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Arsenal to lose in Champions League quarter-finals again?

Champions League? by GP

I want to point out that, although Arsenal have qualified for the Champions League again, there is something that continues to anger me.

The question I have for Mr Wenger is how many times have we really threatened to go all the way apart from 2006 and 2009?

Every season we have a situation where we can win the group thereby making the next draw easier on paper. Despite that, Wenger continues to go into these games with weakened teams which result in defeat and a tougher draw for the next round.

We drew AC Milan last year and Barcelona the two years before that because of the same complacency yet he states refereeing decisions as the reason for finishing second in the group.

It seems that he is happy being in the competition for the prestige but like the Premier League, he knows we are not good enough to win it.

By complete contrast. Borussia Dortmund finished bottom of our group last season with 2 points. They vowed to learn from their mistakes and have come back a year later to dominate the toughest group of all – And they are not spending Man City or PSG-style money. A sense of professional pride and competitiveness is what has turned them into genuine challengers for the Champs League.

You cannot keep pretending to do your best when our eyes tell us otherwise. Trying your best would have been to travel with a stronger squad to Greece. Apparently fatigue only exists at our club. What kind of message is he sending by telling our players they are jaded in early December? Injured yes, tired? sorry……

Most of Europe’s biggest clubs will play their big names even when they have already qualified because they appreciate
that winning is a habit. I know we do not have the deepest squad in terms of quality but that is by choice.

We cannot keep hiding behind the big spending of others as an excuse for our own failure….



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63 thoughts on “Arsenal to lose in Champions League quarter-finals again?

  1. Tamil Sundram

    A ridiculous Article…rally behind and support the club..or go find another club to support..

    the opposition team hasnt been name and the game hasnt been played and yet a shit article talking about losing…

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  2. Joe

    Dont really agree with this article. So in the last 6 years we’ve nearly gone all they way twice, we’ve been unfortunate to draw barcelona twice and have given them a run for there money both times. Last year did we not finish top of our group and Milan finished 2nd because they were in the same group as barcelona?

    At the end of the day we are into the knockout stages of the competition and worse teams then ours have gone all the way to winning it e.g. Porto, Liverpool, chelsea. We just need a bit of luck in avoiding both Barca and Bayern anyone else i would fancy our chances we always seem to perform when were the underdogs.

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  3. jamaican goonerr

    I agree with the article in some regards for a club of arsenals stature we should be going further than the las 8 or last 16 a lot more often, we all knew what the squad was short of during the summer but it seems like only those in charge didn’t see that and now we suffer as a result

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  4. john 3:16

    Thumbs UP if you think we WILL finish in the top 4 this season

    Thumbs DOWN if you think we WON’T finish in the top 4 this season

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  5. john 3:16

    Thumbs UP for Wenger to stay as manager

    Thumbs DOWN for Wenger to resign/get sacked

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  6. LmFaO

    Just want to say…. no matter what happens… I will ALWAYS love Arsenal…..

    Arsenal Till I Die….

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  7. Mudah

    We are not good enough to defeat the likes of BVB barca bayern etc but I still have some hope…..lucky remember last winners?

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  8. Gunner

    I can get over losing games but when we lose our best players I just wanna cry. Please keep Walcott and Sagna I beg you please please please. I’m still hurting over rvp sale. COYG make us proud.

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  9. love_arsenal

    Wenger is always Wenger and will be forever Wenger. You may call him names but cannot change him. Well, qualify for UCL is already great achievement which is also like winning class A championship for him and Arsenal FC. At present, we can’t expect much as long long as he is the AFC manager. I can’t wait for 2014 when his contract end.

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  10. craig2500

    The point is progression which no one is reading in his article, why are we not progressing as a club on the pitch (not the financial sector) Arsenal have not learnt from their mistakes i.e. loosing a cup final to Birmingham or in 2008 with a chance to win the league we did not add to the squad in jan and finished 3rd when we was first in December. In regards to football on the pitch we are not setting targets and trying to beet them and i think that comes down to the boards targets for the team which have nothing to do with football. Fox in his recent interview proving that he thinks Arsenal connects with its fans and does not need to win to be profitable. ????

