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Arsenal target £12m Capoue but Do We Need Him?

During the summer, Arsenal were being linked with every defensive midfielder going, from Yann M’Vila to Lucas Biglia. One of the men who was top of most Gooners wish lists was the 24-year old French international Etienne Capoue. Now it is being reported that the Gunners are lining up a £12 million swoop for Capoue when the transfer window opens in January.

The dynamic, defensive midfielder has been with the French club Toulouse since beginning his professional career and has racked up 134 appearances in all competitions.  He does also pick up a massive amount of yellow cards and is contracted with his club until 2014. I wonder why Wenger did not go for him in the summer if he was so keen. Arsenal had enough time after the sale of Alex Song to Barcelona to organise a deal.

It is not as if Arsenal have struggled in midfield this season and there will soon be Jack Wilshere, Tomas Rosicky and Emmanuel Frimpong to add to the squad. The report comes from Talksport and I have a feeling that they are on a slow news day. Having said that, an injury to Mikel Arteta would give Wenger serious cause for concern as he has been brilliant in his deep lying role.

Do we need to get a player such as Capoue in to give us another option or do we give the job to Frimpong and Coquelin? By January, Wenger might wonder why he ever considered buying another midfielder.

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34 thoughts on “Arsenal target £12m Capoue but Do We Need Him?

  1. craig2500

    I think the danger is WHO will fill Walcotts whole if he moves in January not who do we need as DM. So far it looks like Arteta will be in the main man for that role with back up from Frimpong and Coqalin. We need to be thinking about buying a quick winger.

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  2. leo

    january is still 4 months away i am not worried about who we will sign i am sure wenger knows what to do but my concern is wenger’s future i hope he stays beyond 2014 hope he stays for atleast 7-8 years more in arsene we trust

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  3. JStarrr

    Fk sake…lets focus on Southampton, Montpellier, City and Chelesea…We wont get anybody if we fk up.

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  4. Dave

    never seen him play so can anyone tell me if hes just a holding mid like m’villa or is he box to box like diaby? if hes box to box and powerful then i will take him. who ever called giroud shit you dont deserve to wear our shirt, hes had 2 and a half games and the 2 were away at britania and anfield. hes good and will prove it over the season

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  5. dunky

    I have got to say some people that call themselves Arsenal Fans drive me nuts. How can you say Giroud is shit. Give the guy a chance! These are the sort of fans who boo their own team. Just do not get this!

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  6. Somtee

    I would love M’vila but his off field Antics may cause problem in the Dressing room especially when his being substituted,Biglia is not so defensive as M’vila and Capoue.Even Capoue get a lot of Yellow cards which is my concern,my opinion the best option is Cabaye because of his EPL experience and his instant click in EPL,the only problem is his transfer fee but for now let focus on the match against Southampton

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  7. Ian Ures Boots

    This is being reported by who exactly?
    Oh no one then..
    Typical of this site to just make up stories to promote debate.
    Debate is good but I predict that Arsenal will not buy another midfielder.
    If Giroud fails to have an impact by Januuary in the goalscoring stakes then we might try to attempt to buy another striker, the emphasis is on ‘might’.
    With Chamahk, Arshavin and the always possible recall of Bendtner why would our board spend any money when they are already sitting on a profit.
    Whilst this season has only just strted my biggest concern is that next year all the big clubs will try to snatch Vermaelen and Cazola.
    With our past record we will sell them at a cheap price and buy in 2 average players to replace them.

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  8. Kobi

    I wouldnt be surprised if Wenger does get Capue or M’Vila in January.
    Hes done that so many times, hasnt he?I mean going back for the players he was interested in before!?

    Both are top top draw.

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  9. Dan Parkin

    We need to give coquelin a chance, he will be miles better than any CDM in the world atm if he stays.

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  10. Apostolos

    Toulouse’s President came out and said that Toulouse will not sell any of there players this summer since they were finished only one game out of a Champions League spot last year,that’s why it didn’t happen.

    Ettiene Capoue would be the perfect player for us I really hope this still happens he can play DM/CB/and I think even LB(think Abidal) the only problem is he’s now on the French team and is getting more exposure,I just hope that doesn’t make him to expensive for Wenger. You could even sell Djourou to someone and have Capoue as the 2nd DM(or cover for Arteta) & the 4th CB. He would definetely be my first choice then Kouyate(Anderlecht DM/CB) and who knows who else

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  11. realist

    What i like about capoue over arteta coquelin mvila biglia tiote and frimpong is that he is 6’3 and can play cb and rb. If he joined it would allow one of djourou and miquel and one of coquelin or frimpong to go on premier league loans. as for cabaye he is not a dm and with arteta the man in possession anyway we only need a stand in player. capoue’s versatality would afford him more chances. it is for that reason also that i would loan out frimpong rather than coquelin and djourou rather than miquel.

