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Arsenal target Inter Milan star after losing Ricky Alvarez

When Arsenal were linked with a move for the Argentinian playmaker Ricky Alvarez it seemed like a tpical Wenger surprise signing, and when the player himself tweeted that it would be “a dream” to play for Arsenal it seemed like Wenger had nabbed yet another bargain.

But today it has been announced that the Italian giants Inter Milan have hijacked the move for Alvarez, and the Sun reports that he is due in Italy tomorrow to complete his five-year £11.5m deal with Inter.

But it seems that this deal leaves the way clear for Wenger to move in on the vastly experienced Thiago Motta, who certainly fulfils Wenger’s criteria of being mature, experienced and a proven winner, having spent six years at Barcelona, then Atletico Madrid, before moving to Genoa and then on to Inter, where he won the historic treble under Mourinho.

The Sun reports that the 28 year-old has got a release clause of £9.5m in his contract, but as Inter are going through a rebuildin period, they may allow him to leave for even less.

Who thinks that Motta is a player we need at Arsenal?

Anders: Wenger already has Clichy’s replacement lined up…..Gibbs!

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84 thoughts on “Arsenal target Inter Milan star after losing Ricky Alvarez

  1. expertxxx

    he is good experienced dmf but he is not suitable for
    arsenal style …..

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  2. enoch ussher

    he would be a goodsigning but the fact is its a mere speculation and our man and his board (AW AND BOARD) are too selfish and stupid so i can see it happening.nasri is now on the verge of quitting arsenal and these people do not care

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  3. fuckmotta

    We need defenders n a good striker we don’t neeed the motta’s for heaven sake

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  4. arsenalmaniac7

    Arsenal linking with this,arsenal linking with that..arsenal linking with bla what is arsenal-a linking machine…..fu@K wenger-bloody b@***Rd

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  5. Emeka

    Wats d problem wit wenger nd d board why are dey so selfish nw we av lost on just an 11m player wats hapening infact i may quit arsenal

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  6. Don

    I hope this transfer deal can go through. We need someone that can perform the duties of Veira. Someone whom have stamp such authority that after he left, our fortunes changes

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  7. goons

    Why the hell does wenger keep losing out??!!I’m just so disgusted by wenger right now..they way he handles transfer dealings..the money pinching attitude and the sneaky secretive approach..such a loser.
    Yess to Arsenal..No to Wenger..

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  8. you AW

    AW next year your team are going down bec of u stupid reasons. say only want to at the end signing 0 good player

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  9. Baz

    Same old story, linked to everyone, end up with bargain basement buys from French leagues!! Itsa joke!! We must make a stand!! Wenger and board must go!!

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  10. goons

    Here is the same old problem..we keep buying sub-standard players every season that will just be a deadwood..I am also very shocked when I read the news that we were going to sign John O’Shea..Out of all defenders to choose from, O’Shea came out..C’mon wenger..don’t you ever learn at all? Maybe the name ‘Sylvestre’ would ring a dinkdonk in your head..

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  11. bond007

    Arsene wenger is just a greenhorn, ve neva seen a man wit a stupid ideology n its nt working. All dis players r just using d club as a place 2 get beta n den they move on. 2 bad…..

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  12. Q

    I do not believe that Arsene Wenger and the board want trophies! All we hear are rumours, no action, no signings so what is the probability that a reasonable bid and eventual signing will happen with Motta. Hw could we lose Alvarez after so much speculation? Serious clubs are busy buying players, Arsenal is just happy with the rumours. I’m losing hope…must we always till the last minute to sign substandard player?m

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  13. Tobey

    We are linked with everybody just for other teams to go and hijack our Bid
    I love my club but cant bear to watch as we slowly fall down
    Arsenal are just a scouting club
    find the best talent on earth and either let other clubs take them or they take them train them and then let them go before they hit their peak
    We lost Jones to United
    We lost Alvarez to Inter
    We lost Affellay to Barcelona
    We lost that Fulham keeper
    we are losing Nasri to City
    we are losing Fabregas to Barcelona
    we are gonna let Vidal join Juventus
    WTF is wrong Sack that Board
    we are going INSANE

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  14. 2pistols2cannons.