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  11. StarbornGooner

    I agree wt dis article…its seems as if even Wenger has no desire of challangin any trophy…it really meks me sick n sad why z it dat evry season we r consumed by stress??

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  12. Matt C

    The players cannot be tired in December? December is the busiest month, with literally 2 games every single week. Bare in mind if Arsenal were to want to get to the final they’d have to play big teams anyway, whether it be in the round of 16 or semis. I’d prefer finishing top 4 and going out in the last 16 than not top 4 and reaching the semis.

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  13. StarbornGooner

    Craig nw imagin hw do u feel towards Fox comments?? As fans we only benefit n enjoy if the team wins even if they make huge profits hw wil dat benefit me as a fan without winnin anytin?

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  14. john 3:16

    Thumbs UP for Navas to replace Walcott if he leaves

    Thumbs DOWN for Zaha to replace Walcott if he leaves

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  15. No more excuses

    Once we talked about winning things … Now we can only dream … An fa/carling cup will be the only realistic chance of a trophy . Thanks stan , wenger , hillwood , gazidas and co ….. All we fans really wanna be us the richest club in the world …. Anybody who wants to win things is a loser and the manager/board/players are in no way responsible for us becoming a feeder club …… It’s bin the football fairies …… F*CK SAKE WAKEN UP EVERYBODY SO WE CAN WIN SUMFIN . We need a clear out of every useless muppet in the place ! Wenger lovers answer me this 1 question – “did wenger win things with his ‘philosophy of younger cheaper players ‘ or did he win things with 20m pound plus players – cos that’s what those players were worth – Campbell , bergkamp , Henry , over mars , pires …. TO NAME BUT A FEW …. Wenger had a winning team – then came up with a crazy prof philosophy and f*cked us right up . That’s a fact . I for 1 want him booted out ASAP !

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  16. No more excuses

    How many players in our squad would make the 20m pound now ? Jack , cazorla …..

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  17. Santi claus

    Shocking article players needed rest, look at the likes of wilshere, carzola and arteta against Swansea one of the worst midfield performances all season, wenger changed the team to keep these players out of the lime light and to give them the much needed rest, we will be bk on the weekend with a bang, mark my words. Doesn’t mata who we get next in champions league u gotta beat the best to be the best.

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  18. Gunner

    Fully fit team:
    Sagna, kos, tvm, Gibbs
    Cazorla. Arteta
    Rosicky. Wilshere

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  19. DrPepper

    @No more excuses

    Campbell – free
    Thierry – 13mil
    Bergkamp – 7mil
    Overmars – 5mil
    Pires – £6 mil

    Don’t confuse players, who wenger signed then their value going up with players that we signed being big money transfers

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  20. 1nil2theboys

    We won our group last year.It was Milan who came second in thiers making your article as pointless as the opinion it expresses.If you wanna have a go at Arsene have a go-it’s open season after all-but try to give what you say a basis in fact.

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  21. leo

    looks like theo is leaving in jan & sagna in summer i feel sorry 4 sagna gave everything 4 arsenal stayed with them despite several interst fromother including barca & this is how we treat him well done gas-dis as for theo he is demanding 100 a week i am not sure against swnasea didn’t even realise he was playing anyway heard wenger could bring in adrian lopez for theo & zaha along with huntelaar & holtby i don’t care about theo’s exit

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  22. Mr Lean

    can we have a change on here please and stop slatting wenger(some of it justified) and start having a few articles about greedy stan,shitty fan ivan and the rest of our deadwood board

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  23. leo

    the only reason miln won was becuase we were made to play on a crap surface everyone knows that & their coach said we don’t sell our best players like arsenal & then at emirates their big playes got found out & irony is few months later their big players have left in uefa cl except barca the rest aren’t much of a problem whther it’s PSG, Málaga, Juventus, Bayern,or Dortmund. + signings in jan will make us bit more better

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  24. leo

    @mr lean yeah agreed with u dude Walcott has told Arsenal he is unwilling to sign a five-year deal worth £75,000 a week. [Mail]
    & sagna who gave everything for arsenal is set to leave he is been given only 1 year contract extension so are we going to blame this one also on wenger ivan gassdis what is his job at arsenal anyway

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  25. Happy gunner

    7:0 TO BARCA.



