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Arsenal title betting – Should Chelsea really be favourites?

As we approach Arsenal’s first League match of the season on Sunday, there is a lot of discussion about which teams should be favourites to win the Premier League title come May next year. All bookies are giving Chelsea as most likely to retain their title, with Arsenal given as third best (after Man City) at 4/1. But are those odds based on reality?

As I pointed out at the beginning of the transfer window, it would be worth backing Arsenal at 11/2 to win the League, because when Petr Cech and other marquee signings came in the price would be dropping steadily.

These ‘other signings’ failed to materialise but I still believe the Gunners should be a shorter price by now. As Wenger pointed out, if the first quarter of the season was not hampered by injuries Arsenal would have been up there with Chelsea. Le Prof said today: “Chelsea won it by a margin last year so they are the favourites. After that let’s see how it goes. After 15 games you will know more about who will win the Premier League.

“Last year after 12 games we were 15 points behind Chelsea, and in the next 26 we took 58 points and Chelsea 55. That means we missed our start to the season because it was after the World Cup.

“So let’s start strong this season… I believe we have the needed ingredients. But we have a tricky start as well because we have two derbies and Liverpool in the first three games, so we have a difficult schedule from the start.

“We need to maintain our game. That’s important as well – that we develop what we do well and do not stand still. That means we develop our cohesion, our passing game. If we are capable to keep the cohesion and the solidarity we have at the moment through the 38 games, we have a good chance.”

It certainly looks like we have kept our ‘cohesion and solidarity’ as we have won every single game in our pre-season warm-ups, including the confidence boosting win over Chelsea at Wembley, while Chelsea have not registered any wins at all, and got beaten 4-2 by New York Red Bulls and by Fiorentina 1-0 in their last warm-up game, not to mention losing the Community Shield to us!

Okay Arsenal have only bought Petr Cech (another minus against Chelsea), but who has Mourinho signed? Radamel Falcao? He was blasted by Chelsea fans after the Fiorentina defeat, and with Diego Costa still carrying his ongoing hamstring injury he could be starting their game against Swansea on Saturday.

The other contender is Loic Remy, who has been known as Mr Offside since the Community Shield and gave Arsenal little problems during the game, so can someone please explain to me why Chelsea are still favourites for the title?

Come on I may be biased, but I cannot help but think that Arsenal have had the way better form for the whole of 2015, and there is no reason to think that we are going to regress when the season starts properly. Our first three matches are all played in London, so there will be little travelling while we work our way to fitness, while Chelsea have to go to the Etihad Stadium in a couple of weeks.

I am going to confidently predict that Arsenal price will drop significantly in the next month, so if you fancy us to win the title then get on it now…..

Onwards and Upwards!

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46 thoughts on “Arsenal title betting – Should Chelsea really be favourites?

  1. Uzi Ozil

    Chelsea are the defending champions and that makes them the team to beat….Having Said that, that doesn’t mean they’ll be winners come May 2015. All I want is for Arsenal to give it a fight. Avoid bad start and 10pts behind 1st team come January 2016….

    1. seancali

      Yes Chelsea are clear favourites! I’m starting to accept the fact that we won’t be signing anyone. So it leaves us with giroud and welbeck for the cf position, cf is a crucial position and I really think Theo should not be used as cf. Theo is best when he plays on rw. He gets goals and plays much better. I’m hoping that welbeck steps up this season and shows his worth. We need welbeck to be at his best and we need lecoq to stay injury free. If these happen then we will have a good chance of winning the title. Welbeck and lecoq would be the key to our title challenge if we don’t sign any players.

    2. mall-gooner

      I agree with you that they are defending champions but problem they have is their squad depth. They were lucky in last season not to sustain many injuries except Costa. They don’t have much cover for all positions.
      They have best starting X1 in league and if all are fit (which I hope will not be the case) then they are the team to beat. I hate Mou to my core but I know he is the best manager and knows how to win dirty.

  2. sevenitti

    Chelsea are defending champions, as mentioned by Uzi Ozil, that is a big factor.

    Looking at top elevens, we are pretty much equal. However, looking at the average starting squad per match throughout the season, I think Chelsea will be favourites due to Arsenal being more prone to injury.

