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Arsenal Team ethic starting to pay off

It was hard for Arsenal fans to lose Robin van Persie in the summer, and it has seemed that the new strikers would not be up to the task of supplying the goals needed to keep us, at the very least, in the top four of the Premier league, but Arsenal are currently in fourth position and are showing signs of getting better, as well as being in the next round of the Champions league.

I am not saying that any one of Giroud, Podolski, Walcott or Gervinho is as good a striker as van Persie, that would be foolish. However, the fact that we are not reliant on one striker is starting to pay off and may actually have improved the team. The Gunners are more of a unit now, and everyone is chipping in with goals.

As was seen yesterday at Swansea vs, Manchester United, when van Persie has an off day the team struggles. Also, an injury to the main man could wreck the season. Arsenal have 16 different goal scorers in all competitions so far this season, with no one player dominating. Unsurprisingly, three of the top four scorers are strikers, with Santi Cazorla the other, but the way the team plays has taken the pressure off the front men.

When someone has a bad game, there has usually been somebody to step up, and this fosters a great team spirit. Having said that, I would not complain if Wenger goes out and buys Lionel Messi in January, but we all know that somebody like Demba Ba is more likely. I think Ba could really complement the Arsenal team without ruining the balance of it.

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77 thoughts on “Arsenal Team ethic starting to pay off

  1. Spendah

    I sat there on my chair, laughing for 15minutes straight when ashley williams booted the ball at that donkey



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  2. Spendah

    ashley williams, you did not fulfill your mission to assassinate robin van pussy

    therfore you will not be paid.

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    I think David Villa on loan would be a much better option and then get Ba or Adrian or even Cavani at the end of the season

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  4. landi

    f*** how crazy people get over roumers, we didn’t hear anything about cazorla till the last week and then we got him. dont trust the roumers, they will only break your heart!

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  5. true goon

    hope your right.But can someone tell me why Theo was taking freekicks when the likes of Cazorla,Podolski,Arteta and Wiltshere are on the pitch?

    Anyone ever seen Theo score a freekick? or score with his head?

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  6. Tamkin

    Transfer Targets for Arsenal: (Only my opinion though)

    1. Isco – Malaga is in financial problem it will be best if he act now
    2. Lopez – They already have Falcao, why not we get another promising Villa of the future ?
    3. Tello – can play in the wings, ST and CM …. also has a release clause of 10 Mil … A steal I say !
    4. Ba – a proven BPL ST and cud be useful if we get him

    I don’t want Arsenal to be serious abt Ba, as he is a similar ST to Giroud – a hitman that is …. i want Arsenal to sign Isco, Lopez and Tello …. Or any one of them would work

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  7. Dara

    demba ba would be a great signing premier league experience already 11 goals in an average Newcastle team imagine what he will do with the creativity in arsenals team behind him and he is also cheap and value for money something Werner is usually associated with when buying players

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  8. Adam

    @dara for f*** sake watch football u f***er I’m sure u r not even a gunners fan why would be buy another lazy greedy b***ard such as Ba we need someone like cavani , isco or belhenda for f*** sake without thinking and watching football don’t right shit if Ba was good enough their team wouldn’t be 14 the in the league watch some tucking football u fart

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  9. Danny

    @ Adam aim completely agree with you Ba would be another gervinho he’s certainly cant replace van Persia as much as hate van Persia . We need isco , cavani

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  10. k

    I think we should move Walcott and Podolski to striker positions. Then strengthen the wings. Would also like to see a defensive midfielder (Diame).

    First team:
    (New right winger)//Podolski//(New left winger)


    The first team is full of quality, well balanced and is great all round. The bench is finally filled with quality players who can actually change games. Koscielny can close out games, Arteta can hold possession and great for resting players, Giroud can add some ariel ability and Walcott can add pace.

    That’s 4 game changing players and will definitely help us win some silverware.

    P.S. Merry Christmas to all the Gooners out there.

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  11. Adam

    @Dara u need to watch some football I’m sure u not even a gunner fan cause Ba can not replace van Persia for sure he’s a mother greedy lazy player and I promise u he would end up just van Persia scoring goals doesn’t matter giroud was the top scorer in France cause he was playing with belhenda same with Ba he has Ben arfa and cobay so please watch some football before u right shit

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  12. Pp

    True we need someone to replace that greedy van Persia and certainly Ba can’t do that in 100 years

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  13. Raffela

    Please mr wenger. Don’t get Ba he’s too overrated don’t get him please get cavani if u wanna play that lazy Ba 90 k ply 110 k and get cavani we don’t want another greedy player in the team cavani is loyal player

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  14. Arsenal

    Mr wenger we don’t want buy please he’s shit and lazy we want another king of striker we want cavani

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  15. Dino

    Pease wenger and board we pay a lot of money to go to see these matches we have the right to decide who we want we don’t want Ba we want cavani

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  16. Hass

    How are we getting better? Did we create enough chances against Wigan? Or did we even finish a chance from open play? One good game then a bad one and then another good game, no consistency.

