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Arsenal to bid for Birmingham keeper

A new keeper to challenge the current Arsenal number one, Wojciech Szczesny is one of the transfer targets on Arsene Wenger’s January shopping list. After being linked with a number of older players, such as Pepe Reina from Liverpool, the Prof seems to have gone the other way as he is preparing a bid for the 19-year old stopper from Birmingham City, Jack Butland.

If the report in the Daily Star is accurate, Birmingham will be willing to sell their star asset because of financial restraints, and Arsenal think a bid of around £6 million will be enough to make Butland a Gunner. This would mean that Wenger is not just looking for an understudy to keep the Polish international on his toes, but is looking to the future.

Butland is fancied to be a real prospect and is hailed as a future England keeper. He was the first choice at the Olympics for Team GB, and has played at all levels of the international set up since under-16s. He has all the attributes to make him a world class keeper, including a 6ft 5in frame, great reflexes and athleticism.

With Southampton and Fulham also very keen to take him, the only real problem for Arsenal is whether Butland wants guaranteed regular competitive football, because he may not get it at the Emirates.

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34 thoughts on “Arsenal to bid for Birmingham keeper

  1. Vish

    I would say go for him. Much better than Reina.
    But honestly GK is NOT our concern.
    A CDM is.

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  2. Vish

    I can’t remember how many times Szczesny has cleared up the mess created by our back four.
    he is a loyal gunner and a future star.

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  3. ran

    Butland is damn good, after 2 seasons of training we could rotate him and the big pole, to give the both of them game time and to prevent overplaying our keeper.

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  4. landi


    bench: walcott,song,podolski,aox,koc,jenkinson,gibbs,mannone

    just if we keept our players and bought podolski,cazorla for = 30 millions and we would have a worldclass team… such a pitty that our board doesn’t care about winning but just to get the 4th place ….

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  5. sheggs

    I can’t believe we STILL haven’t sorted out Walcott’s contract yet!!!!

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  6. let's be Realistic

    Even If We bring in Cech or Cassilas,We would still conceed…….there is only one Solution…..WENGER OUT.Its time to draw the curtain on his already damaged Arsenal Career

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  7. GreenGooner

    I rate Butland highly and feel he will be go on to be a huge star for England. I watched him very closely during the Olympics and he reminds me of Joe Hart in the fact that he doesn’t seem fazed by anything and has that confidence required to be a top keeper.

    I agree with others that a GK isn’t a massive priority but if we don’t act now and FAST then we all know what happens. Spurs and Chelsea sign the players we are interested in. Let me list: Hazard, Mata, Cahill, Vertonghen, Demebele etc… to name but a few in recent windows.

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  8. Hafiz Rahman

    whats the point of signing another goalkeeper when they hardly had a chance to play??

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  9. Henry

    Would definitely like to see Butland come to The Arsenal! Has bags of potential and would be a great understudy for Scezney. However I like most would like to see the other areas in our team strengthened first!

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  10. Gunner 8

    Butland is a good prospect for the future but the important thing is that we need to first sort out our present!!

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  11. haywill

    buy casillas, he is benched in madrid. make him our second GK after our polish #1

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  13. Eugene Danso

    Linking Arsenal 2 so many players but can’t buy none; u the media should stop this nonsense 4 our club is finished.

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  14. let's be Realistic

    24 more days for the Window to be closed…..why do I have this feeling that wenger won’t sign anyone….Brace up gunners Its our usual season again…Bayern whip us as usual…we crash out of the FA cup to brigton. Then we dramtically secure fourth place on the last matchday then wenger poclaims himself best manager in the world….shortly walcott leaves for chelsea siting lack of ambition for his reason….The fans turn on him saying he left because of financial gain….he proves his point when he wins the communty sheild a few days later….the sad cycle continues Until jurgen klopp comes to our Rescue…

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  15. arsenalidamu@kenya

    jus rumours bt no action i jus hope we r playin the right card damn it or we r doomed

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  16. Nicolas


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  17. OhIfOnly

    And to think had Wenger pushed for a few signings we would have the most formidable team, better than that of Barcelona.

    Potentially, with the targets that were close to sealing deals with us (supposedly), and players that had left us – we could have this team:

    First XI:
    Sagna – Subotic – Vermaelan – Clichy
    ———— Y.Toure ————
    ———– Fabgregas ———–
    C.Ronaldo —————- Hazard
    —– Van Persie – Ibrahimovic —–
    Subs: Szczesny, Vertonghen, Wilshere, Cazorla, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Walcott, Podolski

    If that’s not a team that is able to dominate Europe, and give Messiolona a run for their money, I don’t know what is.

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  18. paul

    would love to see butland at arsenal

    get luke shaw

    david villa

    and cdm , wanyama fellaini diame m’vila

    and a versatile centerback

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  19. Ergs

    Hope we get butland the best keeper in the world for his age better then de gea already!

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  20. jermaine

    butland is young n inexperience he has bags of potential . sounds to similar to what we have already.italian international consigli is avery good gk contract finishes summer he play for atlanta mannone old team swap them

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  21. Uche

    You guys are in for a shocker in this transfer window. Watch and see. This is just the usual crap of wenger feeding us crumbs everyday. Every single day we are linked to two or three players. This is the usual arsenal game. This is all a game to them. They figure that dropping hints of a possible signing is usually enough to get us distracted until the transfer window slams shut in our faces. He will not sign anybody and guess what? Walcot will be sold. Walcot is so gone. The only thing stopping wenger now is how to break the news of walcot’s sale to us. Once he figures it out, he will break the news, supposedly with a heavy heart and crocodile tears. That is the only problem he has now. He knows that Walcot is the ONLY reliable attacking threat in arsenal and that without him, we will be lucky to finish in 10th place. So the man is in deep confusion about how to sell walcot and get away with it. But wenger will NEVER give him that money because only wenger, gazidis and kroenke deserve a big pay day. Arsenal is a joke.

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  22. bernard

    we need a striker and a versatile midfielder like vila and fellaini. a keeper aint priority ryt now. and a defensive midfiellder wud help too

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  23. Philthompsonsnose

    I rate butland and scezney.. But you win jack shit with potential!!!
    Great winning teams have 2 great pairings..
    Schmeichel and Bruce ,Czech and terry.. Hart and kompany ..seaman and Adams !! No doubt there’s many more…
    Scezney will become a great keeper but with keepers under 30 all you get is potential…
    We should have paid 2.5m for schwarzer a couple of seasons ago.. Instead of thinking it was too much for an over 30!!! he was their player of the season in many eyes! ffs we paid 12m for that shower of shit gervinho!!! Buying schwarzer might have won us something..carling cup?? If AW was this great astute manager we all revere, surely this basic fact would stand out like a sore thumb!! Buy experience like we did with jens Lehman! Stability in the back 4 and someone that can shout orders and help keep the shape!!!!

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  24. Philthompsonsnose

    Id go for Celtic keeper !! Best in the country by a country mile!

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  25. Younger Hamii

    Reckon if we are in the market for a Goalkeeper then it should be an experienced one to help challenge as well as develop Sir Chesney as Fabianski is not provided enough opportunities to demonstrate & concrete the potential we saw two seasons ago from him & Mannone is seemingly not good enough from what we’ve seen.

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