that giroud were world class, i stated that giroud has his yearly patches where he is on world class form, being in world class form and beind really world class are two fundamentally different things
      and i never wrote that sissoko were world class either -.- i just argued with you cause you talked as if kante were a world class player who has delivered for many years and that sissoko is a poor mans kante, for all i know kante had one great year, its much too early to call anybody a poor mans kante or future kante etc.

      1. Incarnate

        Screw World class! If Leicester city could achieve so much with a bunch of rejects what’s our excuse and obsession with world class? Our team lacks fire up their arse, Wenger has a philosophy where he wants the players to figure things out on their own which is awesome for human development but shitty for player development bar one. Read into Schez’s latest rant and you will get the full picture, while De Gea was flailing and flapping in his debut season, Schez was joint winner of the Golden gloves with Petr Cech, have you asked how he got so bad? Fabianski was signed at a time when he had just won best goalkeeper in Poland, he was ruined too in the long run, little wonder the guy had to escape to get a semblance of a career. The only players who function awesomely under Wenger are cerbral, i.e their games are based mostly on intellect and as an aside they actually have little time for vanities, Henry is one, Ozil is another even Viera was, apparently the Invincibles used to ALL read on the bus on their away games journey, that’s what the prof loves. Thankfully Xhaka is also, apparently his nickname is ‘little Einstein’ because of his love for science. I digress. The truth of the matter is that is that we have more than enough quality in the squad, players who can go on and do great things but Arsene insists that players play with their minds more than they do with their heart wichh is fine except that soccer is a game of passion where instinct plays as much of a part as technique hence my undying love for our very own Jack Wilshere.

  3. Incarnate

    Either ways, we win. Going to the Euro’s gives him might give him game time and prepare him for the coming season, not going keeps him fresh for the new season so I’m kinda indifferent. One thing is certain though, Jack is a fighter and I hope he is fit enough moving forward to fulfill his potential. To be very honest Dele Alli played like a demon last night.

  4. davidnz

    Wow Wilshere played 65 min.
    He should be a certainty now.
    Be fantastic if he stays fit

  5. Fatboy Gooney

    I don’t think Jack was that bad, he just needs a few more games under his belt, as he is still understandably rusty.

    The Real Question is, will he last longer enough to gain match fitness/ sharpness? … I very much doubt it! ?
    There were a few times during the Turkey game where I thought … ” here we go again! Jack’s injured ” ?
    You can’t help but think that, everytime he falls to ground, under a challenge… I just hope that wenger doesn’t rush into giving Jack a new contract extension, he should at least wait another season, to see if he can stay injury free or not, which I honestly don’t think that he can, im sorry to say but we need to sell him … Asap!

  6. khangunners

    guys I think England should not hve picked him.he is a talent but I believe being a whole season injured and then just go into the euros it would be risky.I would love him to be given time to prepare for nxt season,he is still young and will hve alot of time to represent england,let him work on his fitness and game and prepare for nxt season.

  7. goonerboy

    Wilshere is a good player but far from great..this is a player that can’t even nail down a position…

    About the match yesterday, he might be rusty I really dunno
    But without being bias,Wilshere should not start ahead of Drinkwater(based on current form)or Henderson (who is a more able and strong footballer)
    Something like:
    Would be good England IF they play 4-2-3-1…
    But if you consider this season,I think the best is Drinkwater-Alli..
    Wilshere as a sub at most….
    But if he doesn’t make it,I won’t be surprised for obvious reasons..and it maybe good for him and Arsenal if he doesn’t!

  8. damochy

    Give him a break, am no Wilshire fan buy a year out is a long time so expecting him to be on point right away is a bit unfair….having said that I still strongly believe he oa over rated and he himself has bought into the media hype, during the post match interview he sais he is completely match fit…no laddie, you ain’t!!!!

  9. Ramterta

    Those who are commenting that wilshere has been out for long should remember that even sturridge welbeck reus and hummels endure long spells injured but are still quality on their comeback

    1. khangunners

      stur has featured I believe for two months or more Wilshire just a single game I can’t comprehend how he was picked for England.let him work for nxt season that would be my view

  10. ruelando

    I know jack loves football and its the greatest sport ever, i also guess its everyone’s dream to play in a major tournament for your country.
    Looking at the games that jack as participate in one major point came out, he is unfit, now with some players it takes a short time to get back to fitness, especially if the injury was a just 3-6 weeks. In jacks case it was close to a season, and in truth i felt he jeopardize arsenal points standing in the games he was involve in where people who were fitter and game ready were left on the bench to accommodate his chance to make the Euro squad.

    The honest truth jack should not be allowed anywhere near the Euro squad, it would have been much better if he had stayed at arsenal and continue training (stamina and strength) and await the coming season.

    Just a quick comment on the Euro team, the English team is filled with a bunch of talented stars, who i think are over hyped, but apart from that i think the coach should concentrate on who is playing in front the back four, Dier seems to understand his job, but he needs one more defensive minded midfielder, drinkwater would be my choice or he should have selected noble because this England side need workers not pre-madonna’s in the middle of the field, if turkey had on their finishing boots it would have been a different story, i do not think the real matches are going to be forgiving

    1. LegendaryArnold

      wishere isnt ready to change his style of play which makes him injury prone. its hightime we cashhed in on wilshere n sign a younger n brighter english prodigy like barkley……wiljnaldum , sissoko and m.vila should be seriously considered also

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