    Wenger doesn’t have any tactical strategy, throws in Gervinho and Ramsey which doesn’t improve our game whatsoever.

    Why isn’t Arshavin in the first team? He hasn’t done anything wrong this season.

    Wenger is so desperate to keep Walcott because its a bigger loss (financially) than Van Persie.

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  17. john 3:16

    OUT: Fabianski, Mannone, Djourou, Squillaci, Santos, Denilson, Ramsey, Arshavin, Gervinho, Chamakh, Park and Bendtner

    IN: Vorm, Baines, M’Biwa, Capoue, Navas and Cavani

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  18. Arsenal007s

    Like it or not, Arsenal is worse off without RvP. It will be in our favor to strengthen the team…If not, we’ll either remain stagnant (as we are already), or drop.

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  19. dboy

    Let’s see what happens in January after we’ve played real teams like Chelsea and City. This team is far too inconsistent and do not play exciting brand of football we’ve come to know. Our passing and movement of the ball around the final third is of great concern. Watching Chelsea yesterday has made me envious. Question is, will we still be in top four after January?

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  20. temigunga

    I do not support anybody talking of van Persie. He is no longer Arsenal player! Just forget about him. A quality striker (lopez/Isco/Cavani or at least one of them in January), a strong defensive midfielder (MVilla, Biglia or Capoue) and a defender of quality say Vrij or any strong quality defender are enough a boost for arsenal.

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  21. artillery1

    Man RAMSEY OUT GERVINHO OUT, Both out Of Position players Out!
    Team Performing Better n vl Improve much!

    nw 1 more man to b Out, Thts ARTETA!
    oh come on U stupid fans, Arteta is AMF not DMF!

    Bring in COQUELIN give him time he vl perform much much better than ARTETA!

    give me thumb down U sticky stupid fans, Who cant even dare to think to change!

    Dont say team is performing Average when out of position Players r on pitch n EXPECT SLOW n WORST game!

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  22. Dan

    ‘However, the fact that we are not reliant on one striker is starting to pay off’

    Yeah, but I wish there was 1 we could rely on.

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  23. Tom Gooner

    Diame, Honestly, who would he replace, arteta has the best passing stats in the whole of Europe, santi Cazorla the best cm at the moment in the bpl arguably and wilshere needs as much time as he can get to become world class. David Villa say no to coming to arsenal. Huntelaar just signed a new contract. So it leaves Demba Ba, who has been in the prem for a few years and is a proven goal scorer, but has dodgey knees. Its tough hopefully we can move forward

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  24. Sammie

    @artillery u just spoke my mind. I dont want to say much bcos some clueless wenger fans will simply thumb me down just for sating d truth.
    TRUTH IS Arteta is not giid at dm. He kill our game most of d times with his awful backward passes.

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  25. leo

    French TV Canal+ reporting Demba Ba will be an Arsenal player on Jan 1st noooooo please sign llorente or soldado/villa

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  26. irsh

    the real pblm is too much dependence on cazarola…. wen he plays good team performance is grt.. but wen he is strongly marked as in the case against wigan, performance degrades… burden on cazarola shud be lifted by good addition to the squad or other players shud rise according to the scenario.. for eg: wen cazorla is tightly marked it opens up space for arteta to do smethng.. but arteta is too afraid of loosing balls and he doesnt rise to the occason… now all we can se is wilshere running all about the pitch and wrking hard for the team, getting all sorts of kicks from the opponents..

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  27. leo

    coquelin isn’t that good he is not a cdm i still don’t know what his pos is every time he plays arsenal looses he is not by anymeans a proper cdm i hope wenger get’s capoue/m’vila/strootman/sissoko now these guys are proper cdm cquelin looks clueless everytime he is on pitch he goes forward every now & then i thought best played last season as a rb when sagna & jenkinson got injured

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  28. leo

    @sammie & @artillery1 agreed with arteta not being a cdm but coquelin no way need someone esle a cdm should be a strong powerfull enforcer who breaks the play & dictates like viera/gilberto/roy keane or in today’s game like yaya toure we need someone like that couqlein looks more like ramsey version2

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  29. Dino

    For the name god wenger we don’t need another African flop get European or South American players when Africa ever had a good player apart from drogba

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  30. Terry Norman

    On arteta all I’d say is this. When he played at Everton he was their Cesc. Would anyone here consider putting Cesc as a DM?