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  26. leo

    Walcott wants too much money. Sagna wants too long. Arsenal face losing both on the cheap if they don’t move their position Arsenal see Sagna as no real loss. Belief in Carl Jenkinson, and Mapou Yagna-Mbwia seen as versatile (and cheap) option Arsenal big fan of Yanga-Mbwia. Strong, quick, athletic. Can play cB, RB or in midfield. Quality player. Could go for £8million

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  27. mean

    There is nothing like a winning mentality once u loose it , it might not come back ,, example liverpool. Now wenger and the board have also infected most fans with their low ambition, they pay for expensive tickets and they re being brainwashed into accepting mediocrity as a trophy,, if arsenal dosent make it to cl , next season , its bye bye to top players and we wil become a mid table team like liverpool

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  28. Invincibles nice (1)

    Like to say i think Arsene where right in resting our players. Even if its not a case of our players being tired regarding results lately and is more a case of our players playing s**t, the best we could hope is for our players to believe this tiredness excuse and put the recent results to bed.
    Wouldnt mind drawing PSG, theres another favourable team but has slipped my mind(might be Malaga), so slim chance of a good draw. The way we play lately it might be suited being the underdogs as long as its not Barca Real or Dortmund, although we would have phsychological edge and some knowhow with Dortmund encounter. Also if Bayern won there group would want to avoid. So there are two we can hope to meet and at least three we hope not. Fingers crossed.

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  29. Mr Lean

    hey Admin can’t you do an article to get any gooners in the usa to start putting pressure on greedy stan to either put money into the club(transfers/wages) of fcuk out of AFC and let someone in who will back the club/wenger.
    As for man shitty fan ivan everytime he appears at the emirates all gooners should give him loads of abuse so he fcuks off as well

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  30. UK_Gee

    Well, we see the resault this weekend…if we beat WBA, then all football compliments go to Wenger, if not, then his plan failed…
    Then again, if we draw Barcelona, his decision was wrong again, but on the other hand if we won, we could get Real Madrid…so…
    I think we all can agree that 3 points against WBA are more important than 3 points vs Olympiakos.

    At the end it’s takes a little luck too…

    If we beat WBA and then draw Malaga, he will be great manager.
    If we don’t win against WBA and get Barcelona, he will be bad manager.

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  31. Salvage

    @leo, if Wenger insists that Sagna be given longer contract, would the board refuse? This is Wenger’s call you people. Stop this covering for him. Sagna dared question Wenger and the club(At the start of the season) for selling our best players, just like VP did and there is no more place for him at Arsenal. This is how Wenger operates.

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  32. Grande

    bullshit, can eggs get hatched before they are laid. It doesn’t happen that way even in the backward jungles of Africa. Lets wait and see, remember chelsea last term.

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  33. ripple

    Considering the weakened state of the team in general and the fact that EPL has been identified as the priority, I think that, this year at least, Wenger made the right call to rest many 1st team regulars and give others a shot vs. Olympiacos.

    Unfortunately it was one of the few logical squad selections Wenger has made lately. Hopefully, the selection of Ramsey to a weakened squad indicates that Wenger has accepted the fact that Ramsey is only reserve level quality. And I still don’t understand Wenger’s problem with Arshavin.

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  34. Henry

    What a load of crap! If we had played a full side and a couple of our guys got injured what would people be saying then? That would definitely of been Wengers fault! How ridiculous…Wenger cant win! Also look at Barcelona, they had already qualified and they bring messi on as a sub and he gets injured! That was a smart move playing your best player in a game when you didnt need to!

