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Arsenal target Daniel Sturridge to replace Van Persie this summer

It is being reported this morning that the Chelsea striker Daniel Sturridge has been pinpointed by Arsenal as the perfect replacement for Robin Van Persie if he is sold to Barcelona this summer.

There have been rumblings for some time that Sturridge is not happy being left out on the wing at Stamford Bridge, despite being Chelsea’s top scorer this season, while the misfiring Fernando Torres keeps his place as the out-and-out striker in the team.

The Mail reports that Arsenal’s influential chief scout Steve Rowley has put the wheels in motion to effect a surprise switch to the Gunners this summer, but if the 22 year-old is to be given the centre-forward role then that means that Arsenal fully expect Robin Van Persie to refuse to sign his contract extension and will be allowed to rejoin Cesc Fabregas at Barcelona.

They also report that Sturridge is upset that Chelsea have refused to negotiate a new contract with him although he has become a crucial part of the Chelsea first team this season, and along with his dissatisfaction with being played out of position means he may try and force his way out of Stamford Bridge at the end of the year.

Would Arsenal fans be happy for Sturridge to replace Van Persie?

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70 thoughts on “Arsenal target Daniel Sturridge to replace Van Persie this summer

  1. jp

    Sturridge I think will be a good player but he is no replacement for Van Persie……not even close.

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  2. TomGooner

    Nonsense!!!! Sturridge is not good enough to play for Arsenal!!! Am worried Van persie will leave afc for Real Madrid (70m)

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  3. NigerianGun

    RVP is hungry for trophy he well deserved, if he left for it i wil not blame him. But instead of looking for our stars replacement when they left for ambitious clubs ,why can’t we maintain them by strenthening our team nd win the trophies? Why are we turning into barças academy/feeder team? This is becoming increasingly disgraceful!

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  4. bradster

    Is there a choice? If RVP does not sign a new contract Arsenal needs to sell him or let his contract run out and let him leave free as an over 30 player. Sturridge looks like the perfect Arsenal type player and should come on the cheap.

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  5. zain kiani

    Strurrige is no match to van persie..what the f*uck is wenger one can replace van persie..!

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  6. S_sax

    This must be d biggest joke of d century…how can anybody compare sturridge with my VP…would b a great addition no arguing dat but not as a VP replacement…his selfish play most often dan non ruins chelsea…n who d ‘heck’ is talking about VP leaving arsenal….ummm?

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  7. iller

    is Arsenals ambition to develop stars and then sell them to the highesT bidder?THEN WE ARE LEFT WITH THE SCRAPS?

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  8. andre squillaci

    so arsenal are now a feeder’s team to barcelona! F*ck u wenger and the useless board with no ambition,i am really frustrated at the moment

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  9. CristianoRonaldo

    Dont sign Sturridge and dont sell King Persie. Simple as that!

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  10. Anay


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  11. Alex

    lol as if Chelsea would sell him he is in a good vein of form. Lukaku would be good though…

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  12. Ruemu

    Wenger don’t even try and buy that selfish guy called sturridge..we don’t need him at any cost. RVP most stay.

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  13. Josh

    It is time we start adding players that will convience our stars to stay rather than selling them and then start looking for replacement. for ur information no striker can replce R.V.P now in the whole world. AFC think properly.

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  14. Gunman

    This article is ridiculous, baseless and probably written by
    a Spurs fan to pissoff Arsenal fans.

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  15. undisclosed

    Whats all this crap about “we have become a feeder team” i have supported the club since the.late 60’s we have not suddenly started selling our best players to more successful clubs we have always done it. my earliest memory of this was ray kennedy forcing his move to liverpool followed very quickly by charlie george to derby then out went brady stapleton and it continued under graham with rocastle and thomas leaving. now under wenger. petit overmars anelka hleb cesc nasri etc etc. arsenal will never change that policy. if u feel that you cannot deal with players being sold then i am afraid you are following the wrong sport. have u tried cricket? there top quality players stay with their county regardless of cash and trophies as their main aim is to represent their country just how sport should be. following arsenal should not be like some are making it demanding trophies. following arsenal is in your blood passed down through your family. it is hard at times but lets face it we are still the third most successful club of all time in england that is not a bad achievement.