    Agree mate and they disappear, although cant wait for gervinho to get out there.

    If French TV are already reporting it then its public information. In which case why isn’t on the AFC website?

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  31. Paul

    Again and again another crap coming to arsenal guys promise Ba is coming to arsenal and again we would struggle to sell him . Why can’t we just buy players like other club look at Man U , man city , chelsea at least they one quality striker I was listening to French news no one did not make bid for Ba apart from arsenal collect the dead wood again wenger god Newcastle buying remy and we have to buy their dead wood

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  32. dboy

    I firmly believe that no person is more important than the organization that employs him. I believe that a player no matter how good he is should never be more important than the manager. But having said that I also believe that everyone need to be treated fairly. Is it fair that the board and management get paid good salaries and bonuses for under delivering. After all the fans are the most important above the board management and players. Without the fans the team would not exist. No one to spend their hard earned money to watch the team. That means no sponsorships, sponsors use the team as a platform to promote their business and sell their products. In short nothing will be possible without the fans. So why the hell are we being disrespected in this manner? We the fans are Arsenal everybody else including shareholders work for us. Without us they can do nothing. It is time shareholders, board members, management, players etc. Realise this. We deserve respect and we have the right to demand it for WE ARE ARSENAL!!! Players demanding outrageous salaries without really proving their worth, shareholders filling their pockets at our expense, management that think no trophies is acceptable, players who come here and make a mockery of us. We will fire you. Do not think we do not have the power to do so. Shape up or ship out. FOR WE ARE ARSENAL!!! SO RESPECT THE JERSEY RESPECT THE BRAND!!!

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  33. Gunner

    @ dino mate spot on wenger is a racist man he only likes French speaker as he doesn’t speak English that wat ces said when he left he said the atmosphere in arsenal is awkward if u don’t no French therefore off course he would get Ba as he speakers French another messed up transfer window for arsenal look at us spurs are getting belhenda, chelsea is getting falcoa and we getting lazy African Ba wow wow that just getting better and better

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  34. Jego

    @leo Coquilin – is a proper CDM.
    Frimpong will be good in couple of years time.
    Until then – we must get one of these : De Rossi, Lars Bender, M’Vila or Fellaini.
    Personally, I’d love to see De Rossi in Arsenal shirt, I’d happily pay £15 millions for him.

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  35. Damian

    I see no reason why we cannot get Isco, Cavani, M’villa and Gaitan/Navas this January. Our current bench is not good enough. No players that can come on and change a game even against teams in the relegation zone. We have players right now in the first team that shouldn’t be. We are too reliant on other players. Too predictable in our line ups. These players give us options.

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  36. Jeff Fernandez

    Need a defensive midfielder and to push arteta more forward as he is not a DM. Not sure who would fill this role but maybe is where the money goes. Coquelin is not good enough at the moment. Another forward is not the answer…

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  37. Invincibles nice (1)

    I get the point your trying to make with ourselves and rvp, its the same thought we had a couple of months back before realising, we do need a new top striker as was evident with our woeful forward play.

    I dont think you can pin manu with the same tag (one man team) we had last season, after one draw against a good swa side who destroyed us in our own back yard.

    As for Demba Ba, he definitely wouldnt be my choice. The lads much too slow/lacksadaisy and will count/rely on us always playing well, creating chances, for him to shine/succeed/score. We already have players who can do a fine job as long as the team is playing well/creating chances, one of them is the fastest footballer around well capable of latching onto assists. Another is a player of similar pace to Ba, who has decent aerial ability/threat and might improve somewhat when feeling his way into our league/team. Last but certainly not least is an efficient 100+ caps German international who knows how to beat a keeper, and in a free flowing Arsenal side would surely finish for fun, if giving the spearhead position.

    We need something different than a cumbersome Ba, im not saying hes a bad player, just not the answer.

    Someone nifty, pacy, very good with his feet, can link/hold up nicely, most importantly does/will score all types of goals.

