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Arsenal target Janssen admits he’s waiting for the phone call…

Arsenal target confirms he wants to leave!

Arsenal may be close to signing Jamie Vardy but according to some news reports, Wenger may still have another striker option up his sleeve.

Arsenal have been linked with AZ ALKMAAR striker Vincent Janssen a lot this summer, a rumour that just won’t be put to bed. In a recent interview, Janssen has added fuel to those rumours by openly stating his desire to move away from AZ, and a move to England with Arsenal may be on the cards.

In a Metro Article, Janssen is reported as saying: ‘I want to make a step, that is clear. But there is no white smoke just now. England? We will see. Maybe something will happen in the holidays. I will take my phone with me anyway.’

Janssen doesn’t seem too confident that a move will happen any time soon but of course there is still plenty of time left in this summer’s transfer window. The striker doesn’t seem to be a firm favourite first choice of any transfer intentions, so perhaps that’s why he phone hasn’t been ringing as of yet. However that could change soon if Wenger decides he sees room for another striker after Vardy (that’s if Vardy does move of course!)

The 21 year old is a promising striker who scored 27 goals in 34 games last season, an impressive feat for anyone, let alone a future prospect. With Janssen there is still so much room for development into an even better player, making him far from the finished product. Therefore he seems like a typical Wenger signing so if I were you Vincent, I’d keep that phone on and you may be hearing from Arsenal very soon.


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26 thoughts on “Arsenal target Janssen admits he’s waiting for the phone call…


    Good player..will be a star in the near future for sure. We should really get him even if it means loaning him back to the eredivisie for one or two seasons.

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    1. French

      Agreed, we should sign him regardless of what happens with Vardy. This kid is one for the future.

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  2. Eddy Hoyte

    Please the Vardy deal should be announced, i’m tired of reloading my news page for its confirmation, i dont want to go through The Higuain twilight saga again..just do the needful and let the fans heave a sigh of relief for now

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    1. goonerboy

      Eddy Hoyte…

      Are we the ones that will announce it????
      Or is it that will??…*smiles

      Anyway,let’s hope he will announced today around 12noon!!!

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  3. Tatek Girma

    Janssen will be an ideal addition together with Varday’s signing. I will be happy if Wenger sign him. He is a young talent and can be a star just like the previous Arsenal’s Dutch legends.

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  4. The Handsome_Gooner

    Ok btw who would we prefer, Henrikh Mkhitaryan or Riyam Mahrez?

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    1. JAmerican


      PL experience and proven
      Can assist and score as well
      Left footed for more balance on the wings
      Very technical and suits our style

      Having seen much of Mhyk but I enjoyed watching Mahrez last season every time he played, it felt like whenever he had the ball something good was about to happen. Most importantly not afraid to take on players and very successful at it too.

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    2. goonerboy

      @handsome Gooner..

      Personally, I prefer Vardy,Mhiktaryan and Janssen..

      But it seems Wenger wants Vardy,Colak and one of Mahrez or henrikh…

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  5. Fatboy Gooney

    The total cost of signing Vardy, is said to be around £47 million! (Including his wages, on a 4 year contract)

    Surely, that money could buy you Jansenn and Milik (including both their 4 year contracts) they are both very young and both could show Giroud how to put away half their chances and of course they will both be profitable, if sold on.

    Vardy is not a sensible option,at all, it’s a panic buy and far too risky, at a big cost! I would rather see him flop elsewhere!
    Because that’s exactly whats going to happen to him, next season.

    He started the season on fire … He peaked .. got extra big headed… His form dipped abit… he got banned! And don’t forget that in the second half of the season, he only played once aweek… well rested with breaks and trips abroad.

    At Arsenal …. Our players only get rest and breaks, in the physio room! 😂😉.

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    1. NY_Gunner

      Save your bandwidth Fatboy. You’re trying to convert the hungry, the desperate and the desperately hungry. Mahrez was the guy we needed from LC. Instead, we went for “Dean Gaffney”…

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      1. Fatboy Gooney

        Apparently, Wenger is on Mahrez’s case, too.
        The players release clause, is shockingly low! 😂
        Theres no confirmation about the fee, but it’s said to be between 15-25 million.

