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Arsenal star’s shocker sends Swiss crashing out of Euro 2016

All of the excitement that has been building in the army of Arsenal fans about our first summer of transfer did not go sailing over the bar along with the penalty kick missed by Granit Xhaka but it did effectively send his home nation Switzerland if Wenger is crashing out of the tournament.

High, wide and not very handsome, it was a truly shocking spot kick from the new Gunner but I am not going to be too hard on the lad, especially as his performance in general was another impressive and encouraging one. Four very good games for the Swiss in France certainly suggests that Arsene Wenger has done his homework and got us a player that is not only very good but also well suited to the Arsenal style of play.

Let’s just make sure that Xhaka never has to take a penalty for us eh?

The other Arsenal interest in this game was the Poland international keeper Wojciech Szczesny but as he sat on the bench while our former stopper Fabianski played and played well there is not much to say there.

More interesting was the latest look we got at the Swiss left back Ricardo Rodriguez and I must say I really like this attack minded young player. Apparently there is a relkease clause in his Wolfsburg contract tyhat expires in six days so we should soon know if Arsenal are realy interested or if it is all just transfer rumour stuff.

Next up is Wales and Northern Ireland so good luck to the Arsenal midfield star Aaron Ramsey.

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18 thoughts on “Arsenal star’s shocker sends Swiss crashing out of Euro 2016

  1. chinaka1

    I was supporting Switzerland all because of granit Xhaka and he missed his PK.
    I just hope it doesn’t affect him negatively(when he start playing for us)

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    1. SoOpa AeoN

      @chinaka1…. U should be more worried bout who we’d be signing or not before the season starts!

      Xhaka will get over it…..Like Ozil did!

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  2. SoOpa AeoN

    well……… Now that the swiss are out

    Let’s see if wenger’s really after R. Rodriguez!

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  3. Uzi Ozil

    Gutted for Xhaka. Thought he had a good tournament. They were the better side today. Outstanding Fabianski was man of the match with some crucial save esp. The Freekick he saved from Rodriquez. Shaqiri goal was goal of the tournament so far. What a hit.. .

    Any player can miss a pk. Ramos and Ronaldo had missed already in this tournament. Feel sorry for Switzerland but they should be proud of themselves.. .

    Welcome to Arsenal Xhaka.. .I like Rodriquez too.. …

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  4. SoOpa AeoN

    Its more painful being knocked out in the finals than in the group stage…… At Least Xhaka came out the tournament unscathed and uninjured……should be fit for the start of next season…

    All our players should be back hale and hearty!

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  5. Fatboy Gooney

    Xhaka is getting slaughtered on Tweeter,
    Something about being the bottlers choice 😲
    Nevermind, he won’t feel out of place at Arsenal, then. πŸ˜‚

    Rodriguez has improved with each game, yet someone needs to give Wenger a nudge before that player’s valuation doubles, in 6 days!… Wake up Wenger 😴😲

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      1. Fatboy Gooney

        Hahaha πŸ˜‚. .. Thanks for that Darling πŸ˜‰
        Even though I have openly confessed to being Dyslexic πŸ˜‚
        You can nowTweet that I’m a Twitt-er πŸ˜‚

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  6. ButtFlaps

    Grannit Xhaka don’t worry!!!! Penality duties at Arsenal are to AUBUMOYANG!!!!!!!! (I dream :P)

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  7. tobby1983

    Anybody could miss a PK.
    Anyway, I have watched Xhaka play twice now, he is a good passer of the ball and a good defensive player, but he does seem an enforcer a la Vidal or Yaya Toure. Or am I wrong?

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    1. rkw

      He isn’t but better than Ramsey … Don’t see point of keeping him he is second or third fiddle in every possible position … Sell and make a bit if cash to invest where needed

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  8. Twig

    First Euros player to exit competition due to injury: Arsenal
    First Euros goalkeeper to concede 21 goals in Euros history: Arsenal
    First Euros player to miss in a penalty shootout: Arsenal

    πŸ™ πŸ™

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      1. Twig

        No. From 2004. He has the most conceded goals in Euros history. And he’s an Arsenal player πŸ™‚

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  9. Robertthegooner

    Anybody can miss penalty kicks
    he Will get over it by August. He is professional and strong minded

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  10. ruelando

    Unfortunate penalty happens to the best, unfortunate for the swiss also, seem to be an improving team, hope that Xhaka now get some rest.

    There is one more thing of note i think i have said it before, Xhaka is not a pure DM and would be best suited if he was paired with Coquelin who is the only pure DM we possess, but i am not wenger so we will see

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