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Arsenal to sign another Barca striker in January?

For three seasons between the summer of 2011 and the summer of this year, the current Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez was playing alongside and competing with the Spain international Pedro Rodriguez at La Liga club Barcelona. And according to one of the latest Arsenal transfer rumours, the same could soon be happening in north London.

Because according to a Metro report, the 27-year old Barca star has had enough and is ready to rejoin his former colleauge in the English Premier League with the Gunners. Maybe he has been encouraged to see just how well Alexis has settled into life at Arsenal and started to take the EPL by storm.

But if the report is true, it is probably more to do with the same lack of playing opportunities at the Nou Camp that caused the Chile international striker to leave. First the Catalan club brought in Neymar and now they have added the former Liverpool star Luis Suarez to their front line, while the chances of beating Lionel Messi to the starting line up is about zero.

So after Suarez was brought straight into the Barca team for yesterday’s El Clasico clash with Real Madrid at the expense of him, Pedro has made it clear to his Barca bosses that he wants to leave. Arsene Wenger is believed to be a big fan of the Spaniard and if you look at his record compared to that of Alexis during their three years at Barca, they are almost identical. 47 goals from 141 games for Sanchez and 42 from 147 for Pedro.

So should Wenger bid the £25 million that Barca are likely to want for Pedro?

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57 thoughts on “Arsenal to sign another Barca striker in January?

    1. joejoe

      The issue is much deeper
      1)What is the point in buying a player and playing him in wrong position
      2) What is the point in buying for another position when we know we need 2 dm and cb more urgently
      3) What is the point in buying players when you are tactically larking
      4) what is the point in buying new players when you cant motivate the ones you have


    2. fred cowardly

      So you don’t want goals

      Stopping goals going into your net is important but so is putting goals into the opposition’s net and we haven’t really been scoring lots of goals

      I would prefer sOmeone like Benzema or Cavani

  1. Matt

    To be honest I want Chelsea to beat Man U, I can’t stand United. Plus Chelsea have all but won the league, we are more in competition with Man U.

      1. muffdiver

        Quarter of the way gone an I would say yes they have.
        Complete team. Strength in depth. Quality manager.

          1. muffdiver

            Haha the sun is shining bright on my side of the world lol 🙂
            Im a realist/pessimist/cry baby dependin who u ask…

    1. NY_Gunner

      Thats what I thought also after seeing the replay. But they’re gave it to Drogs…LOL

  2. Skandalouz

    Wouldn’t mind Pedro as a replacement for Podolski, but of course the prioritites should be defensive minded players. Shouldn’t be that hard right?

        1. Thando

          Draxler is the most scouted player by arsenal, even in the summer arsenal had a meeting with the player and hope we get the deal done because he will solve our problems on the lw

      1. Thando

        @muffdiver i dont belive the hype that man city is strong because we should have beaten them at home plus we will beat soton and west ham

  3. Adienl

    All those who think Fabregas was required are living in a dream. He wouldn’t have solved any of our current problems. He cannot carry the whole team like Sanchez. He’d be struggling just like the others. Also, it looks like he’s become very slow..

    1. Robin Vanpayslip

      He’s not become slower. He plays deeper at Chelsea than he did when he ended at Arsenal. His original position at Arsenal was the same as he plays now but gradually he got pushed further and further forward.

  4. Bigvalbowski

    This is the Arsenal team that can finish second to
    the Special Ones Merry Band of Mercenaries.


    Spend the F#$#*€G money u cynical old fool or
    get the hell out of our club……and take Ivan the terrible with you

  5. Ronny331

    Someone will beat Chelsea and it will be one of the smaller sides. Butbheres the difference between Chelsea and us we are crying out for one dm player and Chelsea bring on mikel to pair with matic and close out this sqaud has depth and tactical options unlike us!

  6. phil-thompsons-nose

    If we don’t beat burnley next week then we can forget about top 6 never mind top 4!!!
    Forget strikers its defenders and strong powerful midfielders we are desperate for…
    But who cares because by then the title and everything else this season will have gone..!

