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Arsenal to include Ozil in transfer swoop for Man Utd’s Martial?

If there is some truth to the latest Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with a bid for the Manchester United and France international forward Anthony Martial, as reported by The Mirror, then it would certainly show some real ambition from Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board.

Despite the fat that the young French forward is still not a regular first team starter for Jose Mourinho this season, I would not expect United to be willing to part with Martial without a fight, and they have proved time and again in recent years that they have plenty of cash to spend on transfers themselves so would hardly be tempted with what Arsenal would offer.

There may be a way though. The reports are saying that it will be the next summer transfer window when the Gunners try to sign the talented 21-year old but I think we might have more luck in January. For one thing, the Frenchman is being lined up as a replacement for Alexis Sanchez but there is a chance he could leave during the winter window and that way Arsenal could get some money for him and also possibly make sure he does not sign for our Premier League rivals Man City.

That might also appeal to Mourinho and United and just to sweeten the deal we could offer to let them have Mesut Ozil as part of the deal. The German playmaker is said to be keen on playing for his former Real Madrid manager once again and Arsenal look set to lose him for nothing at the end of the season anyway, so why not include him as part of the transfer deal to get Martial?


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18 thoughts on “Arsenal to include Ozil in transfer swoop for Man Utd’s Martial?

  1. Uwot?

    Real ambition ? R u taking the piss? Another one of their cast offs? Seriously overrated underachiever.have you watched him.manure bought into all the ” next Thierry Henry” crap & got suckered.please.let them have that waste of space ” ozil” be glad to see the back of the wimp.maybe manure can carry him.we can’t.sick & tired of our fans & their cheap 2nd rate solutions.the syrup ,snake & ditherer I.e the three stooges have brainwashed many.too many.

  2. ThirdManJW

    Mourinho wouldn’t be stupid enough to manage Ozil twice! He knows what he can do, and certainly knows what cannot/refuses to do.

  3. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

    Why would we want Martial when he have Nelson. Sure Martial came with a big price tag to England and in some people’s book that means he must be quality but look at him. Flopped 3 seasons in a row.

    Nelson is already at Martial’s level and will improve a lot over this season. By the time Sanchez and Ozil leave no one will miss them due to the quick development of Nelson and Iwobi and not to mention Wilshere’s return who is also a much better no.10 than Ozil.

  4. Joe

    Martial will never join arsenal he already knows for the last 14 year top 4 is the goal. Even Jose will never sale him. Lets face it. Very few players in top 6 teams will work with wenger or join arsenal.

      1. Break-on-through

        Look, you can joke about it all you want, but some of us appreciate those three league cups. Even Neville mentioned on one of them that utd would swap places with Arsenal in a heartbeat, when we had a CL place and the cup while they had nothing that season. Liverpool’s ex players said similar, how it’s respectable and how any team with empty hands can not be talking s**t .. Tott’s ex players obv aren’t as classy as Liv’s or utd’s lol. So you keep joking mate!

      2. Midkemma

        I wouldn’t consider the community shield as a major trophy.
        I will call the FA Cup a major trophy still so for me it is 3 in 4 years.

  5. Arsenal_Girl

    If we transfer Ozil, fair enough. His attitude has sucked recently but he is very talented when he’s at his best. But if he stays he will get my full support as long as he works harder. If Ozil replicated his 19 assists season, Lacazette would make 30 goals. I am still hoping Ozil will return to his best form

    But again, if we can transfer Ozil for a better, more hard working player, that would be great.

    I would prefer Lemar or Draxler to Martial. Anyway, no way will Maureen send any top players this way. No way.

    Even Sir Alex only transferred Silvestre to us. I’ve always thought that was a practical joke and Sir Alex was laughing his butt off after that transfer

  6. Liam

    Wow just Wow people saying Martial is on the same level as Iwobi and Nelson need to take their Srsneal nonsense biases elsewhere and let the sensible fans talk. Martial would be ideal if we could get lure him especially if we go for Lemar is Sanchez leaves.

  7. Break-on-through

    This story is rubbish. Henry makes a remark and the papers run with it, charm offensive my ass. Only reason why it came up is because of the Alexis/Greizmann rumours. Wait until the next summer recruitment is over before any of us have a clue.

  8. The barrel

    Martial for Ozil will be good business. Martial is a hard worker, with pace, and can challenge defenders. If Ozil stays, I’ll not be happy, because that guy can’t even shoot from outside the box. It seems the ball is heavy for him. Martial is not Maurinho’s favourite, that might be a possibility. Even if Martial doesn’t come, I don’t mind Ozil joining Man U. Maurinho won’t accept this kind of attitude that he is showing at Arsenal, and fans are crying for him as to extend the contract

  9. Midkemma

    I think we can see that AFC could target a number of players for AM and this means Alexis and Ozil are not irreplaceable, we have youth and there is already quality out there, we still have time before the Jan window opens to see if any others step up in their career.

    While I would like Martial to come to us, I do not think it will happen and we should focus on something more likely to happen…

    We need a spy to infiltrate PSG and get them wanting not only Alexis but Ozil as well, see if we could do a double deal with them in Jan.

    Ask for Lucas Moura and Rabiot in return, heck I would even say sweeten the deal by paying extra so PSG get money as well as those players. It helps them with FFP and it gets us 1 AM along with 1 CM which is an area we could look to improve.

    If we can do that along with get Griezmann then we could be in very good shape and ready to be a springboard for next season where the players will no longer be new to the EPL.

    I know all that is a dream… so I am going all in for this dream and say get VVD in Jan as well.

  10. The barrel

    Ozil has to Change his mindset before he leaves Arsenal. Arsenal is paying him 140k/week but he trolls the pitch as if he is been forced to play football. As a qualified Engineer, if I get that money in a year, I’ll be the happiest person. Ozil should know that grass is not always green on the other side

    1. Ivan

      The sad truth is though that players have the whip hand. He is near the end of his contract so he’ll either go for nothing at the end of the season or cheap (£10-15 mil) in January so he’ll get paid £200-300k per week no matter what happens with us.

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