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Arsenal to poach Messi from Barcelona

Arsene Wenger has been building to this moment, preparing the ground and laying the foundations in his recent Arsenal press conferences. First he spoke about how reliant Barcelona were on their Argentinean magician Lionel Messi, then he came out and said that there was really no choice other than Messi to win the Ballon D’Or this year. Now Le Prof is ready to pull off the most unexpected transfer since Inverness Caledonian Thistle tried to buy Christiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid.

“We will buy Lionel Messi in January and surprise you.”

Oh, wait a minute, that didn’t happen. Neither will Wenger try to buy Messi from Barcelona, it was just a little joke. Ho ho ho Arsene, very funny. I suppose you cannot blame him for trying to release a little tension. The media have latched on to the current problems around the Emirates stadium and will not let go. Wenger, as usual, looks like a man in the eye of a storm, unaffected by the raging torrent around him. The Frenchman must be feeling the pressure, though, how could he not?

Messi is the product of the youth system at Barcelona, and some Arsenal fans doubt the wisdom of Wenger’s belief in the importance of the Arsenal academy. It’s true that many of the players who come through the ranks at Arsenal do fail to make the grade as a Gunner, but you never know when a star will come around. Jack Wilshere is not too shabby a player, I am sure you will agree. The other thing about him is his passion for the club he has been with since he was 9-years old.

We are not going to be signing Messi, unfortunately, but there is a chance that we could one day produce our own little goal machine. Until then, Gooners, we will have to make do with Wilshere. It could be worse.

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40 thoughts on “Arsenal to poach Messi from Barcelona

  1. No more excuses

    Who even cares if we produce a messi (sounds a bit dirty) but u know wot I mean . If we had a player like that the chances are he Wudnt be with us after he was 18 anyway and it would mean city , utd or barca would get better . This is the way it’s gonna be til this scum stop leechin off our club . Blackburn had this problem and venkys thought they could rise the storm , so did Newcastle with Ashley ….. Venkys continued with their arrogance while Ashley stuck his head down and backed the team last season ….. Now Ashley had a good year last season , he’s better players and the team is certainly valued at more than wot he put in …. And where are Blackburn ….. Right kronke – UR CALL !!!

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  2. Big Gun

    Us fans must be prepared for anything. A tactic of the board could be to buy a few players in Jan, just to get us off their backs. I suppose it all depends on the quality of those players and quantity of them. We need at least 3 top players to make a difference and give us not just a chance to get back to the type of football we used to play, but also a chance to compete again for trophies.

    I just feel that we have been lied to and exploited for so many years now that it is almost too late for the board to change how we feel. The only thing that will change my mind is if we sign Fellaini, Falcao and an out and out left winger, keep Walcott and Sagna and start getting rid of the deadwood. Then we will be back on track. This is not a Fifa 13 mentality that a lot of fans refer to, this is genuinely the type of quality Arsenal now need as we have sold all of our quality in the past few years and replaced them with rubbish! Except for Cazorla.

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  3. KickuPtheArsene

    If we had Messi, we d have sold him already to another club. That’s what happens when money is the most important thing at a club.

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  4. goonner

    EXCEPT NOTHING MUCH… its funny how idiot some of you might be to believe we will spend big…

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    Not getting relegated is like winning a trophy…
    Being the highest paid manager and getting £7m a year is like winning a trophy
    Making a huge profit is like winning a trophy
    Selling star players is like winning a trophy
    Having the highest wage bill for mediocre players is like winning a trophy

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  6. NIKK

    Need to get this knobhe@d Kronke out first before we can even dream about signing big names!

