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Arsenal summer sale now on! Please buy

Arsenal prepared to slash prices by TS

So the transfer window is closing all the more quickly now it would seem, and Arsenal’s board are beginning to panic. Panic? Really? Well, yes, it would seem they are. Apparently, the board is fed up with fringe players sucking the life out of our wage budget and are prepared to cut their asking prices on certain players.

Joyful days ahead then, or so it would seem. Clubs around the world should now be lining up outside our stadium, making ludicrous offers to remove the likes of the Bendtner’s and Park’s and Chamakh’s of our world from our squad sheets. If Arsenal were a clothing store this would be their summer, 50% off SALE!

So why the sudden panic from the board you ask? Well, it all started a couple of years ago when we bought unknown players, paid them high wages and gave them long contracts. Fast forward to today, and those unknown players are now bad players who no longer appear on the bench, much less the first team, their high wages are still high and their long contracts don’t look to have taken a dent. Either that or the board wants to makes an extra buck or two to tile their toilet seat in gold.

So great idea, in theory at least. I think I’ve said this before somewhere but until it gets through to that Ivan character, I’ll keep saying it. No one wants these guys because of their wages. Not because their transfer fee is a little high! We could give these players away for free and we wouldn’t get a nibble from clubs because let’s call a spade a spade. Who is going to pay £50k per week for Squillaci?

The fact of the matter is that unless we can shift these players out the door, no one else is going to pay those wages but us and who suffers? We do. The fans. We pay. If I had one wish, I’d wish we do sell all of these guys, but then I still wouldn’t feel happy. The board would get rich, not reinvest the money and probably end up repeating the mistake. So if I could wish for one thing, I’d wish these players stay. Run our wage bill down. Then, when their contracts finally do end, maybe the board will wake up and realize that they need to change the way things are done.

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136 thoughts on “Arsenal summer sale now on! Please buy

  1. jk

    Wenger could have got paid more at madrid and the french national team

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  2. Adizza

    Just received a breaking news that walcott has rejected contract offer from arsenal.

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  3. Emery

    ‘The Times is reporting Theo Walcott has rejected a contract extension at Arsenal. Liverpool and Manchester City are said to be monitoring the situation. We will bring you any news on this story if there are any developments.’

    Reported on SkySports . com

    Interesting to say the least, I really cant see why he would want to join Liverpool though

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  4. Adizza

    I just received a breaking news from arsenal zone that walcott has rejected renewing his contract with arsenal.

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  5. ‚Bruce TongaBull

    @Emery and all u Wengerites.. Thea was Arsenal and thea wl b evn afta Wenger. @Th Dom is intitled to hs opinion and u are centainry not obliged to reply hm. Fo all it worth i actualy agree wth hn. Aw cudnt agree to go to Madrid cos h cud only last half a season wth such results cos th Board is focused on futbal and not pocket money. 2nd Wenger is th 3rd highest paid coach in th entire Universy yet h was paying Song a meger 55/wk. MR WENGER STOP LEAVING IN TH PAST! BUY MVILLA NOW

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  6. Emery

    @‚Bruce TongaBull

    Im sorry I couldnt understand half of that, learn to spell

    As for M’Vila, how long have you known him for?! Let me guess, since weve been linked with him?

    And like I previously stated, Madrid WANTED Wenger, thats says it all, you can say he stayed for what ever reason, but seeing as the board are as stingy as they are and Madrid can throw money like its nothing, im pretty much certain they could have offered him the same if not more wages!

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  7. Skeeza

    Not surprised at Walcott rejecting new contract, predicted it after song’s departure.
    It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to work it out!

    If he was going to stay he’d I signed by now!
    We are just waiting on the best price from elsewhere.

    It’s a f*ucking disgrace

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  8. ‚Bruce TongaBull

    Here is th truth about Theo Walcot, Hz afraid of being benched by th Ox so h wants out. Im wth AW on ths one.. And after all hu cares ? Let hm go, h is so incosistant. LOOSER

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  9. bc

    @ g-force

    i am a shareholder, how does selling lansbury actually benefit me? in fact in the last 6 months the value of my shares has gone down. i do not receive dividends just like all the other shareholders. you really must understand the business as well as the way a football club is run before making such daft comments.

    as for the comments, here we had hundreds of people moaning that wenger (which should really mean the board) had too many players drawing a wage off the club. now we have people moaning that they are selling players and we have people moaning that they are not selling players. well firstly the club has sold/released and loaned out 24 players so far since the end of the season. if everyone was fit only one of those players (rvp) would have made the first x1 this season. the club is doing everything possible to find new clubs for a number of players still contracted to the club and in the case of walcott have offered him a pay rise in excess of 50% does anyone really think that a player whose best position is impact sub is worth over £5m a year at age 23? lets face it we are paying less to the club captain and around the same figure to 100 cap podolski and world cup winner cazorla. if walcott really wants to play for arsenal he will accept the 50% pay rise on offer and knuckle down. song also, he had 3 years to run on a 5 year contract, the club were going to start talks and again offer a 50% pay rise, when the time was right. he wanted more money now and the club were not happy about being pressured by song and his agents, so accepted the money on the table.

