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Arsenal to drop Ramsey for Wilshere after Wales World Cup woe?

We Arsenal fans can only guess at what must be going through the mind of the Arsenal and Wales international star Aaron Ramsey at the moment, but you can bet it will not be good. Whether or not the failure of the Wales national team to qualify or even make the play-offs for next summer’s World Cup will affect his form for the Gunners is up to Arsene Wenger to decide.

Maybe because the Welsh have been punching above their weight recently and have not qualified for the World Cup since 1958 and only one major tournament in the donkey’s years will make their loss to the Republic of Ireland in the crucial final qualifier a little easier to bear, but I doubt it.

Even without their star man Gareth Bale they will feel they should have at least got a draw in Cardiff but they didn’t and they are out and now Wenger has to decide whether to start the sure to be gutted Gunner Ramsey at Watford on Saturday.

He has options, to be fair, not least of which is the fit again and in form Jack Wilshere, who may well be going to the tournament in Russia next summer with England. He could also go for any two of Coquelin, Elneny and Xhaka but I think Jack gives that extra creative thrust that could prove vital if Arsenal are to come away with a win.

So Gooners, would you drop Ramsey for Wilshere this weekend?


19 thoughts on “Arsenal to drop Ramsey for Wilshere after Wales World Cup woe?

  1. tatgooner

    Ramsey proved he is a mediocre player at best.
    They might even start benching him internationally.

  2. oduli benard

    Haahaa, a mediocre ramsey is faster,more hardworking, less dribbling and a more discplined footballer than the flop wilishere

    1. Durand

      I’ll take unselfish Wilshire over selfish Ramsey any day. Wilshire the better passer, willing to be physical and fight, and is more disciplined in midfield than Ramsey.
      Never fancied Ramsey honestly, and still don’t. 3 good months out of his career doesn’t equate to quality. I’m sure others fancy him and probably for good reasons. I prefer a dominant midfielder is all

  3. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

    They can play together and be successful. Wilshire and Ramsey are like the new Pires and Ljunberg.

    My team for Watford:


    Holdings Kos Chambers

    Maitland-Niles Coquelin Wilshere Kolasinac

    Nelson Ramsey


    But as strong as the starting 11 are it is the bench that makes a statement. And I believe we need a statement. So my proposed bench is –

    Sub 1 Ospina
    Sub 2 Per
    Sub 3 Iwobi
    Sub 4 Giroud
    Sub 5 our 3rd last FA cup trophy
    Sub 6 our 2nd last FA cup trophy
    Sub 7 our last FA cuo trophy

    That bench would out fear in any team!!!!

    1. Durand

      Saw what you did there, clever sort of.
      You dropping the community shields you talk about? Where’s cohesion? Is it injured?

    2. Maks

      Ramsey out from the first 11 for the rest of the season and we have better chances for a trophy – top 4 finish.

  4. deleny

    Wenger dropping his in-law ramsey(so to speak cos he hardly does that even when he isnt fit enough to play) for wilshere??!! I doubt that that wld happen in a hundred yrs to come. ****still laffing!!!!

    1. Maks

      Hell yeaah, you re right… maybe Walsh Football Asc is paying Wanger to play ramsey every game on every position available!

  5. dave

    Ramsey was just dreadful in the defeat. When the team was looking for an inspiration one nil down, he was no where to be found. Sure, Wales isn’t blessed with tons of talent, but better should still be expected of their only recognizable ‘star’ player. Ballooning the 89th minute into row Z kinda summed up his night.

  6. Arsenal_Girl

    Wenger will never drop Ramsey. That’s why he didn’t sign a CM this summer. He won’t upgrade. If we have enough in one position, he will say it. Which is hypocritical because he also talks about “Quality”.

    In Central Midfield we don’t have the quality equivalent to 1. Pogba, Matic, Mata. 2. Bakayoko, Kante, Fabregas 3. Dembele, Wanyama, Alli, Ericksen. Other players like Gueye, de Bruyne, Silva, Gundogan etc.

    Central midfield is so important. I miss Cazorla so much. He was our best, most consistent and creative central midfielder.

    There were plenty of midfielders we could have tried to get ie. Goretzka, Seri, Carvalho, Matuidi, Krychowiak, Draxler, Gotze, Rodriguez, etc, but I guess we would not have made money this summer if we had bought another player lol

    Our midfielders have good days but are not consistent enough and honestly not high enough quality. I really think central midfield will be the reason we don’t finish in the top 4, if we don’t finish in the top 4.

    1. Maks

      Wanger didn t want Fabregas back just cos ramsey would be in danger… maybe Scz left for Juventus cos ramsey was infront of him even for the keeper position. Ramsey must play! Jesus….

  7. Gundam

    Two greatest players of all time. Play them together, it would be like Xavi and Iniesta going SuperSayan.

  8. The barrel

    Wenger will not drop Ramsey for anyone. He will drop Walcott, and play Ramsey in right wing. Its Wenger’s favorite player.
    Anyone mention one thing that Ramsey is good at. To me, he is just a hard worker without any skill. No comparison between Wilshere and Ramsey in terms of skill. Wilshere is far much ahead of Ramsey

  9. Peter

    We should stop promoting Wilshere because he an English man for now that guy is not yet fit to play for England team ,likewise for his club period, Arsenal is looking for aggressive and a speedy striker to enable compete for the top four not someone that will play today and tomorrow his off and dismantle the clubs plans because of injury or that, is it not the same Wilshere that some of the fan where criticizing him for all sort thing and call for his exist at Arsenal because he was a smoker and indiscipline ? Please let’s relaxed men

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