Arsenal sweating on Walcott as Sanogo causes striker crisis!!!

Arsene Wenger may have to call 17-year old Chuba Akpom into the first team for Arsenal’s Premier League trip to face Sunderland on Saturday, because the new signing Yaya Sanogo picked up a back injury in the game against Kazakhstan last week. The 21-year old striker has returned to the club for treatment and it is not very serious, according to a report in the Mirror.

However, on top of the hamstring problem keeping Lukas Podolski out until December, it leaves the Gunners seriously depleted in attack. The problems will turn into a crisis if Theo Walcott cannot shake off the knock he took in England’s draw away to Ukraine last night. I’m hopeful that he will be alright by Saturday, because he did play on for nearly half an hour after Kucher had cynically raked his studs down the back of Theo’s leg, but we will not know for sure until nearer the game.

According to, the England international has an ankle/foot injury. The site gives no return date, but that is often the case and probably just means that we are waiting for a scan to confirm there is no real damage.

The problem is, however, if Theo cannot play on Saturday. Not only does that leave Arsene Wenger no options but the reserves at centre forward, it begs the question, who would replace Theo on the right? Gnabry? Maybe if Ryo Miyaichi plays on the left, Cazorla could play on the right. Or Park? We are not exactly overflowing with options, so come on Theo, get that magic sponge out.

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48 thoughts on “Arsenal sweating on Walcott as Sanogo causes striker crisis!!!

  1. mark

    So we’ve gone from ‘excellent international break’ to ‘striker crisis’..??

    Anyway, Walcott should have been taken off after being almost physically assaulted by the Ukrainian player, but sadly we have no players left in the England team because our league is swamped with overseas players.

    Great to watch, but crap for the national team..

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    1. ABK

      Theres nothing wrong with walcott!

      Walcott put on a good show limping off last night, but thats all it was, a nice bit of acting by a young guy who knew the cameras were on him.

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    2. GunnerCPH

      Not to put Arsenal and Arsene on a pedestal, (well…) but along with United it seems that we’re the only top club who gives a rats a$$ about actually growing players, instead of just buying whoever seems to be the flavor of the month. If it keeps going the way it’s going now England is left with a team made up from Norwich and Preston North End players (exaggeration promotes understanding).

      Shame on you Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City.

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    3. DanielC1989

      pretty sure we had Ashley Young, Andros Townsend and Raheem Sterling on the bench who could have came on. as well as Baines. but he wasn’t feeling the injury until later on when he was replaced by Cleverley.. :|

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  2. Noldo....Durban Gunner

    Yes we might be abit short upfront but we have a team full of goalsorers….Wenger should know what we need in January…..I’m not so sure about what’s his name from Shalke, if he couldn’t make it there then he’s just gonna cum n be deadwood by us….rather groom our young strikers during this drought….it would be good for their development

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  3. stefanthegooner1

    Are our players made of glass or something? jesus christ… this is getting ridiculous.

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        1. ABK

          Thumbing down straussie for what he said is ridiclous. whether you believe in GOD or not it doesnt cost anything to be respectful.

          maybe we should use someone important to you, names as swear word?

          It’s the devils work me tells thee!!!

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  4. maxwell

    That’s the difference wining trophies or not. Have a look at the Man Utd, Chelsea or man city bench, full cover in all positions, depth and rotation allows them to challenge in every competition.


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    1. Tidan2

      and the convenience of only ever having half our injuries, I swear we are at the top of the injury table consistently every year…something needs to change:

      1) the medical staff are incompetent
      2) we need to change our strategy so that we don’t go to ground in challenges as often, Ox’s injury was caused by going to ground even though there wasn’t even the slightest chance of getting the ball, Wilshere is constantly injured and he constantly goes to ground, it simply isn’t necessary and it is often detrimental to our position when we lose a player in defence because they are still getting up.
      3) We need to change the physical training we give the players so that they aren’t so weak, its great being technical but you need to be prepared for every tackle, good or bad. Maybe they should have weekly training sessions with Stoke, that would toughen them all up or at least train them in how to avoid injury (Stoke had the fewest injuries last season).

      We have 8 players out right now, which is insane, but I’m not worried, our starting XI is still very strong for the next match

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  5. T-shirt

    bring on akpom
    take a look at city and spuds even chelsea,the english players there are gradually going into extinction,i think england needs wenger’$ advice,the FA is getting many things wrong

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  6. MDOwn

    I wouldn’t be all that fussed if Chuba Akpom and Miyaichi got some play time. They both look pretty good. And if thet both play with freedom.