      1. sevenitti

        Yes, it is important for welbeck to be able to warm the bench for Özil so that when he gets subbed off, he can give his warm seat to the magic german, in order to further prevent injury on Özil / other players being subbed off

        1. seancali

          It’s not funny at all! We are left with no choice, we need welbeck to step up. If giroud is out for a week or two welbeck is the only real striker we would have. We need him to show his worth and start banging in those goals.cuz obviously Wenger ain’t going to buy a cf. I’m just surprised why he let akpom leave

          1. sevenitti

            Then why not rephrase your comment to “All we need is for GIROUD and Lecoq to stay injury free”? God forbid we would have to rely on welbeck

  3. Gigi2

    I saw one journalist in the Mail that had us winning the league.
    I agree with thosse facts, but thats exactly why we need to prepare for injury blows. My guess is that medical staff improvements are ok, but the odds arre that in one season youcan have some injuries sonce iits obviosly a very physicaal maybe even if we dont have that dream signning, we should have very good back ups.

    I will listen to Bon jovi for now…keep the faith

  4. fred cowardly


    GK- Even
    CD: Chelsea slightly better
    RB: Chelsea
    LB: Arsenal
    DM: Chelsea better (they have Matic and good backups ie Ramirez)
    B2B CM : Arsenal better
    RW- Arsenal better (Theo and Oxlade)
    LW- Even
    CF- Chelsea better (Costa, Remy, Falcao)

    Defense is not a problem as we are still 2nd best in the League

    The big differences imo are DM and CF

    I’m not saying we can’t win the PL but I can’t say we are “favourites”

    1. Gigi2

      h,mmmm. even, they win 4 we win 3 in your opinión.
      but Costa is off, and honestly Remy and Falcao ( I am judging from whay people hve judged they are facourites…meaning last season achievements) i would ssay also even.

      1. seancali

        The fact is that we lack 2 more WC players. One in the DM position and another at the cf position. If we signed two classy players for those positions we would be clear favourites.

        1. Gigi2

          i wont argue that, my point is that right now people give the edge to Chelsea because the are the champions. Nothing more.
          But, as always, being the FA cup chamions does not give US the edge ahahaha, that part they go with amlos every team exccept us 🙂

          1. seancali

            Usually teams who are favourite to win have pressure on them, but I think we have the most pressure on us since we haven’t won the bpl in ages. So pressure wise we are right there with Chelsea, but on paper Chelsea are favourites to win the bpl.

            1. Gigi2

              agree to disagree, i think they re favourites because they are the champions, pressure or not and funny enough we are the fa cup champions and journalists dont put us as clear favourites.
              i think that on paper (leaving aside the fact that hey are the champions so only on paper with actual players) we are even as i commented about the comparative sheet above

    2. fred cowardly


      The comparison Is just my opinion
      It’s not meant to upset anyone
      I’m fallible. I make mistakes
      I may be completely wrong

      However, I think if we get a TOP striker and a TOP DM we will be on level terms with Chelsea. In fact, perhaps even higher depending on who we get.

  5. Mick The Gooner

    Chelsea should be favourites. Their first XI is great, but just look at their squad depth.

    GK: Begovic – great keeper
    RB: No one. Azpilicueta can play here but there’s no one to cover him at RB either.
    CB: Zouma, good. No one else.
    LB: No one.
    CDM: Obi Mikel. Average at best.
    CM: Ramires. Good runner, no ball skills.
    CAM: No one. Fabregas can play if Ramires covers him at CM.
    RW: Cuadrado, was great at the World Cup but haven’t seen much else of him.
    LW: No one.
    ST: Falcao.

      1. sevenitti

        They have a thinner bench because they don’t get nearly as many injuries as we do, and therefore then can afford the risk.

    1. Yoe_its_Moe

      That’s why I feel confident, Wenger subtly assembled the deepest squad in the league with a very capable back up in every position (except dm). Rotation will be key, and hopefully we go far in both domestic cups, give a chance for the subs to stay fresh. THIS IS OUR YEAR !!

