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Arsenal about to lose top transfer target to Juventus?

For the last few transfer windows there have always been Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with a possible move for the exciting young talent Julian Draxler. But there has always seemed to be something in the way of the Gunners and his club Schalke getting the deal done and now it looks like it could be off the table altogether.

There have been some injury problems at crucial times in the transfer market for the Germany international attacking star and it was also being reported that his Bundesliga club were asking for a ridiculous amount of money for such a young player. So Draxler stayed where he was.

And although the extra time with Schalke has proved his fitness and ability, it may also have convinced Arsene Wenger that Draxler is not really what Arsenal need at the minute, because it is being reported by that the Italian champions Juventus are on the verge of sealing the transfer of the 21-year old for a relatively measly fee of around €30 million.

That does not seem a lot for a player of Draxler´s potential and it is well within the reach of the Gunners, so does this mean that the Serie A club are a more attractive proposition than us or simply that the prof has not tried to challenge the old lady of Turin for this reported long term transfer target? And are we happy about it either way?

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14 thoughts on “Arsenal about to lose top transfer target to Juventus?

  1. Greg

    Honestly i don’t think wenger will pursue draxler and make a fight out of this transfer!

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    1. chaitanya0411

      TBH we don’t need him. We have Sanchez,Walcott,Ox,Gnabry,Wilshere,Ramsey who would be competing for our wings.

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  2. ButtFlaps

    Odds of Karen Benzema slash to 10/11 I’m exciting!!!

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  3. mall-gooner

    Just by only reading title I can make out who is the writer. Bob, you are awesome. I am 100% sure you are the main editor of Metro and you are the master mind behind all these TRUE arsenal transfer stories. I am sure Gazdi discusses with you before Wenger. Keep up your good work.

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  4. V.uren

    We didn’t get draxler because the better option of alexis Sanchez presented itself !

    Good luck abou Diaby , I genuinely think the premier league was deprived of one of the greats , he had to go , just such a shame IMO.

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  5. muda

    I don’t think he is much better than OX, why not reus??

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  6. Mr Gavis

    A little tip for everyone. Never believe what you read about transfers unless its on

    Remember a few weeks back when we ‘signed’ Vidal and everyone was putting there favourite starting 11 with Vidal in it. It is quite embarresing so the last thing i want to see now is everyones starting 11 with Benzema up top. Seriously dobt do it to yourselves.

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  7. kanaka

    We needed Draxler two seasons ago but not anymore with the arrival of Sanchez and development of Walcott/Ox

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  8. Greg

    Best of luck to abou diaby! Hope your legs heal properly and that it gives you many mileage for the upcoming season for your new club!

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  9. ArseOverTit

    Arsenal to loose out…


    Arteta better than Morgan or any other DM


    DW is an untouchable who can keep Reus out of our team…

    There is just not the right quality available out there….

    Cmon AW sort it out now…or ‘Arsenal will loose out’ again.

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  10. Gundam

    I still like the kid and think we should put in a bid. He is a lot cheaper now. Buy and Loan.

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  11. ruelando

    Draxler no doubt has the ability but has become injury prone, he is an outstanding talent, but i would see him even having more injury issue in the EPL and besides we have ALEX SANCHEZ who is of greater value to arsenal

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  12. kenyanfan

    Draxler will win the fifa best player award in future.this boy is good.if injury free forget marco reus.Draxler is younger and scores and assist more..i have always wanted him at arsenal and following everything about him.shalke have rejected an offer of £15m plus£5 bonuses.

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