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Arsenal target’s move to Chelsea off due to wage demands

There is no way that Demba Ba will be joining Arsenal, if the reports about the reasons behind the collapse of his transfer to Chelsea are true. Apparently his wages are the problem, suggesting that the 27-year old or his agents want a lot more than the £70,000 a week that the Blues were offering.

It cannot be over the fee because we know that his release clause will be triggered at £7.5 million. Ba is a talented and powerful striker, but Arsenal will not pay over £100,000 a week because of the strict nature of the wage structure. Alan Pardew, the Newcastle manager, is now hoping that he will be able to hold on to his top scorer.

“I feel a bit sorry for Demba, because the people representing him are not representing him. There are people out there fuelling it who are not involved.

“I still think in this window he will stay because of the situation we are in, but that will be up to him.”

Ba has mentioned Arsenal as being like a `dream` move, but he will have to accept around £80,000 a week if he is to have his dream come true. There is still a possibility of him coming to the Emirates, either in January or the summer, but he will have to get his agents to tone down their requests first.

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49 thoughts on “Arsenal target’s move to Chelsea off due to wage demands

  1. leo

    greedy agents are ruining everything if chelski can’t afford him neither can we get negredo/llorente & keep theo

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  2. Coyg

    I few months back I was asking everyone to back and support Walcott. Now people are sucking his balls…..dislike if you want you know it’s true.

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  3. Kemp hater

    @coyg i said the same but it is early days but i cant wait for tomorrow. Not seen much of SH who constantly slated the chap

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  4. Greg

    I just knew this deal would have fallen through!its because of BA ‘s high demands!arsenal could do without this fiasco!

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  5. k

    Exactly. I told everyone Walcott was worth his demands. Everyone said it was just a run of form and he isn’t actually good, now everyone is cheering from the stands and screaming at Wenger.

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  6. dboy

    Agents are getting more and more greedy. Everyone trying to get a piece of the pie, players, shareholders etc. Messing up our game. I’m sure that Theo would have signed by now if not for his agents playing cat and mouse. Surely they know that Theo could leave for free in the summer, that’s probably why they stalling talks. Free transfer could net a big signing on fee. Is it also the reason why some deadwood players keep hanging around. It’s almost like playing and loyalty is not important anymore as long as you are making good money. Is there someone that can do a article on agents or maybe Theo’s agent I am sure there’s a trend developing.

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  7. Mowember

    @leo you know nothing actually like all those other people who say they have sources. You are just an attentionseeker nice edit on the wiki page from arda sly fox.

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  8. George


    Leo does not have ”insider info” he gets all his info from online sources. Go on it has tonnes of info on it, including stuff from

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  9. Twig

    So if we are to go by recent rumours, Arsenal are on the verge of signing 3 players: Wilfried Zaha, Adrian Lopez and Arda Turan. Surely, Atletico will not sell 2 of their top players will they? No defensive midfielder has yet to be strongly linked to Arsenal.

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  10. Mowember


    He adjusted the arda wiki page so he could say he got some new info first. He didnt reply when i asked if he wrote that nuff said just another attentionseeker.

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  11. leo

    @mowember that’s why it’s called transfer speculation as far as turan goes check online the turkish media announced it mine was just a prank but the media in spain & turkey believes the deal is done or agreed i doubt it no one knows for sure

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  12. leo

    @george i just visited no news on adrian lopez (reports in spain say we have made a10m bid)turan so what excatly are you saying

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  13. Invincibles nice (1)

    Ba Ba black sheep have you any skill, no sir no sir just some bobbling flukes

    We have enough players who dont come close to the Henrys Van Persies and Bergkamps. Chelsea wanted him as a stop gap between the poss Falcao or Cavani move, and we want him to help us arrive at a better level, that doesnt sound right.

    Hes a very phisically strong player, difficult to knock off the ball and decent around the six yard area, Giroud could be described the same, maybe not as strong but strong enough, Walcott and Podolski are also good in the six yarder. Ba wouldnt be taking us to any next step (piece in the puzzle) which makes me glad we’re not getting him, ourselves then having to look elsewhere. If we do eventually sign him, obviously i will of course support and root for him gaining the golden boot, as with any Gunner.

    A few weeks or so back our strike force had looked the slowest in a very long time, but lately we finally have that pace injection back, another reason why Ba isnt a good fit.

