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Arsenal target may be heading to Man United

One of the most sought after strikers in football, and someone who would fir perfectly into the Arsenal way of playing under Arsene Wenger is the Polish international Robert Lewandowski. His contract with the German club Borrussia Dortmund has about 18 months left to run, but the Bundesliga side are determined to hold on to their star, at least until the summer.

If Wenger and the Arsenal board were planning to make a move for the 24-year old at the end of this season, they are likely to be disappointed, if the German newspaper Bild is correct. They have reported that Manchester United have already agreed terms with Lewandowski and Dortmund over his summer transfer to Old Trafford.

United will pay around £18 million, apparently, and double his current wages to around £4 million a year. That would still meant that he would earn less than half the wages paid to either Robin van Persie or Wayne Rooney. Maybe Arsenal could still persuade him to come to the Emirates. With our new wealth we should be able to match those figures.

Lewandowski may prefer to be the biggest fish in the pond rather than being paid much less than his strike partners. He is on less than his team mates Mario Gotze and Marco Reus at Dortmund and that is one of the reasons he has decided to leave, so there is a chance that Wenger could persuade him that Arsenal is his best option. We would have to finish the season strongly and at least qualify for the Champions league again if we are to attract some top players, but Wenger seems to have a knack for that.

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65 thoughts on “Arsenal target may be heading to Man United

  1. dblackchyld

    If they(the board) can pay 4 him.he’s tall,can hold D̶̲̥̅̊ ball nd has a great vision nd to top it up,he’s a clinical finnisher!…c’mon wenger!we need him!

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  2. Haxxxan

    Since wenger has said again that ‘we will only buy if a TOP TOP TOP player is available’, i have stopped believing in transfer news anymore. Next match please!

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  3. loran 12

    Lol we are not manu we are arsenal we buy shit nd make them world class nd manu buy worldclass player nd make them shit !!

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  4. nick

    Pato plzzzzzzz. PERFECT FOR SYSTEM… How can u not want a 23 year old brazilian that scores against the likes of barcelona and other top european clubs… He also played with the best, these are good attributes.., he won’t panic in games agianst the likes of man U, man city, chelsea…… He will need to prove him himself again to gain that spot bakk in his country’s 11…. Wenger u can do this, U r the verrry best at this…. U made Henry…. I watch with my own eyes….. This kid is better than Henry wen henry was 23….. Mr wenger I would prefer to c him fail, which he won’t…. Look at oscar!!! U think PATO wouldn’t want to be playing in the same league and rediscover the Pato we kno, gain some glory for himself….???? Mr wenger I will be upset if we don’t get Pato, he is perfect for us upfront!!!!! PERFECTTTTTTTTTT…..

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  5. Gunner

    If its true then that’s bad, but why would he leave Dortmund anyway there becoming 1 of the best teams in Europe he’s dumb if he leaves. But f he leaves for arsenal then he’s smart 🙂

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  6. nick

    He has GUtS and will fight…… We need these type of players…. Has something to prove, and also has di talent… Trust me Wenger GET PATO……. PLZZZZ…. I want to buy jerseys again, not juss wilshire and carzola gears….

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  7. Gunner4life

    whatttttt. they have rooney, van pussy, chicharito, welbeck why the f### do they need another striker

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  8. Super kurt

    @nick every story I’ve clicked on today I go to read the fans comment and uv posted same comment on every story about pato. WE DON’T WANT PATO!!!!!! yeah mibi he would be perfect if he was not injured all the time get real! We need a striker to come in play all season and score goals consistently. It pato wasn’t injury prone Milan would not be parting with him,

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  9. budgie

    what a non story! A player we might be interested in buying, might be interested in signing for someone else or might just stay where he is already! Shock horror, hold the back page, breaking news! Shape up!

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  10. Super kurt

    What do use think of victor Wanyama??? Every time I see him play I think he could be the piece of the puzzle our midfield needs. And players in spl don’t go for more than 10-12 million no matter how good they are so he is certainly in our price range

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  11. Nathan

    We are being link with a young Leicester city stricker Anthony Knockaert 21yr and Alessandro Matri 28yr Juventus a loan deal…Just wait don’t expect big signing

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  12. leo

    llorente or negredo + acc to spanish sources arda turan has agreed terms with arsenal he has a 20m buyoutcluase but the fee agreed is around 12-14m not sure though as far as lewnadowski goes manure got him for 18m is a good deal & they are also going to bring back ronaldo that’s ambition

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  13. VonMich

    Lewandowski to Arsenal… Totally unrealistic! Let’s speak about real AFC targets!

