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Arsenal superiority over Man Utd highlighted by these 2 players

While Arsenal fans and Arsene Wenger do not tend to look forward to an international break with much more than gritted teeth and crossed fingers in case any of our players pick up an injury, we do also want the Gunners’ form and performances to be recognised by their national coaches.

So while I thought it was great news for Arsenal this week that the Germany boss Joachim Low would not be taking our play maker Mesut Ozil for the next two weeks in order to give him a rest, I was happy to see the international call-ups for the likes of Aaron Ramsey.

The one that really stood out, though, was the return to the France squad of our centre forward Olivier Giroud, who has been struggling to get into the Arsenal team and has missed a lot of the season with injury. Despite all that the big striker has still been chosen by Didier Deschamps over the Manchester United forward Anthony Martial, highlighting the huge difference between Arsenal and our Premier League rivals at the minute.

Martial was the most expensive teenage transfer ever and just like the world record transfer Paul Pogba, he is failing to justify that price tag at Old Trafford, while Giroud who cost the Gunners not much more than £10 million was a no brainer for the manager of the French team.

Deschamps said on, “It’s logical that he’s back.

“He was injured for a month, he could not play. He had a somewhat difficult time getting back in, but he played in the cup and the Champions League. As soon as he recovered and was back to full fitness, it was logical that this would be the decision.”

“Jose Mourinho and I expect more from Martial.”

Unfortunately for Man United, Jose Mourinho does not seem able to get the best out of any of his players, showing once again just how lucky Arsenal are to have in Arsene Wenger a boss that gets a team that cost much less than United’s playing better football and getting better results.

Who is the specialist in failure now Maureen?

Sam P.

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11 thoughts on “Arsenal superiority over Man Utd highlighted by these 2 players

  1. Ddog

    hm, it has often occured to me that martial would do wonders in an arsenal set up under Wenger tutelage. I do wonder wether in a couple of years if his carrier doesn’t blossom, in a stuggling united team, whether the prospect of playing for Arsenal wouldn’t become quite tempting for him as well. Just one of those fleating thoughts that I mull over from time to time.

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    1. NY_Gunner

      Seems like they’re going to get rid of Depay in Jan. I think he would excel in our set up. He’s a natural left winger and has loads of skill…

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      1. Juhislihis McLovin

        Depay is a mercenary who’s more interested in fancy cars than playing football. We are good to stay as far away as possible from him..

        On the other hand, Martial could be great for us..

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        1. NY_Gunner

          @J McLovin
          If AW could turn his head and get his tickin, dude would be a major asset…He is a good footballer, under all of that ego…

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  2. chuau hnuna

    When will Man U sack Jose Morinho Again? This is a possibility in the near future..

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  3. Arsenal_Girl

    Middlesborough scored in injury time LOL
    Man Shitty 1-1 Middlesborough

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  4. Juhislihis McLovin

    Boro just scored! And City dropped 2 points. TOMORROW IS OUR CHANCE TO GO ON TOP BOYS!!

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    1. Break-on-through

      Effects of CL maybe, that’s why it’s good to play another CL team after midweek game, I hope.

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      1. Juhislihis McLovin

        Or Boro could be just too stubborn to be written off. Remember they also drew against us!

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    2. Gurrosco

      Ok Arsenal, it’s time to shine. Throw away your bottles. I don’t want you to use it tomorrow. Onwards and upwards gunners.

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