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Arsenal thrash Spurs and show their class

Arsene Wenger made no surprise selections for Arsenal. Walcott and Podolski on either side of Giroud, with Cazorla, Wilshere and Arteta behind them. Vermaelen was again favoured at left back. AVB went for both Adebayor and Defoe up front.

Arsenal began confidently and Tottenham were intent on breaking up play, Wilshere getting clattered by Sandro in the opening five minutes. Spurs were keeping a high defensive line, and Walcott could have punished them but was slightly offside. The left back position continued to be our weak link, and Vermaelen’s foul on Lennon led to Gallas putting the ball in the net, but he was rightly offside. We were not so lucky minutes later when both Spurs strikers were allowed all the time in the world. Defoe’s shot was palmed by Szczesny into the path of Adebayor for a tap in.

Arsenal were starting to find space and create chances before Adebayor was sent off for a terrible studs up challenge on Cazorla. Gallas and Bale complained but when they see the replay they will see that it was a clear red card. So Arsenal had 70 minutes against the 10 men of Tottenham to turn it around.

It took less than five minutes for Walcott to show his class and find Mertesacker in the box and the German produced a fine header to equalise. Lloris was started instead of Friedel and he produced a fantastic save to deny Giroud another goal. The Frenchman’s header was excellent , as was Cazorla’s shot which whistled just over the bar after half an hour. Sandro should have been booked when he went through Wilshere again but at least Jack did not react.

Arsenal were tormenting Spurs down the right and producing quality balls into the box. It was a scruffy looking goal, but good striker play from Podolski finally put us ahead before half time. Thieery Henry was rubbing his hands in the stands, and Wenger would have been delighted at the break, after Giroud finished a brilliant move from Cazorla in first half injury time to increase our lead.

Arsenal could have come out with all guns blazing in the second half but I think they did the right thing by keeping compact and not allowing Spurs an easy way back in. Chances were bound to come, and it was more good wing play, this time from Podolski on the left who found Cazorla who finished with precision. Giroud was involved and can do no wrong at the minute.

The same is not true of the Arsenal defence, and they gave Gareth Bale plenty of time and space to score a second for Spurs. Recent games were preying on the mind of Arsenal players and fans, and Spurs could sense it. Wenger did nothing to allay those fears when he brought on Santos for Podolski but at least he wasn’t playing at left back.

Arsenal had a few chances to increase the lead, and Walcott took one just before the end to make it a fine 5-2 win. A great result that will hopefully set the tone for the rest of the season.

The only bad point of the game was when Wenger decided to bring on Santos and Ramsey lol!

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139 thoughts on “Arsenal thrash Spurs and show their class

  1. Nick from Portugal

    We were lucky they went down to 10 but we played very well in some strong phases. Good to see Mert get his first goal, Cazorla brilliant, all midfield improved, nice cameo from Ox. Walcott more and more obviously a key pacey outlet. Good to see Santos get some minutes, important for his confidence, two tough away trips coming up, AVilla and Everton, 6 points from them and we are back down Chelsea’s neck………

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  2. The Dom

    Hahaha some fans make me laugh.We beat Spurs 5-2 and the AKB’s are back singing “In Arsene We Trust” and cussing those people critisising Wenger.
    No wonder why we stopped winning trophies ages ago.

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  3. mo

    @ invincibles, he’s not even good at that every time he gets the ball you think he is going to lose it. End of the day he should be at a mid table team its not about confidence last year he played a lot and was rubbish. Coquelin has more potential then him he should be 5th choice raised has had his chance.

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  4. leo

    BREAKING: Andre Santos asked for Emmanuel Adebayor ‘s shirt at half-time. Another addition to his Arsenal-traitors wall

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  5. ned

    lets not get carried away guys i know we are starved of sucess but keep the feet on the ground

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  6. COYG12

    Good win, but I think people here are getting way too exuberant again. We beat a 10 man Spuds team that isn’t exactly in top form at the moment. The red card definitely changed the game, and while it’s great that we took advantage (prefer that vs a 3-3 draw after being 3-1 up), it’s not like we beat a top team like Manchesters or Chelsea.

    It’s a step in the right direction, and I’m very happy today, but let’s see more performances like this before we lose our heads and get disappointed again, ya?

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  7. leo

    BREAKING: Richard Branson planning on sponsoring Spurs. But it would be weird if it said Virgin on a teams shirt who got Fu*ked today

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  8. leo

    I tried to change my facebook password to “tottenham’s defense” but it keep saying password is too weak!