    MOTTA!! Are we having a f**king laugh ARSENE WE’D RATHER HAVE ALVAREZ. Enough jokes now time to get serious!!!!!!

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  15. bradster

    Where’s our manager that loves the camera. Does so many interviews. Be nice if he would do one now that he’s back in London. Get the fans on his side and convince us the papers are printing sensational crap and everything is going to plan.

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  16. arsenal4life

    i woudnt be surprised if alvarez turns into messi or a world class player same as ronaldo when arsenal lost to manu regretting now wanker wneger

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  17. charlie

    you do realize that its that its ivan gazidis that is the one that is missing out on players.. he has destroyed sooo many brilliant transfers set up by wenger over the years its desgusting

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  18. imou4gunners

    Forever linked with everyone but nothing to show for it.At the end of the day Prof comes with a stranger from France. TRash!Bloody indecisive.

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  19. Goon5o431

    Getting seriously P@~ssed off with the direction our team seems to be going. Wenger/Board get real no world class player is ever gonna join us, we are now just seen as a feeder club for the ‘Big Boys’ of europe. How much longer does it have to take before you understand this. We need to spend and spend BIG, transfers and wages.

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  20. hanenyo

    Thiago what! ……..Bendtner will lead the attack this season then. SMH

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  21. Bouba

    It seems that Arsenal targets are being bought by other clubs… Why? because we do not go for them, we just scout them…!!!

    It also seems that our squad will be decorticate by the local team of the league…

    Wenger said that he is waiting for the end of July to do his shopping… Is he waiting for the sales??? He always wants to give the impression that he knows what he is talking about, but he has been wrong for so long now… It is not worrying, but scary…

    Looks like MEDIOCRITY is now a common and acceptable trade at our club…

    They have stroke us with an increase on season tickets and seats ( the most expensive in Europe ) and it is an INSULT to the fans especially for what we are getting as a return, basically NOTHING…

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  22. shawn o

    if we lost out on alvarez that must mean fabregas is not leaving surely

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  23. Gunnersfan!

    @ H

    hahahaha. Good link. It seems like AW was really enjoying himself on the yacht in the Mediterranean while the whole team is in disarray. Last year, he was commentating on the world cup instead of focusing on addressing the weaknesses of the team. Even Man City have signed 2 players now – Clichy and Stefan Savic.

    I guess the Wengerites will say that he deserves his holiday after such a great season.

    IN WENGER WE RUST!!!!!!!!!!

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  24. GunFrogg

    If you are R. Alvarez and you look at Arsenal: many players need to leave (Almunia, Denilson, Bendtner, Rosicky, Diaby) some others wants to leave (Nasri, Fabregas, some left already (Clichy)… would you board on a sinking boat for an low paycheck? We wont expect any big signing this summer. Always the same Wenger policy. The sad thing is this time we are loosing our technical players and playmakers. Being an Arsenal fan has only made me frustrated for some years now. I feel like some cheated me with a so called nice but useless game played by mediocre average players. And the sad thing is that things are going to change. And finally, Thiago Silva is rubbish and will come to Arsenal and soon everybody will know that good players go to Barca, City, Inter and average players go to Arsenal. Depressing.

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  25. Victor Mandila

    Arsenal,just use your money,stop being economical/economisers,last year you failed to take Mark Schwarzer just because you did not give Fulham the price money that they wanted.Also,in the past you have failed/you’ve been snatched players during transfer windows just because of failing to pay the price money that their clubs demand while other clubs pay even more than the demanded price. Stop this nonsense,just remove more of the price money that Alvares’ club wants to prevent Inter Milan from snatching you Alvares,otherwise if you don’t do this Inter Milan will take Alvares! and money should not be a problem because some of your shareholders who are billionaires like Usmanov and Stan Kroenke have sacrificed all their billions of money to Arsenal e.g. to spend it in buying whichever number of players at/of whichever prices/amount of money!you should use this advantage to strengthen your squad so as to be winning trophies every year/season as from next season!