        1. Gigi2

          i d replace the verb “need” with “want”
          and then would conclude by, “then we would definitely frighten teams”

  6. Dennis

    Its not about a strong start or a strong finish, its about consistency throughout the season. Its about rotation and making a full use of all your squad. Rosicky barely got any play time last year yet he’s been given another season, i hope i see him in 5-10 games this year. I think if we lessen our injury plague this year we will win the league with or without Benzema.

  7. Andrew AFC

    Football goes in circles one team is at the top then it’s another. It’s our time now GOYG

  8. Uzi Ozil

    I meant May 2016* in my previous comment/post. Well, I believe my fellow gunners understood what I meant…

    Buzzing for the new season. Can’t wait!

    1. seancali

      All of us are excited about the new season wish we make at least one more signing. It would give us all more reason to be excited. A benzema or even a bender. Come on Wenger, time is running out

  9. Arsenio

    no matter wat those bloats say this is our season….arsene probably has 1 more signing up his sleve either way we r winning the epl!!!! COYG

  10. Andrew AFC

    If you believe that one of the top four will win the EPL get yourself down to Paddy Power you can’t lose. Just put your money on all of them.

    Its once again time for the Premier League as Paddy Power announce huge interest in their outright winner betting markets, with the popular brand boosting the odds on the top 5 teams!

    With Chelsea boosted to 8/1 (was 13/8), Man City at 12/1 (was 11/4), Arsenal at 20/1 (was 9/2), Man Utd at 20/1 (was 9/2) and Liverpool to a huge 100/1 from 25/1, the offer is simply dripping with value and is a must for punters and fans alike.

    1. Jimbeam

      Actually looking at Paddy Power, I realized the perfect argument to buy a new striker.
      On the Top Goalscorer list Giroud is at 25/1 at 9th position behind all other top teams strikers and Kane and also Hazard and Sanchez.
      It is not a good sign if you are playing to win the PL that your striker is way behind to even wingers in the potential to score goals.
      Ideally you want a striker that has at least a realistic chance to be at the top of that list come the end of the season

      1. seancali

        Giroud is a more team type of player, plus he doesn’t take penalties, that’s why he is ranked lower than others. I’m always saying we need a damn WC striker so I’m not saying giroud can win us the bpl. I’m saying he’s not a high goal scoring type of striker, his work rate is high and he is well involved in build up plays. That is the reason he doesn’t score over 20 goals. We still need a goal scoring machine. Hope Wenger signs a WC striker

      2. jonestown1

        DB – that is true but also the glass half full view. I noticed we had 3 players in the top 12 odds for PL leading goalscorer suggesting the bookies are expecting goals from 3 of our guys.

  11. summerbreez

    Arsenal are seated third they need to climb 2 places the team should be tuned to do so we got a group of players that are tuned to each other well the unit is there for a while if all our players turn up at matches and turn their chances to goals i personally think the Arsenal will win the league
    Was happy to see bielik training with the team
    Wondering on any news on joel campbell his name is on the Arsenal website
    If that someone comes the question would be who is that some one could it be benzeema to call Mr wenger and accept a deal but that is just what is in our heads and not in wengers

  12. Memphis101

    In as much as Wenger refused to address that DM arsenal will struggle for that top 4 again, conquelin will definitely have Card or get injured and that will expose Arsenal so bad because Arteta and Flamini shouldn’t be a back up for any arsenal that intend to Win Premiership , Look at other Team DM and compare it with Arsenal…………MAN U Has…..Carrick, Fellani, Morgan , Chelsea has ………..Matic, Mikel and Ramirez while Man City has ……..Toure , Fernando and Fernandiho. ,,,,Those are Team that means Business.

    1. ArseOverTit

      How come you know that, I know that? Most pundits, ex-arsenal players and fans know that? But Wenger, it seems doesn’t?


      1. Jim A

        Cards could be a problem for our DM. He got a yellow against Chelsea and it very easily could have been 2. Then a game off. I would really like another aggressive DM to take his place.

  13. ArseOverTit

    Man U to win the title.
    Arsenal 2nd
    Chelsea 3rd
    Liverpool 4th
    Man City 5th

    Met an old Irish gypsy who read tea leaves and I asked her to tell me how the PL to shape up this year.

    She also said we would win the CL and Benzema would sign for us today! Or was that an Italian reporter? I can’t seem to remember..


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