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  12. S.H

    Capoue is more robust as a player than M’vila. I know we have Coquelin, but need I mention the importance of depth and competition within our squad?

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  13. true goon

    where do these reports come from,sounds like the usual rubbish,but if its true then obviously we do need him,wenger watches the players in training everyday.coquelin has always looked good going 4ward when ive seen him play,now suddenly he’s a defensive midfielder.if wenger thinks we need him then how can you argue

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  14. ThirdManJW

    I think Wenger may only go for him depending on injuries, but I wouldn’t say no myself as we’re short of experience in the def mid position. Coquelin and Frimpong aren’t good enough yet (although I’m a big fan of them both), we’re not sure what Wilshere’s going to be like after such a long injury, and we’ll be in some trouble if Arteta picks up a bad injury. Personally, I think Wenger may give Coquelin his chance this season and take it from there.

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  15. elvi

    mate, transfer window is just closed few weeks ago…for ur kind information it dosen’t make any sense.

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  16. Johnno

    Look, Wenger will not buy in Jan (unless it’s a kid on the cheap). When was the last time he brought a decent player in Jan? Won’t happen. Only way it could possibly happen is if we suffer a ridiculous injury plague. I doubt he’d even replace Walcott if he sold him in Jan. Defensive midfield is a weakness. You’re a politically correct f*cking idiot if you genuinely believe Coq and Frimpong can help us to a title this season. You’d honestly be a f*cking moron to believe that. Truth hurts, but that’s the way it is. Inexperienced players these days are nothing in a league like the PL. Maybe in Belgium they’re good, but in the PL… No. We need a proper, experienced DM.

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  17. henry

    Who says we don’t need Capoue? Hey u must be kidding me. Have u ever heard of the word squad depth? Arsenal need just that to survive the EPL if we must challenge for silverware.

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  18. dilla

    Sign him. What happeneds if coq and frimpong get injured? Both have had big injury problems that last couple seasons. I hope Diaby stays fit but if he doesn’t, it’d be good to sign someone like Capoue who’s a proven top player.

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  19. Gooner Cape Town

    Still believe we need a serfious striker, not one in the 40m pond mould but one who knows where net is. Giroud will come good and with Podolski and Cazorla we will be fomidable but when one get s injured…… Our back 4 are also a bit fragile and need versatile defender. Capoue is awesome player but maybe not needed right now as we have Arteta, Diaby and the Frim coming back soon. Hope Wenger gets chq bk out in Jabn but hidgly unlikely as he never buys in Jan. Hope I am wrong.

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  20. GunDeLeRo

    Coquelin and Frimpong have a chance to prove there worth up until Jan. I got a feeling that Coquelin is up for it and will grab his chances with both hands and legs.

    If they don’t take the opportunity they should both be loaned to get further experience and Capouie bought in…..

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  21. Jon

    We still need another striker, back-up or to play alongside Giroud.

    That’s our only significant weak area, defence and midfield looks top quality with lots of depth.

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  22. NickTheYank

    He would add depth and quality. How long does Rosicky, AA23, etc have left at Arsenal? I know it’s not a like for like replacement but were loaded up
    For years with attacking mid’s and wingers. If we could bring him in to have as competition for Arteta & Diaby then eventually replace Mikel then where is the harm? The boss might think Coquelin with his recent statements could want away. You’ve gotta plan for all scenarios.

    All I know is with Podolski, Ox, Ryo, gnabrey, Eisfeld, Santi, Theo (if he stays), Gervinho, etc we’ve got attacking quality for a long time.

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  23. Ryan

    Coquilin is a bit light at dm I much rather see vapour there and frimpongs not ready yet he’ll probably go back out on loan remember he had about 5 games at wolves and hasn’t played since he’s missed a lot of development, and I agree completely with you, if Arteta gets injured wilshere can play dm but not as well as the spaniard I’d much rather see him rotate with diaby and capoe rotate with Arteta…

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  24. Arsen

    don;t need him… play coquelin for the first half the season..nd then if you insist… exchange them both on loans… bring capoue here… nd compare them both in respective leagues.. nothin would be lost from either of them playing not playing for their teams… he would be a sub for us… nd coquelin would get regular playin time for his… hence.. both efectiveness would be well revealed..

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  25. gonegunner

    There is definitely a lack of experienced back up for Arteta. I really do not know how good Coquelin or Frimpong are but if we dont play them we will never know, and they will never improve.
    The bigger problem is a replacement to Theo who is on his way out. We could stick with the OX but who will rotate with him?
    Worst case we have Arshavin and Podolski on the left and OX and Gervinho on the right. Still not bad. But SOme quality depth in attack is needed.

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  26. Mike Dellar

    Midfield is fine!…we need more strikers,another left back and right back…Giroud will get better & become a legend of the club!

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