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  9. sperez

    LOL! We beat a 10 men shitty spud team at home and many think we’re destined to be glorious again.Spuds were playing better than Arsenal and it could be leading 3 goals over us before Adebawh*re was stupid enough to be sent off. Take your rose-tinted glasses off. Nothing has changed. We are an average team stuck with a clueless manager. Lucky Wenger gained a reprieve that’s all,but he is still an overpaid has-been manager that lost the plot and now exudes complacency and lack of ideas.

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  10. James

    Mertesacjer was shocking today…

    think we should buy coentrao(will be in the region of 8-11m) but he is world class

    then our back four would be

    coentrao vermealen koscielny sagna

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  11. cicero@gunner

    Good result and a little bit of luck, Wenger should at least buy some more established players come January so that we can have some qualities on the bench. Our season starts now, and no room for complacency.

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  12. Lola

    January walcott and sagna leaving.need some1 pacey at wing,CAVANI,and a rb!well no 1 will b coming as usual

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    5 goals thanks to adebayor send off..if not its tottenham controlling the game. I think walcott should not be swap for sterling..he deserve to start for Arsenal. And MOTM/credit should go to Cazorla for his determination and work rate as always.

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  14. vyash

    thx to henry and cambell who boost the team 🙂
    great result
    wallcot and sagna must stay AND MIYACHI MUST COME

    buy fernandhyno(attck and def miel) (less than 12 m) and sell diaby(sorry for him)
    if we can get cuentro ,il will be great in defence and he can replace podolski in wide
    and get cavani or huntellar
    it will be creat with gIroud
    giroud u r the best
    we lust target his Head;)


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  15. The Gooner

    And how many of you said Wenger should be sacked? Sometimes it just takes some faith, we’ll come back to where we should be. However, I agree we need some more depth since Arteta’s form has dipped and he looks fatigued. A center mid with a physical/aerial presence would do wonders (basically Diaby when healthy). Capoue and Sissoko come to mind from Toulouse. Also, a back-up left back should be our #1 priority and a versatile winger/striker next.

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  16. stephen187

    Great result and an improvement in urgency and creativty but stil highlighted some problems…arteta is better as CM…we need a actual DM.need to hold on to walcott and really need to hold onto sagna…everyone forgot him today and apart from that 1 time he had bale on his pocket.

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  17. Arsenal Is Life!

    I always gett this sweet taste in my mouth weneva we beat spurs…wanna kiss me?lol Absolutely loved the match

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  18. qone

    well a win is always a win, no matter how.
    maybe luck will turn our way as in the first 15 minutes we were over shadowed by the other team. thanks to adeb for his sending off otherwise who knows what would had been the result?

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  19. Aussie Jack

    It was good to see Henry`s happy face in the crowd, he really loves his Arsenal. Good all round display by the Gunners, can`t make my mind up about Walcott, he`s not worth 100K but I wouldn`t want him playing against us.
    The defence still has problems. We need a left back ASAP.
    Mertesacker is a nice chap but he`s nobody`s footballer, he gave Bale a police escort for their second goal.Carzola, on the other hand, is a footballer from head to toe, great to watch. Sczcesny had little to do but he just didn`t look comfortable to me. Ramsey?(Yeah!)
    For his sheer effort and determination I gave my MoTM to
    a Spurs player Gareth Bale.

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  20. Rasta

    @ leo
    great idea mate.
    As for Ramsey, if you watched that game without already looking for him to make mistakes you would have been pleasantly surprised. I thought he controlled the midfield and all of Arsenal’s ball retention with 10 mins to go was down to him exploiting spaces in midfield. Add to that the brilliant through balls he gave theo which he should have scored and that at 90 mins he was still trying to score, i’d say it was a good game.

    You cannot expect players to get better if you keep faulting them for just breathing in the stadium. Ramsey is a confidence player. he said so on Last year he lost confidence when he started missing easy chances. When he was in his breakthrough season he was immense because he played with no fear. Let the lad be. he is an engine and someone I’m always happy to see because how hard he worked after his career threatening injury.

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  21. bob stacey

    Nick from Portugal says we were lucky they went down to 10 men !!!!! lucky you say lucky. That Spud could have finished Santi’s career with that tackle. Find another sport to comment on because you know nowt about football.

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  22. Rasta

    lol i cannot help but laugh. I just saw someone who i had a big argument with yesterday who was calling for Arsenal and the board, who campaigned all week for Arsenal fans to boycott this game say
    “Im proud to be a gooner”. i laughed so hard. all week you guys were negative. No one believed in anything. In fact someone posted he hoped Arsenal lost so that they can finally have their protest. hell as of 30 minutes before the game i was arguing with someone about he negativity on this site. the same person posted “In Wenger i Trust”. Its hilarious how bi polar arsenal fans are.

    Only a handful actually had to scream get behind your team. I have no respect for anyone who had hurled vitriol at the board, Wenger and Gazidis all week hiding under euphoria of a derby day victory to hide his hypocrisy.

