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Arsenal to do a Chelsea and go on EPL winning run?

It is probably nothing more than a coincidence that Arsenal and Chelsea played in the Premier League recently almost an exact year from what many people see as the turning point in last season´s race to the EPL title. And just as Chelsea turned things around from that point Arsenal fans will be hoping that the Gunners can do the same thing this year.

The game at Stamford Bridge last weekend certainly felt like it could be the catalyst for a change in our fortunes, as no one gave us much of a sniff against the in form and reigning champions. However, a change in defensive approach saw Arsenal not only stand up to Chelsea but look the most likely to claim the points.

A year ago it was the Blues under their new manager Antonio Conte who were struggling and they slipped to a three goal deficit by halftime against a rampant Arsenal. The Italian coach changed things at the break and went to back four and they never looked back as results came and confidence grew.

Wenger and the lads need to think about that and try to ensure we do the same, starting with West Brom at home tomorrow and then follow it up with another home win over newly promoted Brighton next Sunday. Two home wins will have the Emirates Stadium buzzing again and see us head into the international break in a much better state.

So could Arsenal be about to do a Chelsea and embark on a winning streak that gets us back into the title race?

Sam P.

26 thoughts on “Arsenal to do a Chelsea and go on EPL winning run?

    1. jon fox

      You are lucky in comparison to me. I have lost faith in Wenger for the whole of the last decade and his legacy- built largely upon what George Graham left him in defence- has long ago been tarnished and ruined , for me at least. Like a 21 year marriage where you were happy for the first nine years and hated her ever since. But “she” simply won’t move out.

      1. Buteo

        I was pro Wenger until about two years ago. I really thought we could challenge for the title when we finally got rid of the stadium dept, and we no longer had to sell our best players (to our rivals). We haven’t lost any important players for years, and I believe we have got a very good squad that should be able to compete.

        Instead were going backward, and in my opinion its down to the manager. It was a big mistake to offer him new contract, and i think he will regret accepting it.

  1. Leeroy98

    No because we don’t have a squad to the level of the chavs last season and we don’t we have a competent manager to achieve it either…

  2. Goonerboy

    I don’t know if we can do a Chelsea what I know is that we must keep winning to climb up the table, we can’t afford any slip up at all for now…

    I must confess that, Man city, ManU, Spurs and Chelsea look frightening but then early season form doesn’t count much and we have all seen this before am sure not all of them will keep on winning,they will drop form at some point so we need to be ready to take advantage, and to take advantage we have to keep winning…

    As for Liverpool, we look so so familiar, and we can’t win the league for now either((that’s the basic truth) but I believe we can be more consistent than them..

    It still hurts me that we gifted them the top 4 last season, we need to send them back to 7th where they belong…..

    1. Deluded fan

      Seem like only they will slipped but not arsenal. We will always play catch up no matter how they slipped.

      Now we are not any difference from Liverpool.

  3. ramterta

    I once thought this team was gonna be good, but how wrong was i?
    just look at this comparison

    Kane>>>lacazette giroud combined
    Eriksen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>welbeck
    dembele>>>>>>>>>>>wilshere and Ramsey combined
    wanyama>>>xhaka elneny and coquelin combined

    1. Liam

      Absolutely spot on Ramterta dont listen to the fans thumbing you down, I recently saw Arsenal posts on Ramsey being the best box to box midfielder in the league when hes not even the box to box at arsenal and we havent got any others. This team is pathetic I get scared for us when the opposition has either a fast striker or winger or a rough and tumble approach. How can tactics that simple beat us nearly every time. I knew Salah would be pretty poor in terms of finishing yet he scores against us then misses 15 chances in the next game, you know why we just make it that good damn easy for opposing teams. Even Lacazetti was the wrong signing firstly we needed a cb more than a striker then we needed a cm more a cf and finally we didnt need a Defoe esq striker we needed a mix of power pace skill and tenacity someone like Cavani Costa. This season could be absolutely amazing aka finishing below Everton sacking Wenger and not making a bucket load of cash for Kroenke. Once and only once Kroenke has left will we be a competitive club again.

