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Arsenal target on the verge of transfer to Chelsea

Demba Ba has been linked with a transfer window move to Arsenal, and the 27-year old striker had said that the Gunners would be like a dream club for him to sign for. Chelsea entered the fray, however, and the Blues seem to have almost got their man, after offering Newcastle the amount of Ba’s release clause.

Newcastle have now had to allow the Senegalese striker to talk to Chelsea, so it is just a matter of agreeing personal terms before Ba heads for Stamford Bridge. It was reported that his wage demands od over £80,000 a week may have scuppered the deal, but Skysports reports that the club have persuaded him to accept a basic wage of around £70,000 which could rise depending on performance and appearances.

Chelsea are convinced that his old knee problem is no longer an issue, and Newcastle have withdrawn Ba from their squad that will fave Everton tonight. So it looks like Arsenal have been beaten to another player, and he is not even particularly expensive.

I just hope that this means that Arsene Wenger has got somebody better in mind, such as David Villa or Fernando Llorente, not someone cheap who will take a long time to settle and improve. We shall see!

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97 thoughts on “Arsenal target on the verge of transfer to Chelsea

  1. Twig

    He might never have been an Arsenal target you know? Wenger prefers them to be relatively unknown..

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  2. Kjacko

    I doubt Arsenal were really in for Ba. Only the fans were pushing for it.

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  3. o_0

    I don’t know why people are so keen on Villa. He is definitely WORLD CLASS, no denying it, but he’s 31. In a year or two, we’ll need another replacement, and do you think the board would even let that happen? NO! We need a young, yet experienced striker with a good track record, meaning 25 – 28 years old – then we have something to build on, and not to rebuild!

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  4. Nick

    A: Playing for Arsenal is a dream for a lot of players until big money clubs pull out their checkbooks!

    B: Ba is too similar a player to Giroud for us to really go after him

    C: Lopez, Llorente, Alvaro Negredo (supposedly Chelsea are after him too)are better and more the type we need.

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  5. leo

    i wish we had signed sturridge looks like it’s going to be adrian lopez sturridge would have been much better

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  6. Mallu Gooner

    Same story again and again. How many time this topic had been posted.

    Everyone know that he is not gonna join Arsenal.
    He definitely want more money. If PSG offers more he would go there.

    I don’t think he will be our answer for a good striker. We need some proved striker better than him.

    Just forget about this blah blah BA!

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  7. leo

    glad ba is going to chelski so we can go after negredo wenger still wants david villa & talks are on between the clubs

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  8. o_0

    We also need to get a move on! Liverpool have signed Sturridge, Chelsea are almost signing Ba, United have already offloaded Henrique to Wigan but we’ve done NOTHING! Hurry up and make some quality signings!

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  9. john 3:16

    I will not be satisfied until Fabianski, Mannone, Djourou, Squillaci, Santos, Denilson, Arshavin, Gervinho, Chamakh, Park and Bendtner have all been sold (not loaned out) and are no longer Arsenal players!

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  10. philthompsonsnose

    Nothing suprises me in footbal especially with our mysterious frenchman at the helm!!!
    We were the only club in for BA now weve lost him (apparently)?? to chelsea!! I heard a rumour Newcastle have lined up Odemwinge as a replacement.. FFS that’s the way to do it Arsene..Pardew hasn’t hung around.. infact why didn’t we go for Odemwinge??
    How many others will go by the wayside and we end up getting a player nobody has heard of (that’s because they can’t play the game!!) Gervinho!!!!
    Im soooooo looking forward to these EXCEPTIONAL players we are on the look out for!!!!
    On the look out…. yes, because we are only looking!!! a smokescreen because AW is only interested in MORE mediocre players!!!!!

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  11. NIKK

    Who you kidding? Ba was never on Arsenal radar.

    We normally pick up the leftovers and crumbs and you know its true!!!

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  12. john 3:16

    Baines, M’Biwa, Capoue, Zaha and Villa (on loan) would be nice in the January transfer window! lol

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  13. dboy

    Just read this on another blog and they reveal: “According to a close source ,Theo Walcott has signed a new contract
    with the Gunners.

    I posted earlier today that there was a report that Arsenal have
    dropped interest in signing Crystal Palace winger,Wilfried Zaha due to
    the fact that Theo Walcott was very close to signing a new contract
    with Arsenal.

    I just got an information that Walcott has finally extended his
    contract by 4 years for ÂŁ90 000 per week.