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  26. gunner

    b4 we talk more abt motta,hes already snubbed us(just hours after we got linked wit him)!!!!!!!!!!

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  27. Me-Basil

    Gervinho singing is extremely exciting.
    Welcome to Arsenal.

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  28. Frankie

    Wenger embarked on a long dream to kill Arsenal but no one knew. Now Gazidis joins him. High point of this drama shall manifest next term when Arsenal will struggle behind Liverpool, Spurs and …. QPR!!!!!!!!!!

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  29. shohan

    fuck off the clichy matter!!! wenger should make it clear about the duo stay(cesc,nasri)!!! still we have time to get new players!!!like eiden hazard,mata,gervinho who already strongly linked with gunners…i just wanna say to wenger that pls be calm & make sure we dont loose any more player which make more difficult to brings silverware for the gunners.wish arsenal a very good next season!!!

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  30. richie

    the only fact is that almunia, rosicky, squillaci, eboue and Bendtner are training at arsenal.

    Soon they would be join by denilson and daiby.

    SO with them best we can hope is 15th place.

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  31. Marshall

    This is just bull shit. all the good players r being nabbed by clever managers who make hay whilst the sun bloody shines,this is going 2 be another shite loaded transfer window, im fed up now will change allegiance and watch cricket, i have had enough of this bull shit.

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  32. huhh?

    All this negativity is getting me down, but unfortunately it is warranted.

    What do we need? Great defenders, replacement for Fab and a classy keeper.
    What do we get? An african winger/forward.

    Outcome: Team STILL can’t defend and can’t win anything. Annoying in the extreme.

    We need to send a message to the board – no more season tickets, no more merchandise until the team is put first, not commercial activities.

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  33. Sebastian

    sil vous plait monsieurr wenger, we need bolstering at our club if we don’t want to be embarassed by united, chelsea, man city, liverpool, and even tottenham..
    Everyone else is making moves n we have to keep pace, we just barely held onto fourth last season!!
    If fab wants to go, do EVERYTHING you can to let him go
    If nasri wants to go, its too bad but let him go he’s not welcome if he doesnt respect the club
    ask van persie who he would like to play with up front.. c’mon benzema get ur ass to the emirates pronto!!!!

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  34. elvi

    we are not anymore top premiership club in england.
    end of the day i would like to thanx Wenger for making our royal club to academy…to top side of championship…

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  35. ArsenalSoCalledFan

    OMG This is a joke…I mean C’mon FFS What the hell is going on. We seem to be getting rubbish players, that somehow become excelent footballers then sell them, and its a continuos cycle, this is just Chit!

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  36. ArsenalSoCalledFan

    Wenger just become a scout because I’ve lost all hope in you. :'(

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  37. Mark

    Bring back David Dein, the man knew how to clinch the deals.

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  38. Me-Basil

    @ Alumnia, Denilson, Eboue (HAPPY EBOUE) and Bendtnar – Are all in training and look very much like they will be here next year. A picture says a thousand words.
    Check out the traning pics on ARSENAL.COM

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  39. S.H

    @ Gunnersfan

    You speak of Wenger like he’s the only coaching and scouting member in Arsenal. So what IF it’s true that the man wants to spend some days off with his family? He’s only human. Do you guys never take holidays after a stressful year? Besides, he did postpone his holiday to attend to transfer matters first at the end of the season. If it’s true that he took some days off on his yacht recently, well good on him. So maybe this is good news that transfers are in place and Wenger has confidence in his scouts to follow up directives.