    So from today I’m calling anyone i see on this blog out. If you want to be negative be negative. do not celebrate with us when we win. Don’t try and join the crowd to enjoy sweet victories. Atleast till the board and Wenger goes. Alright?

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  23. Nick from Portugal

    The point I was making Bob is the following: football is a game normally played by teams of 11 versus 11. The foul from Adebayor was a very poor challenge but how many of these challenges have you seen where the player stays on the field? We were lucky on three counts:

    1. The referee actually did the correct thing and sent him off.
    2. He was made enough to do it in the first place.
    3. Lennon missed an easy chance shortly after the first goal and Podolski scored a very fortunate goal. The first would have made it 0-2 to Spurs, the second made it 2-1to us.

    Spurs looked far more dangerous than we did for the short time we were equal in numbers. They even streched our defense for a 15 minute phase either side of their second goal. The basis of my comments is that we used this game to play ourselves into some kind of better place than we have been occupying over the past month but we got the breaks and yes, you are right, we are lucky the man from Togo did not break Cazorla’s ankle.

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  24. Dingus

    Went to the game today and thoroughly enjoyed it . Not just becoues we beat the spuds but coz it was a class all round performance from the team . Walcott was like it or not was our biggest threat and played as good as we all no he can( for a change). If hes sold i swear il just give up on football alltogether! . Cant work out why we keep leaking goals !! All our back four r good players on paper but cant defend collectivly!! Why? Coz the wingey crew love too slag there own team off an put unneccesary pressure on them so they panic! Mertisaker is wicked . Long live king arsene !! Just coz u can afford a season ticket dont mean u can turn up an moan like a bitch. Crowd today were wicked c o y g

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  25. Salvage

    Delusions .. Just setting yourselves up for disappointment. We have a good team but we have a manager who “doesnt know” anymore. A win and all the ‘In arsene we trust’ folk are up and about making noise. Thank heavens for that silly Adebayor, up until that point, we were struggling.

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    Are u getting paid or smthing here? Or r u just blind not to see Arsenal were struggling within the early 20minutes? Thanks to the stupid reckless challenge by Adebayor (and thank God, Cazorla does not get injured for that) we were in one-man-advantage tru the rest of the game and by then manage to get a fine win.

    You say some Arsenal fans are hypocrite? Who r u to say that to other supporters?
    Here we share our oppinions. Tho it may be devided oppinions. But its not wrong to express something right that we see for our club. Did you not see that we are selling star players year in and year out? Do u think it is healthy for our club to continue like this? This is what the fans you called ‘hypocrites’ wants to share the facts with u.

    We will support Arsenal no matter what..losing or winning..but in the process we share our oppinions for our Arsenals good.

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  27. Mike Dellar

    Great Midfield effort…woeful defensive effort! We were being outplayed up until Adebayor got sent off!… Defense is our greatest weakness…any suggestions how we fix it?…I feel leftback is where we are most vulnerable(Santos is the main culprit here)…do we need more defensive midfielders so Arteta can push forward more instead of having to drop back(he’s better pushing forward than dropping back to defend…why is Bould no longer getting the defensive effort to gel?…which positions should we really be strengthening in January?

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  28. mohawk35

    @Rasta – It is amazing to me that after a full year of watching Ramsey make a mess of almost every game there are still some fans (and a coach) not willing to let go of the fantasy that Ramsey plays well.

    Ramsey makes the occasional nice play but spends the majority of games giving the ball away or disrupting attack sequences. Since Jan 2011 Arsenal consistently fail to win almost every game in which Ramsey starts or plays significant minutes – these are the cold hard facts.

    How many years must we continue to hope for Ramsey to gain even average form as we watch him destroy games?

    Putting Ramsey in the game is a full and complete announcement to the world that Arsenal are not an elite team and have settled for mediocrity.

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  29. davidrusa

    A win is a win and this is a big one. Let double standards stop. Nobody denied that Man U had beaten Chelses when Chelsea ended with nine players on the pitch! When it is Arsenal it must have been because the opposing team were one man less! Give us a break. As of now Arsenal is just nine points off the top. Many more teams will gain or lose points. Arsenal team is stronger than some people care to admit. The new players i.e. Podolski, Carzola and Giroud are bedding in and scoring with regularity. They actually each have four goals apiece. They are Arsenal’s joint top scorers at the moment Rosicky is yet to play this season, Gibbs is about to return. Hopefully Diaby will also return. The bench boasts of Jenkinson, Santos who by the way has ever played for Brazil, Ramsey, Arshavin, Coquelin, Mannone etc. Injuries can’t be a monopoly of Arsenal or plague the team forever. Let the pessimists continue. They may wake up to reality too late!

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