    It will be officially announced tomorrow.

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  14. Arsenal till I die

    Adrian Lopez, arda turan, m’vila and a left back or leighton baines.

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  15. k

    We need some serious help.
    Cazorla looks tired and, in all honesty, can you blame him?

    Arteta, Sagna, Vermaelen, Gervinho, Ramsey, Podolski, Szczesny have all been poor many times this season.
    But what really annoys me, is we can’t do anything about it!

    The board have screwed us over so f*cking much that if we drop one player, we have to bring in just as bad!

    Drop Podolski we have to bring in Gervinho
    Drop Cazorla we have to bring in Ramsey, well we have Rosicky but Wenger doesn’t like him for some reason

    We need massive changes in January. Drop the shit, bring in class players.

    We need
    A class winger, not Gervinho
    A class backup left backup, not Santos
    A class midfielder, not Ramsey
    A class backup keeper, not Fabianski

    That’s a good start. If you do this, along with dropping some of the sh*t in our team, I will be happy and get off your backs for a while.

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  16. Terry Norman

    Good post mate, agree totally.

    We saw how poor our team was yesterday but we’re still being linked to players in the “cut price” dept at Waitrose. These players aren’t going to turn our season around, why don’t we start shopping at Harrods!
    To me the old saying “you get what you for” applies to life in general, particularly football.

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  17. artillery1

    WALLCOTT……………. haaaaaa, we need more……

    MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN, compare ourself wid SHTY MAURE CHELSHIT SPUDS…….. Do we have better squad than Us?????????

    Than have much better players on Thier Bench than our starting 11….

    Haaa, IN ARSENE WE TRUST………….. yes we do, bottomers n tired teams will again come n we will smash them n than we will say WE ARE TITLE CONTENDERS 😀

    a joke!

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  18. DubGun

    If you were Ba and you saw the way we were playing and the way Chelsea were playing….. Who would you go to?

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  19. arsenig

    I wish we could buy Ba, as he wil be elligible to play champions league

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  20. Young gun

    Walcott has signed a 4 year deal worth 90k a week heard it here first it will be announce tomorrow good source!

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  21. Dan

    Former targets – Cahill, Mata, Hazard, Moses, Ba

    All taken from us by the rich rusky playboy.

    And Wenger says we don’t want Usmanov.

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  22. john 3:16

    If we don’t finish in the top 4 this season i think Wenger should resign or be sacked. Look at some of the decisions/mistakes he’s made in the last year or so and tell me that he hasn’t lost the plot big time!

    1. Substituting Oxlade-Chamberlain for Arshavin at home to Man United last season

    2. Allowing Benayoun to leave

    3. Failing to sort out the Walcott contract situation earlier

    4. Overlooking the need for a reliable reserve goalkeeper

    5. Relying on Diaby

    6. Not adding another striker

    7. Substituting Giroud for Coquelin away to Aston Villa this season

    8. Continued faith in Gervinho

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  23. AmericanGooner

    Why are we even in for Strikers? If Walcott is really moving up top, shouldn’t we be trying to find top class wide men?

    I would not be shocked if we work out an agreement with Southampton where we get Shaw but loan him back to them for the remainder of the season. Not inside info, just my own idea.

    We need a LB if we can get rid of Santos, A real DM, rumor is M’Vila is available on the cheap if we want him, and a winger. Turan was probably a hoax but I would be good with that signing if there is any truth to it.

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  24. S.H

    In time he’ll get sick of Benitez preferring Torres over him and he’ll regret not signing with Arsenal. Besides, there are better options in Lopez and Negredo – players that will link well with others on the pitch. I still want Zaha as I believe he can develop well under Wenger. Currently I think he dribbles too much, but that will change if Wenger gets hold of him. I’m actually glad that he has the technical quality to beat players unlike Walcott. He’s already years ahead, thank God! As I’ve been saying for years, Walcott is useful as a pair of wet socks in winter. Please get someone that can keep possession Wenger!

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  25. lambgoona

    btw has anyone seen anthony knockhaert’s goals these last two weeks? he looks RUDE! not saying we should go for him but the way he’s taken his goals and his dribbling ability i wouldn’t even mind him over zaha lol (who i think is pretty overrated)

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  26. AmericanGooner

    If we really are in for strikers, Ba would have been good, but I would rather see Villa, Llorente or Negrado.

    I think Adrian is overrated.

