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Arsenal Target Demba Ba WILL be sold by Newcastle

It looks like Arsenal will have a choice of two strikers to buy in January, as Newcastle United are resigned to selling their 27-year old Senegalese striker Demba Ba when the January transfer window opens. The North East club and their owner, Mike Ashley, have failed to agree terms with Ba over a new contract, so are ready to move him on as soon as possible so they can get a replacement settled in.

Alan Pardew has had to live with the threat of another club exercising the release clause in Ba’s contract of £7.5 million, and have offered the striker a new deal worth around £70,000 per week, according to the Mirror. His agent is demanding £80,000 and the Magpies will not go that far, so it seems to be just a question of where, not if, he will go.

With 10 goals from 16 league games so far this season, it is no surprise that Liverpool are also keen on him to take some pressure off Luis Suarez. With Arsenal expected to sign Klaas-Jan Huntelaar from Schalke, Wenger may not challenge Brendan Rodgers for Ba, especially if he can arrange an extended loan deal for Thierry Henry from the New York Red Bulls.

The decision whether to go for Ba may also hinge on the outcome of the never ending contract saga between the Gunners and Theo Walcott. If the club can get him to sign, then we will have plenty of goals in the team and a move for the Newcastle front man would seem unlikely, but he is a definite talent who has proved his worth in the Premier league.

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40 thoughts on “Arsenal Target Demba Ba WILL be sold by Newcastle

  1. Consrod

    Sign him up. Then in summer try for sneijder m’villa and affeley and a left back to put arsenal back on top !!!

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  2. Gooner Cape Town

    Seems there is a problem with Huntelaar deal, so Wenger better snap Ba up quickly as other clubs will grab him. Hope we can get both as this would allow us more rotation and different options up front.

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  3. QiwjeHdjfkfl

    Maybe if we didn’t have giroud podolski and chamakh but we need a complete strike someone who is more technically and continue attacking combination play like van persie, Henry, ediuardo, adebayor, etc

    The best options are lewandowski – won’t leav borussia though:(
    Falcao- probably 50 m
    Jovetic- 15-40m
    Bony 7-12m
    Huntelaar 4-10m (not sure if his technique is good enough)

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    i would love us to get demba ba hes a great player ,however isnt he ging to the african cup in jan ,so can we have huntelaar as well to give us better attacking options
    oh & good luck tonight we can get this silverwear

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  5. Dave

    @Gooner Cape Town
    What problems are there with hunterlaar deal?
    why not sign them both? ba can play anywhere in front 3 and we need 3 to 4 quality strikers. Both are good finishers with different styles. I would get both for what a combined 12mill and then get strootman or diame and a replacement for theo. Then do the rest in summer but then again Im not a manager lol

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  6. Arsenal m8

    “We lack ambition.” Does anybody see sneijder?!?!?!?!?! We could get him!!! HE is world class!! HE can play in the middle and put cazorla on the right… We would be deadly!! Come on BOARD, how do we not capitalize on an opportunity like this!?!?!?

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  7. COYG malaysia

    Your forgetting that this is Arsenal. Dont see us getting the guy. Though he would perfect for us. He has height and especially more power and threat in front of goal compared to our main striker Giroud. Would see him going to Stoke possibly West Ham. But he would give us some big goalsin the future. He’s aging but he just could end our trophyless season. Besides lets be honest, Henry isnt good enough.

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  8. David

    If Arsenal can sign Ba and Huntelaar with one powerful DM with one good creative Winger with good LB to replace Santos.. that means Arsenal going to have most strike force in the PL and i can bet with my life that we can win something this season… Gunners for life.

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  9. David

    Man United use strike force to win some games, they are poor in defense but if you score them, they will use strike force to score back… i wish to see Ba, Huntelaar and Giroud in line up one day for Arsenal, i don’t see defense that will stop all those three strikers.. Wow, Arsenal can win the PL, FA CUP AND CL, Gunners for life.

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  10. Juan

    If Walcott leaves I think we would get Zaha and it seems like we would get hunterlaar in summer only because they have qualified to the next round in the Champions. I don’t think they would get rid of there goal threat. So to me our 2 forwards would be King Henry and Big Boss BA coming in January. I believe we would be a great force to be f**K with if we get rid of weak links and bring in a left back to help Gibbs

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    buy both huntelaar and ba!! its a no brainer!! diame, zaha and a decent centre half,then i can see a good season!!!

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  12. ks-gunner

    he is a ok player….and i am not shure if an ok player is what we need right now…..

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  13. Marcus C Coburn

    There is no excuse for us to not buy Demba Ba he is a proven premier league goalscorer, which is exactly what we need, but if these prices are correct, theres no harm in signing them both. Realisticly we should be looking for a CDM and a new full back, but i think Meade has something special!!

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  14. AA23=LEGEND!

    @David, how would we have the most strikeforce in the pl, compare it to manu, manc, its still nowhere near their quality, we are still miles behind…

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  15. Gooner Cape Town

    Apparently Schalke wont release Huntelaar and want Bendtner as part of deal. Can’t see why getting rid of Bendtner will be bad and they could then pay us. Agree with your comment, we need both and maybe even Lopez if Theo goes, which looks more and more likely.

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  16. JellYbAby

    Can´t wait until the end of the transfer window. Fed up of all the speculation!

    I´m not getting my hopes up after the RVP saga…will he, won´t he.