    As for attending the world cup, every coach is interested in this event as it brings the world’s best on one stage. Isn’t it then the best time to be involved so you can identify the key players you want? I simply don’t understand your thought processing. What was Wenger doing at the world cup? Eating ice-cream and staring at hot chicks for a month? He was obviously invited there to fulfil a tv job but at the same time he obviously watched closely and probably made his wishlist like every other coach does!

    I have a rebuttal for every silly comment you make, because your comments are just nonsense! You believe everything you read! You’re a gullible fan with a mouth that speaks before the brain has done its processing. Stop for a moment, let your brain catch up! LOL

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  40. Gunnersfan!

    @ S.H

    hahaha just as I suspected. These Wengerites are a disgrace to the great club. Well if AW was ath the world cup to commentate but more importantly to help the club identify good players, I can understand. BUT no, he comes back and gets rubbish CHEAP players like Kos, Squallacci and Chamakh.

    Suarez one of the stars at the world cup went to Liverpool, van der vaart went to Spurs and we get NOTHING!


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  41. paul

    Im seriously p@@@ed off with Arsenal at the moment

    i am getting fed up with being linked with every player under the sun(as long as they are cheap!!)
    We have let Clichy go for peanuts, and Nasri will go the same way… i hear the excuse that they are in the last year of their contracts, so we have to take what we can get… well, who allowed them to get to the last year of their contracts, if they were not prepared to sign a new contract last year, they should have been sold then…

    Wenger and the board are inept at business, they would not last 5 minutes in the real world, £14m for Henri.. Joke… £7m for Clicchy.. Joke, denilson, Diaby Bendtner, Eboue, Squilacci all on approx £60k a week.. Joke !!!

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  42. Nasri

    Thiago motta, better sign me, i’m 29, pretty experenced, n m free, no signing on fees, n i’d only charge only 3000 a week. Oh, i’m a STRIKER, atleast i’m better than nickerless bender.

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  43. kingmuzzie

    Arsene’s philosophy of bringing in young talent has been a huge failure YES he has found a few gems but to what avail ? We haven’t won a bean . Now all our players are heading for the exit and who can blame them ? Alvarez wanted to join but they wouldn’t bid another million so inter stepped in and have took him right under our noses . What has really pissed me off today is reading the sun i see wenger suning it up on some water slide laughing and joking whilst we lose all our team he needs to get his head out of his arse and bring some quality big names into the club were going to be a laughing stock next season at this rate . Even the yid army will be right on our tails SORT IT OUT wenger your really starting to grind on me atm .

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  44. hello

    For **** Sake just bid the right amount for the players. BRING IN:

    Marko Marin – around £13m (current wage is £42,000)
    Gary Cahill – around £17m
    Aly Cissoko – around £10m
    Gervinho – around £10m – nearly completed
    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlin – around £10m
    + couple of Wenger Bargains e.g Jenkinson, Toral Harper etc.

    spent around: £45-55m


    Cesc Fabregas – no one knows price – £30-50m?
    Gael Clichy – £7m – Gone
    Nicklas Bendtner – around £10m
    Denilson – around £5-10m

    Total Sales – £52-77m

    We are guarenteed a profit and we get more players, better depth, and someone to challenge Arshavin. Hopefully we can rotate our players often and they will be happy. We don’t break the bank and our Wage Structure stays in place, with Nasri moving up to £100k a week, the highest earner at the club, with Cesc gone

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  45. top gunner

    Its not wengers fault we miss out on players its ivan gazidiz, the guy havnt da slightest clue about player negotiations, wenger identifies the players he wants and then its up to him, when david dein was at the club the media didnt even kno about the transfers until they were done,and my fellow gunnerd dont let the media wind you up with all the speculation its just a way to turn us against the club and let things seem worse than they are, things arnt exactly rosy at the mo but thers no need to wind yourselves up over it, it wont change the way the club is run which i think is very old fashioned and its hindering progress. Of the top four clubs we have the lowest wage cap, the smallest transfer budget and because of this players wont stay at the club and its hard to attract top talent, and when wenger do leave which top manager is gona b interested in replacing him

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  46. Davi

    Reminds me of edu. No problem with his ability but he’s so injury prone it’s untrue. He’s as bad as van persie.