    Lewandowski won’t be available until the summer and my supreme preference, Stevan Jovetic, is going to cost more than Wenger is willing to pay.

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  27. S.H

    @Terry Norman

    And what of the Invincibles then? You get what you pay for? Form is temporary, class is permanent! Henry 11M, 226 goals for Arsenal. That’s not adding the few he scored in his second coming. Anelka? Vieira? Pires? Norman, you should learn about value. Torres 50M for something like 5-7 goals. Carroll? Yeah you get what you pay for all right! Imbecile!

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  28. GDL

    I think ba was never a target for wenger he was actually looking for somebody else maybe cabaye or tiote u never know

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  29. donal de burca.

    sounds like the smae old tune being conducted by the wenger wa##er . when will people eventually cop onto this creep who aim it is is to turn us into an ordinary club it seems . i do not believe the cheque book has been dusted off either , tis as if wenger wa##er is buying the players out of his own pocket . then again , there is a theory going about that the wenger wanker is a sceret board member , very intresting .

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  30. CUT

    I think we should sign leandro,marcio and sanchez…all born yesterday in sao paulo general hospital Brazil and also not forgetting little pierre in Paris hospital!

    I think i m loosing it….sorry but must be stress brought on by daily picking team and transfer targets for Mr Wenger!

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  31. mr lean

    @leo hi mate what percent chance is lopez to join us and any news on a dm or do we have to put up with diaby for 3 more games before he gets injured again

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  32. Arsenal4Life

    Sagna Koscielny/Mertesacker Vermaelen Gibbs
    Cazorla Wilshere Fellaini Arda
    Podolski Giroud/Walcottt

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  33. S.H

    @Terry Norman

    If Messi were cheaper than Downing, would you not buy him because he’s worth less? So what is your point about getting what you pay for? Fair enough Wenger has made some risky trades, but more have paid off then not. Every manager takes a risk when he buys. They have to take the good with the bad. Don’t get me wrong, I want Wenger to spend too, but the difference between you and I, lies in our juxtaposed understanding of aptness vs money. Chelsea has spent over 2 Billion since 2003, Man city the same in the last 2-3 years. You would expect them to be top 2 each year by your theory. Well we managed to finish above Chelsea last year and this year is still a possibility of the same outcome. Yes I understand that it’s not about finishing in the top 4 and we should aim higher for trophies, but lets at least understand that financially, there is NO WAY we can compete with them. Thus, they are able to attract bigger names because of the ridiculous salaries on offer. It’s like creating a monopoly or huge market share of the transfer market, and that is the whole point of the dire need for FFP.

    So even if Wenger wanted to buy Falcao or Neymar, how are we going to attract them with our wage structure? We can’t afford to pay every player over 150-200K a week. Get serious, get real!

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  34. ablindman785

    totally agree with american gooner, if the theo deal is done who go after a striker? not saying dont get one, just get a young decent back up or an old decent back up (villa) save the mega bucks for positions we need LB, GK, winger and DM.

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  35. S.H

    @Terry Norman

    I got a pair of socks at K-mart for $2. I saw the same pair in Myer for $20. Dumb arse!

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  36. Terry Norman

    The invincible’s was 7 years ago, since then we have had defensive problems ever since. I’ve seen nothing over the years to suggest we know how to defend, have you and if so please point it out to me.
    Form is temporary class is permanent but so is failure ie if something doesn’t drastically change.
    Taking into account inflation of 5% per annum Henry would have cost over £20 million today and that’s NOT taking into account inflated transfer fees. I’d love the Arse to purchase a player in that price bracket, we might then actually find another TH. The chances of finding another Henry in ten£11 million price bracket today are you?

    Your examples of Torres & carol, although valid, are what one would term ‘rare’. And i cannot legislate for lunacy! If I purchase a car for £100k and another for £10k you would expect to have a much better car with the more expensive purchase, and the MAJORITY of times that will be the case. But there will be EXCEPTIONS when the lower priced car has fewer faults etc. But you do get what you pay for, this is why Barca pay fortunes to Messi, Madrid paid a huge fee for Ronaldo, why united paid RVP what he wanted etc etc.

    I’m afraid if you try to prove an old saying in life wrong by quoting 2 examples it is you who is the imbecile.