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  10. Tordoo Afc

    are we seriously gonna sit here and act like nothing is happening??we just Lost our top scorer….two top assist players(if walcott leaves) and everyone is saying the future is bright??a future whr we have lost 6 top class players in 2years???(nasri,rvp,fabregas,clichy,song and possibly walcott) common people …wake up smell the roses….we are no longer a top club….only thing keeping us afloat is wengers’s genius…but when his contract expires 2014 even he will leave/retire….honestly please someone show me the silver lining?

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  11. ‚Bruce TongaBull

    @Emery ths aint a bee contst. 2 rduce length of text we use short cuts… Meks sense? One thng.. Lets jst agree we are all passinat abt AFC th diferntly bt shudnt use words like moron,fool, thckhead etc. Now bak to th point, AW is not th only gud manager in th world. I love hn bt 7trofles yrs is 2much. Im sparing only ths season and if thea is no trof i wl sweat evn my blood to exit hm wth choices in mind such as Jurgen Klopp, David Moyes, Sam Allardice, Denis Berckamp and laurent Blanc

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  12. bac2basics

    dont forget to include walcott in the firesale its everywhere right now that his reps have rejected deals over the wkend and today and now club are looking for best deals for takers! just when u thought it couldnt get any worse what with rvps cringeworthy manure love in we fans have to endure another one our high profile players movin to one of our rivals startin to think wenger gets a kick out of players spurnin him and his team definetly a touch of sadomasochism there.

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  13. G-Force

    @ The Dom & Bruce TongaBull

    Just ignore the wengerites mates – the weak are prone to the indoctrination of wengerism. This transfer window is so much like the others – selling of key players and profit making. One step forward, two steps backwards. How blind can people be? £39 million out, £42 miillion in! It’s so sickening that I will actually throw up if we don’t sign anybody before the window closes in a few days.

    Ar$ene would have been fired at any other top club if he had gone 7 years without a trophy and commanding such a high salary. PERIOD.

    @ bc

    Selling Lansbury, just like the selling of the other key players benefits you as the sales helps to balance the books and makes the annual reports look good to investors Share prices are influenced by the performance of the company and obviously, they are also affected by many OTHER factors. Don’t come on here and talk as though you are an expert because let me tell you, Ar$ene is not the only one who knows about business.

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  14. The Dom

    EVRYBODY KNOWS Ox made his full debut after that incident and start scoring more goals due to having more play time.Walcotts game improved after fans finally got sick of seeing him lose.Emery if you dont hav any meaningful facts to contribute rather than say things like ‘your are a disgrace’,I suggest you shut up rather than expose your lack of knoledge.
    Wenger WAS a great manager and he WAS a loyal man 7or more seasons ago.Arnt you forgeting he nearly left for Real and asked for a request when the real mastermind behind Arsenals success David Dein,until the board offered him an amount he could never refuse.
    At the end of the day whilst the Chelseas,Citys,United and even Nasris display thier winners medals……..Arsene and his board will make more profits that will go straight into thier pockets whilst thier fans look on with envious eye holding banners with the ridiculous statement ‘IN ARSENE WE TRUST’….sigh.

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  15. Emery

    ‚Bruce TongaBull

    Theres a difference between shortening sentences and not making sense

    Yeah we are all passionate about AFC and I agree with you there

    But I find it really hypocritical and dissrespectful when people claim Wenger only cares about money because that is clearly not the case and most people with common sense know that

    as for the managers you listed, Sam Allardyce is a disgusting manager and weill NEVER get a job at a top team. Bergkamp is unproven, although a legend it didnt work for Shearer etc

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  16. Jon h

    Greedy board are running this club into the ground. Profit over performance. We are a selling club.

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  17. The Dom

    EVERYBODY KNOWS Ox started appearing in the startin line up!Walcot became a better player after fans who pay the EPLs highest amount got fed up with him.
    I can tell by reading your comments that you hav such a shallow approach to other peoples opinions nowonder you get so emotional and start calling other people a disgrase,hahahahahaha mate your just a luddite… havnt even contributed any meanful facts to justfy why Arsene should stay.YOU ARE A BLIND AKB who just exposes his or her lack of knoledge,just re-read your statement about Bould.This is the same defence that concede 49goals last season….

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  18. Bolly

    So I will try again! Real Gooners would not make such disrespectful comments about our players

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  19. TH14

    Walcott leaving is not a loss for AFC…..I have been an AFC supporter for the past 17 years..and he is one of the most inconsistent performers I have ever seen…I would say sell gervinho also if we can find any suitors…Its been a year and he is still a no brainer as far as the final ball is concerned….But if we dont buy replacement fort them and i mean more than capable ones…we are on for a long long season….hope AW knows what he is doing…..

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  20. Emery


    You are soo deluded im not going to waste my time anymore

    My point is, for one I dont even need to justify Wenger, look at our history and what he has done for us! Then you may realise how great of a manager he is, but for some who calls themselves a ‘fan’ you dont show your support very well

    Ox didnt start playing more because fans booed Arshavin and Walcott didnt improve because he was booed, thats a ridiculous statement to make!