    I tell you what though. Anyone who said we didn’t need Ozil can eat their words. If cazorla was in the middle we wcould be having a nightmare as to who should be there.

    What sucks is we can’t even mix up our formation and go 442.

    Still let’s have faith. COYG

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  7. junweiseah

    Let akpom step up! To be honest, akpom looks a better striker than sanogo. But hope sanogo gets well soon, it’s never good for any of our players to be injured

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  8. IndGunner

    Ryo or Gnabry can be given chances, I’d rather have Ramsey on the right (it might affect the progress he has made) only for a few games.

    Remember last season, against ManCity when Ramsey played on the flank and helped us a great deal of possession.

    Move him to CM in the later stages introducing Serge/Ryo.

    Off topic: NB52 is now NB23. Thought this needed a seperate discussion.

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    1. Tidan2

      Ramsey is on fire right now, there is no way in hell we should move him to a position where he never played particularly well instead of a youngster against Sunderland thereby forcing Wilshere to play a whole match when he obviously has some sort of injury of form issues.


      Sagna Merte Kos Gibbs

      Ramsey Flamini

      Gnabry/Ry Ozil Cazorla


      Subs: Viviano, Jenkinson, Monreal, Wilshere, Akpom, Ryo/Gnabry, Bendtner

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  9. Tidan2

    Gnabry and Ryo can both play on the right, its Sunderland, and we have Ozil so i’m not worried.

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  10. sRoryc








    Everyone else is either injured or 12 years old, other than Akpom who is a good player.

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    1. ram

      Wilshere..? really..?
      when you have Cazorla & Ozil ready to embrace that AM position, Jack will never be ahead of them.. i would rather Gnabry takes the RW if Walcott doesnt make up the starting XI and give Ozil the no.10..

      Wilshere is a great prospect, no doubt.. but he still has to learn a lot..

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  11. Arsenal Fan

    Ramsay Wilshere
    Rocisky Ozil Cazorla

    Although it is not reported on Walcott is injured. He just needs to pick out any bits of grass left over in the stud marks

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    1. DanielC1989

      not sure why you got thumbsed down for this coz you’re right he is. but he just needs more experience

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    This has come back to bit Wenger on the ass, he should have signed a top class striker during the Transfer window. Wenger got Sanogo knowing he had a problem with his leg. But then again he was the right price for Wenger FREE.

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  13. HA559

    Walcott is not a big player in my opinion. People get fooled by his assists, but he doesn’t even play football for 70 minutes he just walks. Should be running with the ball but instead plays a 3 yard pass and goes. He doesn’t even break a sweat in most games. After being in the fist team for 6 seasons, his work rate is just not up to scratch.

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    1. DanielC1989

      he’s not a good dribbler he can’t run with the ball. he uses his pace well to run onto through balls but if no one is playing them then how is that his fault? what do you expect him to pick the ball up from midfield and turn into Ronaldo and dribble past everyone then score? not gunna happen..

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      1. Twig

        Which of the Ronaldos do you mean? Only one of them can “pick the ball up from midfield and dribble past everyone then score”. ;-).

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      2. HA559

        Exactly, he is poor with and without the ball. You’re telling me no other player except Ronaldo can pick up the ball and dribble past players. You just need to look at the rest of our team. Rosicky does it, Ramsey does it, Wilshere does it. Are they Ronaldo?

        Walcott wants to have it on the plate, like a service striker. But he is playing on the wing and he needs to take players on.
        Anyone can expect a throughball and then run at the end of it if they have pace. Some people here make him out to be a big player by looking at goals and assists.

        If we played another player on the right wing for most of the season that player too will have similar statistics.

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      1. HA559

        Obvious response I was expecting. Just bringing in the goal and assist numbers, not who it was against or how it was scored. Not looking at how many one on ones have been missed. Not looking at work rate without the ball. Not looking at successful dribbles.

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  14. johnsouttar

    If Uruguay produces better young footballers than England it is not because of the foreign players here. Our problems are at school age, the wrong diet, lack of ambition and poor training. International players here improve our game and players. As for injuries and our players ‘made of glass’. For years Premier clubs delighted in physical assaults on our players and all the pros here know that. Now the world’s clubs are targeting them too. Bring on Spanish football which is about the game not kicking the good players. Not many here would like that kind of kick from someone at work, let alone week in week out. Hodgson let us down and was a poor choice for the national team if he is going to protect some club’s players and not others.

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