    Suarez would be a great asset but never going to happen.
    Hernandez almost fits the bill but comes up short with his range of goals.
    Cavani would be an awsome fit but i dont think we’ll pay the necessary fees.
    Higuain would also be a fine fit but players hate leaving Madrid.
    Lewendowski would indeed suit the Arsenal but we’d have to wait for a summer bid.
    Jovetic is someone who fans have mentioned but admittedly i havnt seen nearly enough to suggest he’ll do nicely.
    Lorente is someone i believe overrated with one good season in a very poor league which gives out cheap goals.
    Stupid to even wish Falcao or Neymar.
    Dzeko i believe would be a very useful asset but only as an upgrade on Giroud.
    Villas an aging has been who may be injury ravaged.
    Benzema i suspect will join psg if he ever leaves Madrid.

    Out of all the usual suspects who the tabloids have bandid about, Lewendowski Cavani Higuain are the three standout option who i believe to be well suited for the famous red and white. Who knows we might just try our luck, i hope we do anyhow. Seems a likely buy might be an unknown who Wenger has had his eye on for a while now, or a player who we know but suprises, like a Ben Arfa maybe, with an idea of playing him where Walcott refuses to play.

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  38. Daren

    @Spendeh, @gunner saying the truth when we have the opportunities to get falcoa, cavani, or isco why the hell would be get an African flop im no racist cause i love drogba

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  39. leo

    @terry norman the transfer window opens on jan 1 this deal will be announced on jan 1st week but i don’t believe canal+ who is reporting this story becuase there are others sayin we are interested in adrian lopez & alvaro negredo of sevilla /sevilla are currently in financial crisis & are willing to sell negredo who is a target along with llorente i doubt we have signed demba ba the french media thinks otherwise i don’t believe it

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  40. jon

    look, Ba is a good striker. Is he a great striker? No, but he is much better than anything we have right now and he is cheap. Wenger is not just gonna change his philosophy over night.
    I think Ba is a better fit for us than Llorente, Lopez and is on par with Huntelaar.
    I would love for us to get Cavani but from what I have heard, he doesn’t want to leave Napoli. We can only get players that are available. Plus he would cost around 30 mil, Wenger will never pay that, lets be realistic.
    Ba is also proven goal scorer in the premier league and stated that “it would be a dream to play for Arsenal”
    So if the rumours are true, I think it’s a good buy and he will make us better.

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  41. Ergs

    I don’t second guess anything when it comes to our transfer ins and outs we could end up with 3 players in or none in if the team keeps winning the less chance off us buying.

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  42. leo

    i think this story is rubbish just like huntelaar it’s probably his agent trying to get the best deal for him who knows i mean el’equipe announced huntelaar to arsenal was a done deal but some sites are now reporting this story as well

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  43. Nyallay

    Happy Christmas All true Gooner, not the half and half ones. For those moaning about Ba, i am not sure any of you had played football but if you did not at a better level. Ba is a natural goalscorer. If any of the moaners had watched him played for Westham united. He’s big, powerful with good linking play. Arsenal had missed the opportunity to get him for free as Newcastle did. However, it’s never too late as he’s at his close to it best. He can be another Thierry Henry. My only problem is that Arsene hasn’t gonna a game plan, especially for the last five seasons and he has ended up buying stupid players who are mere burden to the club. I think if Arsenal can buy Ba he will soon break goalscoring of RVP. I think he’s the REAL DEAL. GET HIM AND DIAME PLEASE IF WE ARE TO WIN AT BAYERN.


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  44. Terry Norman

    That’s exactly my point mate, if the BA deal had been done it would have been kept under wraps until then.
    And I’ve said on here before, the majority of these rumours are either perpetrated by AFC themselves or the players agents. That’s why I’m always skeptical concerning transfer rumours.

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  45. Jego

    What if on Christmas Usmanov came in dressed as Santa and bought us Cavani, Schurrle, Lamela and Fellaini. That would get us buzzing.

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  46. caribbean

    Why did you have to say lazy ‘African’ Ba… know how that sounds right?just say he is lazy….no point adding the African

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  47. true goon

    Fellaini is not a DM anymore for all those living in the past.And Coquelin hasn’t even been given a chance,tell me the last time he played a full game?Reading 7-5.Arteta is not athletic enough for DM,Coquelin is athletic and has good techniquehe just needs games and guidance from a real DMer.

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  48. FrankinTas

    The famous red and white. Except we’ve got those horrible dark blue bands on the arms. When they go the title is ours. Good piece dboy.

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  49. DrPepper


    Without condoning racism, I think it is necessary to add the African part – probably not as bluntly as @gunner put it though.

    I would rather we didn’t sign african players, only to lose them for a month in January.