  7. Ronny331

    A costa less Chelsea nis not as strong 🙂 let’s hope this blow affects chelsea and that cosats hamstring goes properly soon and hes out for a few months. Ot well done pardew today, nice result spurs!

    1. phil-thompsons-nose


      Chelsea are a league above everyone else this season.. In hazard they have the messi of the premiership and if he continues he will be up there with Ronaldo in the top 3 of world player.. They are unbelievably strong in all depts.
      I’d say 2nd place is what everyone else is playing for…
      We need 3 players in January …

      1. Trudeau

        I’d say two — CB and DM. Reminds me of where Chelsea were this time last year. They went out and got the guys they needed — Matic, Costa and Fabregas. Over to you Arsene.

    1. vijaygunner

      to start scoring or to stop conceding from them?! so thats 8 assists this season for cesc, suck c*ck wenger!!!

      1. juhislihis

        2 goals, 10 assists in 13 matches. I’d say that buy was spot on, from Mourinho. He bought a top player to play a position Chelsea required. Unlike us with the famous CDM spot.

        Though Sanchez has been top acquisition this season. Sadly Chelsea’s depth was much better than ours to begin with and that’s why we are 11 points behind after 9 rounds.

  8. Thando

    It all in our hands where we finish we can beat chelsea at and guys we still have a chance to be champions it just that wenger always f*ck it up.chelsea will drop points dont worry and there will be only one invinsibles that is arsenal

    1. NY_Gunner

      I also believe that we’ll be the one’s who hand them that defeat. Because like you said, the name”Invincibles” belong to us…

      1. Thando

        The media want chelsea to be invinsibles not chelsea.we are the most hated club and if wenger had signed the players we were crying for

  9. ruelando

    Well it has been a great week afterall, let us hope chelsea will continue dropping points and we will continue gaining points. this chelsea is great probably might be one of the best team in their history, but they can be beaten so will will not call them the invincibles.

    Now for players that i think we should give a look into, i have been observing the Newcastle team for a while now and they have a player who could become our Yaya Toure, Matic, Khedira or Carvalho, i think he is an ideal player we should put a bid in for, tackles, strong on the ball, box to box, pacey, good in the air and he is the hardest working player in a fairly good team.

    Ok with all that who is he , is name is Sissoko plays for the french national team and is built like a tank, would be perfect for arsenal, he would fit the famini/arteta role to a T.

    O ye pedro to arsenal not needed, ox, walcott, gnabry, campbell is and will be just as good

    1. jermaineBryan

      Ponly thing is he plays rm or ATt mid for Newcastle but he was a cm at hi old team Toulouse

  10. Mick The Gooner

    If we sign a DM in January we’ll have a fantastic team. Will we be up there with City and Chelsea? I’m not sure. Our midfield will be as strong, if not stronger than any, but we don’t have a striker like Aguero or Costa, though I think Alexis and Walcott will be the best wingers partnership, which may balance it out… Defensively are we as strong? Koscielny is up there with the best, but for me, Mertesacker has seemed off of it so far this season..

    1. Trudeau

      There’s the rub Thando. If we are in second place in January then Wenger probably won’t buy big. Look at last year. His greatest strength is also his greatest weakness — unswerving faith is his players.

  11. fred cowardly

    If United sign top defenders in January they will be there with Chelski. They have a formidable offense with Di Maria, Mata, Falcao, RVP, Rooney

    Same with us. We are just 3 players away from challenging for the title. CD, DM and consistent goal scorer.

  12. RWRW

    Is anyone else literally in love with Alexis though?? Honestly, its players like him that make me so so excited before kick off!! Reminds me of the Vieira/Henry days

    1. muffdiver

      Its the way he says ” are jewww cwazy santiago? I ah gonna taker the free kickings from now on. U malaga boy. I barcelona. U go home santiago”

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