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  16. Simasiku

    that’s totaly rubish to bring sturridge at arsenal and sell RVP, wenger dont kill our team because ur about to go to france.

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  17. ForwardAFC

    if van persie leaves, which is most probable if we dont win anything, we should make big money on him , n put any add ons, n splash the 40M on benzema or Pato – two young n proven strikers, who, under wenger, will shine …

    I really dont want persie to leave, but the choice is finally his, let’s give him all the love we can n perhaps, persuade him to be a gunner till his career ends

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  18. deephenry

    dont write stupid articles just for the sake of writing. is this some kind of a joke? you couldnt get any other name? a benzema would have looked little credible. but sturridge!!!

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  19. ChrisN

    There had been no bid or offer for RVP, and he has never mentioned any desire to play elsewhere. Based on the behaviour of that bread head Nasri, the (generally anti Arsenal) media gossip about Real or Barca poaching players and invent fictional bids, and a section of Arsenal fans lap up what are basically fairy stories and start slagging off the club. You people are a bloody disgrace. At the first sign of gossip the first thing you snivelling little yellow bellies do is stick a knife in the back of the club. Is this what England has become?

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  20. Cornelius Ombagi -KENYA

    Dear ADMIN
    please kindly inform the Arsenal BOARD and MR wenger we are not intersetd with replacement we are not trading our players we the funs are not interested in how much profits arsenal makes ..please they are in awrong business why sell RVP? please mr gadazisiss… can you correct your house.. USUMANOV SHOULD TAKE OVER… HE HAS ENOUGH MORE TO PAY RVP AND BUY OTHER QUALITY PLAYERS WE HAVE BECOME SELLING CLUB? WENGER MUST GO..WENGER MUST GO… WEDONT WNAT HIS PROFITS… SO SAD…MAY KENYANS ARE DIES FOR THE TEAM NOT MONEY MADE FOR THE GREEDY BOARD AND MEAN COACH..

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  21. Cornelius Ombagi -KENYA


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  22. Deniale


    Target Mourinho to replace Wenger.
    Target City’s board ambition to replace Arsenal board.

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  23. Kgooner

    Il tell u wat if barca want vp tell them to give us villa n alcantara n 15 mill on top n mayb well think bout it . F€*#%NG mugs

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  24. Deniale

    It is time to stop wasting EXPENSIVE merchandise, ticket money in exchange for agony.

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  25. everyoneisamanager

    Van Persie will not leave. At very worst they will let his contract run out. The Arsenal brand has suffered too much. The board can’t afford any more vacant seats in the stadium

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  26. Atiku B/Kebbi Nigeria

    Only Messy and C.Ronaldo can replace RVP so we the AFC fans expects one of them lol.

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  27. rocky

    Sturridge is a good player, young, quick, left footed and more importantly has premier league experience. He’s definitely one for the future, as is Welbeck for United.

    Worst case scenario if RVP did leave (I hope he doesn’t) signing Sturridge is a good option, it also adds one more English player to the home grown rule, and would be good to develop an English core of the team.

    It also has lots of advantages over drafting in someone like Podolski who is older, hit and miss and no BPL experience.