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  37. leo

    @o_0 no news on a cdm so far just that we have scouted some from ligue could be capoue/sissoko/m’vila we need someone with meanstreak like viera m’vila could be that player or even kevin strootman heard he hates rvp

    @mr lean adrian lopez talks are on we could sign him before city game

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  38. Lol123

    We dont need Any striker we already have 4 qualified once
    1. Walcott
    2. Giroud
    3. Podolski
    4. Chamakh
    And if all of Them Pick up injuries we have the ox
    Wenger should spent his energy on getting a DM and maybe a winger

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  39. leo

    the truth is none of the players from the invincibles were ever replace viera/gilberto/cole/lauren/bergkamp none & not a single player from current squad would make it to their bench even the substiutes were good than our starting 11 maybe wilshere/cazorla but the rest are simply not good

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  40. gary

    Who needs a proven premier league goal scorer when we have three strikers who all came from the French Leauge?

    Gervinho, Giroud and Chamakh all came from France and as Arsene shows time and time again the French league is really where all the best players are

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  41. leo

    @mr lean we have missed david dein kind of a figure who you know is miles better than gazdis he would sort out contracts/transfer deals/wage bills but that is not happening now marwood sg=hares a good relation with arsenal & wenger he is a former gunner & he could leave city after being squeezed out still not much in it but could happen maybe in summer

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  42. Arteta8Cazorla19

    We need a worldclass striker , walcott is not the answer , yes keep him but we still need to buy a striker , the game against sunderland says it all walcott is not consistant and he didnt do anything, we need a striker like Cavani and classy winger like Nani

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  43. k

    The trouble is we have nobody to build the team around.
    No leader, no stand out quality. Cazorla and Wilshere are class but they aren’t enough to lead the team. What’s the point having quality youth if there is nobody to guide them?

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  44. Super kurt

    I didn’t want Ba, I don’t want Adrian who is overated, we need a brick s..t house in the middle i.e Wanyama an experienced left back for Gibbs to learn off and a player like Turan or Isco would be perfect now that theo is playin st

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  45. Wil

    @ terry Norman so you get what you pay for? So man city paid for a UEFA CL title but can’t even get close

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  46. Greg

    Splash the cash arsenal board! we seriously need to strengthen in this January transfer window!it pains me dearly to the soul to see my beloved arsenal in such disarray just as it hurts to see RVP scoring for our rivals man u!sign quality players now we the fans deserve better not mediocrity!

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  47. mr lean

    what also annoys me is how long it takes us to get deals done when other clubs get theres done in days we drag it out for weeks/months

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  48. philthompsonsnose

    It’s not about getting what you pay for it’s about what you actually buy!
    However,When AW says that he wants EXCEPTIONAL players… then how EXCEPTIONAL do they have to be to be better than the current crop?? AW has lost the ability to unearth a future Fabregas Anelka or Viera..therefore mediocre players are continually being purchased…
    Money doesn’t buy you success so therefore AW needs to buy quality.. but what does quality cost?? Money unfortunately..

    @leo Well said totally agree!

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  49. Patrick Ssekatawa

    These are the kinds of stories that I hate most! I think it’s time we put this to bed, isn’t it? I don’t think there’s any other person we should get first hand news from other than Wenger himself. He said in broad day light that HE WAS NOT INTERESTED IN BA!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t know then that even after that statement, Ba remains an Arsenal target!!! For that reason therefore, you guys should style up, because under such circumstances, you( the media), want to always paint a picture that would make Arsenal appear to always fail in their transfer dealings, which is not true!

    The truth of the matter is, if Arsenal really wanted Ba, there’s no way they would fail to trigger his release clause, as well as pay him the 80,000 he demands, is there?

    So, stop mudslinging our dear Arsenal!!!!!!!!!!

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  50. Wil

    Why do ppl keep saying Llorente or Negrado??? I would rather get the positions we need but if we were to get a exp striker why not Huntelaar/villa?? Villa can teach Theo.

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  51. jermaine

    sissokko contract finishes in the summer he would be a good signing infact we could get him/llorente/holtby for an overall 12mill if we act now

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  52. leo

    @mr lean johan djorou to either napoli or hannover for 5m/arhavin to maybe zenit /chammakh/santos too is likely while squid is refusing to move out greedy players

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  53. Terry Norman

    This is not the first time I have tried to reply to posts that have made comments relating to my posts and you have stopped them being posted.
    If I take the time and effort to compile such a reply please have the decency to either allow it to be posted or inform me why you have decided to censor it.

    Until I hear from you concerning this matter I will undertake no further posts anywhere on this site.

