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Arsenal striker confirms he wants to leave this summer

There are going to be millions of Arsenal transfer rumours this summer especially as we do not yet know the outcome of the contract talks with Ozil, Alexis and the Ox. But there is one player that is definitely looking for a way out of the club even though he only arrived at the Emirates at the end of the last transfer window. Perez was expected to be our new superstriker after scoring 17 goals for lowly Deportivo in La Liga last season, but has hardly been given a chance to prove himself with just 11 starts in the Premier League.

He has now told the press in Spain that he would gladly go back to his hometown club for the next campaign if Arsenal are willing to let him go. ‘This season has been difficult because I think I’ve deserved to play more,’ he was quoted as saying in the Mail.

‘I may not have done as well as others, but if they’d have given me more minutes I’d have produced better numbers: more goals and more assists.

‘I’ve spoken to the coach and he admits as much, but he has own ideas and I respect that. I’d like more opportunities because I think I deserve them, but I’ll have to accept what comes my way.’

‘I would like to prove that I’ve got the quality to win things with Arsenal.

‘But if the moment comes when I can’t do that any more, or if they decide to transfer me, there is always the opportunity to go back to Depor.

‘I know there are other clubs who want to sign me and my intention is to play in the Champions League. But in the summer we will see if Depor is still an option.’

It is hardly be a surprise if he wants to go, as he has performed very well when given the opportunity, including a hat-trick against Basel in the Champions League, but was then immediately put back on the bench. Perhaps he has since been put on the ‘injury list’ because he is unhappy?


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20 thoughts on “Arsenal striker confirms he wants to leave this summer

  1. bunga bunga

    Wenger hates the name “lucas”.


    See the pattern?

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    1. dre

      podlski? really? played alot of games in his first two seasons

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      1. Gavana

        And the return was far much better than Iwobi and Ramsey!

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  2. JPS_AFC1

    This guy deserves more. Not his fault Wenger bought him in a panic buy after conceding 4 goals at home to Liverpool to open the season. Every time he has played he has produced the goods but for some reason LeFraud wont play him.
    The Deluded one should go and Lucas Perez should stay and get his opportunity under a new manager

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  3. TR07_hide

    Fans know that he has the quality and has a lot to offer to the team.

    It is sad and disappointing that Wenger didn’t play him. I wonder what “his ideas” are.

    Probably, I would never understand them.

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  4. Red Dawn

    Why spend £17 million and not give the man a proper chance?
    Another failing on the managers part.
    And does not give much confidence in the summer if, god forbid he decides to stay..

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    1. JembutArsene

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  5. JembutArsene

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    1. RAA1395

      Short-termism ? The guy has been our coach for 20 years !
      Listen….I love arsene but if u keep eating your favourite dish for that long, u get tired…especially if the dish ingredients are not premium… just doesent taste good anymore.

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      1. JembutArsene

        I can only conclude that you have written your note without actually taking the time to, or having the courtesy to, read any of our analyses of our game. I am excited to see when we get out of the transition period what we will look like. A three back formation seems ill suited to Giroud/welbeck though. Off-season work to be done. The point about confidence is the one Arsene Wenger has recently made several times. My view is that if Wenger is allowed to buy the players that have Arsenal-level quality, Wenger will build a team to wallop Spurs, to beat Bayern, and to compete strongly in Europe and win the league title.

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        1. RAA1395

          Transition period ? If arsene is allowed ?
          I’m sorry my friend…your arguments may be valid if arsene has been the coach for a year or two. Not valid for our 20 years coach. Plus, we all know that arsene manages the club from a-z, let’s not get into the “allowed” business.
          Also, please don’t try to make it sound like we are denying his achievements or that we just childlesly asking for his departure……it does not help your case.

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          1. JembutArsene

            Players must take the blame too and this implies Arsenal MUST buy the correct players that will help us win the title in their first year arrival at the club. No miss buying of players should be condone any longer at Arsenal as we’ve had enough of those miss buys. We’ve waited 12 years for the title to arrive but it hasn’t. And with this trend of players coming to Arsenal at exorbitant cost but later indulge into living in comfort zone at Arsenal as it’s currently seen must stop. For if this is allowed to continue, only heavens know when the title will arrive.

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  6. Nebsy

    Sanchez will leave too. There is an interview with him going around the papers, where he says he came to Arsenal to WIN MAJOR TROPHIES. I believe he fully understands that Arsenal is not a title-oriented football club and when he has his talk with Arsene after the end of the season, it will be a RVP situation all over again, he’ll be offered a bigger wage, but won’t be promised the title ambition, because there’s none and he’ll bugger off to whoever offers more, even if it’s spuds.
    I heard Arsenal is interested in signing Zaha. Something tells me they’re preparing to find a substitute for departing Sanchez. And what an Arsenalesque substitute, worse player, but much cheaper, so welcome to the club.

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    1. JembutArsene

      I think you are drinking too much juju juice. I cannot fathom what your trying to say, just in case your interpretation is tainted with lack of education.
      In summary my view is that expectations of immediate success in football are foolish. They might happen but doing things like buying new players or bringing in a new manager are not very likely to have an immediate impact. Future performances either verify or change the judgement. This seems to be how it is called every time. We can all speculate as to the cause, but, in truth, we all know virtually nothing about the players like Alexis and what goes on behind the closed doors of the stadium and training facilities. I have no doubt that AW and his staff are working on this continuously, but are hampered by the media who would love him and them to fail, as well as elements of the supporters who, possibly, cannot see the wood for the trees.

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      1. Jonm

        The post by Nebsy is perfectly clear as to what he is saying. You accusation that he has been “drinking too much juju juice” and questioning his education is unacceptable.

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        1. JembutArsene

          OK, my sincere apology.
          Thanks for the reminder.


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  7. Yossarian

    This is the problem with the “Wenger Favourites” system. There is benefit in having stability, but only within reasonable bounds, and when it’s actually working. There is no point in having “Stability” if it means clinging onto using players purely because the manger likes them off-the-field.

    Look how much better Arsenal have been without Giroud starting up-front this season (yesterday being a good example) But how long did it take Wenger to figure this out?

    I feel sorry for players like Lucas Perez and Joel Campbell. They could be doing a good job for the club based on their footballing qualities and abilities, but at Arsenal you have to be a pleasant dinner-party guest at Wenger’s house to make the team!

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  8. JPS_AFC1

    JembutArsene . Seriously mate wake up and smell the roses. He is finished he has had his chance and failed. I love the man he bought us our best years in football in my lifetime however when the bread goes stale you toss it. Wengers could’ve signed 11 would win the league and champions league every year. Last year we could of got Kante he bought Xhaka. Could have got Higuain for 30mil in 2013 he dicked around over 2 million and lost out to Napoli. Same year put a rediculous offer in for Suarez and insulted Liverpool. If he put $50 mill on the table we would have got him and won the league in 13/14. He is always trying to buy players on his terms and not just putting the money on the table. If he had agreed to put a real offer in front off Sanchez earlier in the season when we where playing good football he would have signed but he had to wait until we got humiliated in the champions league and went out of the title race to put the money on the table.
    Buddy in 2 years in the champions league we have been humiliated by Bayern 15-3 on aggregate. If that’s not enough to tell he is past it your as deluded as he is . Fans like you are the problem at this club you think this is Arsene FC and was founded in 1996. We are Arsenal football club 1886 not 1996.

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