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  14. leo

    just one question does anyone knows how much arsene wenger has to spend in summer is it 30m or 70m
    AST’s analysis of the accounts showed at least £70m available. The Sun says Wenger has been given £30m.what is going on some say we have nearly 180m in cash reserves when are we going to use it what are we waiting for is ivan gazdis wanting a new pay rise

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  15. leo

    Arsenal & Walcott’s representatives reached an agreement for a new improved deal in the region of 85-90K weekly Final details of the new Walcott’s deal expected to be concluded during Winter walcott wants to stay still some way to go chelski & lfc still monitoring the situation keep your hands off theo

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  16. me

    i cant see big name will come to arsenal. and if someone with such talent being offered man united or arsenal, he definitely going to man united. n i dont wnt to blame him. this is logic. the bad thing is just bvb starts to being supermarket just like arsenal.

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  17. leo

    he is back diaby will be back in training by next week (lans like a new signing) wenger get strootman he is available for just 8-10m please never how long diaby will last really getting tired of him

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  18. hmmm

    from Diaby and Santos should be back in first-team training next week.

    Please no, but I have a gut feeling that Diaby will be one of our “new” signing

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  19. leo

    the arda turan to arsenal makes sense gervinho out for african nations cup hear he could be loaned out or kept out till he can rediscover his form while arshvin is set to leave turan would be good signing meanwhile nuri sahin regrets lfc move love it he wants to play for arsenal if he exits madrid while nasri wants back arsenal move acc to agent player is homesick lol

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  20. Rosicky

    Buy fabregas back…i know he will never refuse coming back…#arsenallegend

    He plays and always used to win it for arsenal even with a broken foot(Penalty against barca and 2 goals against aston villa)#greatmemories

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  21. leo

    Sources close to Walcott confirmed player won’t be sold in January & insists he’s looking to sign a new contract & stay[Sky Sports]

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  22. Stuart

    Re : Leo @4.10
    what’s in the accounts and what is made available to Wenger are two completely different things and will be beyond his control. In any organisation you will have a cash surplus and a budget / allowance, the two are usually vastly different numbers.

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  23. leo

    @stuart it started with 70m now 30m we have saved some money from 180m in cash reserves in case we miss out on cl pos but still 70m should be there ,the 30m is for transfer money & it cover their wages as well we could only 1-2 players it’s kind of complex but we need to bring in 3-4 players

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  24. Mowember

    @ leo

    Today arda turan expressed his desire to leave to a bigger club to play and win the champions league with. I dont know about our chances to win it but certainly in the past he said he liked arsenal and liverpool, so we are i think the only club. I hope so because he is very good maybe in short of pace but with his vision and silky passing he can be an instant hit like cazorla. Diaby is getting back full fitness and also rosicky so i think there will be 1 or 2 signings arsenal fans expect too much they expect cash is going to be slashes no it will be 1 or 2 signings thats all.

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  25. sperez

    No way! Wenger the clown will only buy ‘super super quality’ players like Chamakh, Park, Santos, Squillaci…or players that can add ‘QUALIDDY’ to our ‘top’ squad.
    Honestly, I can’t see anyone better than the likes of Gervinho, Ramsey, Diaby and Giroud. Diaby is so f*cking awesome that he is probably the most expensive player per minutes played. Messi or Ronaldo can’t hold a candle to Diaby. We’ll win every single major trophy with our great squad. Wenger is indeed a ‘genius’.

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  26. Invincibles nice (1)

    The only way i can see it working for manu is if they move Rooney back to midfield, he can play there but i dont think he will want to make it his trait.

    Even if they sell Hernandez and go with three superb strikers, i dont believe any of the three will sit behind any other. rvp still has four great years in him and although Lewendowski is reasonably young, he will not rest on his laurels waiting on rvp to decline.

    I dont see manu getting the lad, they could have gotten him during the summer but opted rvp instead. Also its not really an area for concern, is it, they have the best strike force within the PL.