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  54. GDL

    We still need a replacement for rvp giroud is not at all even close to a replacement we need someone like Falcao,Cavani,Suarez,Jovetic

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  55. leo

    huntelaar signed a new contract & negredo/llorente is vey underrated if they were playing in epl he would have around 35-40m hope we can get villa damn barca owes us money

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  56. Martin

    I for one am delighted we are not signing Ba….he is a cheap version of Adebeyour , he is a money grabbing dis loyal pile of junk!! It seems he is run by a team of agents and he’d sign for us and be looking for his next pay day on day one!!

    Chelski are welcome to him his money grabbing ways will suit their culture straight away….

    Bring us Villa to Lorente ….the more Spanish player we get the better we will be…

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  57. Wil

    @GDL those players wages will be way to high… But then again we were going to break the structure for RVP weren’t we?

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  58. mr lean

    @GDL totally agree i like giroud but he’s no rvp hate to say this but selling rvp has got to be the biggest mistake ever well done wenger/board

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  59. leo

    Demba Ba agreed terms with Chelsea this evening but the deal hit a snag when it is understood that he demanded a quarter of the agent’s fee. lol

    According to L’Equipe, Lille want Chamakh from Arsenal. Could be revenge for selling us Gervinho & then hijacking Park

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  60. GDL

    Hope we sell all our deadwood that way we will get more money to spend hopefully

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  61. artillery1

    Dont we see, Wenger has lost every thing!

    SUBS, BUYS, TACTICS every thing!

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  62. i 8-2 be an arsenal fan

    I hate the structure and mentality of wenger/board. It’s pretty obvious that you need to reinvest money in order to do well. when Atletico madrid sold aguero, the next minute they’ve bought falcao, its just logical and rewarding at the end. We are considered to be bigger than athletico, however with greedy wenger/board,and shaite players like santos, ramsey and gervinho there is no way we will maintain as a big club! we need pep and usmanov asap!!

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  63. GDL

    I think sooner or later we are going to have to change our way to wage structur

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  64. GDL

    Wenger has found something better it’s not players it’s drugs and that is what he is spending all his money on lol

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  65. AmericanGooner


    Football Italia are claiming we have bid 9m euros for Afriye Acquah.

    Any idea if we are really in for him?

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  66. Gunnerforlife

    I don’t see Ba adjusting with game that Arsenal plays with lots of passes. So I doubt Wenger was much interested in him. But I hope Wenger has someone else in mind

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  67. senator

    Forget the game for a moment. Look at the club as a business
    How many clubs make a profit in the premiership? very few.
    Look at the profit and loss sheets. Those clubs buying big money players and paying big wages run at a loss but are funded by billiomaires who treat the club as there own toys. Unfortunately weve got the yank who does’nt throw the cash around. But ask is a man worth £40 mill, £50mill with wages of £150K to £200K. The super league is coming. I think it’s time the FA looked at clubs runnig at a loss with big directors loans and impose penalties if they continue to run at a loss. Arsene is one of the few managers who has produced players who have made a profit when sold, and the club still make a profit.
    However the profits will drop if the club does not spend.
    I also think that we give to much away on players we would like to buy. As soon as we do that other clubs come along with the big money offers. Its like AW is scouting for them. Lets hope we get some good players signed before the end of the month.

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  68. Erick Taylor


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  69. Kingbong10

    We should go for a 442 and get a decent winger who can cross ,Could you guys even imagine if we had Giroud & Llorente up front and someone crossing a DECENT ball, We’d be unstoppable

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  70. AFCInvincible

    What happened to signing quality? AW has been told he has money available, why doesnt he live up to the rumours and sign amazing players like gotze and el shaarawy

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  71. Gundam

    dont really care for lopez… but turan is a creative force.. and we need alternatives to create something.. it showed against saints… turan can play anywhere … be better than padolski on the left at the least… and could play cazorla’s roll

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  72. S.H

    @Terry Norman

    You say Carroll and torres are rare cases. What about Wiltord, Reyes, even Arshavin to a point. I can keep enumerating a plethora of players that were expensive and never lived up to it. And that’s just with Arsenal. How about Downing, Adam, Henderson etc? Do you want me to keep going? This is why I support Wenger because he’s too smart for the mediocrities such as yourself to understand. You just want to spend like Chelsea and Man City, with the idea that if they’re expensive then they are worth it! That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard, and you’re calling me an imbecile! Learn value, sports economics or whatever to help your head wrap around something so simple. Do you have a mortgage? If so, would you buy a 100K car when you’ve got 400K left on the house? I recently bought a 50K car that is worth 65K. Why would I be stupid to pay full price? It’s called money for value and that’s why Wenger like myself shops around. A dumb arse like you would have paid full price thinking he got a good deal. That’s what I call lunacy!

