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Arsenal target Real Madrid’s young striker with €70m buyout clause!

I know, it sounds ridiculous. Arsenal would not pay €70 million for anybody, nevermind a young striker who cannot get into the Real Madrid team, but the amount of the clause does not necessarily mean that Real Madrid would not accept any less for their 20-year old striker, Alvaro Morata.

The Mirror broke the story yesterday, and Spanish newspaper AS reports today about the clause in the contract. Morata a signed a new deal with the Spanish champions in the summer which lasts until 2015, and the buy out clause is a precaution in case the player becomes hot property.

There has been bad feeling recently between Jose Mourinho and the manager of the Real Madrid B team. Mourinho has been criticised for not giving the up and coming young players a chance, and he responded by claiming that Alberto Toril will not release his players when they are needed. The row is ongoing, but Mourinho did call on Morata at the weekend as Higuain and Benzema were injured.

Morata scored the winner in the last few minutes of Real Madrid’s trip to Levante, but he did not get on to the pitch until the last few minutes. Despite having no strikers, Mourinho brought Ronaldo into the centre and left Morata on the bench. Even when Ronaldo had to go off for an eye injury, Morata did not come on. It was a last thro of the dice as Levante had equalized.

Morata is saying that he is happy at Madrid and wants to fight for his place, but he cannot be confident of breaking into the team in this situation. Wenger has been tracking the youngster for a while, and will make a move for him in the January transfer window, apparently. There is precedent in Spanish law for players getting out of clauses in their contracts if they do not reflect the salaries. With Morata currently earning around a million euros a year, he could realistically expect a buy out clause of less than €10 million.

Morata is a good player. He is quick, mobile, tall, strong and technically adept. He has a good goal scoring record with the B team, who play in the Spanish second division, of 34 goals in 70 games. He has also played 13 games for the Spanish under-19s and scored 11 times. He is still learning his trade, however, and could find it hard being thrown into the tough competition that is the English Premier league.

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33 thoughts on “Arsenal target Real Madrid’s young striker with €70m buyout clause!

  1. Hugo

    Get him, we need depth and he’s clearly a talent. Will be good back up for og anyway…

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  2. k

    We need players that are already world class not players that are going to be world class. Defensive midfielder, backup for left back, and possibly a winger who can cross.

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  3. cryme d shatter


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  4. Briano

    All well and good if we buy this guy but we should try sign a proven striker or try Walcott or Podolski up front with Giroud.Bottom line is we need to play 2 up top!!!

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  5. Zery

    I think the experiment time is over, now it is the time to deliver. The youth policy has failed either to produce world class player or to retain them-we need to admit that. Hence, bring in prooven world class striker, a wideman and defencive midfield or goal keeper and save our season.

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  6. Gunnerineverylife

    Even if Real Madrid may sell him now,if he turns out to be good and reaches his potential in Arsenal,Madrid will make an offer and as everybody knows our board will accept it and back to Madrid he goes.

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  7. leo

    arsenal likely to go for huntelaar/holtby/adrian lopez beacuse of their contract issues & buyout clause all of them could be available for 18-20m + m’vila & a lb more likely

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  8. arsenalcraze!!

    this is totally expected, no proven striker will com in as rumors have already started coming up about unproven strikers, very soon rumors of llorente, huntelar and co. wuld fade out and we’d end up getting youngsters who we’d sell after they have 1 good season, history and mistakes repeating themselves…#SAD

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  9. JOn

    He’s very talented. He has speed, strength, height, agility, good finishing and good passing. Once he matures a little, he’s going to be a fantastic player.

    But there’s absolutely NO chance he’s coming to Arsenal on a transfer. If he was coming, he would’ve signed here in the summer. Mourinho convinced him to stay and promoted him to the first team. He’s happy at Real.

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  10. Big Gun

    I watched that game, it was a good goal he scored. He has a good future as even for the few minutes he was on, his movement off the ball was good. Pity Arsenal will never sign a player like this.

    Just to add on to what another fan has said above (Zery), you are right. Wenger was going on years ago about his presitigous youth policy and how he was going to form a great team in the years to come. Indeed he did produce some exceptional talent, but the problem is they aren’t at Arsenal anymore! The youth policy was simply to make massive proft from selling hem one day! What an ingenius plan board and Wenger, and you had us all fooled thinking you were on the road to delivering us champions. What a crock.

    Kroenke, Gazidis, PHW and Wenger ALL OUT
    Usmanov IN

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  11. Goona

    Do you honestly think that Rael would let him go to us? No not with Moreno at the helm they won’t, no way!

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  12. Mistyque

    We don’t need this unproven striker. All we need is Isco, M’vila and Benzema. Benzema would be a good option in case Real Madrid buys Falcao…
    I know this is way to much to ask for, but with these reinforcements, we can be real title contenders again!