    Hearing this price quoted for such a solid pro, i cant help thinking whats stopping us throwing our hat in.

    I think every Gooner out there would be delighted in seeing the Pole wear our famous red and white. It would also be pleasing seeing our club finally replace rvp, better late than never as so too the Fab/Cazorla replacing.

    The only disappointing thing with it, would be the fact that he wont be arriving anywhere till summer, if i knew we were biding our time till then, i wouldnt mind the Ba deal in the least. Might be very unlikely and i know im stretching allot but next seasons strikers would then be Giroud Lewendowski Ba and hopefully Walcott, if Walcott does abandon we still have the option of Podolski.

    A different note, Allot of supporters believe after hearing Wengers qoute only special players, that we will not be signing anyone or hear we go again.

    I thought myself o s**t dont tell me theres no #**king money after Ivan spouting the contrary all #**king season, not this s**t again with Wenger stepping into the firing line, just coz the board are worried about missing fourth #**king spot. However as we know Arshavins on his way out and likely along with Chamakh, we may get a bid for Bendtner as its the jan window, which teams become desperate and managers have a last throw of the dice. We may even have to replace Walcott, and im sure Djourou is a gonner.

    With this i fully expect quite a bit of activity, I dont see any reason in keeping Theo if he doesnt sign, we could have done this with rvp which would make allot more sense and maybe the Arsenal would now have been a PL title contender. Finally Wenger has realised Santos to be c**p, that along with Djourou makes defensive signings an area of optimism. Arshavins going coz Wenger thought he could play on our wing, so fully expect a winger arriving and hopefully one like our old (Ljungberg,Pires,Overmars,Nasri). Blatant to all that we need a striker, who is different (better) than what we got, im sure we are going to see this area reinforced.
    Thank you all.

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  27. Invincibles nice (1)

    @Leo thats the same information coming from walcotts camp for over a year now.

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  28. George

    I guarantee that Lewandowski will not sign for Man united, they have the Prems best striker, rooney behind him (with kagawa as an alternative) they also have Welbeck and Hernandez, with Macheda and Bebe further down the lines, they have no need or use for another top striker. Lewandowski would be a perfect buy

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  29. gunner jack

    this is not arsenal target, let me tell you…our target is ba, adrian, zaha

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  30. nick

    @super Kurt….Pato had and injury!!!!! He is not DEAD!!!! U want impossible signigns while there are bargains under our nose…. This is a big signing, plus wenger as tutor, there is no limits to what pato can be at the end of the day…. None of these strikers have never played with the best or even against tha best, much less score…. Pato has done it alllll…… Against the like of messi and frens…. U guys jusss waana c big names u kno nothing about football… Football is more than wat u can juss c now….

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  31. DrPepper


    Suppose Santi is a useless buy? Ox? Jenkinson? Per? Kos? Or youngsters like Ryo, Eisfield or Campbell?

    Why cherry pick players to choose?

    I reckon you would be happier supporting City or Chels

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  32. leo

    @Invincibles nice (1) the news today was on sky sports so i am not sure some say he has agreed to a move to cfc or lfc nothing is concrete

    @mowember as far as arda turan goes he wants arsenal move besides us lfc & spuds are looking at him player wants arsenal move no other clubs in for him he is a big fan of wenger last season itself he wanted arsenal move

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  33. Jego

    @leo Signing Arda Turan would be a terrible idea – he is too slow for a winger and physically not strong = recipe for failure in EPL.
    Best of all would be signing Andre Schurrle and moving Podolski to his natural CF position.

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  34. Salvage

    Who and what made him “Arsenal Target”. Did Wenger or the board ever tell you they are targeting him? Are you not tired of these unfounded rumours and nonsense? Most of which are figment of the admin’s(and contributors)imagination.

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  35. Goon-Tah

    Is it surprising anymore that Wenger, whose team has trouble competing, will move much slower on the transfer market than Sir Alex, whose team actually wins trophies? With Rooney, Chicarito, & RvP, SAF still realizes his team needs more world class players to keep at the top. Wenger, on the other hand, …sigh! I wish I could knock this man on the head!!!