    Also Manure rested their players a couple of weeks ago! Was that smart or stupid? The reality is we didnt come top because of how we played against Schalke and not how we played the final game. If we had done the job properly against Schalke then we wouldn’t even be having this debate!

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    Those fans who condemn this article should go back and read it again. The writer is pointing out a practice which has become the order of the day every year at Arsenal. Football is a competition and any team into it should play to win. That is why players strive to win matches even if they play against clubs owned by their parents. That’s the spirit of the game- winning. At Arsenal, whence we have qualified for the next round of the Champions League, we show complacency in the the last game. Is that a winning mentality? Fans ahould sit up and be honest. Aplaud a good system and condemn a bad one.

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  36. mohawk35

    If you want to be the best you must beat the best. Sure it is nice to get any favorable draw, but if a team is really serious about becoming Champion, they will need to beat some great teams whether it is quarterfinal, semifinal, or final.

    I defend Wenger on this one decision to downsize against Olympiacos. I think he had little choice considering he already picked the Premier League as the First priority and his 1st team has been weary and ragged.

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  37. snakeoil

    @Salvage: You nailed it. This is Wenger’s call and he has much more decision power than he lets on. And if Wenger really disagreed with their plans/decisions, he has the option not to go along with it – he could take a stand for his players – He CHOOOSES not to.

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  38. ripple

    @john 3:16 As much as I have criticized Wenger for his actions recently, I think he should be give the December games and the January window to prove he has gotten the message or not. If he starts making even half-way logical squad selections and works hard to acquire the best talent then maybe he can regain the confidence of the fans and the players. If after that we see no change in direction then ….. a coaching change will be inevitable.

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  39. Terry Norman

    Some of you guys on here simply do not read the article, if you do, it’s not the one I read. This article is SPOT ON!

    firstly, it talks about Wenger playing weakened teams, in a number of games, NOT just the last one, and because of that we fail to win the group. FACT!
    Wenger complaining afterward about “imaginary corners” etc deflects from the real issue of us being totally uncompetitive in this competitions. Another FACT!

    secondly, DB finished with 2 points in their group last year. This year, without spending billions, they win they win the toughest group. FACT! This they did through professionalism and pride and that originates from the top. Why can’t Arsenal turn it around like that ie without spending billions? Is it because Wenger is today uncompetitive, qualification is success, and that mindset filters to his players?
    In my humble opinion, this is one of the biggest problems we face today, a lack of motivation amongst our players and it shows on match days.

    Giving our players the same old lame “tired” “jaded” excuse is a JOKE! These are professional athletes who have to run about a couple of times a week for 90 minutes. Other than that they do SOD ALL. Get real and live in the real world rather than the fantasy excuse world of Arsene Wenger.

    These are the main issues of the article, explain again to me why it’s wrong?

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  40. James

    Thumbs up if you think John 3:16 is a pri..k Or thumbs down if you think he’s a cu..t

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  41. john 3:16

    Thumbs UP if you think James shags his mum

    Thumbs DOWN if you think James gets shagged by his dad

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  42. Taylor

    tired and jaded…? i could understand if they had been playing their hearts out with a decent work ethic but when they play cazorla is the only one who ever hits full tilt. To be jaded and tired after the lack lustre performances is an embarresment to professional footballers. i lug metal around 60-70 hours a week for a living, they don’t know the meaning the prima-donnas that they are. day by day i am getting angrier with the s**t they feed us. we the people graft for (in comparison) ‘menial’ wages and many of us are tired and jaded and still manage to do our job week in week out. The work ethic they show is pathetic, when we get the ball i hardly ever see runners off the ball providing outlets so all the play ends up in front of defenders, and when the other team has the ball i dont see urgency in the pressing game. Swansea, west brom two teams flying high for
    their status. The similarities between them? a good off the ball work rate, swamp players in numbers. Where have we seen this before…? barcelona? and what have they achieved.,.? i could go on for days as it really upsets me to see the beautiful game we used to play reduced to this. forget the results i just want to see the free flowing high tempo high intensity football we used to see and which made us respected on a worldwide level and the neutrals favourite. Ill be arsenal till i die but it might not be an easy or enjoyable road for a while.