    Whoever said in the comments that he’s greedy… so was Henry in his prime, but that’s how he got so many goals 🙂

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  28. Jem McCarthy

    Since when was RVP leaving the club? He is happy, you can see it on his face. Fu*king so gullible some of you

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  29. bm

    Dumb article, so wat if want sturridge, it haven’t got anything to do with replacing van persie fool. Just trying make foolish headline n we don’t need him, he wants to leave every club when he can’t get things he’s way. Pls don’t lose ur ratings with dumb headlines

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  30. kevin cook

    why the hell is he letting rvp. go ?????. sure great buy sturridge, he will score goals, but dont buy him to replace rvp, arsenal have the money to buy sturridge and offer rvp, the money he requires to stay.
    selling rvp for 30 million. and buying sturridge for 10 million,? , what will happen to the other 20 million, , into wnegers and the boards pockets again, im sick of hearing from wenger he has to raise money to buy players thats bullshit, arsenal are probably the most solvent club in the premier league, this is crazy, just start spending the money u have accumulated over the last 7 years , for sells of toure , nasri clichy fab, etc etc, stop being so tight arsenal fc, and give the fans what they want , more exciting new players, plus stop selling our best players. .

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  31. elmilo

    1.) Barcelona have denied interest in RvP. Something which they never do, if they want a player they’ll open their flappy mouths about it.
    2.) Some of you are criticising Wenger over this article which has no foundation or truth to it.
    This is why we are the laughing stock of the footballing community, of support like this.

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  32. Arsenal HD


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  33. Ray

    Let’s do a bit of root cause analysis.

    Problem: RVP wants to leave
    Cause: 1. No silverware 2. No good teamates 3. No good wages

    Cause number 1 is caused by cause number 2.

    If we move 1 more step back, it could be because of that 15-20 million profit.

    I think if the club continue to force a 15-20 million profit every year on the expense of silverware or success on the pitch, then what is the different between supporting this club and some listed companies? Both aim to make profit at all cost.

    Now if we move back further, we were told that the club have no choice but to increase the ticket price and make it most expensive in BPL. So, no choice here now means no choice but to make 15-20 million, so have to increase the price.

    But what’s next? What to do with these 15-20 million? Invest back to the team? No, I don’t think so and I can’t see it as well.

    You can make profit and there is no business that don’t want to make profit. But in this case, it is in the expense of the fans. We have to feel sad, we have to feel angry because it seems that the whole world know where is the problem and our club refuse to act on it (not because we don’t have the resources but just that we refuse to rectify the problem and let it to continue to hurt us) and we have to feel sorry for the good players like RVP and Vermaleen for having the talent to be champion but have to settle for something much lesser.

    All these go into the drain just because we want to generate 15-20 million per year for some people?
    What does the fans get in return?
    Not even a single cent discount on the ticket or merchandize not to mention some free gift!

    I strongly suggest the club to react correctly and be fair to the fans before it is too late! We don’t mind paying the high price ticket or high price TV subscription, willing to buy the merchandize to support the club but give us what we deserve to get in return. Although no one is bigger than the club but if there is no fans, I think the club is in big trouble.

    So, please, start to sign some quality players + winning some silverware and the fans will continue do our part to support the club that we love. It had been 7 season and yet we saw nothing (not even a Mickey Mouse Cup) except more star players being sold.

    Treat us fair!

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  34. arsenal till i die

    All i read on here and see in the news is arsenal fans bagging the club. Grom the outside of AUSTRALIA looking in no-one is watching the football just to concerned about bagging the board and wenger me personally dont like the boards ambitions but nothing we do now is gunna change that. Again personally im a massive fan of Wenger. Getting rid of him would be the death. I would like the great dutchman dennis to come in as an assistant to wenger couple of years wenher retire from managing and become the director of football and the great dennis take over. P.S sturridge is just chelsea scum. Wouldnt have him in my reserves. R.V.P WILL stay at the emerites

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  35. basedgod

    sturridge is too selfish for arsenal, a good player but a replacement for van persie? no. If we really HAD to buy a replacement for RVP when he leaves would have to have some sort of genius spark. Not just a bit of talent.

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  36. true gooner

    Wel said undisclosed – a lot of the others f*@k off u fairweather fans! Falcao & maybe Ronaldo can be bought IF RVP is sold for £70M – if this rumour is true!

    Wld b great 2 sign Sturridge but try & hold onto RVP if possible!

    In Arsene we trust! Up the Gunners!!!!!!!!!

