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Arsenal to hijack Liverpool transfer after selling Campbell?

A lot of Arsenal fans are getting impatient waiting for Arsene Wenger to add to the transfer of Petr Cech to Arsenal from Chelsea, and bring in some top quality outfield players to give the Gunners the firepower to challenge Cech’s former club for the Premier League title.

One of those players is likely to be a striker, as long as the manager agrees with the so-called football experts in the media. But with Arsenal already being overloaded with front men, I think that Wenger wanted to clear the decks and make room in the squad first.

He has already done a lot of this with the sale of Lukas Podolski to Galatasaray and now it looks like we may soon be able to enter the market, as a Metro report has revealed that our Costa Rican international Joel Campbell is on the verge of a move to Besiktas, where he will come up against Podolski in the Turkish league. Apparently we have accepted an offer of around £3.5 million for Campbell and now all we need is for the striker to accept the move.

Then Wenger can add that money to his transfer budget and if he is quick, I think he could do a lot worse than going for the top scorer from the French Ligue 1 last season, Alexandre Lacazette. Not only would he offer the Gunners a very good option up front, it would scupper the transfer plans of our Premier League rivals Liverpool, who Talksport say are very keen to sign the prolific 24-year old.

Apparently the striker is keen to make the step up and surely he would prefer to join Arsenal and play in the Champions League. Do you think we should try to hijack this deal?

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23 thoughts on “Arsenal to hijack Liverpool transfer after selling Campbell?

  1. muffdiver

    seeing as quality strikers are limited these days…i would have la cassette, la cd ,la mp3….literally any form of music that equalled us having a goalscorer to compete with or compliment giroud.

    and by the way who is muzzi why is everyone going mental??

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    1. juhislihis

      I know I’m not!

      Anyways, only £3.5 million quids? Am I the only one who thinks that’s waaay too low fee? I mean Podolski went for peanuts.. If Ospina leaves, that better be for £15 millions!

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    2. Aditya

      He has announced RVPs transfer to fenerbance and tobys to tot shit so dont know for sure bt checking his tweet hstory things looking pretty real ….. fingers crossed he mainly represent giroud sonogo and debuchy ( as per Eurosport) Take with a pinch of salt bt anyway I AM EXCITED for this one ….. Benzema or Reus Two Wild guesses ….
      If Happened Happy days gooners Happy days…

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    3. FFFanatic

      Muzzi Ozcan is a London raised Turk who has been handling deals on behalf of the FA and as an agent. He was instrumental in Mancini to Galatasaray and several other fairly high profile deals. He’s an Arsenal fan and has had alot of contact with high profile players, though mostly those playing in Turkish leagues. He is a regular at the Emirates when he is in the country and has contacts with most of the big English clubs, though I don’t know how much contact he has in Europe outside of Turkey. I know he is at least handling Giroud on the Arsenal team and has steady contact with him. He has a tendency to overhype deals he is involved in but that’s less because he wants to big himself up and more because he is a HUGE football fan and sees the sheer quality of these players, though not necessarily in context.

      If he is saying there is a deal in the works, I’d reckon around 90% certain there is something on the table. Who for, how good they are and if it is something we want to see is a totally different kettle of fish!

      P.S. Muzzi was raised in North London and loves Arsenal. If he can help the team, I’m 99% sure he would 😉

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  2. SoOpa AeoN

    so a £3.5mil campbell money is all that is standing in the way of the Lacazette bid ? L()L

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  3. SoOpa AeoN

    hehehe……just some dude who wants to be as popular as piers morgan….. And needs our help on his quest for fame L()L

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    1. Darwin

      He just tweeted that Van Persie has joined Fernebache. So lets see how reliable he is. He had tweeted this same fact on July 6.

      Also he tweeted Andy to Tottenham on 5th July. Before it was announced. So maybe he does have some inside news

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      1. RSH

        skysports also saying the same thing about RVP now. Idk about this guy still, lets see what he has to say but I wont take it as fact whatever he announces, if anything.

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      2. FFFanatic

        He was the guy who organised Mancini to Galatasaray – anything involving Turkish teams with Muzzi is probably true.

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  4. mhiz pel

    Arsene might do a MULLER yes MULLER high hopes tho.. Cos am sure it might be a player we’ve hardly been linked to that wenger is eyeing lets just hope its the right addition like my sanchez! My crush! Lol i know i might get some Thumbs down cos of this coyg

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    1. k klin

      Obviously you’re a female & am guessing the only female arsenal fan on this site…

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  5. Arsenal007

    I don’t know about this Ozcan fellow…I however hope Wenger does some serious business.
    Something that will give our team a ‘Title-Challenge-Boost’.

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  6. trophyhungry gooner

    i think that we arsenal fans have become puppets that every f***ing agent who needs recognition or a few more followers on twitter can play with but who can blame us…we crave for signings because we know what we want and am 95% sure that if the club could just listen to the voice of the fans and sign they players the crave for for once, we can even win the CL…GOD BLESS EVERY GOONER OUT THERE CZ THROUGH OUT THE ROUGH PERIODS, IT WAS THE FANS, IT HAS BEEN THE FANS AND WILL ALWAYS BE THEM….the manager and board a bit but LARGELY THE FAN WHOSE SUPPORTS THE CLUB DIRECTLY…LOVE U GOONERS ANDKUDOS!!!!!

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    1. Just_Trolling

      Yes totally agree, Messi, Ronaldo and Saurez.

      Sign email Wenger and win the league.

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    1. RWRW

      The little boy inside him must be screwing!! HAHA

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  7. KickAssFan

    So, an Idiot that writes for Metro, Jamie Sanderson decided to come up with a stupendously stupid article: 7 Reasons why Arsenal should re-sign Van Persie.

    Meh, that’s a record breaking level of idiocy. Truth is I’m not the smartest around but I could never come up with a single reason why we should re-sign a c*nt. I should be made the Chief-editor for Metro.

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  8. SoOpa AeoN

    U got thumbs-down for loving ya fellow gunners…… L()L

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  9. georgie b

    Alexandre Lacazette to Arsenal? Hell yes! What are we waiting for?

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  10. Nwabialuije

    Big Player, Turkey, Why hasn’t anyone mentioned Burak Yilmaz….

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