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    the tottenham chairman daniel levy just said it’s not about money…we are not selling our best players…but arsenal? youth policy then sell…money in the board’s pocket ah ah ah clever guys…that s the end for you guys

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  48. Davi

    No one wanted alvarez when we were first linked, but now everyone is so disappointed that we didn’t get him. No one really knows how good he is. Could be great, could be average and there’s nothing concrete that says we were REALLY after him anyway. Maybe we scouted him a few times, thought he looked interesting, but weren’t sure enough to follow up the interest.

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  49. Peter Emmanuel

    It is very pertinent and interesting to do something seriously now about Arsenal team.In fact,it is high time for AW to recruit good players with matured mine that can handle and control the team and players like Nasri and Fabbregas should continue with the team because Arsenal need a very strong bench not only first eleven to with Man city,Man U,chelsea ,Liverpol,spurs and all those relegation teams that sometimes prove stubborn.

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  50. gunner reveals 2day wenger has been given 10days deadline 4 cahill(go check in d site),they were d 1st 2 link arsenal wit alvarez..
    so,imo we wil sign him cos he favours a move 2 d emirates.
    so as long as he loves our club,chelc or united coming into bidding wouldnt worry wenger 2 much…….:)
    wat say guys ?

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  51. Tilden

    Just sell the stadium, couple players, buy ronaldo and build a mini stadium with grass banks to sit on, like going 4 a picknic

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  52. Liddy

    I have just taken up the offer of season ticket at Arsenal after being on the waiting list for 6 years.Since reading some of the comments on this site I feel that I may have wasted my money. I don’t relish sitting in the stadium amongst a load of whingers. If the club sack AW who do we get? Another manager will come and will need to spend well over 100m and that will not happen. I also feel frustrated by the lack of decent signings,lets hope within the next 2 weeks he makes some good signings,and perhaps all the whingers on this site will start cheering. GUNNERS GUNNERS

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  53. Gr8blight

    Hmmmmm……this just doesn’t feel right.

    I was really banking on the Alvarez transaction. He looks like someone who’s gonna win. Gervinho in all honesty…seems like a very poor decision.

    Well…..mayb after this season….a rejig in management could be vital. I hope it doesn’t go that far.

    They’re all acting like Jews.

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  54. Gr8blight

    Call me fickel….but i’m really STARTING to feel gutted.

    That “bathing in the sun” picture really did it. Wenger couldn’t have chosen a worse time.

    Either’s he got everything planned out and he knows what he is doing and has to do….or there’s a major major major shit storm coming his and…Arsenal’s…and our way.

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  55. ikwams

    All i’m saying is Wenger is still the man for this job let the guy get on with his job . the pressure is waaayyy too much . i hear stupid non – gooners chatting sh*t and writing stupid blogs about wengers tactics and shit like that if u can do the job they would have given you the bloody job for Heavens sake!

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  56. Bouba

    Remember, Wenger did say that success was not measured based on trophies but on your consistency… WHICH IS OBVIOUSLY A LOADS OF CRAP AND NON SENSE… But it is his view…
    I also think that it is the board view… As long as Arsenal stays sustainable and manage a CL spot they are satisfy and the fans can complain as much as they want…

    It is a reality… It is sad, but it is what it is…

    So, let’s not expect any miracles… He is going to built a squad ready to achieve a minimum…

    You can see it clearly; while other managers are already on the market for players, he is working on his tan somewhere in the sun…

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  57. ebouesghost

    all of you wanks have small peeni, low IQ’s, and get all worked up over nothing. Be proud, Support Arsenal, Stop Whining like little girls, Let the professionals do their jobs.

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  58. S.H


    You call me a disgrace to Arsenal but I have been the only few in this forum that have been expressing our need to NOT kick our team down when their down, but rather stick together and support them regardless. Ur actions are shameful, you are childish and your thought processing is completely askew from the facts. People like you spread false news like a virus and other idiots on the same level agree with it.

