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Arsenal talks for top midfielder CONFIRMED

If you ask any group of Arsenal fasn what the most important signing that Arsene Wenger has to make this summer, you would expect 90% of them to say that we need a new top defensive midfielder to share the load with Francis Coquelin. One of the best young players in that position is the Monaco star Geoffrey Kondogbia who would appear to leaving the French giants this summer.

The big, strong French international is sure to have lots of potential suitors, but according to a report in the Star, Arsene Wenger has made personal contact with Kondogbia to try and lure him to the Emirates.

The Sky Italia journalist Gianluca Di Marzio revealed: “Both Inter and Milan are competing to sign him, but now face competition from Arsenal.

“Wenger holds Kondogbia in high regard, the two have already talked.”

This is definitely an encouraging development for Arsenal fans, and the Frenchman ould appear to be exactly what we need to set ourselves up for next season. If we can secure Petr Cech and Kondogbia early on in this transfer window, then we spend the rest of the summer searching for the superstriker marquee signing that will signal the end of this years spending spree.

Get those three signings and we will surely be challenging Chelsea for the title next season…

Onwards and Upwards!

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27 thoughts on “Arsenal talks for top midfielder CONFIRMED

  1. Cappieee

    Cech, kondigbia, Benzema will really be mouthwatering. I sure hope wenger makes it happen. The sooner, the better, UP GUNNERS. Happy days ahead folks

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    1. seancali

      Bla bla bla bla….won’t believe anything till I see it on…hope its true, kondogbia is a player I like very much

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      1. fanaticgunner

        Confirmed and the Star do not belong together in the same sentence.

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      2. Arsenal007

        What’s there to believe if it’s already on ?
        The fun about this is to believe and hope for the best before it comes on
        That’s what being a diehard fan is all about.

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    2. SoOpa AeoN

      i’d gLadly Take Kondogbia……..why?……. Cuz he would assist “Le coq”….. Not Totally repLace him

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  2. rickrocket

    Talks with Kondogbia? Confirmed?

    What this means is they had a conversation once, probably about cooking with garlic!

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    1. davidnz

      Yeah the conversation
      took place after
      the Monaco game
      at the Emirates cup.
      At the barbecue Arsene and Kondogbia were
      nibbling on a few frogs legs as the French do
      when Geof says “got any snails?” and Arsene says
      “only one but he’s a big German snail ” 🙂
      On a lighter note I’d take Konadogbia but no frogs legs 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  3. gunner14

    Would take kondogbia as he has speed and most importantly power something I think we lack at times.Still hoping for a top striker although if that happens it will probably be at the end of transfer window.

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    1. cheeterspotter

      If the managers of the last 2 league champions winners want jack and the Ox respectively that’s as good an endorsement to definitely KEEP EM!.Those days hopefully are over.Go for it Arse and win us the league.

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  4. silas

    Cech and Kondogbia for me .Any other addition will be icing on the cake.WE CAN DO THIS !!!!!!!!

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  5. whitehelios

    schneiderlin/kondogbia/krychowiak, hope wenger will choose the best for arsenal team

    Do wenger still believe with gibbo ? why there are no rumors again about LB ?

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    1. jermaineBryan

      I would gladly take Raphael Guerrero of lorient and loan them sanogoo or kurzawa of Monaco
      This lad are 21/22 but nearly as good as Gibbs overall and would allow Keiran to go on loan same as szezney which could see them improve.

      Most recently this was done with jenkinson

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    1. YingYang69

      Your asking for a punch line. I hope your right though because the lad deserves some good fortune and the fans deserve to see the real Diaby. A very talented player.

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  6. infumous25

    I believe in Monreal he was another underrated star for us last season. Kibbs has to know fight for his place back same with Debuchey.

    Cech + Kondogbia to add to our defence would hopefully get us another 7-12 points

    Get us a Good striker tbh 15+ goals in the league from them would be good enough for us to challenge.

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  7. infumous25

    And @ THEFINALGURU you have no faith. The minute we payed of our stadium Wenger started reinforcing the team and now we are defending FA cup champs 2 years in a row.. We finished 3rd and now don’t have to play qualifier for the Champions league.

    If/ WHEN Wenger makes those 3 main signings ( and in my view possibly an extra defender) we will really show our quality again and be banging on the door of the league title much much more harder.

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    1. AlanFrank

      The stadium isn’t completely paid for yet the club still have debt and Payments on the stadium are until something like 2030. We signed new commercial deals that were massive financial increases to the last deals also with more TV money and other things we now have far more money coming into the club. That means we don’t have to sell players anymore and leaves money left over to invest in players. The stadium still has a slight financial handicap on us but it’s now not interfering with money being invested in the team plus we’ll get financially stronger and stronger over the coming years. And like you said as soon as money is available Wenger started spending again. People have little faith and can’t seem to take on board the financial implications of taking on so much debt to build a stadium and they can’t seem to see the club is moving forward once again.

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  8. Mick The Gooner

    It’s not ‘confirmed’ unless it comes from Gazidis or Wenger as far as I’m concerned. Players, agents and most of all the media can all be lying about talks just to gain attention.

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  9. YingYang69

    Really excited if it comes true. P Cech, then a Vieira like player in the making, and if he is to go get a striker like Cazorla wants and like the fans want it would be so freakin great. Even the Wenger haters would have to be excited about Arsene looking to make assault on title. Really hope its true and we get the boy. Like the Article said Cech Kodogbia arriving early would be great… music to the ears.

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  10. Skandalouz

    Arsene must be interested in this fella after he made it look very easy for himself in the CL tie with us. He was, together with Abdennour, easily the best player on their side both games. Kondogbia’s style of play reminds me of Vieira. Surely he needs to improve his passing but the physical and intellectual fundament is already there. Has got great feet for a guy his size aswell. I’m convinced he would offer us different dimensions in the squad especially versus tougher teams.

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  11. sinero

    Well, all we can do now is hope. imagine kondogbia playing together along side coquelin now that is Patrick viera and gilberto silva all over again if you ask me. COYG

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  12. Uche Edochie

    It is really painful trying to decipher what Wenger could be up to in the transfer window. Painful as hell but that is the life of an arsenal fan. But I have a prediction. A day after the transfer window closes, we will know for sure who we have signed. I am confident of this.

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  13. fred cowardly

    I’m hoping and wishing for

    1. Cech
    2. Kondogbia, Vidal or Schneiderlin
    3. Lacazette, Cavani, Benzema or Martinez
    4. Young, talented, moist, promising understudy LB who can be our 3rd LB and learn from monreal and Gibbs.

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