    Why have Chelsea gone with the cheaper option of acquiring Ba? They can afford to pay for a player worth 5 times that! Because they got value for money. Even the bigger clubs have to be more financially responsible. You talk of spending millions like it’s spending hundreds at a shopping mall. Learn how a business is managed first before you make sully assumptions. It’s always easier to bicker and whinge about the lack of spending, but never easy to stop, think and analyse the overall picture. You obviously haven’t got the experience or brains to calculate risk, which is something a proper manager/owner of a business does. So before you open your mouth, make sure it doesn’t write cheques your brain can’t cash!

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  73. S.H


    Yeah quality costs money that’s why Michu was only worth 2M and is one of the top scorers in the epl! So what’s your point? LMFAO!

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  74. S.H

    I think people in here have misconceptions of spending less vs spending more. Its not about the money. It’s about the suitability of a player. I couldn’t care less if a player cost only 100K to buy. If he will improve the squad, then he improves the squad. If Arsenal bought Michu for 2M, guys like Terry Norman would then blast Wenger for not spending. But wait hasn’t Michu scored as many as RVP or very close to it? You guys see price and instantly think great buy, I look at a player’s aptness to the team. That;s the difference! Wenger has coached for over 30 years, I’d trust him anyday over any other armchair coach in here. You guys talk of Wenger’s job like it’s easy to perform. hahaha, just shows the level of ignorance some people have!

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  75. alby

    take it easy guys! for me Ba is cool but think we deserve better and will always vouch for spanish talents as the’ve been tested and has always passed and theirs prices and wage cuts are remarkable call it value for money.the likes of cesc,silva,mata,michu,cazorla and even torres at lipool to name a few.llorente,lopez,negrado,isco,navas,turan, infact any two of them wouldnt hurt + a gustavo should do as just fine.

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  76. Marc g

    Ba -three seasons ago Pulis of Stoke decided not to persue Dem ba as he failed a medical due to a dodgy knee DOH

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  77. Marc g

    there must be swome decent Young English talent out there surely we need to stop spending and start investing in our academies it may hurt for 3 or 4 years but id rather see young lads coming through and setting the premiership alight than some mercenary from Africa or Spain who just chases Glory with no real effort

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  78. r1j021d98o5w

    I’m not too bothered about Ba. Like Wenger said money will be spent on an exceptional player of which Ba is not. And I know “money will be spent” is a common phrase with Wenger, but I’d still rather see someone else.

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  79. GreenGooner

    Arsenal fans need to realise that currently Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea and more often than not Spurs and Liverpool can compete but more often outspend Arsenal. Look at the Arsenal linked players that Chelsea have signed recently that Arsenal should have signed; Essien, Cahill, Mata, Hazard to name a few…

    A killer blow is selling RVP to Man Utd. He will win Man Utd the title this season and what message does that send out to anyone at Arsenal?

    I geniunely fear for the future of our team. Especially as we will not finish fourth or higher this season. As we have already heard this will impact heavily on Arsenals finances!

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  80. APC

    good player. bad move for him tho. having a steady manager at a club is important. aka arsenal manu everton.

    he would of done very wel for us., his battle with torres will get messy i feel. if ba is in form and torres is dropped i stil think abram will kick up a fuss over 50mill on bench

    baines and fellani someone mentioned. 50mill combined i still think is a great deal both proven class

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  81. real

    sell arshavin and chamakh. not needed and all they are is a pointless cost. save the money and put it to good use on 1 world class striker

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  82. Graham Jones

    I dont know why everyone is so excited about the January transfer window ……. Arsenal’s record of major transfer signings is abysmal recently and it will stay the same until someone like David Dein joins (rejoins?) the board.
    Arsene Wenger is clearly just an office boy at The Emirates when it comes to finance and things are unlikely to change.
    We can look forward to a another season of failure including non-qualification for Europe. Even worse, Tottenham will finish above us and no-one at the “top” will care so long as the club is “financially stable” – stand by for more empty seats at the Emirates.

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