    BA HUMBUGS more like! Stingy Scroogaraoke and Co.

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  17. cut

    Enough of bargain buys you loosers, demand nothing but the best…we are ARSENAL!

    Only one name fits…FALCAO!!!

    So splash the money you friggin scrooge board!

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  18. Dave

    @ Gooner Cape Town
    If they want to give us klass and cash for our dane I will laugh for a good solid 13 years. If that deal happens we should be given the premier league title just on merit for that lol. Lets hope for the best

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  19. arsenal4life

    why pay for the tranfermoney + wages for Ba, Huntelaar and Llorente if we actually need another type of striker? We should put some money in for Benzema (falcao is leaving to Madrid acc. to media). Benzema would be free to go i think. Wenger can make him the best CF of the world. He can go past players, he can shoot with both feet, strong, quick, tecnique. Giroud on the bench and if we are behind, we could put Giroud in and let him play with Benzema.

    Also i like Ben Arfa or ISCO or Arda. They all can provide assist, can score goals and can beat players. We would be unstoppeble.

    I think this could be a realistic line-up.

    Sell: Fabianski, Djourou, Squilachi, Santos, Arshavin, Chamakh, Bendtner.

    Buy: Mbiwa, Fellaini, Ben Arfa/Isco/Arda, Benzema

    Sagna Koscielny Vermaelen Gibbs
    Wilshere Fellaini
    Isco/BenArfa/Arda Podolski Cazorla

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  20. Gooner Cape Town

    Fingers, toes all crossed, here’s hoping as we need a serious shake up.

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  21. leo

    i hope we don’t sign him schalke will sell huntelaar just need to act if not huntelaar get llorente demba ba is an injury prone player has knee problems he didn’t score too many goals after cisse joined them & he is demanding 90 a week too much for him not good enough for arsenal get llorente

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  22. leo

    adrianlopez if theo leaves ,zaha for arshavin & huntelaar for chammakh if not huntelaar get llorente no ba

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  23. Uche

    All well and good. Keep the rumours coming. If anything, they are an indication that the boss is working overtime trying to get us a few players. So we we will see how that goes. January just couldn’t come fast enough. But first, we must celebrate Christmas. Ho Ho Ho!

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  24. leo

    arsenal’s likely targets
    gk reina/begovic
    df jetro willems,m’biwwa
    mf luis gustavo,diame
    fw henry,adrian lopez,zaha,huntelaar,llorente

    out of this expect 3-4 signings aacc to media huntelaar still is an option but his age & schalke’s demands maybe a problem also city are looking at him but still the players wants arsenal move so who knows

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  25. realgooner10

    Huntalaar is a must buy… He will fire us str8 back up that table.. And should of been on his way to us while RVp was clearing out his locker! The down side is he won’t be able to play in the champions leauge.. The first player we should be trying to sign is Capoue!!! Forget Mvilla, diame, capoue is the man we are missing.. But saying all that unless of our players find new clubs l can’t see us doing a lot of buisness until summer!!

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  26. Joe

    @Arsenal M8

    Grow up and use your head how could we possibly afford him? Where ever he goes he is demanding 250k a week he’s all ready on 200k a week. Thats rediculous money he’s a good player but he’s not worth that much, thats 1m a month so 48m over a 4 year contract and thats not including his price tag.

    Only Ronaldo and Messi are good enough to be granted that much money.

    I think wenger’s more interested in huntalaar we definitly wont buy both unless we get rid of chamakh in january.

    A striker, DM and a Versatile Lb are what we need, the LB could wait untill summer but another striker and DM are really needed in January if possible, we dont want to settle for second rate players just because we can get them early im sure wenger wont.

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  27. leytham

    Kolo Toure on from man city.

    he isnt getting a game, ehs experienced. may not be what he used to be but the experience is Key, no doubt be an influence for TV, PM and LC.

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  28. AFCF

    In Jan we will hopefully have podolski,huntelaar,giroud,walcott and maybe BA as our strikers and wingers!With cazorla,diaby,rosicky,wilshere,arteta and felliani behind them wow!

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  29. realgooner10

    If we have already signed henry on loan(as some papers are suggesting) there is no way we are signing ba and huntalaar.. Its 1 or the other

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  30. Warren, Johannesburg

    Ba is an EPL proven goal scorer. Don’t go opting to buy Huntelaar when he could struggle to find the net just like Giroud is doing at the moment. Ba is the correct option, he is a goal scoring machine.

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  31. WalnutCreek Gunner

    Ba is great striker, but becoz Arsenal are used to getting inferior players like Gervinho and Giround, i dont see Ba coming to Arsenal.

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  32. Johnno

    I’d rather Ba over Huntelarr. Huntelarr struggled a bit in Spain and Italy. He’s done very well in Germany. He gone done did well at Ajax, but the Dutch league – there’s be many a player who have dominated that league and then flopped elsewhere. Plenty who haven’t as well, like the original Ronaldo and Suarez. Ba has proven himself in the PL. Only problem with him is he can’t play with another big striker. It’d be him or Giroud to play. I don’t think they can play together. Huntelarr played very well with Raul in Germany.

    If Walcott goes to Liverpool, send him and say 15m and bring Suarez over. He’s really starting to score goals now, but he still wastes a lot of chances. I hear he wants out of Liverpool. They’re no hope for top four in the next couple of seasons.

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