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  36. b3z

    @jego santi carzola aint built for the epl but look what a great buy he was, so stop this bs abt being built for epl its no excuse

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  37. Jego

    @b3z How dare are you to compare Arda Turan with Cazorla !!! ))) Turan is hundred times slower and less technically gifted, as a winger he will struggle in EPL, probably turn in to deadwood at some point…
    We need “maniac killers” in our squad not more mediocre players. Only the top quality signing like Goetze, Schurrle, Lamela, Dzagoev, Strootman, Cavani, Iker Muniain, De Rossi, Lars Bender can make us a super club again

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  38. Doc

    I can’t see Lewandowski, Goetze or Reus leaving Dortmund at the minute much to my disappointment they are three cracking players but paper talk will be the only link with Arsenal to them in this transfer window ,whatever about the next one.

    Falcao and Cavani are too expensive and I can only dream of such players.

    Pato wants to return to Brazil so that’s a non runner too.

    Huntaleer has signed a new deal and El Shaaraway seems happy plus I can’t see AC selling if they loose the two Brazilians so with all that in mind were in need of a few new dreams.

    Schurrie, Lopez, Llorente are on my short list at the moment or sign Walcot as a striker and bring in another winger most likely.

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  39. true gooner

    Arda Turan is no mug & he can link up with rosicky/diaby/arteta & wilshire & Carzola can have a freer role out a little wider – behind the strikers! Wot r u on about Jego???????????

    Willian is the man or Al Sharawey

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  40. Doc

    Always liked Willian but he’s more of a No 10 not a striker, but Id take him and rotate Santi sometimes to the wing

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  41. stantheman

    Unfortunately, Fergusons judgement on buying players has proved better than Wenger’s.

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  42. ks-gunner

    Al Sharawey is a no go…he is for milan what wilsher is for us…..we keep wishing for so many star players and all what we will end up is usesless mediocry…simple players who are cheap enough are arsenal targets…
    whats the big deal about not netting a player like lewandowski i thought this new sponsor deal would helpe us out……does le prof only buy cheap and no names bec he is to scared to buy big coz that would put him aut. on pressure to win something…..our is our main goal just to be a selling club and earn and make the yankees richer on arsenals behave….damn i am so depressed…with this shet..

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  43. Jego

    @true gooner Gervinho was doing great back in France, but I knew he won’t be able to make it in EPL before he even signed for us. Turan is better off in Spain, he will struggle with the tempo of Premier League. Adrian Lopez is just an average player that’s why he is on the bench for most of the time.
    WE SOLD OUR BEST PLAYERS AND HAVEN’T REPLACED THEM WITH PLAYERS OF THE SAME LEVEL. That’s the major problem, along with lack of depth.
    Most of the players Arsenal is being linked to – are just average players and them coming to the team won’t help us beat Man U or Man City in the race for title.

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  44. Super kurt

    @nick u complete plonker! Wen did I say I wanted unrealistic players?? I said I didn’t want pato who is always injured, and u sayin he’s not dead he would aswell be the amount of games he plays a season. We don’t have lots of money but you’d be happy to throw sum away to bring in pato because he is a big name, al give u that WHEN he’s fit he has talent but how often is that, tony watt from Celtic scored against Barcelona too so what’s your point? Stop playin FIFA and actually watch a game once in a while. Wenger wouldn’t gamble on another diaby like situation and buy pato

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  45. @DanParkin10x

    We should have gotten him, NOT Giroud.

    Remy is who we should sign now instead..

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  46. gunner

    @f@k off leo,
    mate, no one is forcing you to read leo’s posts. if you find it annoying then just skip it. It’s not hard is it.
    also some people sometimes have a go at him because the transfer speculations that he posts on this site don’t become true and people blame him. don’t they understand the words transfer SPECULATIONS. it’s not his fault they don’t happen. for example the nuri sahin rumour, we were interested and wanted him on loan but mourinho didn’t agree because wenger wanted a clause in sahin’s contract to allow us to buy him at end of the loan.
    also some people (like me) just don’t have enough time at their hands to go and search transfer rumours on the internet. so it’s a quick way of learning about these rumours.
    finally, LEO mate keep it up!!