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  21. The Dom

    Wenger WAS a great manager and he WAS loyal.
    Arnt you forgetting his the one that initiated the move to Madrid BY GOING THERE WHEN THE POSITION WAS VACANT.FACT.He even wanted to leave when the real mastermind to Arsenals success David Dein sold his shares….WENGER STAYED COZ THE BOARD gave him an offer he couldnt refuse.(talk about loyalty)

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  22. Emery


    Oh my, Madrid are the richest club in the world and our board is one of the stingiest, the fact that we offered him that much shows how good he is and the fact Madrid wanted him in the first place also shows that!

    If you think we won trophies because of Dein then you need to take a look at how football actually works! He didnt pick the team, he didnt coach the team, he didnt choose the tactics, im off now, I give up trying to talk to someone as simple as you


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  23. AFC_Gooner

    Guys – we all know the days of Tony Adams playing in one shirt for his whole career are gone. Now a contract means very little and players only hang around for 3-5 years. Walcott has been here 6 years and hasn’t won a thing so he’s had enough. Good potential as a player but not ‘world class’ as all the pundits say.

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  24. dex

    Guys we can start complaining only after the transfer window closes until then i just hope Wenger does something

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  25. Lawrence gf

    @ G force

    You on point.

    “The weak being susceptible to wengerism”

    Classic. Top drawer.

    Question to all.

    If you have a Maserati then sell the engine, the interior, the wheeks, then indeed the whole shell but keep the badge and stick it on fiesta, does that make the fiedts a marquee car?

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  26. G-Force

    @ Lawrence gf

    Well put mate.

    Can you believe that Stoke City has just lost (at HOME) against Swindon Town 3-4. And Stoke even fielded a pretty decent line-up. Incredible.

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  27. L

    @lawrence – ur right it makes the fiesta just a fiesta with a Maserati badge plain and simple. But let’s say you sold all the parts of your Maserati because you were actually investing in creating a factory that builds maseratis. Unfortunately to afford this for a few years you have to drive your fiesta, all the while making it perform like an Audi. Everyone around you is going ‘my god, how is it that Lawrence has only got a fiesta but every year it performs consistently like an Audi? Is it because Lawrence is a genius and can get the most of what he’s given? (a la Wenger). And then one day a few years down the line when your factory is built and your creating Maseratis for nothing, meanwhile all your friends have been buying them from scratch, spending all their money year after year, with awful depreciation on their expensive cars, you’ll retire the trusty old fiesta that never let you down and you’ll look in wonder at the legacy that’s been created so that year after year your driving a Maserati. And you’ll think all those tough years of building my factory and having to drive my fiesta were worth it.
    Can make these parallels all day mate haha

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  28. G-Force

    @ L

    The ultimate question is “Will Arsenal actually drive the Maserati?” The Old Fiesta symbolizes their philosophy + financial policies. They will most certainly stick to the Fiesta that they have become so accustomed to driving.

    Whether it is a Fiesta or Maserati, the car will depreciate anyway from the moment you start driving so why not drive the Maserati – like all the other top guns.

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  29. Lawrence gf


    Good comeback.

    However your similie would only hold true if indeed after building a car factory you actually build cars that won races or top awards. Whilst others may indeed applaud your innovative designs, success would only be regarded in your ability to make a car that stood the test of time and that made the sacrifices worthwhile. Otherwise all you have is a vain labour of love. Nothing else.

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  30. Mark

    Pep Guardiola currently learrns english in year he will sign for chelsea. I think Harry Redknapp or David Moyes will replace Wenger.

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  31. gareth

    @ ‚Bruce TongaBull – am i reading you correctly you are saying sam allidice for the arsenal job as you believe him to be a good manager ? are you f£cking mad or what he is a sh$t manager that plays boring f&cking football and you want to suggest that he would be one of a list of possible replacements.

    Aside from the the fact you must be completely f&cking deranged, any manager in the world with no money or help from the board is not going to do any better and yes i know its been 7 long years since we had something exciting to talk about but f*ck me, in those last 7 years, chelski have spent billions, city well they are on their way to spending billions and barc and the rest consistently out spend us year after year.

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  32. Mo

    The Value on these players has diminished massivley over the past year or so, mainly due to the fact that they never get played. I think the policy at Arsenal is buy cheap with a view to selling at a profit. Its the business of football, which it seems Arsenal is all about at the moment. There is just to much money to be made in football now, the billionaire playboys who are throwing the silly money around are to blame in my opinion. They are giving their teams an unfair advantage that will eventually ruin football if nothing is done about it. They are the ones we should be venting are anger at. Players no longer sign up for the prestige of playing for a club, but instead they sign up for the big pay out. Anti-football!

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  33. Suliman sesat

    Why dont u guy’s forget about all this arsenal need 2 buy player’s before window close 2day 2 go please mr, manger please do some thing replacement of those player’s that already leave the club please do something….

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