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Arsenal to go four at the back after Mustafi injury?

The really serious test of how the Arsenal defence is going to be able to cope with the absence of our Wprld Cup winning Germany international Shkodran Mustafi is not likely to come until the Premier League game away to the current leaders Manchester City on November 5th.

Even without their star striker and top scorer Sergio Aguero, who is reportedly going to still be out with his own injury problem when Arsenal go to the Etihad stadium, City have looked deadly in attack and will be extremely hard to stop from scoring.

Arsene Wenger will almost certainly want to play three at the back for that game as in theory it makes a team more defensive, and so the boss may also want to stick with that formation for the games, especially the Premier League ties, that come before that tough away fixture in order to get the players as used to their roles as possible.

However, there is certainly an argument for the Gunners reverting to a back four to deal with the absence of Mustafi. We hacve two very good full backs in Bellerin and Monreal, and we could even use the Spaniard as one of two centre backs with Kolasinac at full back.

We have ther tried and tested pairing of Koscielny and Mertesacker, with Holding and Chambers as back up and playing that system does give a bit more attacking focus and with Watford, Everton and Swansea to come, maybe that would be just what the doctor ordered.

What do you reckon Gooners?


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20 thoughts on “Arsenal to go four at the back after Mustafi injury?

  1. Tony

    mert is old.chambers, holding r not even player. without mustafi we r in trouble

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    1. redmau5

      chambers and holding are future cb pairing for england
      we basically have young paolo maldini and cannavaro

      why u worried.

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      1. jon fox

        You must be in fantasy land. There is zero evidence that these two raw youngsters will ever be even a fraction of the ability of the two great Italians you mention. Yout post is based purely on blind hope and as such is ludicrous.

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    2. Anko

      Sorry folks, can we please visit the Puskas website to vote for Olivier Giroud’s goal to win the FIFA best goal!

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    3. chris

      Well Mert was not OLD in the Cup Final with 3 at the back. He should have been given MoM.

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  2. John

    I think we should stick with the three at the back with koscienly, mersesacker and monreal, though the four at the back is another option

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  3. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

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      1. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

        Indeed – Wenger has reached biblical proportions

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    1. jon fox

      I now think you cannot be an Arsenal fan. Your regular posts are beyond stupid and I do not believe a real Arsenal fan could be THAT stupid. Therefore you cannot be a Gooner, whatever you claim.

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  4. Ox

    My team vs Watford Seaman. Winterburn.piss edd tony Adams Martin good looking known tribal warrior Lauren Pornstar Ray parlour King viera sick note diaby bambi Walcott Thierry magic Henry the worlds greatest Nicholas bent bendnter

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  5. Arsenal_Girl

    If 4 at the back
    Bellerin.. Koscielny.. Holding/Mert.. Kolsanic

    Kolsanic’s specialty is LB. He was one of the Best LBs in the Bundesliga last season, so I would play him above Monreal
    Koscielny and Mert were an excellent pair a couple of years ago. Mert is old and near retirement but can play once in a while and be very effective like he was in the FA Cup final. Rest of time play Holding. Bellerin at RB is a no brainer

    If stay at 3 at back
    Holding, Koscielny, Mert/Kolsanic or Monreal

    Not sure about Chambers. Play him in the Cup tournaments

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  6. adajim

    Am not going to talk about city match now while we still have loads of games before November. Taking all 9points from this month EPL should be the priority, whatever team we use against city should have been tested throughout dis month against the so called weaker teams.
    Mustaffi absence will no doubt has effect on the team but friends, football is a team game, even per Metasacker tired legs could be the superstar on a day the whole team turn up. Attitude is the greatest. Our attitude to game will determine if we are going to win or not with or without mustaffi. Dream on if you like wenger isn’t going to change his current 3cbs anytime soon, not this season

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  7. deleny

    admin sometimes can be a huge suspect. We all were crying for wenger to change his formation few months back of which he did. And nw u lot want him to change d formation back to a 4-4-2 cos we re hving just a defender injured??! This is ridiculous…..

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  8. deleny

    jeez!!! Those re the kind of line-ups u see and u just kindly wanna stop being a fanatic of any club in particular. Jeezz!!! What was that dude thinking? Is he experimenting or what?? Lols he even said it has power n pace. My lord!!!

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  9. Peter

    Let the coaches determine which players will fitting in at a particular match.the ideas that we should play these and that is the responsibility of the team managers not distracted critics who doesn’t want to see any good thing from d club please. My prayer is let all these Arsenal players be serious and aggressive in any matches there play whether a weak or a good ones,that will make d team compete for any trophy and win it for us ,thanks

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