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  47. Rasta

    1. Welbeck signed a new 5 year deal last year . he isn’t going anywhere
    2. Based on Hernandez form this season he is arguably more important than Van Persie to fergie at this point. He has saved united from the brink 8 times this season.
    3. Rooney isn’t going anywhere. especially as he is on 250k a week and is the 3rd highest player in the world.
    4. RVP is 29 and he isn’t retiring anytime soon. why would united spend 24 mil plus add ons on RvP and get another striker when they have to play rooney in a reserved role
    5. Lewandowski hasn’t exactly rejected a new contract with Dortmund.
    6. Dortmund don’t sell players in january. As Real, United found out they waited till summer to even start negotiations.
    7. Why would he move to united and get paid peanuts when he is one of the best strikers in Europe who could easily wait out for Mourinho’s reign at Madrid to implode and move to madrid where he has less competition for places
    8. Which 24 year old do you know that is ready to sit on the bench to wait for RVP to crock when he starts every game for the current german champions and

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  48. GP

    Some fans do’nt want Pato because he’s injury prone which is true.
    But they are so excited about the return of Diaby.
    I used laugh at them down the road when they raved about sicknote Anderton….now we have our own
    If we had ambition Diaby would have been moved on out by now.
    He has missed too much football over the years to be so important in my opinion.

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  49. sperez

    DrPepper I cited some names but if Ryo and Campbell are so good Why aren’t they in the first team? Santi is the only to player we have. Koscielny is an average defender. Mertesacker is good but he is not fit to Wenger’s high defensive line. Ox, Jenkinson seem good but only time will tell. Ox just made an outstanding appearance against AC Milan, not much to be so excited about. Most players don’t progress well under Wenger despite all the hype. Remember Vela, Denilson, Bendtner, Djourou or even Walcott ? So stop deluding yourself with this ‘we have talented players’ bollocks.
    Eisfield looks better than Ramsey but Wenger doesn’t pick his players on merit but favouritism.
    Why does a person who dares to criticize Wenger should f*ck off to Chelsea or City ? Is Wenger bigger than Arsenal now?
    You should really support Norwich, Swansea or Birmingham. You are just like Wenger, no ambition just full of bulsh*t to justify failure. The difference is Wenger at least collected 50 million for almost 8 years of failure while Arsenal fans are being ripped off by the club.

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  50. DrPepper

    Because they are young and developing, unfortunately Arsenal fans have a tendancey to hype young players up then get p*ssed off when a 18 year old Theo Walcott is not out performing £40m players

    Again you are cherry picking you list Vela, Denilson and Djorou – how about Henry, Viera, Cesc, RVP or Cole the list of his most improved players far outstrips his dud players.

    What ever you think of him as a manager your nuts if you insult his player development.

    Who would have done better than Wenger?

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  51. Gundam

    Fergie only made one statement…. that he is not buying in this transfer window… and if he were to change that don’t you think he would buy a midfielder or a defender, heck there is more chance of him buying a goal keeper than another striker.

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  52. MDOwn

    I like how United have decided to give up on defending… ‘Let’s just play 5 striker… F@ck the clean sheets…’

    Got to feel a bit sorry for Vidic, he’s getting surrounded by shit.

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  53. Maleete

    The truth of the matter is, if we are to be a title contendant, then we must sack so called Wenger and give in for Pep Guardiola.

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  54. RT

    SEE THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE! It’s so sad to realise but that is the difference between us and utd. Before it didn’t matter when Wenger was bringing in the likes of King Henry, Petit, Pires (the list of legends goes on forever) – because with their world class talent we could still compete with Manure’s money spending on class players.

    But NOW, we must realise we must match them now!! There isn’t an Henry in our ranks yes we have probably the most talented youngsters but we can’t wait 4/5 more years before we have a title contending team. WE NEED ACTION NOW!

    SEE THAT IS AMBITION! Utd just spent £24mil on buying the golden boot winner last season.. Now go out to buy another world class striker AND are doing everything to get RONALDO back.. Wow we would stand no chance. We need our boards passion for winning back, we need a shape up of money because ultimately that is what runs football nowadays (I’m not saying debt I’m saying we have the money for higher wages and we need to in order to sign top talent) WE must act to get OUR club back to their fearful ways COYG!!!!

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  55. sperez

    Wenger has failed much more and succeeded less developing players. Where are all those supposedly ‘top quality material’ players? Where are Lansbury, Wellington Silva,Merida,Simpson,Senderos, Aliadiere,Traoré,Bentley? Am I really cherry picking here? I see a pattern that shows FAILURE.

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