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  7. medhanie

    wat the hell!!!!!
    he talks about building a messi wat about plyrs like fabregass,who ws 16 and was good but we sold our passing machine even song the same , and they say cesc,song wntd to go , its not abought plyrs loving to ply for barca i mean who doesnt want to. its how u fight to keep plyrs that encourages plyers to say “wow all the fights to keep me”.
    like song just sold with in 3dys and song myb said fuck them all i never wntd to leave but they just lt me go. thus why wenger lost respect from plyrs like walcott cos he knows it is easy to leave. do u know how rooney wanted to leave but he dint cos he was given wat he wants no the case with arsenal who want good plyrs to share salaries/wages with deadwoods who dont bring any but failure come on fans lets do something liverpool,manu,chelsea even small teams wont allow always losing plyrs lets speak out in games and say we want board out, “we want no sales we want our money”.
    finally those who say we trust in wenger sorry but its time up cos when wenger sees that he doesnt say “i should win something ” he says oh the like me so let me continue as long as 4th plce is possible uefa.
    pls for sake of our team do something cos as fans in africa dont have chances to watch arsenal but i wached arsenal from 9yrs & now am 17 but i have not seen a cup but arsenal in my heart we trust wnger but we need change wnger time up u r a legend.

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  8. Goon-Tah

    Arsenal’s wage structure compared to other big teams is like a comparison between communism & capitalism! For someone who is an economist, Wenger should know that no player with such an abundance of skill as Messi (it’s a joke I know) or other top class players earning big money in Europe would sanely sign for or stay at Arsenal with such a wage ceiling! There is little motivation to do vetter. That’s why there’s been an exodus of top class talent from our club! ESPN says “It is unlikely, for example, that United have players of the mediocre quality of Gervinho, Sebastien Squillaci, Marouane Chamakh, Andre Santos, Johan Djorou and Ju Young Park on wages of between £40,000 and £70,000 a week – as Arsenal do. If even three were gone, it might allow them to better compete for a higher-quality player.” Instead of selling RvP, some of these players should have been sacrificed to fund his wages.

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  9. Gunner forever

    Arsenal should get messi because look what Barcelona accomplished with messi. The champions leauge It ain’t good enough that arsenal haven’t won anything in a long time so we need to do something now otherwise arsenal are gonna have a tough season. There’s been rumors that arsenal are getting pepe guardiola. I think that’s arsenals move to getting messi.

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  10. Gunner

    This is the first time he has actually had any money to spend (due to the new commercial contracts) since the new stadium was built.

    Wait and see. I think he might surprise a few people (albeit not with Messi ;))

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  11. Gunner


    Our wage bill isn’t 3rd highest. It’s significantly lower than Chelski and the Manchester clubs. Which, incidentally, is the boards fault – Wenger doesnt negociate the contracts, before it was Dein, now it’s Gazidis who does that job.

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  12. gunner1704

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! and we couldn’t even buy Berbatov from Manchester United.

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  13. @mcmoshood

    we should buy player like sterling first b4 moving for lionel or whatever….thats not a suprise nor joke afterall we are the 5th richest

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  14. Sammie

    I am sorry for sone of u tgat think wenger will spend big in january. The fact is he wont spend…

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  15. TimsGr8

    Arsenal is one club who’s manager is no lover of footbaLl,the owner is no lover of football so the sufferins of players and passions of fans are traded with their hapeless and selfwasting interest

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  16. true gooner

    Last Jaunary transfer window, we only bought Eisfield who was returning from injury and for almost a year after has not even featured in any EPL game. Wenger really sucks. Wenger goes a fishing, he is happy he caught nothing.

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  17. MuChi (Botswana, Africa)

    Jack? “Not Too Shabby A Player”?! He & Santi got Arsenal by the balls!

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  18. Greg

    Just wishful thinking!although it would be nice to see Lionel messi at the emirates realistically I can’t see it happening!

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  19. ali

    I suggest to Arsenal Admin to change the Coach him self instead of buying players. Get Malaga coach. He is the best off all. You will goooners on top.

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  20. ogeth

    it is good hear that but wat is the use of buying big players when we know very will that the club is for money not football no

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  21. zodiac

    loyalty and taking oath to the club are the only way to keep Arsenal winning and succeeding; its frustrating to keep seeing talent nurtured then rise up and go, not even seeing any players even retiring at the club; Hail to Henry! .. if he intend one day.

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