    You’re probably now complaining that we didn’t get Alvarez, but initially thought he wasn’t worth buying!

    Hey did i tell you we’re after Posh Spice for $80M to replace Fabregas. Quick tell everyone this rumour that you believe! Like I said youre probably 17, maybe at best 20. Leave the thinking to real men boy!

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  59. Sloppy Joe

    ^Straight to the point, I like that. While we’re on the topic of low IQ’s, admin, would you please only allow cleary considered and well though out comment to be posted? I swear I saw some uncivilised baboon post a comment saying Arsenal should sign Jon Walters and Titus Bramble :L I’m a fan that doesn’t expect much, (but even O think thats too far) Champions League spot and I’m happy. Doesn’t make me a “loser” or some kind of Wenger bum off, it’s just and I know this may sound crazy to some of you…….football doesnt matter :O Shock horror.

    P.S Denilson and Bendtner are alright. (cause I’m a controversial c**t.

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  60. onyodhi

    with all this confusion i strongly believe one day we will get the real man, some body to do the right thing……for we will take what is there and move on…..No condition is permanent let nasri…cesc…clichy & bentner sleep..still arsenal will LIVE….. ARSENAL TILL I DIE…

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  61. max otieno


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  62. Gunnersfan!

    @ S.H

    Unless you can find prove of me posting that Alvarez wasn’t worth buying, I would refrain from making such inflamatory remarks little girl.

    I actually thought he would have been a great signing! even saw clips of him, which was promising. PLUS he is 6 ft over not like the other short players at Arsenal!

    Anyway, even Arsenal Legend IAN WRIGHT said:

    “….But I have my suspicions that he would still dither about, take too long to make up his mind and then plump for someone in France or Spain hardly any of us have ever heard of.”

    IN WENGER WE RUST!!!!!!!!!! VIVA LA REVOLUCION!!!!!!!!!!

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  63. robert

    arsensl need to sack arsene wenger coz don’t see him staying at emirates.thats for sure.

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  64. bob

    I would rather have Parker or Vidal. Alvarez goin 2 inter i bad coz hes good and this means man utd have more chance of getting sneijder.

    Players we’ve missed out on:
    Alvarez, Ronaldo, Drogba, Stephan savic (for free), Yaya Toure (for minimal fee) and more players.

    Just a joke!

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  65. Red DB 10

    Dejavu gooners,
    Yet another player is bought from right under the arsenal boards noses.
    lets hope Alvarez is the only one who slips away this summer but the way the board is going about their business i doubt it.
    Lets hope we can get at least one of Cahill, Samba, Vertonghen.
    And for the love of god let the players that want out, get out, and good riddance if you ask me.
    Nasri has one good season or should i say half a good season and he wants to double his salary?

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  66. Karthik

    I don care if arsenal wins or loses but i think arsenal are the best…i wud love to be a gunner forever…wenger try to make everyone’s mouth shut…leave fab get some good player for less money…gary cahill and samba will strengthen our defence…dont let Nasri got to man u…let him go elsewhr…with teenage sensation wilshere with us we need one more midfielder like Faregas……

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  67. joe

    I don’t see an thing wrong with our manager at.. this players are all under performing including those who want to go a way from the team. but what is the solution is what we have to ask ourself as ARSENAL FC.. No:10 of W. BREMAN in german is one player we need

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  68. samuel nyemnkem

    anyway,i believe arsene have replacement for nas and fab,so let them go.maybe we will get the trophy when they leave.arsenal for life

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  69. samuel nyemnkem

    and having gervinho will bring a great change to arsenal.we dont need people like bertdner there.we need intelligent attackers,people that are strong like an eagle

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  70. givenuphope

    stop listening to all these rumours, we all know arsenal won’t buy any good players, they just keep saying they will and then they buy one or two players that no one even knows

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