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  43. James

    Thumbs up if John takes it in his arse Or thumbs down if he takes it in his mouth

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  44. James

    John get a job son, stop signing on, and living with your mum, spending too much time on web sites ,!!,,,,

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  45. john 3:16

    Thumbs UP if James has a sex change

    Thumbs DOWN if James already acts like a woman

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  46. 1nil2theboys

    @Terry Norman The point of the article is that we keep going out in the first knockout match because we play a group winner having fielded a weakened team and failing to win our group.The problem is that none of the authors examples back up that point.We won our group last year.Two years ago we came second because we lost back to back games earlier in the group.We won our last group game.The year before that we lost to Barca in the quarters having spanked Porto in the first knockout round.
    My opinion is that a valid point needs no exaggeration and people only exaggerate to try to validate the invalid.

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  47. landmind111

    What do u mean again @admin? We haven’t got to quarters for 2 seasons now lool

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  48. T.Henry14

    I know for a fact that Wenger has a pederastic relationship with Leo for years. No wonder Leo worships and defends Wenger’s every erroneous decision. Is that the truth Leo, c’mon tell us about it?

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  49. No more excuses

    Doctor pepper – they were worth 20m ! I didn’t say we bought em for that . Agree ?

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  50. davidrusa

    This article may not answer a number of questions. Hence I will not be much persuaded by it. There is one fact that seems strange about the Champions league. Some of the teams that have won it were least expected to do so. Just two examples will suffice here Liverpool in 2005 and Chelsea 2011. When Arsenal was very strong in 2003-04 it could not get to the semi-finals. However when Arsenal had a relatively weak team in 2006 it reached finals and save for unfortunate circumstances could have won it. Owing to these precedents it is not far fetched to say that Arsenal has every chance to win the Champions league this season. There is nothing pre-destined here. Anything is possible. Let the so called critics stop behaving like soothsayers but base their analyses on several factors before rushing to hasty conclusons. Let the writer borrow a small leaf from Mangan who tries as much as possible to be objective. That’s the best way to ensure longevity as a writer.

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  51. Terry Norman

    @1nil2the boys
    Mate, us going out in the early stages and fielding weakened teams was only part of the article.
    Since you only comment about those, that’s all I’ll reply to.

    There can be no argument about Wenger fielding weakened teams, just go back and look at the team on the night, it’s there in black and white so it’s indisputable!

    Today and for the last 5 years at least, we are uncompetitive. It doesn’t matter if you lose to the eventual winners, the losers, the semi finalists etc the fact is we lost!
    When I read Arsenals financials this year, they praised our performance against AC Milan, but again, the fact is we lost!

    It seems not winning has become endemic over AFC and it started with ‘qualification’ being a sign of success, JOKE!

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  52. Hafiz Rahman

    shit Article..

    might as well say clubs that do not have billionaire owners like City, Chelsea, PSG should withdraw and wind up coz they are not going to win anything…

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  53. arshavin

    Those singing Usmanov’s name should be carefull cos he won’t be linient to Wenger if he has a spell like this,and the first thing Usmanov will do is get rid of a less than average manager Wenger.Choose wisely,for the love of Wenger pray that Usmanov stays away,only then Wenger will have a job forever at Arsenal FC.

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  54. arshavin

    @Terry Norman can’t believe the morons haven’t taken ur valid point seriously and u get thumbed down for criticising our god,rather our savior Wenger.People are too busy ab*using each other pathetically just look at those guys’ comments John and some other guy–quite s*hamefull that a difference of opinion can trigger such a*busive behavior.

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  55. arshavin

    Somebody said Premiere league was wengers first priority–are u smok*ing dust?

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  56. arshavin

    The articles on this website are onlly a reflection of most gooners,who can’t think beyond Wenger–for them sun rises with wenger and sets with him–where is Arsenal?I want my Arsenal back but please Wenger go away,we don’t need a liar,inept,arrgant and listless manager like u.

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