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Arsenal tipped to thrive tonight with pressure finally off

Sky Sports pundit Charlie Nicholas has tipped Arsenal to get a much-needed win over Southampton tonight, claiming the team will enjoy playing with the pressure off.

The Gunners travel to St Mary’s tonight to take on the Saints, with the match having been rescheduled thanks to an extended run in the FA Cup.

Arsenal have four league matches left to try and claw their way back inside the Champions League places, and are reliant on one or both of Liverpool and Man City to drop points, otherwise we will have failed.

Charlie Nicholas has now claimed that the pressure will be off Arsenal tonight, with their top-four spot unlikely at present, and expects our side to thrive.

He said: “It’s another side who like goalless draws for Arsenal and it’s another must-win game with the slender chance of a top-four finish still just about there.

“Southampton have caused them problems over the last few seasons, but I think Claude Puel is asking a lot of his team to go out and produce another dogged performance.

“I think the pressure is off in terms of the top four and we know that suits this Arsenal team.

“So I’m expecting them to win this, but even if they do I still won’t be expecting them to qualify for the Champions League.”

I’m not sure I wholly agree that our players or staff will adopt a ‘pressure is off’ attitude, but I do believe that our team has turned a corner with the formation change, and we are destined to win comfortably tonight.

I can understand how some other fans are skeptical given our tumultuous campaign, but I’m feeling good about our chances of a strong finish, and am more than optimistic that we can put the pressure on Liverpool.

Can our players play without pressure tonight? Have we finally turned the corner?

Pat J

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14 thoughts on “Arsenal tipped to thrive tonight with pressure finally off

  1. Fatboy Gooney

    Champagne Charley must be on Crack…. again! ?
    ?? How is there no pressure when we have to win all our remaining games and Hope that Liverpool,City and Utd drop points?

    1. Janssen

      Well, there is no pressure in that there is nothing to lose for Arsenal. We lost the race for the PL a long time ago and by losing to Spurs we lost control of our own destiny for 4th.

      1. Break-on-through

        Dignity, did we lose that yet, I know we lost the plot anyway as I was there for that one. Lost the confidence too, also lost the support, you might be right, there might not be anything left to lose.

  2. Taxi4Wenger

    If arsene still thinks top four matter for his new contract reward, he will be in nervous wreck to must wins remaining matches.

    If really stan k cares anyway,

    1. Yossarian

      The only pressure Wenger ever has is to make top-four. As far as Stan is concerned anyway.

      Unless the manager knows that his job is safe even if we don’t win the Wenger trophy this time, in which case I guess the remaining results won’t matter to him much.

  3. odein4

    We have lost matches that were easier to win than lose I don’t think this is any different… get ready for Thursday nite football mates

    1. Bermy Ras

      We The Arsenal, have also won games that we were expected to lose. So I think it’s a no-brainer we have to turn up simple as!

    2. Taxi4Wenger

      Yup, and best reason for me to take longer sleep good for work by avoiding to watch that crap.

    3. Break-on-through

      We could end up loving the Thursday night football. We might not have that game that tells our players just how far we are from being a top team. Winning games breeds confidence, we could arrive into the new year and avoid that wall we keep hitting, but knowing our luck Bayern will come third in the group stages. Another thing we’ll avoid is the early Saturday kick off, we’ve had trouble with that one.

      If we can go straight through that competition, I wouldn’t mind winning it. It’s a comp which has us looking a good bet for winning, I’d rather that than being nowhere near a top European team. It’s a change from the norm ..which allot of people were getting bugged by.

  4. Arsenal_Girl

    There is still more pressure on us than S’Hampton. We want to finish top 4. There is less pressure on them.
    Also they are tough when they play away let alone at their Home

    Going to be a tough match

  5. bran99

    Beating Man U has taken all the pressure off us, so nice to hear that.. now Arsenal is guaranteed the 4th spot, thank you Lord

  6. aidan

    People forget that finishing fourth does not guarantee champions league footy especially if man united win the europa cup then fourth is nothing

  7. Simon

    If you could only choose 1-

    FA cup winners. Or finish in Top 4

    I’d take the FA Cup – agree?

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