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  14. George

    @Leo There is news about the £10 million offer for Adrian Lopez on with the link direting to this site. And there is many articles about arda turan on it. Look to the right of the web page on ”Popular Arsenal Stories” and the stuff about Turan is under this ”Exactly the type of signing that would lift Arsenal” link on the right of the web page. I do not know why you are taking offence from me lol, I was in-fact sticking up for you…

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  15. Uche Edochie

    Regarding these @leo criticisms, you guys need to calm it down a bit. You will be surprised to know the number of transfers over the years that nearly went through and then fell apart. It does not mean that people like leo and paul are lying. I know we are all frustrated when the transfers we expect dont go through. But you cannot blame leo or paul for that. Look at the vertongen deal for instance. We were all so sure that it was a done deal. Reliable sources called it a done deal. And then it fell apart and paul got blamed for it and was even called a liar. Well, few weeks ago, vertongen himself came out and confirmed that he was all set to sign for arsenal until wenger told him that he would be playing as a defensive midfielder and that was when he made a u turn and signed for spurs. So was paul lying?

    Guys relax. The transfer gossip is part of why we come here. True or false, these rumours make our day. Considering the difficult and emotional turmoil the average arsenal fan goes through when transfer windows come around, rumours are all we have. For all we know, wenger might sign four players or he could just renew theo’s contract, loan henri for six weeks and tell us that diaby and santos are like new signings. So let us just relax and treat every story as gossip until it appears on Zaha might come and so may adrian and turan. Or maybe not. We can only hope and enjoy each rumour as just one of those possibilities that life may hold. Today we have carzola, podolski and giroud. Two seasons ago, nobody ever believed we could make such signings. So let us not insult people like leo for nothing. He means well. It is not as if he stands to make money or benefit in any way by deceiving people. That will be just stupid. Who does that and what for? Happy new year gunners. The future is actually bright.

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  16. shahin

    Well if we get rid of all our deadwoods im pretty sure we can afford both ba and wallcot. Then it will be time for some CLs and EPLs

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  17. Hass

    Walcott has to score against the big teams, sometimes even two goals not just one. We will find out if he is good enough in January against Manchester City and Chelsea if he is still at the club.

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  18. Uche Edochie

    @Hass says, walcot scores against big teams. He is our tried and trusted big game player. Walcot scored against barcelona, man u, chelsea, spurs, new castle etc. So what else does he have to do to earn respect in a team where most players are not even as effective as he is?

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  19. Hass


    Last season against Manchester united , Chelsea, Manchester city and Ac Milan he scored only 2 goals out of them games, thats 8 games in total (home and away).

    This season he came on against Chelsea, Manchester city and Manchester united and failed to make an impact.

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  20. k

    You have to cut the guy some slack though. Fair enough he hasn’t scored against bigger teams yet but earlier in the season he was mainly used as a sub, put on the right wing, and he is still getting used to being a striker.

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  22. KC

    Agree with Harry,

    Ba at 7.5million pounds is a huge steel, an extremely shrewd piece of business. He’s worth 80-100k/week, ditto for Walcott. Anything above that begins to betray the bargain that both players represent for Arsenal.

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  23. Erick Taylor


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  24. Erick Taylor


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  25. GDL

    If u guys want great cheap player n young who play lb
    armero hes a beast best player for undinese n a
    great cheap def mid Sanchez he locked down
    messi yup messi so trust me these 2 would make
    us better n dey can play various positions like
    Sanchez can play def mid n cb n armero lb n left wing n
    def mid n we sign Walcott we would probably go undefeated

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  26. bernard

    ba is a talented striker and i think he’l be a goo deal for the gunners. the guy is currently performing beta than other strikers (e.g torres) in d premier league. so y cant he be paid abt 100,000 pounds a week? hope it aint bcos he’s black?!!

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  27. sKeeza

    Here we go arsenal offer A.Madrid barely 10.7 m for Lopez who has a 14m+ release clause…..
    Are we supposed to buy that as in we are trying to buy quality,

    Fed up of shopping in pound savers, sort it out arsenal!

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  28. Nick

    Forget Ba, if he’s negotiating with Chelsea it’s all about the money and we don’t want him. Like @leo said, go after Alvaro Negredo or Llorente! I’m a big Negredo fan!!!! But that’s only if we don’t sign Theo to a new contract

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  29. leo

    @george no offence dude just saying these are transfer speculation i can’t guarentee these transfer’s will happen but we are linked with them that’s it regarding lopez we have been in talks with for weeks hope these deals goes through coyg’s

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  30. Tanzania

    Demba Ba is not worth that amount of money per week, we better add that money to our new rejuvenated Theo, first of all Ba is so prone to injuries, secondly we have the same kind of player in Giroud and he is gonna be even better than Ba once he is well settled and integrated in our team, so fellows if we are talking about an excellent additional, Ba shouldn’t even be mentioned. People were accusing giroud for slowing down our fast pacing game but once we acquire Ba arsenal will be even slower. Lets talk about an exceptional addition like Zaha he will bring something new to the squad… Oooh fellows I forgot we have Gervinho too hahhahahahahahaha.

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  31. Alexis London

    Who wants isco in arsenal ??
    He will be our best buyyy
    Plz ARSENE bring him

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