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  37. j

    Yes. He is exactly the type of striker we need up front if Arsenal are ever going to be great again. I can’t wait for Van Persie to leave. We will never win anything with VP as the lone striker-no pace, poor work rate and we don’t defend from the front. Sturridge has been quality ever since he was at man city playing with robinho your saw his class. He has been the best young english striker in england for at least 3 years, welbeck is second to him an wallcot dosent even compare he is way behind when it comes to ability. People say walcots not a winger he’s a stiker well the aforementioned young stikers are not wingers yet the goal threat is still there when they play on the wing.

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  38. Boycie

    It just goes to show the direction of Arsenal Football Club now and it’s not good. You replace your best players who are class and wanted by all the best teams on the planet for second rate cheaper players!?? What has our once great club come to? Arsenal should be keeping these players and adding to them and building a trophy winning team. Instead Arsenal have become a feeder club to the ‘big’ teams all for the sake of profit and finishing fourth!? Not good enough!!!

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  39. j

    I can’t believe so many fans are gassed about Vp, get off his di*k he is not the be all and end all of arsenal, damn. We have had better players leave the club. I can’t believe how overated the guy is, ok he is good and scores some good goals but 70 per cent off his goals are tap ins that any decent striker would score. Its just that he is our only decent striker.
    Arsenal makes vp what he is, vp doesn’t make Arsenal.

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  40. SoyuzBot

    Do you think Chelsea would want to sell Sturridge? If yes how much? Sturridge is a lazy and greedy player, just watch how he plays for Chelsea.

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  41. Ambrose

    Dear Fans,

    Writting so many articles wont save our beloved Arsenal. What we need to do is simply to hit at the point which hurts the greedy Board and Wenger most;for instance by refusing to pay for the expensive football tickets. Otherwise with the Board teeming with pride and greed, they will never listen to the crying fans.

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  42. Machine-Gunner

    We keep on selling to F****in Barcelona. Screw that. We r handing them da champions league every time. Not cool man.

    I say buy sturridge, as a BACK UP striker n then get a world class striker to fill in for Persie.

    I would looooove to see Gonzalo Higuain in the Royal Red and White.

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  43. Abu

    He is a winger, we have plenty of them. Better Kolou or Demba Ba.

    Mombasa, Kenya.

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  44. Machine-Gunner

    @ J

    Dude shut the hell up u dnt knw wat ur talking bout. How cud u possibly say he is over rated!!

    Okay let’s luk into this. U say 70% of his goals r “tap ins”.. Alryt granted.. 70% of Lionel Messi’s goals r tap ins ,he recieves da perfect pass from xavi, iniesta, villa and dani alves. Cristiano Ronaldo has 70% of his goals as “tap ins”, he gets assists from Di Maria, Mesut Ozil and Higuain/Benzema. So for u to say that Robin Van persie is over rated shows u have a lack of understanding as to what goes in to be a world class striker. Its not just about the finish, its the composure u need,the desicion making as to wat type of shot u’ll take, where to put it and how much power needd, its about technique and knowing who is around you. Its about POSITIONING, being at the right place at the right time. U need to the read the game in order to make the runs.

    So J, go back and take a look at some the goals Persie has scored, look at his solo efforts when he was still playing at right wing, then you will see why the rest of us fans want the man to stay!

    I agree, no one player can make up the team. But its da individual parts of that team that help make it strong.

    -Machine Gunner!

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  45. Nick

    If RVP leaves and I pray he doesn’t (suffer the Barcelona curse) then replacing him with Sturridge would be the same as we’ve seen replacing Cesc with Ramsey. Not that Ramsey was bought to be a direct replacement & fill a void created by a player who left, but in that he’s expected to fill his shoes. There’s no way Sturridge can do that. RVP is pure class and it will be years before Sturridge proves he’s got the same talent as RVP.

