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Arsenal to go from Nasty November to Dream December?

It was certainly one of the nastiest of Novembers for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, with the injury list going from bad to worse and the with the results on the pitch to match. The only good thing about the month really was a comprehensive win over Dinamo Zagreb which kept the dying flames of our Champions League dream just flickering.

So far, however, the Gunners have put that behind us and have got December off to the perfect start. A hard fought win over Sunderland was followed tonight by one of our best ever away games in Europe. The fact that we had lost all of the three previous clashes in Greece was made to look like a statistical oddity as we controlled the game and cruised to a 3-0 victory.

So all of a sudden everything looks rosy in the Arsenal garden again and you would have to feel that this brilliant result in Greece will give everyone at the club a massive lift and the confidence to go on a great run. There are four more games for Arsenal to make this a dream December, all in the Premier League.

First up this weekend is another away day but with Aston Villa struggling badly we will be big favourites. Then comes the big one with the visit of Man City before Southampton away and Bournemouth at home. Even a draw with City would be alright if we win the rest and that would surely see Arsenal finish the year on top of the table and after tonight I would not put it past us.

Can Arsenal make it the perfect month?

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19 thoughts on “Arsenal to go from Nasty November to Dream December?

  1. frogarsenal

    I can’t stop smiling about our team right now…I just want to add how fantastic Flamini has been for us in place of Coquelin, his name is often over looked with all our fantastic players. In fact if he had come in the game against West Brom instead of Arteta, I’m sure we would have won that game too.

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  2. Mick The Gooner

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      1. NY_Gunner

        I think we can beat Real with a fully fit squad. Same goes for Bayern, regardless of what happened when we last met. But Barca and Atletico are another can of worms. Especially Barca…

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          1. Twig

            Agreed. We can beat Real, Barca on our day. But to top them over 2 legs – I think that’s a mountain too high to climb.

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            1. NY_Gunner

              @Dee@ease & Twig
              I only think that Barca is the hard hill to climb. The rest are doable. Atletico, is a toss up…

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              1. Colin

                I agree with you about Real Madrid., I couls quite fancy our chances ahainst them even over 2 legs. I agree that Barca would be a struggle and thankfully Bayern we can’t draw. Athletico would be my other worry.

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                1. NY_Gunner

                  For Barca we would need 8 mean defending “fulltime” and 2 deadly sharp shooter speedsters to catch em on the breaks , that we don’t have …Lol

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                2. Segy Turner

                  For some reason, im more worried about Atletico than barca. Often times, teams that play with lots of aggression and energy do give arsenal a verryy hard time.

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      2. Godswill

        You think we are Malmo? You did not believe we would get through and we did, so you are not happy. You Manure supporter. You’ll be shamed again. Get prepared for Thursday matches.

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  3. cheeterspotter

    I’m only pleased that we haven’t joined the Thursday club and what it would have done to our already stretched squad.We can now concentrate and consolidate our league position before next February and the next round of the European cup.
    P’ will be handy to.
    P’s.Congrats to the boys.

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  4. Koss

    No bring on madrid too many barca encounters. Who knows we may have a chance but i would really like to see an encounter with Real. We are not pushovers any more. COYG!

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    1. DennisTheMenace

      with a fully fit team i think we can overcome real at the emirates and eek our a draw at the bernabeu…. it is the barca front three and the atleti energy that i fear…. but hope to get either of wolfsberg or zenit for the next round

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  5. papacini

    let me state this clear.we will beat real Madrid hands down if we played d way we played Bayern on d first leg and how we played manure in d league.if we have especially carzola,coq & ozil on their a game nobody in reals midfield can stop and hold d ball d way we’ll do.intact our main team comprising bells,monreal,kos even per,and den Sanchez walcot and of course our handsome giroud.common dis guys will beat any team except DAT surreal barca

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