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Arsenal to buy Reina for £25m, Fabianski to be Number One, and Spurs will win the League (And other jokes!)

It is no wonder that journalists call August the “Silly Season” as there is nothing but ridiculous stories to read in the papers. Today is the perfect example.

The first preposterous Arsenal transfer story is in the Sun, and they headline with: Arsenal in Reina raid! ARSENAL have launched a stunning £23million raid for Liverpool keeper Pepe Reina.
Arsene Wenger sees the Kop star as the man to solve his problem position.
And the Gunners boss is prepared to go up to £25m to land the Spaniard.

There is absolutely no way in the world that Arsene Wenger will pay £25m for Lionel Messi, never mind a goalkeeper that has just signed a new six year contract at Liverpool! All this goes to show is that the Sun has suddenly discovered a sense of humour!

The second funny headline is also from the Sun, and it said: Anelka: Spurs can nic it!
They asked Anelka if Spurs could be a danger to Chelsea, and he replied: “I rate Spurs very highly. They are absolute favourites to win the title.”

Now I never imagined that the surly Chelsea striker Nicolas Anelka had a sense of humour, but he was obviously joking when he said that! But he answered seriously after that when asked what his aims were for the new season. He replied: “Our aim this season is to finally win the Champions League.

“Could we win a treble, the way Inter Milan did last season? Not so fast – it will be a tough job just to defend our league title.

“Our biggest rivals will of course be Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal, while Manchester City could play a major role.

“But I believe that this will be the most thrilling season ever in the history of the Premier League.”

No mention of Tottenham there then? Perhaps the Sun missed his wry little ironic smile the first time around…

The third crazy story this morning comes from that well-known witty magazine, and includes a quote from Arsene Wenger doing his funny-man impression. He said that Luksz Fabianski could be Arsenal Number One in the new season! I was laughing so much I had to read it again. His exact words were: “Tomorrow Fabianski has another opportunity to show that he can play No 1.

“Wojciech is a goalkeeper of huge quality. At the moment we want to play for the title so I believe he needs some more experience to compete directly for the first goalkeeper position.

“But it depends a little bit. We have four goalkeepers, one of them will go out on loan, three have to stay so we do not know yet who will go out.”

Both Szczesny and Fabianski will be playing in todays friendly game against Legia Warsaw, and as Wenger doesn’t think Szczesny is ready, does that mean that Fabianski is likely to be the goalkeeper against Liverpool next week? Somebody tell me that Wenger was just having a little joke………..

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11 thoughts on “Arsenal to buy Reina for £25m, Fabianski to be Number One, and Spurs will win the League (And other jokes!)

  1. Gert

    Last year, Fabianski played a few good games in the carling cup. And i thought, he can be our number one. But he gives al his credits away against Porto.

    Fabianski is not a bad goalkeeper. his mental strange is not strong enough. I hope he can make the stap to the top this year. He is our only hope when Wenger won’t buy antother goalkeeper.

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  2. herd

    what aload of nonsense, wenger will never buy anyone and thats why our club is goin down hill every year, if we keep wenger we will be in the championship by 2013.

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  3. jb26

    Fabianski should retire from football or play outfield or whatever just keep him away from the Arsenal goal.

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  4. Simmi

    whoever thought that Reina could come to arsenal needs to write things that we really want to hear like:

    “Messi to play for Arsenal”

    with ridiculous quotes like Messi saying

    “If Fab can’t come to Barcelona then we should go to him…you know, like Mohamed and the Mountain.”

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  5. Pobos

    guys i saw the game against legia warsaw and fabianski was ridiculous all the that legia score was very funny they score 5 easy goals!!!!!!IM VERY MAD I THINK FABIANSKI DONT REALLY CARED ABOUT THE GOALS BECAUSE HE IS FROM POLAND!!!!i DEMand from wenger to say to fabianski to leave!!!He make us funny we won hardly legia 5-6 because of fabianski

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  6. cescnotgunrleave

    please please please let flapianski and hole-munia both go on loan or at best be sold!!!!!!!!!ididnt watch the warsaw game live and when i first saw the result i was like whoa is there an arsenal netball team!!!!!!!!!pleas please please mr wenger , buy a goalie and a defender!!!!!!!!pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaase

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  7. BOOZY

    wenger is just pulling a fast one on some gullible fans. i believe a 24mil bid was made for reina. but wenger knows hodgson would not even accept a 30mil bid for reina, and wenger isnt really ready to pay the money, he is bidding at the end of the day, he’ll tell us why he didnt get a keeper was because his bid for reina was turned down, just as he has said about some players in the past he didnt really want to buy.
    if he’s really serious about a goal keeper, 6mil for joe hart would do. I AM NOT FOOLED BY WENGERS TRICKS ANYMORE.

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    i think with fabianski in the goal 4 arsenal were gonna get relegated straight away this season…… and as 4 wenger i think he needs 2 take arsenal serious and not as a business scheme…..we have gone more than 5 seasons with out a win that is poor…. (get rid of fabianski…quickly)

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