      1. Break-on-through

        England don’t have a player that can touch Ozil’s ball quality. Lacazette v Kane, the goals will tell us, it’s be all and end all. Alexis is still a Gunner and he’s the most dangerous player in the league. Koscielny has been top dog for many years. Aurier ahead of Bellerin, why does PSG and Barcelona not agree. Wanyama is a stronger Coquelin, you can’t compare him to players who can actually play ball.

  4. Deluded fan

    Conte is a good coach you can see how he rectified his team last season and this season but wenger hahahahaha

  5. Gelz

    We could go on a winning run but it won’t be a title run, we are going to struggle to even make the top 4 again, the positions of the league now is how I think it will be come the end of the season except us and Liverpool fighting for 5th n 6th place.

    1. jon fox

      I would be prepared to put money on your order being spot on , but with us definitely 6th , right behind Liverpool. City 96 pts, United 90, Chelsea 86, Spurs 80, Liverpool 75, Us 67.

      1. Mm

        We only played 5 games. It’s too early to judge. Im sure the team will improve. Don’t forget there is still matches among the top 6 which will even out the competition. Injuries will come as matches​ increase. As a supporter I would not rule out Arsenal at this stage. Track record tells us last season was an exception so we will get top 4 minimum

      2. Tidan2

        You think this season is the season when the top 4 teams all have record-breaking point tallies for their respective positions.

        Great prediction.

  6. John Legend

    Have we got another manager? What sort if question is that? The maximum run of good results Arsene can pull with his team is 7-8.
    We will NEVER win EPL with Arsene in charge. We should admit the difficult fact

  7. bran99

    Chelsea don’t lose easily and cheaply like us, and when they go top they don’t lose run till they are crowned champions. You want to compare such legacy to the one we have?? Average team average players and very old manager, nothing new till someone leaves

  8. citrenoogeht

    What a pointless article? Surely the best time to post such an article is during a run and not when you’ve just drawn with another side and struggled to put a league one side away whilst there are other sides as much as NINE points ahead of us after just six games. SMH.

  9. Leon

    The problems with Arsenal.
    1. A manager who has been at the club for about twelve years too long and has failed to move with the times.
    2. An owner who doesn’t want to plough any investment into the club (if he is not investing makes you wonder if he is taking it out)
    3. A dysfunctional group of players who either want to leave or are simply not good enough.
    4. A myopic set of supporters who have loyalties to the manager rather than the club – who believe that, despite evidence and history demonstrating otherwise that Wenger can lead this club to European and Premiership glory.
    Those are the reasons why Arsenal are not longer considered a challenger anymore…

  10. waal2waal

    If we’re not careful in as much as bucking up our ideas we can say goodbye to CL competition for a consecutive season, we could kiss bye to st. totteringham’s day and come up short against the spuds in several competitions played at wembley or at home. and we could see them lot become league champions especially as their kane is close to immortalising himself as a tripple-golden boot striker who if kept fit is very capable of catapulting the spuds up the league.

    Meanwhile we still find ourselves in a stew far as league form, we’re quickly running out of any excuses this season. for us there is no option left but to stand up and deliver a relentless effort together. A kind of a do-or-die situation we’ve made as a result of allowing standards to slip. I’m confident we will turn things around – just wish for once we hadn’t made things so tough.

  11. AngryGunner

    At the end of the season either one of Man United or Man City is gonna win the league , Alexis Snake and Mesut Snake are going to City and United , they will get stronger and will be contender for the next seasons again .

    Liverpool are gonna have Keita and will buy Van Dijk , Tottenham will be even stronger and Chelsea will stay as strong as always and Arsenal will officially become a mid table club and will have to fight for Europa league place for many years.

    No player will want to come to Arsenal anymore and no respectable manager will want to manage our club.

  12. Me

    Kroenke is a terminal diagnosis for Arsenal.
    Wants to win everything – does not want to spend any money on it.
    How the f*ck can we expect to compete with that on our backs – the only team who finished the summer with a net profit.
    Kroenke and Wenger are draining the life out of the club – what worries me the most is that there are people who actually BELIEVE we can challenge. There are people who believe this…

  13. TheArsenalWay

    Why even sanction such articles to be posted onto here? I love Arsenal but there is no way in hell that we are going on to win the EPL this season, none!

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