    If we do lose RVP (which might be the worst thing that could happen to Arsenal, especially if we finish out of the top 4) then he must be replaced with a proven leader. RVP does so much more than just score goals and that’s why he’s so important. His class is equaled only by Messi in my opinion. It will be nearly impossible to fill his shoes. Through all the years Arsenal kept faith in him through his constant injuries I hope he will repay that faith and stick with Arsenal no matter what and finish his career at the Emirates (with trophies please!)

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  46. GUNNERS 14

    undisclosed, u r a sick person…. why would anyone want to settle for mediocrity when they don’t need to…. only CR7 or MESSI can replace RVP…. u got to be a member of the Arsenal board…..
    wenger and the board lack ambition, the worse part, they know and don’t care…. without the fans, can arsenal continues to be the rich club they are ? or can the board members continue to live there big lives ? only persons are hurt by arsenal’s lack of ambition are the fans and a few of the players…..

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  47. alex

    if we sold van persie and get a large sum for him that would not be as bad as people think. There are better strikers out there, van persie isnt even that great a finisher. As someone else said more than half of his goals could be scored by any normal striker. I would hate to lose him but what can you do.

    If we were to get a replacement though I can only think of two of the top of my head that would be perfect replacements. Eren Derdiyok (Bayer Leverkusen) and Fernando Llorente (Athletic Bilbao). If you havent seen either play just youtube both of them. Two big, tall strikers who are absolute machines when it comes to scoring goals. I would prefer Derdiyok between the two I think he is more versatile and would be far more used to the faster and physical game of the Premier League.

    Here is just a small glimpse of what he can do 😉

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  48. dmn

    hi. I m arsenal fun from Poland. How are you think RVP will stay on Arsenal? In Poland we hope that YES. Sorry for language errors:)

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  49. arselona

    keep rvp AND buy sturridge. people here talking like sturridge is rubbish or sumfin. He’s 10 times better than chamakh, don’t bother talkin bout arshavin and vela and bendtner r rubbish too. So it wud b a good move. But wud be pricey like all english youngsters. And da news about edin hazard? U really fink arsenals willing to pay 30-35mill? Wenger probli gna bid 14.5 mill if anyfin lool we need a clearout dis summer.. Arshavin, chamakh, bendtner, vela, djourou, squillaci, almunia, fabianski, denilson.. All out please wenger!

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  50. dmn

    Fabianski should stay. If Sczesny will be injured. Who will our goalkeeper? Mannoe? You saw him on match with Olympiacos. Martinez? He is too young to be first goalkeeper. Fabianski is the best 2nd goalkeeper who play in AFC

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  51. arselona

    Simple we buy a new keeper on a cheap deal. I’d rather have a keeper from a championship team than dopey fabianski as backup. Kasper schmeichel wud be gud.and I’m nt sure bout mertesacker we shud get vertonghen he is impressive.

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  52. ezzaa

    All the Times Arsenal Stood By Him When he was injured, Now He’s Fit He wants out, I love the guy and he’s a great player, but I have to question his loyalty! On the plus side sturrige is a quality player!

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  53. stew

    Well sturridge has scored ten goals playing out wide for Chelsea. More than Arsenal’s wide players and most for chelsea’s squad. Given the up front attacking option he may be a suitable replacement or suitable back up to RvP in the event that RvP stays.

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  54. ArsenaLova

    he doesnt suits into our play. i wud accept torres than him. sturridge is good bt selfish. so is that means walcrap wud leave too n hazard in?? :p maybe.. yeah truth hurt guys.jst acept rvp wud go. why do u guys expect he wud stay?he is 29. he is not 25-26. he wnt somethng n he dserve it. he is suffering inside with low ambition club like this. like fabregas did.

