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Arsenal team news! Welbeck OUT and Walcott IN?

That daft red card that the Arsenal and France international striker picked up for losing his rag and throwing a headbutt in the QPR game is starting to look more and more costly to the Gunners. We did manage a plucky away win at West Ham in the first of the centre forward’s three games of suspension, but Wenger had to shuffle his squad and use players that could have done with a rest. And we may have killed the Hammers off earlier with the Frenchman leading the line.

And now Arsene Wenger, as reported by The Mirror, has revealed in his pre-match press conference that Danny Welbeck has picked up a minor (we hope) thigh problem that could keep him out of the starting line-up for the tough test of Southampton away on new years day.

So the boss will have to shuffle his pack again. Wenger has not said much about Yaya Sanogo lately but the fact that Chuba Akpom was on the bench instead of him on Sunday suggests that he is not fit to play. THat leaves Arsenal with Alexis Sanchez, Lukas Podolski, Joel Campbell and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain as possible forwards that have featured this season.

But hold on Arsenal fans! The boss also revealed that our long term absentee Theo Walcott is actually fit to play and by saying that, I think that Wenger is seriously considering throwing the speed merchant on from the start against his former club. That would almost certainly be on the right, leaving Wenger the decision of who to put up front. My choice would be Alexis, with the Ox on the left. But we also have Podolski and Campbell and the Ox could be needed in the middle.

How would you deal with Welbeck’s absence?

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29 thoughts on “Arsenal team news! Welbeck OUT and Walcott IN?

  1. Mick The Gooner

    So we have no strikers to play at Southampton? Brilliant. Thanks Giroud.

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    1. Jim A

      Pushing OG in the back hard I believe he did it with his shoulder with an oncoming keeper flying in with knees up and OG gets a red? That could end a players career if not paralyze a player if the keepers knee hit OG and his head snapped back.
      OG confronts him and he goes down like a boing pin. Wow

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      1. RSH

        It’s understandable why Giroud got angry, but the ref was two feet away and Giroud simply lost his head for a moment. You can’t deny it was a deserved red. We’re all a bit bias since were Arsenal fans, but if the opposite happened to one of our players i doubt we would be defending him. (And unfortunately most players drops like bowling pins nowadays)

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    2. Luko Bratzi

      You are all panicking Walcott up front Rosicky in with CoquelinsSanches right side Podolski left Oxy as sub that should do it got to work sometime why not now then buy Centre back out BFG CB

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  2. sevenitti

    Welbeck injured? Better play Sanogo and not Podolski. Sanchez about to be completely burnt out? Better play him some more and keep Campbell on the bench.

    Wenger logic.

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    1. davi

      Podolski can’t play up front on his own, he’s shown this consistently when given the chance. He’s a winger or support striker. Sanogo links the play and fights for the ball, much better option.

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      1. sevenitti

        Then play him with striker-looking wingers such as Walcott and Sanchez! suddenly we’re playing 4-1-2-3 instead of 4-1-4-1


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        1. davi

          Don’t think that’s the answer, the guy just doesn’t know where to move to receive and play passes for the wingers. Imo he’s a great alternative for the Cazorla/Ozil position because he’s at his best when facing the goal, but he’s very slow when he has to drop to receive the ball and/or turn or knock the ball to someone. It’s just not his game and we end up just hoping that the ball will drop onto his left foot for a shot, which isn’t going to happen often against solid opposition like Southampton.
          The only problem Sanogo has is his composure in front of goal, otherwise he’s as good as Giroud and Welbeck imo.

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  3. fred cowardly

    God help us if Wenger plays Sanogo instead of Podolski.

    What did Podolski do to Wenger to put him in the dog house all season?

    Podolski isn’t fast but he puts away goals when he gets a chance. Probably our best finisher.

    ……….. …………Podolski
    …… ……………Szczesny

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      1. YingYang69

        Id go with coq and flamini again. Maybe rest Cazorla start Rosicky. Up top Sanchez, out wide Walcott Oxlade. Rest Debuchy hes only back and has played two successive games in short amount time and looked jaded against wham.


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        1. jonestown1

          Agreed – never started a match in living memory worrying about whether we can score or not but spent the last 10 years worrying about conceding. Whatever front 4 we put out we can score at least once, enough to win the match. Essential IMO to go with FC and MF again.

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    1. Budd

      Flawed. You don’t put Podolski alone in the front. And why Walcott on the left and Sanchez on the right? Any particular reason?

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  4. jobho

    Who ever Wenger selects to play, i will fully support him and thats all the player needs.

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  5. kam

    According to The Physio Room Sanogo is injured as well.Calf/Shine injury and he is doubtful for Jan 1st.

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  6. Ks-Gunner

    Hmm, one thing is for sure, i know that Walcott wont start the game as a starter, and Poldi wont also not start as a starter in the striker role.

    ……….. …………Sanchez
    …… ……………Szczesny

    This has to be the line up.

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    1. Ks-Gunner

      Or Chamerlain plays alongside Flamini, and Wenger shows some heart and starts Poldi on the left.

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      1. jt

        if chamberlain plays alongside flamini though, we will get battered as soon as flamini picks up a yellow.

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  7. Ks-Gunner

    Its going to be tough, but even if we lose our games, the 4th place is something we will deff get in the end of the season. The Epl is already over for us, what i am hoping for is a good run in the Cl.

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    1. Grazza

      Agreed ! But still think we need to buy 3 players bolster the spine of our team.
      Then hopefully get a good run in CL lol !

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    2. RSH

      agree. EPL race is long over for us. As long as we stay around 3-5th place we’ll be fine since we usually finish the season strong. And Wenger never ever fails at getting top 4. But this is exactly why we are underachieving every season. At some point in the season we ALWAYS have to settle for 4th :/

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  8. juhislihis

    Podolski – Sanchez – OX/Theo
    ———— Cazorla
    —– Rosicky – Coquelin

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  9. Zulu-boy-SA

    That awkward moment when Song scores a goal and doesn’t celebrate only to find out later its not a goal anyway, shiiiit.

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  10. SoOpa AeoN

    if welbeck is injured, then the best forward formation IMO should be




    walcott is capable of playing the striking role (forget that stupid hold up play) ….we saw what happened when walcott played ere against spurs last season and that was without an in-form”sanchez” ……. 2ndly, you never know….Akpom might just be miles a better option in that striker role…..he’s worth a try………oops! But i just remembered, i’m not WENGER

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  11. Bigvalbowski

    Is this January transfer window possibly a watershed moment in the short term evolution of Arsenal becoming a world football power. If there ever was a time for the board and Mr Walmart to take that financial step it is NOW.

    Carvalho or MS….20-25M
    120M In

    Your 2015/16 EPL Champs

    MS or WC

    Bench: DW, OG, OX, BFG, CC, HB, AR, JW, FS, FC,
    CJ, DO, JC

    OUT: LP, MA,MF,YS(loan) NM,

    Slow day and dare to dream eh……

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  12. MstiRR

    Would love to see walcott lead the line like he did against tottenham. We were so dangerous with walcott up top

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