    Arsenal for life

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  13. Invincibles nice (1)

    If bought and turns out to be a gem Madrid will want him back and he will want back then madrids spending power will get him back and we will make alot of money for our greedy board members with us back to square one with it all being Wengers fault is what i would say if i were a pessimistic dull and gloomy the grass is always greener on the other side type of d**k, if Wenger really wants him i really hope we get him then hope the lad makes a similar impression wich Fabregas has made

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  14. Gooner Cape Town

    @leo I agree but not with M Vila. I did want him last transfer but he has been up to nonsence again and could be disruptive to our squad. capoue better option. We must get DM, striker of quality, winger and cover for LB.
    Maybe even RB as Sagna could move on, sincerely hope not.

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  15. senator joe

    chairman neglect to give Wenger the money to spend. chairman is the problem of the club , arsenal chairman should go, the man have no ambition for arsenal , he is there to make money simple,its time to go

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  16. haxxxan

    OMG another YOUNG UNPROVEN UNTESTED talent!!!!!! We have enough youngsters to make 2-3 reserve teams…. Please get us PROVEN players for different positions wenger….. enough of these youngsters!!

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  17. Invincibles nice (1)

    I think that the only thing Usmanov has going for him is the ever impressive Dein, think about it if yiz believe that he is willing to throw his money around like an Abramovich or a shiekh there are many clubs he could buy for a bargain compared to ourselves also being london clubs like w ham qpr spu and many more wich if he would do with them what he suggests that he could do for us well then he would have a title challenging team by now, reason im suspicious with is his statement that he has always been an Arsenal fan in wich i doubt as he would have been on the scene much earlier so instead i believe he sees Arsenal firmly on the path to being less of a money pit and more of a sure thing in the sence of us being one of few who are not only not indebted but are profitable so there being huge coincidence him being so fortunate happening to support the Arsenal, maybe he would be an owner who at the most/least throw an extra twente or thirty mil on top of our transfer dealings then raise salary cap somewhat but then again theres a big maybe not as with Kroenkes arrival we all believed we had the next PL sugar daddy coz of his portfolio, one thing i am sure of is majority of our board members have been looking after our Arsenal for a very long time now throughout most of our success throughout alot of our low days and wether some believe or not they have got a deep love for the Arsenal and do what they think best wether right or wrong have got our interest at heart

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  18. Dan

    Don’t know why but for some reason I really want Dzeko. I know he’s similar to Giroud but he is a bit more speedy and I think he’d score buckets at our place. For a proven Premier league striker surely the £20 mil price tag is worth it. City would accept that because it would take them half way to Falcao.

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  19. Gunnerineverylife

    @Dan I dont think City would like to sell Dzeko,he has saved them in so many occasions BUT he certainly wont be happy with that substitute role so we may have a chance BUT he will cost 20m which I dont think our board will pay.

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  20. Mokafe

    Do we really need youth in arsenal fc right now ? How many of the youth players we have are part of the senior team ? what we do is buy this youth players and loan them out to groom them and sell them off when they are just about ripe and ready to deliver the goods. The arsenal board should get their acts right and go for a premiership tested player rather than waste our time grooming youth players for other clubs. its so frustrating to all true gunners

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  21. Gunnersince15

    Bullshit as per usual. These rumours are put around by sources close to Arsenal to make it look like we may buy in the January window and keep the fans quiet. The truth really is we will only buy if we can sell someone and then it will only be for a similar amount, so if you’re a dreamer, believe the story and if your a realist….shout…BULLSHIT

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  22. Frank

    We need a massive clean out from the board, coaching staff and players. Our squad is not good enough. We need a central defender, left back, defensive mid, wingers on both sides and a couple of strikers. 7-8 QUALITY players to go with some of the good players we already have + a change in formation and playing players in their right positions and we will win something. Until then we might as well sit on our hands because we won’t win shit. We all agree that the board needs a shake up. There is something seriously wrong with the coaching staff too, all the ex players comment on it and we have to question why there is so many injuries each year.

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  23. Hafiz Rahman

    its ridiculous when you have fans calling to spend 50 million euors or 100 millions euros on a player…

    where an average person earns only 2-5000 euros per month….

    talk about countries in europe getting bankrupt..

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  24. dwyzegooner

    whats the point of getting him, we’ll turn him into a world class striker then sell him for a profit ppsss. get someone who can contribute to the team right away

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  25. hamid

    Sounds good. Spaniards tend to gel into EPL fast. Just another left back, centre back and possibly a defensive midfielder and we cannot blame our bad games on the lack of positions covered with quality players.

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  26. Uche

    Smoke and mirrors all over again. Every day, yet another handful of players linked to arsenal. And we still get excited about this crap. We should be more worried about walcot and sagna leaving arsenal because they are going to leave. This club is falling apart and wenger, gazidis and kroenke are busy counting their money. What a bunch of fools. They actually think they have got it all figured out.

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