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Arsenal to finalise deal for another top Liverpool target?

Maybe now that Arsenal have not been drawn to face the German Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich in the knockout stage of the Champions League, for a change, then their manager Pep Guardiola will not mind selling us one of his players.

And by all accounts, the Switzerland international midfielder Xherdan Shaqiri is not really a part of the Spanish manager’s plans for the club’s future anyway. But I did not realise that he was even a possible transfer target for the Gunners either, until I saw the Metro report that claims not only is Arsene Wenger keen on signing Shaqiri, but that the Frenchman is close to completing the deal to bring him to the Emirates stadium in January.

Don’t get me wrong, I rate the 23-year old, and if the report is right about the Gunners getting him for as little as £10 million, then it is an absolute steal in today’s transfer market. And the fact that we would be denying Liverpool and Brendan Rodgers another of his transfer targets would make it even sweeter, but I just wonder whether it would not be more proof that Wenger is too focused on the attacking side of the game when we desperately need a defender and a proper defensive midfielder.

But with our injury problems would Shaquiri be a good buy for Arsenal?

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16 thoughts on “Arsenal to finalise deal for another top Liverpool target?

  1. Goonsquad8

    I’m a big fan of shaqiri I’ve been following him for a while since he was at Basel. I do not mind this transfer one bit then Danny and giroud can fight it out for the ST role.

    But wenger HAS to also pick up a CB or DM in January. That’s priority #1

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  2. muda

    midfielder from bayern? then it has to be Martinez, he is a real DM who use to play as CB not as makeshift but for the whole season. and now they have Alonso, tiger etc. so i think he is exactly what we should go after.

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  3. Joe

    Cazorla is clocking 30 shaqiri makes sense as a replacement. what you see in the news isn’t all that is happening .

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  4. SUNNY13

    I don’t think we need Shaquiri at the moment. I want Wenger to go all out to find very very solid back 4 and DM. Spend all the cash to buy world class defenders. We need a world class CB to replace Mert. ,Two holding DM.
    1. Pogba-50 Mill
    2. Hummels-30 mill.
    We need to buy Pogba for whatever amount it takes. He can instantly bring title to Emirates.
    Hummels is also must.
    I think Bouldy should have more say to whome we buy because I dont think weneger is good in buying defenders, Wenger is excellent in buying CM and forwards.
    And we are done.

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  5. optimisticgooner

    We arsenal fans are obssessed wid transfer rumours !! I hav started to ignore dese transfer rumours for some some time now bcos it makes no sense when d transfer window isn’t even open !!

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  6. davidnz

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    1. dan

      You must be a spud or u simply no nothing about football oh spurs fans don’t so you guilty as charged!

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  7. Chima

    If your source is metro, then hmmm is all I can say…I personally cannot rely on any news from metro.

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  8. Tomiwa

    Bayern have Dante, boateng, benatia and badstuber. We should go for javi Martinez. Excellent DM and world class CB in one swoop. We already have a shaqiri: the Ox.

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