        If wenger signs Mahrez, then thats definitely! a see ya later to Theo Walcott!!

        Depending on who else comes in, we could see a few more being sold… Ox, Ramsey and Wheelchair! 😂

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        1. JAmerican

          Read articles from both BBC and Sky Sports saying we’re going for the double in Vardy and Mahrez. Is that good reliable news?

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        2. supertuur

          @fatboy – yes throw out all our homegrowns so we a re only left with a small squad, that makes sense. Vardy keeps the quota up.

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          1. Fatboy Gooney

            Hahaha 😂
            My thought. .. I keep forgetting that some things have to be explained. . like in Sesame Street ! 😂

            Now Please go and read my comment again and concentrate on todays keyyyy words:

            Anyways… these home growns! give us the wrong kind of Red -eye! 😉

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    2. atid

      It’s not risky at all, these prices would have been risky 2 years ago, but with the new TV deal, it’s of no risk. It’s like you winning the euromillions and spending 10% of your winnings on a party.

      Arsenals income from the premier league via TV deals and winnings alone was £100m for 1 year. Take that into context, it does not include, champions league,fa cup, league cup, sponsorship deals, partnership deals, ground naming deals, merchandising sales or gate receipts!!!

      Some risk spending £12m a year on a player, I can’t believe people moaning about arsenal spending money!!! Lol! U couldn’t make it up.

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  6. davidnz

    Jansen awaiting a call
    from Wrexham 🙂
    Seriously though we need
    to move quickly as there are
    just 86 days till the T/Window closes 🙂
    I don’t care who we get as striker any
    one is better than Unwellbroke or Sanogo.

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  7. JRL

    Buy him..Giroud and Walcott will both be gone in a year or two, and Vardy possibly 2-3 good years left in him..Janssen is a quality player, not just at club levei in Holland, but at international level also..He’s young and strong, and could cope with the demands of the EPL.

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    1. Fatboy Gooney

      Two or three good years in him? .. but he is going to get paid for FOUR!.. Whether he has one or none! 😂

      I can understand the desperation for those that are happy with the signing of Vardy! 😂 But seriously, there’s no need to jump on the first Bus, that comes along! 😲 as in this case, this Bus, is more than likely, not going to your intended destination! 😉

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      1. JRL

        Maybe Vardy will work out maybe’s a gamble for sure…but due to the late start and limited time he’s had in the football league proper, he should have at least 2-3 more years as I said..

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        1. Fatboy Gooney

          Life isn’t that predictable my friend!
          As Ozil would say…. “You never know 😉⚽”

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  8. Uzi Ozil

    Some fans want us to get Vardy, Other fans don’t agree he is what we need.

    Anyway, I feel he is thrive with us. Maybe he will remind us of (Ian, wiltord) that peaked @ 28 and 29 respectively.

    I have always said this, if we don’t get Vardy then get mi Janssen. I have seen Him play and boy, he is young and good. If we get both (Vardy and Janssen), I’ll be so delighted. If we get one, that’s fine too

    Walcott time could be up…. I love Campbell but seems Wenger don’t really like his style so maybe he should leave and play often in a new club. Ox, don’t know what to make of Him. He can be good, he can be so frustrating too. Ox needs to come out of his shell.

    Arsenal All The Way!

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    1. khangunners

      I think ox needs to go out on loan.he needs to learn alot yet and that can really help him.then we asses if he is gud enough or not

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  9. kaybiks

    I don’t buy the idea of vardy. He can’t dribble. He’s an upgrade of Thoe

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  10. El Blaze

    I suggest we get Janssen now, this young man would most likely be a great striker in the near future with numbers he is currently hitting. He and Giroud would compete for the second position while Vardy gets the starting shirt, which means there won’t be undue pressure on the young man to perform, giving room to settle down and develop his game more.

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