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  50. Dara

    @adam I am a gunners fan u absolute idiot ba has scored more than half if newcastles goals this season and the reason they are 14th is because of their poor defense the reason I said we need ba is because of pl experience and would settle quickly plus uscoband bel hands are cp tied for cl

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  51. Rasta

    @ Adam
    “we need someone like Isco or belhanda or cavani.
    Yes because belhanda is making waves with 14th placed montpellier. and cos cavani would come to england to be rotated with Giroud. Cos disco really wants to continue playing second fiddle to cazorla again in a new club instead of playing games so that he can develop and better himself.
    @ Rafella.
    “cavani is a loyal player”. isn’t that something. you want to buy a player from Napoli who would be leaving them the same way van persie left us (which you all called disloyalty) and then call him a loyal player. would leaving Napoli to Arsenal be disloyalty to Napoli. they have built their team around him. they worship him there and he is their main striker. (sounds like RVP doesn’t it). Bt when RVP moved he was a traitor but we shut get cavani for the same behaviour RVP did because as you put it he is “loyal”

    you must be stuck in the summer. whatever financial problem malaga had evaporated when they qualified for champions league. Further more it desiccated when they sold rondo and santi and now they get money from reaching the round of 16 in the champions league. Plus Isco would be cup tied.
    Lopez has scored 1 league goal. Lopez isn’t Athletico madrid’s back up striker this year. It is Diego costa.
    tello signed a new contract with Barcelona.And he really isn’t that good.Clearly Villanova doesn’t rate him.

    @ Sammie.
    Arteta literally makes the most forward passes in the team. and he hardly ever makes a back pass. the reason our midfield is slow is simple. Carzola plays like the ambidextrous player he is. he literally turns his back and shields the ball for a second then looks around before making a pass. its unique and sometime effective. But for a striker like Giroud u need quick passes so that he can outmuscle instead of outpace players.

    @ Gunner.
    Literally the dumbest comment on here. wenger is a racist? the man who signed Ramsey jenkinson walcott ox jeffers upson is racist? A man who hass had an english assistant manager even after his long serving one left last season. the man who has promoted more english youth players to premier league and cup games at the expense of winning a minor trophy is racist? Think before you talk you retard.
    the ironic thing is that your comment “instead we are getting a lazy african” is literally borderline racist. idiot.

    the reason we cannot get those players because this isn’t Fifa. its real life. Who signs 4 players in january. why would teams weaken themselves to satisfy your stupid wishful thinking. Imagine Milan fans saying” why can’t we get cazorla”.

    @ invincible Gunner.
    literally the most delusional comment on here. And seeing as it was long you obviously put so much time and effort to think about it. i advice u get your head out of the clouds and be realistic.

    @ professori.
    senegal didn’t qualify for the african nations cup.

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  52. Lol123


    This article is a joke! In what what Way is team ethics paying of? Team ethics wtf? Now we just relaying on cazorla instead of rvp! Seriously some of guys you need to open your eyes! Btw i cant see an improvement on the pitch!

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  53. uchman

    @ rasta u r spot on joor, tired of dese clueless arsenal fans.face reality & stop livin on fantassy.demba ba is a very descent striker! Gud with both legs, strong & powerful remember dat dropba is not d most skilful of all strikers. Falcao & cavani r jux fantassy talk. We r not real madrid or man u yet.

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  54. waihin

    must buy 2 or 3 player
    dam baba
    mi chu
    keep on
    sold out
    bench keeper
    sagna………..merti. …vermalan………..gibbs
    sterlin..g roud…chamberlain…manone
    win champion league premierleague

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  55. auzy

    Marry Christmas gooners,l know this might b of topic but its got 2 b said.rvp comer is a bitch not williams its not started yet they should just melt ur plastic legs judas

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  56. AidanGooner

    This article is complete wishful thinking. It is glaringly obvious that we need the addition of a trully world class striker. Having said that, 3 of the 4 players you mention- Podolski, Walcott and Giroud are useful members of the squad. Happy Christmas.

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  57. Cyril

    WE DON’T NEED YOU ROBIN VAN PUSSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  58. Dilshad

    I think chamberlain is a better centre player than walcott.
    Arsenal should try it sometime. he may surprise us.

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  59. S.H

    I find it strange that everyone wants to replace RVP. The only way we can do this is either get Messi, Ronaldo, Cavani or Falcao. They are all world class players that Arsenal will never buy. So now that we’ve woken up, lets give other potential players like Ba a chance. Arsenal fans have been spoilt with some great strikers in the past. Some of them including Henry were doubted by Arsenal fans before they arrived. The same thing is happening with Ba. That’s why I would always prefer believing in Wenger and his experienced scouts rather than listening to a bunch of armchair coaches who use youtube as a scouting tool. LOL bloody rookies!

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