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Why Arsenal should start Giroud as centre forward against Watford

Even though it is just a few short weeks since Arsenal were knocked out of the FA cup by Saturday’s Premier League opponents Watford, I am fairly confident that Quique Sanchez Flores and the Watford players will be expecting to have a tough time against Arsenal at the Emirates stadium this weekend.

That cup exit was not just a bad day at the office for the Gunners, it was one of those matches where things just went right for the visiting side. It could happen that way again, of course, but I reckon that the Hornets will not have things quite so easy this time.

Even if Flores and Watford and full of belief that they can do the same to Arsenal again, I would still expect them to approach the game in a defensive way and hope to frustrate our creative and forward players before hitting us on the break. That is one of the reasons why I think Arsene Wenger should start with Olivier Giroud in the centre forward role, as this sort of game really suits his strength, link play and ability as a target man.

Another reason to start with the big Frenchman is to make the most of the confidence our striker will have gained with his performance and well taken goal for France last week. I would still like to see Danny Welbeck in the starting line up but he could play on one of the flanks and if Giroud is not playing well he can always be moved to the middle. What do you think Gooners?

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19 thoughts on “Why Arsenal should start Giroud as centre forward against Watford

    1. muda

      I will start Welbeck and he will play 90minutes,
      Ramsey and Giroud need no more chance to prove them selfs, we know what they capable of. I rather start campbell upfront than giroud. #GirOut

  1. Fatboy Gooney

    Well… It’s not as if we have much choice ?
    I doubt that Walcott will be starting in any position,let alone as striker!

    But who knows, maybe Walcott will pull his finger out,
    Now that Roy Hodgson has told him that his place is not guaranteed for the Euro’s, unless he starts playing more games for his club.

    If Welbeck is fit (knee) then he should start as striker and maybe replace him Giroud in the second half.
    Sanchez, Gabriel, Ospina and Campbell all enduring long 13 hour flights back from international duties, is a bit of a worry.

    1. Trevor

      Actually, that got me thinking about how Theo has had such bad luck with making it to these finals. Could he be so desperate to make the finals this year that he avoided getting stuck in on purpose, or even on some subconscious level. I know he was never the most physical player but you would usually see some physical effort every now and then. One things for sure he is desperate to make it this year. I know it sounds wrong that a player would actually prioritise his national team but I have heard the accusation over the years. A player in a similar situation to Theo is nearing the end of his career and gets one last shot at making it for his country so then begins to play it safe, sometimes too safe as they rule themselves out on form. It has been said to happen.

  2. SoOpa AeoN

    Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal will be over the moon with the news that Leicester City will
    have five points deducted in the
    Premier League.
    The title race will then be blown wide open as Spurs will be level on points with the league leaders and Arsenal will be six points behind the Foxes with a game in hand.
    The five point deduction is being handed to Leicester taking into consideration the Financial Fair Play Rulings.
    This issue has been ongoing for over a year now. Last year, Leicester City reported excessive losses way beyond the limit allowed by FFP ( Leicester Mercury).
    As per the provided Leicester Mercury link, in such a scenario, the Foxes could have got a transfer ban or a multi million pound fine but after discussions, no action was taken as the club ensured compliance of the rules
    within a year.
    However, failure to comply in the given time-frame means that they will now suffer even a bigger punishment in the form of five
    point deduction in PL and a fine of £5million because such insanity can only make sense on April Fools’ Day.

    Ah!….. Gotcha L()L

  3. Trevor

    I only just seen the news that Arsenal are finally looking to sort out the issue with the atmosphere. This is great news, and I rather like their idea. Sound systems planted throughout certain areas will play back recorded chants from some of the stuff being sung this year, hopefully with the volume turned right up. Kroenke is supposed to be the one to introduce the idea as he has some sort of party event thing going on with all his other things. From what Iv read it sounds like they’ve put a fair bit of effort to it.

      1. Trevor

        Jazuz, I thought it was for real. Went back to check and yes it came out on the 1st. Sounded like a great idea. Feeling rather foolish now.

        1. admin

          LOL Trevor. Don’t worry mate. The whole point is that it is believable lol. April Fool-ish?

  4. Arsenal_Girl

    Welbeck is currently are most in form striker
    He should be in the starting line up
    Bring Giroud off the bench
    Make Giroud and Theo earn their start
    Bench time can make them hungry for goals
    Also if Welbeck is scoring then that’s a good thing so let’s see if he can continue scoring

  5. SoOpa AeoN

    this new sound-ish around the emirates is a ploy to prevent the volume of chants by fans against their selfishness towards our club
    Imagine playing tracks like :
    “All the big ones are in there. ‘Good Old Arsenal’.
    ‘We love you Arsenal’.
    ‘Stand up if you hate Tottenham’.
    “The new Mesut Ozil one“. Or with Dido, the Spandau Ballet lads, and
    Roger Daltrey singing on air while we recieve a heavy hammering (say 4:0) L()L

    i Refuse to be fooled by any of it……. DON’T STOP PROTESTING UNTIL THINGS ARE ALRIGHT….They will find means to shield the voice of wisdom and reasoning and pains and anguish……but the perseverance of the True fans will in the end Prevail!

    1. Trevor

      If it gets the players going and that in turn gets the fans going well then you cannot be against it. I know you are one of the fans who thinks atmosphere is not a proper motivation for players and instead it should be all up to the manager. This is misguided, atmosphere can be a big motivation to players. And the booing should be at the end of a game anyhow, so they will be heard if it’s called for.

    2. G-Rude

      Should we carry on protesting right up to theda that we win the title, or would you stop in the second last game?

      Oh silly me, you wouldn’t be able to anyway as you have never been to a game….

    3. Midkemma

      Protesting without a knowledge of what you are protesting against is just a mindless mob being angry.

      Protesting against Wenger will not change anything, well maybe it will help in him getting a pay rise to deal with the blame…

      People forget that Dein had LOADS of contacts and he was able to make things happen and since him we have not had the same support in the transfer market.

      Wenger has never been a ‘god’ in the transfer market.
      Dein done it, Wenger had a go for a few months alone before Gazidis came in to do that job.
      Dein was the guy who worked magic in transfers.

      Wenger isn’t perfect, he could be better with tactics and subs BUT he has gotten us into CL football consistently and I doubt any other manager would of done that, I do not know if any other manager could of or not… but I doubt it based on the fact that no other manager has been able to.

      Please target Silent Stan with the protests and get him to change the targets he sets for Wenger, true Arsenal fans will know that the current Wenger is a shackled shadow of who he was when he had Dein supporting him.

  6. Trevor

    No, Id rather just go with Danny, and then Iwobi and Alexis on the wings. Danny looks really up for it, whereas Giroud has completely let us down over this difficult/important period. Giroud does not deserve to start. It’s a good opportunity for Iwobi to try and make a claim out wide, Walcott and Ox should be made to pay and I hope that Iwobi will do just that.

  7. jonnhirons

    Welbeck is the most effective player we have in the CF position, it would be foolish to drop him for a donkey or a whippet!!!!

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