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  55. j

    @ Machine Gunner lool,
    You Di*khead get Vps di*k out your mouth.
    I don’t know how anyone can compare vp to messi or even ronaldo, that is just laughable, the only thing you can compare is the goals to game ratio This Season, that’s it. There are many strikers that could do vps role in our team an more, liverpools suarez and man citys aguero man u’s rooney are better players with more ability IMO I don’t care what anyone thinks. This world class tag gets branded too much, he is not world class, world class players win trophies if he’s lucky he might get the golden boot, ooo. Arsenal make vp look good, when he does go (hopefully) you will see hes not great like people assume. I’m starting to think even he knows he won’t get the same head at another club. When I think about it he’ll probably stay I hope he don’t get more than 100k a week (smh ridiculous sums of money) this aint man city we are arsenal take it or leave.

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  56. Aaron

    I dont know guys, if we dont sell van persie, the board wont spend, i think we should sell him, buy sturridge, hazard and another playmaker or striker
    Sturridge (will go cheap, supports us and wants to leave)20mil
    playmaker around 20mil

    out:RVP 35mil
    Bendtner 8mil
    Chamakh 8mil
    arshavin 7mil
    squilacci 2mil.
    What an improvement, and we make profit!!! Maybe use that 12mil to buy podolski, he will be cheap because his contract runs out soon.

    sagna vermealen koscielny santos/gibbs
    wilshere song /arteta
    hazard New playmaker(gourcuff maybe) gervinho/podolski
    super subs: ramsey(not at the moment) podolski and waloctt

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  57. Machine-Gunner


    Haha dude u seriously need check ur stats on Persie. He has ALWAYS had a high goal to game ratio. Even wen he had short seasons due to injury, in the tym he played his always had a gud goal return.

    Next, Wayne Rooney, Sergio “Kun” Aguero and Luis Suarez have not come anywhere near allen shearers record. Robin Van Persie is only 2nd to one of the greatest premier league strikers (and by the way, he ova took Henry in terms of that record). Even when ronaldo had that amazing season for United he came no where near the record. Even wayne rooneys amazing season 2 seasons ago ddnt cm near to the record.

    After this wkend, he has over taken Dennis Bergkamp, as Arsenal 10th highest goal scorer, DENNIS BERGKAMP only one of Arsenals greatest ever players.

    He scored an awesome goal against Barcelona to equalise at The Emirates.

    Robin Van Persie was still a bench warmer back then but still put in some goals that helped maintane the Invincibles record.

    Now u say World Class players only win trophies.. Well gervinho won the double last season with Lille, duz that mean gervinho is a better player than Robin Van Persie???
    Let’s not forget that Robin Van Persie was part of the STARTING XI for Holland that made it to the World Cup Final. World cup final man.. That isn’t luck and therz no free ride there. U MUST B WORLD CLASS to reach the world cup fianl. Ur precious rooney, aguero and Suarez wern’t there. Rooney and aguero ddnt come close to even sniffing it. Suarez dd ghana injustice wit a handball and messi and ronaldo were no where to be seen in that world cup. So he CAN be compared to them. He made da biggest final any professional footballer can reach and they ddnt. NONE OF THEM CAME CLOSE!!!

    So J plz learn to give credit where its due.. Don’t degrade the man’s talent and ability.

    Rooney, Aguero, Suarez, Messi, Ronaldo u get all their d**ks out ur mouth.

    -Machine Gunner!

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    There is no player to replace Van Persie in the market unless you go for Ronaldo or Messi.

    But Sturridge would do very well for Arsenal. He is extremely underrated and he reminds me of a former Arsenal player who never got appreciated at Arsenal, just like Sturridge was totally overlooked at Manchester City – ANDREW ALEXANDER COLE.

    For you who asked Daniel Who?, You will eat your words raw. He is a revelation waiting to happen.

    So If Wenger can get him, I’ll be happy to see him in Red and White.

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  59. Machine-Gunner

    If we lose Van Persie then we MUST get one of Madrids strikers, Karim Benzema or Gonzalo Higuain, they r definetly gud enuf!!

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  60. SamGunner

    Arsenal Champions League 2012 Winners ! Finals Real Madrid 0 – Arsenal 1 !!!!!!!!!! I can foresee it !! RVP stays with Arsenal ! Hazard joins this summer !!

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