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Arsenal-target Malcom admits he “does not know” if he will have “England dream”

Now that the deal between Arsenal and Manchester United is ddone and dusted, the Gunners can now move on to their other targets, which are rumoured to be Malcom from Bordeaux and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Dortmund. Both players have been punished over disciplinary problems recently and both have been dropped by their teams this weekend.

Dortmund have finally admitted that Arsenal have made an approach for PEA, after denying any contact and calling Arsenal disrespectful. It would appear that Bordeau were taking the same stance when their president Stephane Martin said: “Things are clear with his agents. He has not had his contract extended this summer just to give him away this winter,” Martin told L’Equipe.

“We haven’t had any discussions with Arsenal. From our point of view, it’s all hot air.

“They can always try, but they will have a hard time taking him from us.”

But now the player himself has admitted that he could yet be sold after telling reporters yesterday: “I do not know if I will be staying or leaving. I leave that to my agents, to the club. If I leave that is great, I thank the club for everything,”

“That is life. These are choices. There you go. Now we will see. If I have to stay, I will stay. If I am to leave, then I will leave. So long as I am here, I will do my work.

“Is England a dream? Yes it is a dream, it is a dream for all players and I am no different. As I said, I am here, I must think about working and nothing else. I must not think about leaving now.”

Does that sound like someone who has been told he is categorically not leaving Bordeaux? I don’t think so….

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16 thoughts on “Arsenal-target Malcom admits he “does not know” if he will have “England dream”

  1. rkw

    here is the big truth … sanchez out miki in would leave us with a weaker best 11 than the start of the window … and a close rival stronger … with money in the bank from Walcott and coquelin the only winner would be the owner and his overpaid mouthpiece … on motd yday he says nothing happening with PMA then we hear about a silly underbid … whole thing looking like deja vu all over again

    1. Peterhos

      I hate to tell you this but at the moment we are not rivals with Man U. We cannot even beat Stoke, Bournemouth, Notts For etc. Never mind, Kroenke has a lovely ranch.

    2. Mobella

      The way i see it arsenal this season is weak with Sanchez in it. He head was not in it and just forcing the issue. I think with Mhiki will be a bit stronger cos we are having a player who has something to prove.

  2. The Defiant Man

    One thing to remember: never EVER blindly believe “journalists”.
    They’re intellectual prostitutes sold to the highest bidder (private or governmental).

    Today, the liars reported we wanted Luke Shaw for Sanchez.
    I am not joking, I’m afraid.

    Already having 3 players who have played better than Shaw at left back this year – Kolasinac, Maitland-Niles, Monreal – Arsene was reportedly desperate to add an overpaid, overweight, injured player to be our 4th choice LB. Jeez.

    What has happened with the world, when all we’re given by hacks are false narratives??

  3. Pablo santner

    I don’t think Malcom would move this season. He is a exciting young talent but comparing him with Martial Mabappe and Lemar is overrating. I would rather love to see Draxler next season who is unsettled and has expressed his ambition for playing in England(considering we win Europa league and automatically qualify for champions league) .
    Next season –
    Lacazette – Abumeyang
    Draxler – ozil – xhaka – Mikhitariyan
    Sead/monreal kos/new CB – Mustafi – bellerin

        1. Peterhos

          Wilshere cannot play any position properly. He is a jack of all trades, master of none at the highest level (might have been, but then injuries …).

        2. Kroenke Out

          Neither can Xhaka. Arsene’s biggest recent transfer f.up was Xhaka instead of Kante. We missed a player we could build a whole midfield around.

  4. Mehmet

    I hope we buy Malcom so wenger can prove he has ambition for arsenal,he should not wait till summer ,get it over and done with so they can gel together.

  5. GB

    Where is the evidence we are after Malcom? Our negotiating team are in Dortmund.
    spurs negotiators are in Bordeaux and are favourites to get him, unfortunately.

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